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Here's the list of Lilithmon's minions in the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. They're created by Wisemon from his Digi-Matic. To make them grow, Lilithmon throws her wand to Earth which emits energy that causes the Earth to shake & then enlarges the Digimon.


Andromon is a Digimon created by Wisemon. When Lilithmon has Wisemon make Andromon, he sets the Digi-Matic machine on high so that the DigiDestined will be helpless against him in combat. He is also known as the Showtime Monster due to his theatric personality. Upon being created, Andromon removes his head as he introduces himself to Liltihmon & Wisemon, who wonders if he should have set the Digi-Matic on low instead. When Andromon is sent to Earth, Seraphimon tells the DigiDestined that Andromon has the power to shoot laser beams out his eyes, leap long distances, & to make himself disappear. Andromon is also the keeper of the Time Device, which Lilithmon is going to use to trap the DigiDestined in a time warp like she had done to Seraphimon. When the DigiDestined summon their Digimon & arrive to stop Andromon, he removes his head & throws it in the air. As Andromon's head hovers & spins around in mid-air, he uses his ability to transport the DigiDestined into the Time Warp's alternate dimension in the Digital World. When Andromon joins the DigiDestined in the Time Warp's dimension, he uses his glowing skeleton warrior henchmen to fight the DigiDestined & Taylor & his Digimon Tyrannomon fight with Andromon. When Etemon & Grumblemon try to blow up the Time Device with a bomb, Andromon causes the ground to split open with his claw to stop the DigiDestined from reaching it, revealing a volcanic pit in the cracks of the ground. Taylor fights with Andromon & he has his teammates shoot Andromon with their Digi-Blade Blasters, blasting the Digimon to pieces. When Andromon tries to piece himself together, Nicky discovers his head is his weak spot & so he grabs it & throws it to Carly. After defeating his skeleton warriors single handedly with her Digi-Blade Blaster as she passes them by, Carly's destroys Andromon's head by tossing it down a crack in the ground into a lava pit. Without his head, Andromon's body self-destructs.

Skeleton Warriors

These are Andromon's foot soldiers, which are essentially skeleton-themed Claymon. They are easily destroyed by Carly, who uses her Digi-Blade Blaster sword to slice the skeletons to pieces.


Dynasmon is a giant Digimon that's summoned by Lilithmon after Andromon's defeat. She says this incantation to summon him:

Moondust soft and pliant,
Send to Earth a giant.

Once it appears in Tokyo, it pulls Taylor & Tyrannomon out of Andromon's dimension. Taylor then DigiGrows Tyrannomon who soon destroys Dynasmon with the ground breath attack.


Minotarumon is a minotaur Digimon created by Wisemon. It manages to cause mass havoc against Taylor, Spencer, & Nicky while Carly & Maggie are preoccupied fighting the Claymon. After Minotarumon grows, the DigiDestined regroup & DigiGrow their Digimon, but after a brief confrontation in DinoOmnimon Tank Mode, Seraphimon determines the Digimon is too much for the DigiDestined's Digimon without allowing them to attempt a battle as DinoOmnimon Battle Mode, although there'ss nothing to indicate that this battle will end any differently than other battles where Tank Mode was overwhelmed. Seraphimon gives the DigiDestined their DigiWeapons to battle the Digimon. When confronted by Minotarumon again, they bring their weapons together to form the DigiBlaster & defeat the Digimon.

A set of Minotarumon are later used by Duskmon. The first Minotarumon fights the DigiDestined in downtown Tokyo plaza & copies all the data on the DigiDestined's weapons in his jewel. When the Digimon is destroyed by the Quadroblaster, the jewel survives & Duskmon uses it to put it on another Minotarumon. The second Minotarumon is given the jewel from the first one by Duskmon. The jewel contains the information the first one collected on the DigiDestined. He uses this against them as he can give them back the same attack. Jin saves the DigiDestined with his weapon since his information was not scanned. The second one is eventually destroyed by DeltaGalacticmon.


