Mason T. Worthington
(メイスン・T.・ウァージンタン Mason T. Worthington)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Daisuke Ono
(En:) Crispin Freeman
Partner(s):Gaomon X
Digivice(s):Blue/white Digivice XD
Silver/blue with a silver "Signal Port" Digivice XD Burst
Age 16
Gender Male
Known relatives Oliver Walker Worthington (Father)
Emily Worthington (Half-Sister)
Nationality Half-British Half-Japanese
Occupation DigiDestined
DARTS Officer

Mason T. Worthington is one of the main protagonist in the fan series Digimon Adventure: Recon Tactical Squadron.


Mason graduated from the university of London when he was 13 (A much younger age from Ichigo who graduated at 15). He comes a noble family in London, and was studying to be a doctor to help cure his sister's unknown disease. He thinks Kira is a clumsy oaf who would mess up a mission that will make it a bigger threat than it was already was, and in his first impression of Kira, wanted to remove Kira from DARTS. He serves as the teams tactician and strategist along side Ichigo. He takes things seriously and always focus on the matter at hand. After DARTS dissolves, he wears a fancy business suit.


He has blond hair and pearl blue eyes. His DARTS uniform is a blue jumpsuit, with a blue DARTS jacket. His casual wear is a blue T-shirt with white pants.


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