It is well thought that after the 4th series of Digimon it just went downhill and it did but there is a secret in the first 4 series. If you take the names Tai, Joe, Sora, Davis, Cody, Takato, Rika, Jeri, Suzie, Zoe, and Koichi you can spell secret video. From my reliable source I have found out the was 1 copy of the un-aired video (though it's more of a movie) but sadly 5 days after the 5th series came out the movie was taken by the creators and hidden. No one knows were it is except for the creators, and we still don't know why the hid it. To the point, the movie is supposed to be about the 2 most powerful Digimon to ever exist and these 2 Digimon are created, and I'm not making this up, by combining the very essence of (in order by which Digimon)1.Tai,Davis,Takato,Takuya,Agumon,Veemon,Guilmon,and Agunimon--2.Matt,Ken,Henry,Koji,Gabumon,Wormmon,Terriermon,and Lobomon. These 2 Digimon are Meteor Greymon and Glacier Garurumon, who are both mega level Digimon. Although the info on this(>>>>) is a little shaky my source has said it contains The Royal Knights and The Olympus Twelve. The image of MG is like a 50 mile tall fiery wisp like ghost. The image of GG is like a 35 mile tall icy wisp like ghost. As I have been told GG and MG are doom bringers with GG going up through the south pole to the center of the earth and MG going down through the north pole to the center of the earth. Both there having a battle to the finish.

Meteor Greymon's Abilities

Ragnarok Punch:His hand bursts into flames and he punches.

Super Novan Blast:He opens his mouth and wings and when he shoots only a mega level Digimon could survive(but still badly hurt).

Armageddon:Meteor Greymon uses all of his energys to destroy earth + the digital world.


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