Megidramon "Vishnu"
Megidramon b
Appears in:Digimon Classic
First appearance Chapter 7/Genesis Genocide
Partner(s):Osamutoku "Toku" Tatsuo (Deceased)
Megidramon X

"GET... OUT..." -Megidramon's only warning to his prey

After a failed attempt to create the most powerful Digimon, human scientists ordered all traces of it to be destroyed. To say this would be the last time any human set foot into the Digital World until the present was an understatement; everybody involved in the project was killed by the monstrosity they ordered to be killed. Very little is known about Megidramon, as it was nicknamed based after the then merely fictional incarnation of it, this was human scientists attempts to mod the Digital World they had the ability to experiment, and take essentially any fictional Digimon that was created by the anime, TCG, or video games into an actual Digimon. Let's just say the results were so horrific that Eaglemon swarmed the quickly abandoned laboratory with an army of Armageddemon, in addition to every Golden Guardian to currently exist (INCLUDING the then evil Solomon), and basically attempt to kill the monstrosity that the humans have unleashed. Even with essentially two different WarGreymons variants under Eaglemon's command, neither of them could even scratch this abomination's hide despite this Digimon allegedly being a Dramon Digimon. Whatever experimentation was done on it must've rendered it immune to Anti-Dramon weaponry, and Solomon and WarGreymon X were forced into retreat, with both of them quickly coming up with the suggestion to place heavily restricting seals all over Megidramon's body to keep it at bay. Using a special power, Tenebrae gives the Golden Guardians the ability to seal away Megidramon within the abandoned laboratory, but was quick while it wouldn't be likely to escape the lab itself any time soon, he knew that given what all experiments was done on Megidramon, it was merely delaying the inevitable by sealing it away. Eventually at one point or another, this thing would escape it's confinements, but the fact it never seemed to do so lead to a lot of paranoia to haunt the Golden Guardians, and even Solomon is still wary of the place even after he's allied himself with Taro, since he knows he and the others will be absolutely helpless against whatever demon they sealed away in the dark crevices of the stronghold that was built around the lab to further delay the inevitable.

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