Level Mega
Prior forms Greyroumon
Next forms KaiserHakuGreymon
*(w/ BujiHakumon)
Partners Matthew (A Tale of Two Heroes)

MetalGreyroumon is a Mega level digimon whose name and design are derived from "metal Greyroumon." Greyroumon digivolved into this form after acquiring large amounts of machine data. Ninety percent of its body has been mechanized for the purpose of defending those it cares about. Its body is full of hidden weapons that can be used in any situation. MetalGreyroumon has the body of a MetalGarurumon and the head of a MetalGreymon, perfectly merging the Greymon-species with the Garurumon-species. The Crest of Loyalty appears on his shoulders.

First Appearance

During Double-Crested Warriors, AntiVolatilemon and his antimatter clones had reached their Ultimate forms at a surprising speed. Matthew and Brittani had already gotten their digimon to their second Ultimate form, but they wanted to reach Mega again to get the upper hand. The Digidestineds searched for Baihumon and asked for one of his DigiCores when they found him. Their request was denied immediately, but when AntiVolatilemon attacked Primary Village and reached his own Mega form, Baihumon agreed. Just as he was about to relinquish it, Azulongmon and told him he would need it for awakening Fanglongmon. Matthew, Brittani, and their digimon follow the four Digimon Sovereigns to where Fanglongmon was. Each one gave up a single DigiCore and released its energy. Fanglongmon absorbed this energy and awoke, spewing fire from his mouth. PrimitiveAgumon and Haku were drawn to the flames and were filled with energy from the four DigiCores. They both warp digivolved to their second Mega forms, thanked the Digimon Sovereigns, and left to fight AntiInfinimon.


Extreme Bombardment- fires all the hidden weapons in its body in a barrage toward the opponent

Frozen Blaster- breathes a gust of absolute zero wind toward the opponent

Ice Grenade- launches several grenades toward the opponent that cover the opponent in a layer of ice