Level Mega
Type Robot
Attribute Vaccine
Family Machine Empire, Virus Busters
Prior forms Arsenalmon
Next forms Michemon
Partners Zac Techika

MarkChiefmon is based off the fictional character, "Master Chief" from the Halo Franchise. It has weapons concealed withen its body, similar to Arsenalmon, its previous form, though MarkChiefmon's weapons are all diverse, ranging from short ranged weapons to long ranged weapons.

It is similar to Arsenalmon, though, it's body is much more areodynamic, and looks more like a human than the other forms. On it's chest is the Mark of Courage, which has finally returned since Dronomon. It is a commanding Digimon who leads many digimon into battle, without fear, and always thinks quickly, planning everything ahead of time.


  • Sharp Shooting: Pulls out a Sniper rifle from it's arm and accuratly shoots at foes
  • Open Season: Pulls out a shotgun and heads up close and shoots the foe upclose
  • Over kill ( Mega Torso Cannon ): A much more pwoerful version of Torso Cannon, it opens its torso plating and fires a huge rocket at the foe, deleting it's data all together.
  • Bullet Chaos: A turret comes out of its right shoulder and rapidly shoots at the foe, and is a stronger form of Bullet Maelstrom.