Level Mega
Type Exalted Dragon
Attribute virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Aldiyamon

MegaloRaidramon is the resulting of Aldiyamon Dark Digivolving using the Digicore of Megidramon . The fusing of the two vastly different Digi-Cores resulted in a splintering of MegaloRaidramon's fractal code, which causes it to swing from extreme evil to extreme virtue. It is a great and terrible force, known to many as "The Thorn of Night".


MegaloRaidramon has four great wings that have white spokes and black wing leather. The body is covered in White Digizoid trimmed with Black Digizoid, with spikes of Black Digizoid running down its back. Its talons are also made of Black Digizoid. Its eyes are a deep green, but can change between red (enraged) and gold (joyous).with the Digital Hazard sign on its chest.


  • Holy Thorns - Sends corporeal manifestations of light in the form of thorns to ensare and damage the opponent
  • Dark Howling - MegaloRaidramon howls while facing the enemy; the shock of the sound itself is critical to most weaker Digimon.
  • Dragon's Fury - Unleashes an unrelenting inferno in the shape of a dragon
  • Thorn Storm - Calls down thunderbolts which cause bushes of black thorns to grow up about the foe
  • Megiddo Flame MegaloRaidramon exhales a vicious maelstrom of purgatorial flames.