(??? Mamon)
Title Lustful Succubus
Level Champion
Type Lustful
Attribute Virus
Family Unknown
Dark Area
Dragon's Roar
Next forms Demilimon

Miadreamon is the exact opposite of her Mega stage in terms of behavior. She likes to charm others with her looks only to end up luring them to their death. Either way, however, all of her line loves to lure victims into their demise. She is a Succubus in a way with her behavior, but some do not call her as having the beauty of one due to her more monstrous nature. Her mouth is very crocodile-like and underneath that scarf lies a monstrous demon of a Digimon in terms of personality and appearance.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Miadreamon is faced as a boss if faced first out of the boss quartet. Like Demilimon and Arclimon, her signature trait protects her from direct damage but only if the attacking Digimon is equal or lower level than Miadreamon. Miadreamon digivolves into Demilimon at Level 70 with 4,000 Dragon Exp.