Metal D-raptormon
Level Ultimate
Type Machine Dinosaur
Attribute Data
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms D-raptormon
Next forms Omega D-raptormon
*(w/ 3 D-raptormon)

Metal D-raptormon is a machine digimon in the form of a dinosaur, her name comes from "Metal Digi-velociraptor" and is the digivolved form of D-raptormon. She is extremely quick, as can almost match Merukimon's speed, she also can feel the presence of the other digimon by using her antennas hidden in the horns. They really like to fight, but they fight for fun, not to kill.

Her body is almost fully made of the normal Chrome Digizoid, the only parts that aren't covered are her eyes, her neck and in the end of her tail. She can launch her arms like missiles and fire blasts from her mouth, burning anyone. Also, she can change her Chrome Digizoid armor for a Full Metal one, which is heavier, reducing her speed, but raising her attack power.

Rise of the Shadows

She is one of The Shadows, besides being a digimon, she is really a member. She commands 3 D-raptormon and differently of the habit of her species, she doesn't like to fight, she only alerts the group of near dangers.


She is very like a velociraptor, but red and fully covered by metal. Her horns are little, but she can raise their size by raising her antennas hidden inside them. She also have big arms for a dinosaur of her species, but this is an advantage as they can be launched like missiles.

When changes the armor, her appearance changes a little, making it appears larger than she really is.


Megalo Destroyers: Launches her own arms like missiles that explode and then they return intact.

Invisible Slashes: Enters into the speed of the light and then attacks the enemy with multiple slashes.

Perfect Flames: Launches blasts of flame against the enemies.