Type Giant Driller
Prior forms Digmon + Drimogemon + MegaKabuterimon
Next forms MegaDigmon (Orochi Mode) (w/ Orochimon), MegaDigmon (Axe Mode) (w/ DeadlyAxemon)

MegaDigmon has the body of Digmon, all the drills of Digmon, Drimogemon and the colors of all the Digimon, MetalKabuterimon's blaster.

None of his moves are known

MegaDigmon (Orochi Mode)

MegaDigmon (Orochi Mode)
Type Giant Snake
Prior forms MegaDigmon + Orochimon

This is only MegaDigmon on MadLeomon's Orochi Mode replacing MadLeomon with MegaDigmon


  • Snake Drill: Uses a Snake with a drill that hurts the enemy.

MegaDigmon (Axe mode)

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