Michamon Holy Spirit Mode
Michamon Holy Spirit Mode fanart
Level Mega
Type Holy Beast
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Michamon Rise Up Mode

Michamon Holy Spirit Mode is a Holy Beast digimon. It is the final form of Michamon Rise Up Mode. He carries a pearl-like orb of light called "Ataraxia" which is surrounded by seven crystals of virtue. It willingly protects the innocents from the destruction which it's nemesis, Lucemon Satan Mode, causes. This form is a projection and Michamon's true form, Michamon Nestling, resides in Ataraxia, where he operates the form and is protected from all attacks.


  • L'Arc en Ciel D'Espoir: The crystals of virtues fire colorful lights.
  • Divine Salvation: Forms a shield of light from gems attached to the mask.


Michamon Holy Spirit Mode appears as a giant dove, taking inspiration from the Holy Spirit from Abrahamic mythology, which is often symbolized with a dove. He has two pairs of wings on its back. He has a gold ring on each of its feet, with olive leaves on its ankle. He has a silver mask with a cross design covering his face and a pair of wings on his head. He wears a silver chestpiece with a golden design on it. He carries a large white pearly orb, which is surrounded by seven seven crystals of virtues, each displaying a different color.


Michamon Light Guardian Mode


  • All info on Michamon and all his forms are created and provided by the artist here with their permission.