Minervamon vg

Minervamon is one of Lilithmon's most ruthless & dangerous minions, besides MadLeomon, whom she frequently fights alongside.


Very little is known about Minervamon's background. Her first appearance is in the "DigiDestined With Evil" story arc. She is an old friend of Lilithmon, & according to Etemon, does horrible things. Much like MadLeomon, she will often square off against Taylor & Tyrannomon when sent to battle the DigiDestined, & often overwhelms them with ease. She fights with a large sword that can be thrown like a boomerang.

Minervamon is presented as an old friend of Lilithmon's in her first appearance; already reeling from the assault of Lilithmon's DigiDestined (Alex), the arrival of Minervamon nearly spells disaster for the DigiDestined. Minervamon has a pet silkworm-like Digimon, which is once used to fight the DigiDestined.

Minervamon is present when Tactimon returns to the moon, but is absent when he banishes Lilithmon & for most of Tactimon's early endeavors against the DigiDestined. She briefly returns to assist one of Tactimon's attempts to neutralize Liam, posing as a human girl named McKayla. Though she succeeds in capturing both Liam & Zoe, the rest of the DigiDestined quickly discover her return & thwart her plans. Although she insists she'd be back, Minervamon is never seen again. Her current status is unknown.