Type Machine

Metaloupmon is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from metal and the "Loup" (Fra: Gray wolf) and is created DarkblazeHunter. It is a member of The Tempest army and is programmed to obey Shrikemon's every command without question.


Metaloupmon resembles a large robotic wolf colored grey and indigo with a single visor and dual laser cannons on its back.


None is actually known on Metaloupmon, however it can be guessed that he is one of the few living descendants of the original Digimon of Tempest Zone; a great and wealthy Zone in ancient times that fell to greed and began to plunder resources from its neighbors, leading to the zone's destruction.


  • Ion Howler: Fires powerful energy beams from its jaw and cannons.
  • Metal Fang: Lunges at the enemy with its jaws.

DigiXros FormsEdit


Mammon is the Digi-Xros form of Shrikemon and Metaloupmon through the power of the Dark Xros Loader within Shrikemon.


  • Avarice Claw
  • Avarice Spear
  • Black Midas

Mammon CrystalEdit

Mammon Crystal is an upgraded version of Mammon after absorbing a trio of Amethystmon.


  • Avarice Gem
  • Black Crystal Midas