Matadormon Torero Mode
(Matadrmon Torero Mode)
Type Composition
Attribute Virus
Family Dark Area
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Matadormon + Kamemon + Babamon

Matadormon Torero Mode is a Composition Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Matador. At some point, Matadormon noticed that, despite his name, his fighting style was nothing like a bullfighter's. Matadormon decided to rid himself of this embarassing secret by downloading data retaining to bullfighters from a museum. However, the data was beyond the capacity his body could hold, so he passed on some of it to his servants Kamemon and Babamon. By performing Digi-Xros with these two, turning them into the Kame Capote and Baba Estoque, respectively, he can access a new level of power. His new fighting style, which revolves around toying with his opponents, is reflective of his new level of arrogance.


  • Tercio de Varas (Esp: Lances Third): Parrys an oncoming attack with the Kame Capote, vanishes, and reappears behind the opponent, impaling them from behind with the Baba Estoque. This dance-like move is rumored to be the ultimate counterattack combo.
  • Tercio de Banderillas (Esp: Banderillas Third): Lifts the Kame Capote and fires multiple lances from the sleeve on his right arm.
  • Tercio de Muerte (Esp: Death Third): Draws a symbol in the air through which he summons an interdimensional beast that savagely destroys the opponent. Matadormon Torero Mode only uses this attack when he intends to finish the fight.

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