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(メカノティラノモン MechanoTyranomon)
Level Mega
Type (Ja:) Cyborg Digimon
(En:) Android
Attribute Virus, Vaccine
Family Unknown
Metal Empire
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms MetalTyrannomon

MechaTyrannomon is an Android Digimon. It was perfected by improving the incomplete MetalTyrannomon. He is a Cyborg Digimon that resembles a largest prototype MetalTyrannomon with navy blue cyborg armor made of Chrome Digizoid, a cyborg inflared scope in his left eye, a metallic head helmet, and a back-mounted missile-launching cannons. He equipped two machine arms, which torpedo-shaped missiles in right hand, and blue laser beams in left hand.


  • Crimson Blaster (Crimson Blast): Fires a crimson-red solar hot beam from his mouth.
  • Rocket Storm: Ten missiles are launched from his back cannons.
  • Electron Laser: He fires blue electric laser beam from his left hand.
  • Atomic Destroyer: He fires large torpedo-shaped missiles from his right hand.
  • Ice Dino Blast: Launches freezing missiles from all of the weapon cannons hidden throughout his chest.

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