Michamon Nestling
Michamon Nestling fanart
Level Mega
Type Holy Beast
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Michamon Rise Up Mode

Michamon Nestling is a Holy God digimon. It is the true form of Michamon and operates the form of Michamon Holy Spirit Mode, from within the giant orb, "Ataraxia", where it is protected from all attacks. It determines to end the fight between itself and Lucemon Larva.


  • Halo Blaster: which the halo of light formed and blasted from the jewels on the cross that is attached on Michamon's head
  • Ultimate Sacrifice: which it first forms the barrier for protecting its comrades then it self destroys along with the enemies to end the fight once and for all


Michamon Nestling appears as a baby bird with wings folded in. It's true wings are four pairs made of olive leaves on its back. It has pale blue eyes and a cross on its forehead. Above its head are three halos




  • All info on Michamon and all his forms are created and provided by the artist on here with their permission.