Level Mega
Type Food
Attribute Vaccine
Prior forms Hotdogmon


This is yet another of my little brother's creations.


He is the Mega form of the Pigletmon line. He gets fused with Andromon data which makes him have the ability to shoot his opponents with cannons. And he is also more powerful because of his robot parts that give him more abilities.


Pháo Roi (Cannon Whip): He fuses his cannon with his whip and when he fires his cannon, it shoots of the whip at full speed, making it hit the opponent in the face.

Aum: He meditates, spinning in a circle at super-sonic speed and crashes into his enemy, knocking them out.

Bun-Bun Attack: He attacks his opponent using his bun as a jet plane and he jumps off of it, slamming his opponent into a wall.

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: He parachutes using his bun.