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(マリオモン Mariomon)
Level Ultimate
Type Human Warrior
Attribute Data
Family Nature Spirits
Virus Busters
Mariomon (マリオモン in Japanese) is a Human Warrior type Ultimate-level Digimon whose name and design come from Super Mario Bros. This Digimon was created from the data of a computer game, and although he looks weak, his potential is great.


  • Hop 'n' Fall: Jumps and falls upon his opponent with his buttocks.
  • Mushroom Growth: Eats a red, white-spotted mushroom and grows considerablly, increasing his physic strength.
  • Flameflower (炎花の火球, Enka no Kakyū, Fireball of flame flower): Uses a red flower to obtain the ability of throwing fireballs.
  • Shining Rainbow Star: Uses a golden star for temporally reach his maximum potential while shrouded with a rainbow aura.
  • Mush-Regain: Eats a green, white-spotted mushroom and heals himself, or gives an ally the mushroom to heal it.
  • Giga Mushroom Growth: An enhanced version of "Mushroom Growth". Eats a large, brown and red-spotted mushroom to become temporally giant.
  • Pipe Travel: Enters into a green pipe that is stucked into the floor to travel great distances.

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