Mighty Morphin' Digi-Hunters

マイティー モルフィン' ディギレインガーズ 02
(Mighty Morphin' Digi-Rangers 02)
Genre:Action, Adventure, Shonen, Science Fiction
Studio:Toei Animation
Network:Fuji TV
Episodes:List of Mighty Morphin' Digi-Hunters episodes
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Mighty Morphin' Digi-Rangers (2001-2002), the Digi-Rangers battle Bagramon in a new dimension.

Plot summary

A tremendous earthquake strikes, the Earth, the Moon, and the Digital World. Bagarmon returns and over throws Lilihtmon. Lilithmon's old warriors easily join him, and Lilithmon is put back in the space dumpster. Bagaramon notices the close connection between the two worlds and makes a new world called the DigiQuartz, by having Wisemon create a being of sentinel Digital Data from the Human and Digital Worlds.

Seaphimon immediately tells the Digi-Rangers about this new threat, and upgrade the Digivices, allowing the team to enter the DigiQuartz, and fight. They easily find out Bagarmon is manipulating the world to his advantage.

Ian losses the power of the Silver Ranger, and Seraphimon creates the Sky-Blue power for him, and he becomes leader of the Digi-Rangers.

Three new kids come to town Charlie, Adam and Mary. During a battle they see who the Digi-Rangers really are.

Later Dan, Trini and Bradley are chosen to a Peace Conference in New York so they transfer the power to Charlie, Adam and Mary.



Character Digimon
Ian Parks
(イアン アイク Ian Ike)
After being drained of the last of the Silver Powers, and Gumdramon being reverted into a Digi-Egg, Ian is chosen to be the Sky-Blue Ranger, and becomes the leader of the team.
Daniel "Dan" Parks
(ダーニアル "ダニー" アイク Daniel "Danny" Ike)
The former-leader of the Digi-Rangers, and he's more then happy for his twin brother. He has control of the Red Digi-Armor, Red Digivice, the Crest of Courage, and control of Shoutmon. He leaves the show and gives the Crest of Courage to Charlie.
Trini Kat
(トリニー キャット Trini Catt)
The timid ever-going member of the Digi-Rangers. She has control of the Yellow Digi-Armor, the Yellow Digivice, the Crest of Kindness, and control of Agumon. She leaves the show and gives the Crest of Kindness to Mary.
Jason Rider
(ジェイソン レイダー Jason Raider )
The smart as a laptop person of the Digi-Rangers. He has control of the Blue Digi-Armor, the Blue Digivice, the Crest of Knowledge, and control of Veemon.
Bradley Gonzales
(ヤーマートー ガッスティン Yamato Gustin)
The always ready, caring member of the Digi-Rangers. He has control of the Black Digi-Armor, the Black Digivice, the Crest of Reliability, and control of Guilmon. He leaves the show and gives the Crest of Reliability to Adam.
Kimberly "Sonia" Thompson
(ナミン テイケナウチー Naminé Takenouchi)
The nicest and "older sister" figure of the Digi-Rangers. She has the control of the Pink Digi-Armor, the Pink Digivice, the Crest of Love, and control of Biyomon.
Charlie Rock
(チャーリー ロック Charly Rock)
Charlie takes over for Dan as Red Digi-Ranger. With Armadillomon as his partner.
Adam Parks
(アッダム マットサッキー Adam Matsuki )
Adam takes over for Bradley as Black Digi-Ranger. With Terriermon as his partner.
Mary Duncan
(ケリー オーリモートー Kari Orimoto)
Mary takes over for Trini as Yellow Digi-Ranger. With Palmon as her partner.

Allies of the Digi-Rangers

  • Seraphimon: Seraphimon chooses the Digi-Rangers to protect the Earth (and sometimes the Digital World) from Lilithmon.
    • Kokuwamon: Kokuwamon is Seraphimon's assistant. He helps the Digi-Rangers, whenever possible.
    • Sorcerymon: Prior to Seraphimon being sealed; Sorcerymon was Seraphimon's apprentice. He helps the Digi-Rangers whenever he can.
    • Trailmon: Seraphimon sends Trailmon whenever the Digi-Rangers need to go to the Digital World.
    • Halsemon: Halsemon is used for aerial transportation in the Digital World.
    • Plesiomon: Plesiomon is used for deep sea transportation in the Digital World.
  • Bullmon: Bullmon is used when the Digi-Rangers need extra Digimon power during battle, he takes over when Moosemon is destroyed.


  • Bagarmon: Bagarmon is the lead antagonist of the season. He easily overthrows Lilithmon, and takes over he role, and creates the DigiQuartz.
    • WaruMonzaemon: WaruMonzaemon is a brute force, but Lilithmon never believes he's that strong. But Bagarmon lets him fight often.
    • FlaWizarmon: FlaWizardmon loves to fight but never is able to fight. FlaWiazrdmon is sent to fight often.
    • Dinobeemon: Stingmon battles the Digi-Rangers constantly but never wins, when Bagramon strikes he Digivolves Stingmon into Dinobeemon.
    • Wisemon: Wisemon makes loads of Digimon for Lilithmon, due to the fact Bagarmon makes his own Digimon, Wisemon is set to the side.
  • Lilithmon: Lilithmon is the former lead antagonist. She was put back in the space dumpster, she is freed later on.

Other Characters

  • Alexander and Rednaxela
  • Austin
  • Mrs. Haas
  • Principal Eric


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