Mason Ito
Appears in:Digimon Data Squad: Legacy
First appearance  ??
Last appearance  ??
Partner(s):Fan:Falcomon (Legacy)
Digivice(s):Digivice Burst
Age 14
Grade 8th
Gender Male
Nationality Japenese

Mason is one of the main characters of the upcoming fanfiction, Digimon Data Squad: Legacy


Mason was part of the Data Squad Legacy, whose parents were not original Digidestined, nor did Mason have a Digimon prior to the events of Legacy . Mason is the 2nd eldest of the group with his friend Julie being the eldest. His partner is Fan:Falcomon (Legacy).It started when Falcomon came in the human world as a Digi-Egg and hatch as Tokomon, Mason found him as a egg but when Falcomon hatch and was Tokomon he later digivoled to Flacomon after a while. Later when a Leomon came to the human world and attack the city Mason and Falcomon fought him but Falcomon wasn't strong enough so Mason didn't know what to do. But sudden Homer Yushima came and gave him a Black and Grey Digivice Burst. Then Mason use a DNA charge and made Falcomon digivoled to Peckmon his champion level.


Mason is very brave, kind, caring. He is very friendly, and can seem pretty unintelligent. Unlike the others, he is confident of the posistion of the leader but Tristan was his superior at DATS before it went wrong. He can be reclusive at points and started to draw away from the others, he can be a fighter if we get on his nerves.


  • Mason, despite being the leader but isn't, he has a Bird digimon insted of either a dragon type or a dinosaur type digimon
  • Mason is the one of the members to use the Digivice Burst.
  • Mason was based off Tai from the first Digimon Adventures, which is shown by the stars on his clothing, and his goggles and a bit of Marcus from serie five.
  • Mason is not related to any digidestined, nor did he have a digimon at first.
  • Mason represents the Digidestined from the first and fifth series.

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