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Max Clarkson
Appears in:Digimon Adventure: Legacy
First appearance  ??
Last appearance  ??
Partner(s):Fan:Gabumon (Legacy)
Digivice(s):Digivice Burst
Age 14
Grade 8th
Gender Male
Nationality Half-French, Half-Japanese

Max is one of the main characters of the upcoming fanfiction, Digimon Adventure 02: Legacy


Max is a gentlemen that is polite and friendly once you get to know him and he is very smart. In Legacy . Max is the 3rd eldest of the squad with Julie being the eldest. His partner is Fan:Gabumon (Legacy). ùthey met when Gabumon came in a Digi-Egg.


Max is a very nice gentlemen with great manners and friendly once you get to know him. Max can dress well and sometimes he is arrogant since he is from a rich family from his father in France he learn alot of good manners.


  • Max, He is Tak superior at DATS, he has a Mammal Digimon
  • Max has a Digivice Burst.
  • Max was based off Thomas from the fifth Digimon serie, which is shown to be well dressed
  • Max is not related to any digidestined, nor did he have a digimon at first.
  • Max represents the Digidestined from the first series and fifth series.

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