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Split tail
Level Rookie
Type Demon Beast Digimon
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare soldiers
Prior forms Baramon
Next forms Kuinumon
Partners Yuki Tamashi

Matamon is a fictional character created by Snowspirit, he is the rookie level Digimon of Kuinumon. It’s name comes from Neko-mata a type of demon from Japanese mythology, where a cat gains mystic power, shown by its split tail. Despite looking like being related to the Gatomon family or having a family parallel to it, Matamon digivolves into Kuinumon, a dog like Digimon.


Matamon looks like a purple Gatomon with green on its tail/ears which like it’s name sake, is split into two. Its gloves are white with red stripes and, has two small demon-esk horns on its head. On its ear it has an earring resembling Kuinumon’s 9erang.

Abilities and powers


  • ”’Lightning Paw”’ Uses its long claws and attacks the opponent.
  • ”’Cat's Eye Hypnotism”’ Pulls the opponent's strings with a piercing glare, causing the opponent to attack themselves
  • “’Catring Shot”’ Spins and fires a small blast of energy from its earing

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