Level Champion
Type Space Fungus
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits

Nightmare Soldiers

Prior forms Shoggothmon
Next forms Nyarlathomon

Migomon are large, fleshy, crustacean-like fungi Digimon, and the Champion form of Shoggothmon. They seem to be focused on finding Digimon with high levels of intellect and absorbing their minds. They worship and fear Cthulhumon, for some unknown reason.


Migomon have a stringy, fleshy, lumpy body which it supports with two crab-like legs that end in three-toed claws and two insectoid arms that end in claws. Its head is an elliptical-shaped appendage with many antennae, but no visible eyes, which is supported by a ridged, bony neck. On its back are three sets of warped, somewhat leathery, bat-like wings.


  • Mind Warp - Takes hold of the target's mind and shatters their reality so as to safely take their mind
  • Spore Shower - Releases a cloud of spores from pockets on its body that cause the foe to become enfeebled
  • Mi-Go Claw - Slashes at the foe with on of its crab-like claws


  • Mi-Go are creatures from the works of H. P. Lovecraft that transport humans from Earth to Pluto (and beyond) by transplanting their brains into special machines that allow them to hear, speak, and feel