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Level Rookie
No Level
Type Mammal
Attribute Data
Family Deep Savers
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms NeoMoonmon
Next forms Plushmon

Menamon is a Mammal Digimon whose name is derived from "Menae" and whose design is derived from the rabbit. It was born from the fusion of moon-watching data. It holds a lovely friendship with and high respect for Lunamon, and when the two meet, they feel compelled to be timid.


Menamon's overall build is very similar to Lunamon, but has a light blue Moon symbols on each arm and its forehead. Its hands have five pink claws. Its legs and feet have white coverings that give the appearance of a ball dress, and its ears are pink.

Digimon D-Legend

Menamon appears as the Digimon tritagonist, as the partner of the female human tritagonist, Isis Horiyuki. Deo and Solomon has a crushes on Isis and Menamon.


  • Lunar Sphere: Concentrates power in its forehead antenna, then fires a ball of water in the shape of the moon at the opponent.
  • Lop-ear Dance: Dances and spins many times with its ears, generating a vortex of bubbles which entraps the opponent.

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