Michael Tucker
Appears in:Fan:Journey
First appearance Fan:Journey Chapter 1
Last appearance  ??
Age 14
Gender Male
Nationality American

Michael Tucker is a fictional character from Fan:Journey.

Michael is quiet to everyone except his closest friends, and even then he stays towards the back of the group. This said he is always willing to make friends and values anyone even slightly his friend more importantly than himself. he is extremely laid back and doesn't care when something bad happens to him. When he was trapped in the digital world and his group came up with plans he let his digimon, Nautramon do all of the talking, and only said his thoughts if he though it was important or if he was seriously questioning something.

Michael is also passionate about nature and thinks that he should only fight if it is necessary, and never kills. Before being in the digital world he was a semi-popular kid that hung out with several different kids, he was good with technology and his partner is Nautramon. He is associated with the Crest of Friendship

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