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Level Mega
Type Cyborg
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms Fan:MegaVelocimon

MetalVelocimon is a Cyborg digimon whose name is derived from "Metal" and "Velocimon". It was a Velocimon, who was too weak from battle, found by a Datamon who turned it into an android to survive any situation. Datamon had replaced its left arm with a mechanical arm identical to its other arm with a lazer installed, with a mechanical tail with a huge blade at the end, a metal helmet which has improved the Velocimons sight tenfold and has flamethrowers on each side, and a metal guard throughout its body to protect it from harm. As a result of his creations violent nature, it had destroyed Datamon and went on a rampage to seek any and all enemies who come within its sight.


Flaming Tornado: Makes a tornado out of the flamethrowers on the sides of its helmet to incinerate its opponents.

True-Power Lazer: Uses the lazer on its left mechanical arm to annihilate its oponents.

Tail Blade: Uses the blade at the end of its tail to slash its enemies to pieces.

Ultimate Bite: Uses its new metal fangs to chew its enemy into tiny pieces.

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