Marsh Freeman
Appears in:Digimon Classic
First appearance Chapter 1: Meet the Team Act 2
Digivice(s):Gray and Orange
Age 18
Date of birth March 10th, 1995
Gender Female
Nationality United States (African)
Occupation Hero of Secrets
Team Backup
Aliases The Quiet One (By George)
White Demon (By Solomon on an occasion)
Superstar (By Jim)

Marsh is a very sad case in terms of being Jason's younger sister. Jason never bothered her at all, just that she feels he's being too overprotective of her. She feels like she is being treated like she's made of glass, even though it's obvious to anybody who knows her brother that she's an Albino. She finds some form of fun in her life when she ends up leaving the Real World long before it ends up being destroyed, as her idiot partner ended up bring her into the Digital World rather than taking him to the Real World. Her partner is known as Jim, who is easily the funnest member of the Digimon team compared to the others that are helping keeping the group safe from Eaglemon's servants. Even when Jim digivolves into Etemon and annoys the heck out of everybody, she practically worships him compared to how everyone else acts regarding him. Why? Because she knows all too well of the dangerous power she wields due to how powerful Etemon is compared to the others, and likes to have a bit of dangerous fun of her own in some cases...

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