Level Ultimate
Type Humanoid mecha Fox
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Blazefoxmon
Next forms Shiningfoxmon
Partners Kuza Katoya


Metalfoxmon is a fictional character created by The orange fox, he is the ultimate level digimon of Blazefoxmon


Metalfoxmon has similar resemblance to his previous form except now he is a complete mechanical robot protected by strong red digizoid armour personalized with his colours, he is much bigger than his previous form and stronger, his elemental powers double in strength and he can fly with a set of digital wings sprouting out of his back

Abilities and powers

Now a fully mechanical robot Metalfoxmon can create projectile lasers from his machinery, he can also create weapons out of data whilst still using his power of fire in combat. One major letdown of his robot self is that sometimes he becomes extremely slow due to his weight


  • Ace buster Metalfoxmon fires a powerful beam from the cannon on his chest
  • Sonic sword Metalfoxmon creates a large sword out of data which can cut through chrome digizoid
  • Firestorm nova Metalfoxmon manipulates flames to create a large storm that does heavy damage to vulerable materials including metals
  • Amethyst quasar Metalfoxmon projects powerful cutting lasers from all around his body, this move is useful against aerial targets
  • Storm rocket Metalfoxmon fires a large rocket from his mouth which reaches into the air, explodes then releases a hail of fireballs which rain down to earth
  • Metal fire punch A strong punch with a heated metal fist
  • Metal fire kick Same as above except it's a kick
  • Gallant machine gun Metalfoxmon's two arms transform into machine gun's which fire rapid bullets
  • Metal storm Metalfoxmon generates sparks around him which can power down any electrical device except digipads
  • Buster launch Metalfoxmon fires two strong rockets of flame from his body

When Blazefoxmon was down and in trouble his master promised he'd never abandon him, he was even willing to die by the hand of Altaterrormon who had already defeated Blazefoxmon without much effort. Through strength courage and love Kuza was able to make Blazefoxmon digivolve into his ultimate level and destroy Altaterrormon for good.