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Meet the Team Act 1 Screen
Meet the Team Act 1
Episode Location Meet the Team Act 1[1]
Airdate (En:) August 3rd, 2013
Written by Bowser-The-King/Shiramu-Kuromu[2]

Taro finally snaps at the sudden realization of everything that has happened and begins to wonder if Digimon was anything like he had once known it to be. Solomon tries to keep his attention focused elsewhere in-order for him to cope with the severe stress, when they encounter a new ally and surviving human in their midst, and she and her partner Digimon are not the only ones like the two of them...


Most of the chapter focused on dialogue between Taro and Solomon waking up and discussing what they'll try and do next, after realizing the Digivice dropped them off in the wrong location of the Digital World. However, this does not prevent Solomon from reuniting with an old ally of his, whose name is George.

After a brief bit of talk with George, and helping him get out from under some rocks that apparently caused him to degenerate to Tsunomon, he explains how long it's been since he saw Solomon, which makes both him and Taro realize they've been passed out longer than expected, just as someone else arrives to reclaim her partner Digimon.

Digimon Analyzer

George Tsunomon In-Training
Special Move
Bubble Pierce
Taro: "If somebody else nicknamed a Digimon that must mean I'm not the only human here!"

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