Max Takiyama
(マックス滝山 Takiyama Makkusu)
First appearance Introducing New Friends
Digivice(s):Crimson red and black D-ARK
Gold and black D-ARK
Digimon Forms
Age 13
Grade Middle School
Gender Male
Height 5'4"
Known relatives Ron Tamaki(Birth Father, deceased)
Lilly Vale(Mother, deceased)
Amethyst (Older biological Sister)
Dante Vale(Maternal Uncle)
Reid Takiyama(Adopted Father)
Nationality Japanese/Italian
Occupation Tamer
Elemental Warrior
NCIS Japan Agent
Sailor Scout
Aliases Vorton
Sailor Gaia
Tiger Warrior

Max is your regular NCIS Japan Agent with the soul of a half tiger, half dragon daemon, Matrix, merged with his soul. At age 7, his parents died in their car when a bomb that was secretly planted in the hood of the car and only 20 minutes before they would get home to Max, who was back home from school already, went off. For part of the month he was there, Max was treated badly by the bullies and his Digimon, Dramon, was sent back to the Digital World. However, one day, NCIS Japan Agent, Reid Takiyama, adopted the sad 7 year old, and before he knew it, Max became a agent also.

Max already knew that his life was going to be different ever since he met Matrix. During his adventure in the Digiworld, he learned about his parents bing Seekers and gained his first Titan, Revile (pronounced Reveal). Max and Dramon were also able to Biomerge past Mega into Gamma. During his battle against DaemonCentaurmon, Max and Matrix were close to death when the spirit of a Seraphimon revived them with the power to reach another level past Gamma known as Quartz. However, to unlock this power, Max needed Rika's spiritual powers.

Update on 5-30-2016: Hey whoever reads this. If you're reading this, then you must at least have an interest in this person. Max is going to change but I won't be able to fix this article. The reason why is because I only made this so long ago was so that I'd make something off this character, but nowadays, I'm just glad I made him. Max is a boy from my imaginatio, someone I consider my creation. However, I've grown to think of him as another me. I know that makes no sense but when I feel like m y life is horrible, he helps me. This story is nothing more than a dream that I decided on writing. So, thank you to whoever is reading this. That is all.

Actually, I wanted to say that the story is being rebooted.

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