(??? Kaisorcamon (2015))
Megorcamon (2015)
Title Unconquerable Sea Hunter
Level Mega
Type Marine Lizard
Attribute Vaccine
Family Deep Savers
Prior forms TBA

Megorcamon, a Digimon based off of an Orca, is a predatory, sea roaming Digimon from the online game "Digimon Online". It is notorious for being very easily capable of killing even players at higher levels than themselves, since their enemy AI is unscripted for the most part, and thus allows for Megorcamon to strike with any of it's attacks or strategies practically at random. It is also equally notorious for effectively ambushing low level players that roam the coasts of the sea regions, as Megorcamon will willingly beach itself to attack anything it can grab with it's jaws and promptly drag it's prey into the deep ocean by sliding itself back into the water just as quickly. It became so much of a problem that Digimon Online has since implemented barriers around low level zones in coastal zones that prevent Megorcamon from trying this particular tactic, but even with that, because of the unscripted nature of Megorcamon, it will do whatever it can to disobey even this new law against it. Due to it's sheer tenacity alone, it has been reclassified with the title of the "Unconquerable Sea Hunter" because of how it will prey on any Digimon that enters range, even being known to swarm very powerful marine Digimon such as Leviamon without much warning.

Digimon Re: Classic

Megorcamon is one of the few Digimon species in Digimon Online to possess a degree of an AI. While Solomon has a fully functional AI on the range of human intellect, Megorcamon's intellect is designed to mirror a psychotic version of an Orca as a means of having players avoid trying to traverse the ocean areas by themselves in search of the Legendary Digimon Leviamon. Due to players still being undeterred, Megorcamon received huge buffs that allowed swarms of Megorcamon to spawn near a Leviamon and hone in on the latter for the kill, though this was eventually nerfed when Leviamon kept being killed before any player could reach it.

Megorcamon's overly hostile temperament seems to be due to the fact Megorcamon's coding was borrowed from an unmade Digimon game from many years ago...