(??? Kaisorcamon)
Title Lord of the Seas
Level Mega
Type Marine Lizard
Attribute Vaccine
Family Deep Savers
Prior forms Duradomon

Megorcamon is notorious for many things. It had displaced all wild populations of Stethadreamon with their ferocious nature, they can maul even the most powerful of opponents with only few individuals necessary, and are famous for having been sighted mauling a Leviadramon in the Southern Sea region. Speaking of the Southern Sea, that is where they are most prominent, as their ferocious nature has lead to many Marine Digimon being lead as far away from that region as possible except for those inheriting Dragoramon's DNA. Digimon such as Whamon and MetalSeadramon fear Megorcamon, for it's skull is so well developed for ramming into things that if whatever it rams into isn't 9 feet thick and heavily reinforced, it shatters through it as if it were mere paper thin glass. It's jaw is another story, being able to crush solid Chrome Digizoid with relative ease. Despite what it would appear by it's appearance, it is actually more related to marine reptiles in basis rather than an Orca/Dunkleosteus hybrid. Notably, like real life Orcas, they show some variation in the wild in terms of specific details. Megorcamon, like it's relative Hammerdreamon, are both reptilian Digimon rather than Mammalian and Fish Digimon respectively, despite what they appear to be. The underwater dome mines of the Southern Sea region are only possible because the glass and metal used to create the cities/mine are heavily reinforced and 12 feet thick, 3 feet too thick for Megorcamon to shatter through.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Concept Art Southern Sea Battle

Two Megorcamon face off against the Ultimate Level Leviadramon.

Megorcamon is found both in the Southern Sea region in the wild and as their Fresh Stage in the first area of the game. However, while the Southern Sea is in close vicinity to the beginning town in the game, it is not recommended to go there as Megorcamon are very powerful and highly aggressive. Megorcamon digivolves from Duradomon at Level 50 with 20,000 Aquan Exp. Megorcamon's signature attack is Shatter Missle, which basically involves it ramming into the opponent with a recoil damage to it. This attack is a counterpart to the Pokemon Move Head Smash in function and damage. Megorcamon's signature trait increases the power of recoil based moves in addition to slightly reducing the damage received from them as well.