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Matt Ryder
Appears in:Fan:Digimon Academy Year 2: Digital Reboot
First appearance A New Year and a New Threat
Digivice(s):navy blue/white D-Power
Age 14
Gender male
Nationality American
Occupation Academy Student, Tamer

Matthew Ryder also known as Matt is a Noob in Fan:Digimon Academy Year 2: Digital Reboot. He is the partner of Valvumon. He is a loner.


He has neat, mid-length blonde hair and blue eyes. He wore a blue, short-sleeved leather jacket with a short sleeved black t-shirt underneath. Blue jeans with a black belt and black combat boots. On his hands were black, fingerless gloves and on his side were a card holder and the other side his D-Power digivice.


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