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sory forgot to write fan:metal monmon metal monmon is the ultimate level of monmon. his wings become one metal wing and the other big patamon wing, his tail open and more four tail go out,all the five become metal, he got metal mask and for last his eyes become red. his runing vry fast and his fly batlle reely good, but he cant go fast in the air. his tail can move so good that the can defence his head and attack the enmey. his finish attack "rat hero" is one big laser from his tails. he use this attack to save mor from ladydevilmon while myotesmon try to destroy him. he can dna digivolve with piximon to crate rat piximon.


metal headrun to the enemy with his metak head down

rat explosion trow rat toy on the enemy that explode

war rat like with monmon

rat heroshoot big laser from his tails

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