MasterGreymon is the lord of fire and the creator of the crest of courage. He is unmatched in terms of brute force and is extremely loyal to all friends of the Empire of Fire. He grew up with Magnamon while touring the Digital World to become Lord of Fire, and they have been friends ever since. Him and BarrageGarurumon have a rivalry going. Barrgae claims his accuracy would easily trump MasterGreymon's strength. They would have fought, but Magnamon stopped to ask for their help. He holds high respect for an Imperialdramon King Mode, for he is friends the two most powerful. He also has a deep hatred for demons.

==Empire of Fire

The Empire of Fire is the kingodm of Mastergreymon. Notables of the army of fire: Blackwargreymon, Wargreymon, Victorygreymon, Skullgreymon, and Imperialdramon and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode.


MasterGreymon is also a member of the Ancients -- a group of the oldest and most powerful Digimon. The Ancients consist of: Magnamon, Ophanimon, Dukemon, Neo-ArchDominionmon, GranDracmon, Mastergreymon, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, Imperialdramon Chaos Mode, and Kronosmon

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