MarineAngemon is a Digimon character in « Digimon : The Golden Digivice ».

(マリンエンジェモン MarinAngemon)
MarineAngemon b
Appears in:The Golden Digivice
Partner(s):Golden Fox
Gender Female


MarineAngemon is a Mega Digimon who looks like a sea angel. She is the elder of Rain Village and joined the Golden Fox after the DigiDestined convened the Council of Elders. To stay in contact with her colleagues, she brang her servant, Moni, with her in the Real World. She is very wise, kind and generous.


  • Kahuna Waves: Makes all of its opponents lose their fighting spirit.

Other Form

In the story, MarineAngemon resumes to her Fresh form, Pichimon.

Pichimon b

Pichimon is really more reserved than MarineAngemon.


  • Bubble Blow: Spits out soap-like bubbles from its mouth and blinds the opponent's eyes, then flees.

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