MegaGargomon is the sixth episode of Gallantmon Strikes.


Mako is in Kurt's apartment with him. Kurt asks who the traitor was that stole the Digi-Decks & gave them to Murmuxmon. Mako explains it was the original Gallantmon. Mako & Kurt go to battle. Chasing after a few Minions, Gallantmon & Beelzemon separate. Gallantmon is attacked by a Zebra Monster. Gallantmon weakens the white-headed Zebra Monster using Strike Vent, then uses Final Vent to finish the monster. Gallantmon is then attacked by MegaGargomon. Daniel tells Kurt that Beelzemon works for Murmuxmon & stole the Digi-Decks & gave them to men on Earth & that the original Gallantmon tried to stop Beelzemon & was the first to get Vented. Daniel says he was there, Beelzemon tricked them into following him into Murmuxmon's lair, Beelzemon said they were going there to finish him off but when they got there he turned on them. Murmuxmon orders Beelzemon to finish off Gallantmon ("Austin"). MegaGargomon escapes back through the portal, & Gallantmon is Vented by Beelzemon. Kurt doesn't believe him, so Daniel goes to prove it.

Daniel & Kurt find Beelzemon fighting the Black-Headed Zebra Monster. Daniel tells Kurt to stay out of sight or Mako will start lying again. MegaGargomon attacks Beelzemon. Murmuxmon appears in a reflection & tells Beelzemon to finish him. MegaGargomon escapes Beelzemon. Believing Daniel's lies, Kurt confronts Mako.

Morgan & Tom await a phone call. Johnny calls Morgan. He tells her that she has been doing some good work & wants to help her, so he gives her a tip. Johnny informs her that the City Hospital has just created a special ward in the East Wing, & it's full of sleepwalkers. Physically, they're fine. They walk. They eat. They watch TV. But mentally, they're asleep, drained of all energy. Johnny can't be talking about it on an un-secure line, so Johnny & Morgan agree to meet in person. Morgan & Tom head to the hospital & leave Lauren to watch the store.

At the hospital, Morgan & Tom find a Police Officer guarding the entrance to the UDU (Unidentified Disorder Unit) Station. So they pose as workers, & the cop lets them in. They find people just lying on the beds.

Kurt goes after the black-headed Zebra Monster, but then Gallantmon encounters the white-headed one again. MegaGargomon rides in. The white-headed Zebra Monster escapes Gallantmon. Gallantmon watches MegaGargomon destroy the black-headed one. The black-headed Zebra Monster is destroyed by MegaGargomon using "Shoot Vent" (with 2,000 Attack Points). The black-headed Zebra Monster extended it's entire body upward, the bullet from the large cannon struck, the Monster is sprung back together while the bullet is exploding inside him, & the Monster explodes.

Morgan & Tom find Kurt's dad in the hospital...

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