Level Mega
Type master cyborg serpent
Attribute Virus
Family Deep Savers
Dragon's Roar
Dark Area
Metal Empire
Prior forms Hydra-Greymon

Metal-MasterGreymon is the master cyborg serpent digimon who is based off theSea Serpent. after years of being sent to the Dark Area, it slowly evolved metal armer and weapons on it's body, it's left arm had been replaced with a giant metal claw know as metalreaper which is used for hand to hand combat and is said to be able to take they digicore out of a digimon in one scratch,on it's right arm at the wrist a giant round cylinder know as therevoloution which is capable of shotting more than a thousand round's a second giving Metal-MasterGreymon a advantage at long-range war-fair. Metal-MasterGreymon races thought the sky and sea's searching for those who mistreated it when it was young and this time no digimon will survive it's massive attack of it's revenge. it hopes that one day it will digivole into a Super-Ultimate digimon and get it's fall revenge on the digital world, it will not stop till it fells like it has gotten all of it's revenge out of it's system.

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