Mega Dragon Tamers
General information
Founder: Nocturnemon
Leader: Nocturnemon
Intentions: To conquer the Digital World and make it a better place for all
Appearances: Digimon Data Squad

The Mega Dragon Tamers are a group of nine human-form Mega-Level Digimon modeled after the nine Digimon families, excluding the D-Reaper Area, each one controlling a different element. The group serves as the basis of the original main antagonists in a Digimon Data Squad fanfiction. The group's name comes from the fact that each one of them has a Mega-Level Dragon Digimon as a familiar that shares their family designation instead of being all Dragon's Roar. All of these Digimon are created by Taylor Gorrell.

Due to their humanoid bases, the Mega Dragon Tamers can switch out their armored outfits for more casual clothing in order to blend in with humans, even exuding fake DNA. Each of them carries a special Digivice iC that, after scanning the fake DNA, will return them to their Digimon states through "Mega Dragon Tamer Digivolution".


Nocturnemon Darkness Dark Area Necrodramon Nocturnemon Pitch-Black Mode
Strykemon Lightning Nightmare Soldiers Voltdramon
PerfectAndromon Metal Metal Empire Andramon
Calderamon Fire Dragon's Roar Magmadramon
Stellarmon Light Virus Busters Cosmodramon
Twistermon Wind Wind Guardians Gustdramon
Subterramon Earth Nature Spirits Sandramon
Tundramon Ice Deep Savers Blizzardramon
Orchidmon Plants Jungle Troopers Floradramon

This is a listing of Digimon characters appearing in this wiki's fan digimon, created by users. These digimon are fan-made and are not part of any Digimon canon.

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