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Max Rhodes
Appears In: Digimon Academy
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Partner(s):Gabumon X
Family: TJ Jones

Maxine Rhodes also known as Max but sometimes called Shorty by TJ. She is TJ's adoptive cousin as his uncle adopted her after her parents died. She met Gabumon X when she was young.

Appearance ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

She had straight, short, reddish brown hair and green eyes. She wore a black, sleeveless shirt, blue jacket that looked like the sleeve was ripped off, brown baggy pants, a blue bandana on her head, black round goggles, white gloves, and a belt hidden under her shirt with her black and white digivice holder which held her X-Loader, and a pair of blue and black sneakers. She had an athletic build and pale, fair skin.

Personality ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Max is a complete tom boy. The literal definition, she could possibly be more of a tom boy then Dani.

Digimon _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Gabumon Sx-7 (DM)

Gabumon X

Gabumon X is Max's partner. He's calm, collected, and a little shy. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other Forms

Punimon b


Punimon- Gabumon X's fresh form. It is confirmed he will become this form in the series. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Tsunomon t


Tsunomon- Gabumon X's In-Training form. It is confirmed he will become this form in the series. This is the form that he and Max met. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Digivice ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Royal blue and silver X Loader.

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