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Level Ultimate
Type Dinosaur
Attribute Virus
Family Jungle Trooper
Prior forms Fan:Velocimon
Next forms Fan:MetalVelocimon

MegaVelocimon is a Dinosaur digimon whose name is derived from "Mega" and "Velocimon". MegaVelocimon digivolved from Velocimon after surviving both volcanic eruptions and meteor attacks. It is 1.5 times the size of a regular Velocimon and has the fire power to boost its attacks.


Volcanic Burst: Shoots out lava from its mouth.

Ramming Meteor: Turns its body into flames and rams into the opponent with the force of a falling Meteor.

Hot Claw: Slashes at its opponent with its super heated claws.

Overheat: Used as a last resort, it heats up the area around it to 750 Degrees Fahrenheit and explodes.

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