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Meginamon is Partner to Brandon Robinson and is Chikomon's Rookie form.

Meginamon's appearances:Meginamon appears as Brandon's Partner in Digimon Tales.

Meginamon's Partners:Brandon Robinson is Meginamon's only partner.

Meginamon's Attacks: Solar DNA Charge(OverCharge Plant Mode):Takes in energy from the sun and fires a beam from its mouth that causes a random ammount of damage. Stane Tracker(Super Selectability):A ability of Meginamon's that can track any digimon it's seen before anywhere in the Dark Ocean,Digital World, and Human World. Overgrowth(Undergrowth):Gives Meginamon the aility to control plants and use them as shields, weapons, or vehicles.

Meginamon digivolves from Bayneemon and Digivolves to Sampmon.

Important notes:Some of Meginamon's evolved forms can use the same attacks it does.

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