AncientSphinxmon is a Sphinx-themed Digimon created by Wisemon. He can send away other beings with his wings. He also wields a scepter with a gold question mark on the end, which emits flaming question marks. Wisemon supposedly creates him from a handful of Egyptian sand, which he throws into the clay mold while making the Digimon's model. At Lilithmon's request, Wisemon makes AncientSphinxmon for the sole purpose of defeating & destroying Taylor, so that the DigiDestined can be destroyed quicker without their leader to guide them. When Spencer, Maggie, & Taylor arrive at the Children's Theater in the park to confront the Digimon & Claymon, AncientSphinxmon flapps his wings & sends Maggie away to the Youth Center's Gym & Juice Bar. After sending Spencer away next, he teleports away with Taylor to a mountainous desert to fight one-on-one. They seem evenly matched in combat at first, but, even with the assistance of MadLeomon later in the battle, Taylor starts to get the upper hand over AncientSphinxmon. Lilithmon then makes AncientSphinxmon & MadLeomon grow to crush Taylor. After finding Taylor's location, Seraphimon is able to use Taylor's DigiSword to send him the DigiMemories so he could allow the other DigiDestined to arrive & DigiGrow their Digimon. AncientSphinxmon fights with MadLeomon mostly while the Digimon are in DinoOmnimon Tank Mode, but once it digivolves into Battle Mode, the Digimon (& even Lilithmon herself) become very worried. AncientSphinxmon & MadLeomon fight DinoOmnimon together, but after a lengthy battle, the Digimon is finally destroyed by DinoOmnimon's DigiSword.

A flashback is later shown in "Island Of Illusion Part 2" when Taylor recalls his fight with AncientSphinxmon & beating the Digimon in order to keep himself from fading away into nothingness.


Zamielmon is a goblin monster created by Wisemon. He can control people with his music, which he plays with his magical accordian. He has the ability to become invisible & he also wields a rake as a weapon. Zamielmon holds the friends of Maggie's deaf friend Jennifer as hostages in a cave & make them dance uncontrollably with his music. He plans to lure the DigiDestined out & also put them under his accordian's hypnotic spell. After being cooked a meal by Etemon, he falls asleep along with Etemon & Grumblemon. When Jennifer leads Maggie & the others to the cave, a livid Lilithmon screams for Zamielmon to wake up & hypnotize the DigiDestined so they could be put under her control. Outside, Maggie has Jennifer take cover, thereby preventing Jennifer from seeing Mag & her friends summon their Digimon. The DigiDestined take on Zamielmon & they obliterate him with the DigiBlaster, breaking him apart into pieces of stone. Despite this, Lilithmon used her magic wand to make him grow & Zamielmon becomes solid again as he becomes giant. During the battle with DinoOmnimon, Zamielmon first uses his rake, but DinoOmnimon soon take it away & use it against him. Zamielmon then uses his accordian to confuse DinoOmnimon & cause the DigiDestined to see illusions of a city in the empty battlefield. He also has them hallucinate Zamielmon as a city building & then a rolling boulder. DinoOmnimon knocks the accordion away, putting a stop to Zamielmon's music, & then the DigiDestined destroy him with the DigiSword before he can retrieve his accordian.


Boarmon is a ravenous pig Digimon. He supposedly can wipe out the Earth's entire food supply in a mere 48 hours, but given the rate of time it takes him to get through Tokyo alone, even 48 years will be a stretch in reality (& since food supply constantly replenishes, he will be ineffective at best, a mere nuisance in reality). However, he doesn't like spicy food. Boarmon is created by Wisemon to ruin the Food Festival at the Youth Center, immediately beginning to eat everything in sight. When battling the DigiDestined, Boarmon swallows their DigiWeapons & sends the DigiDestined into a swirling vortex. The DigiDestined realize that the Digimon doesn't like spicy food, so they feed it a sandwich containing a spicy vegetable, causing it to become ill & vomit up all the food while slowly shrinking as it begins collapsing inwards upon itself (whilst shouting something that sounded suspicously like "me want honeycomb" repeatedly, like the little creature in the Honeycomb cereal commercials would always say), as well as the DigiDestined's weapons after further weakening it beforehand. The DigiDestined then use their DigiBlaster to destroy Boarmon.

Some time later when the DigiDestined are sent to the Island of Illusion, they are assaulted by the illusions of Digimon they had already defeated, including Boarmon. A few dozen episodes later, Lilithmon is able to transform Herman (Brick's pet pig) into another Boarmon. Like the first Boarmon, Herman is gluttonous, but unlike the first, he doesn't have evil intentions — he just wants some food to snack on. Also, Herman has better command of the English language than the original Boarmon had. The DigiDestined are able to track Herman to a farm where he's found gazing at a female pig. Carly observes that none of Lilithmon's Digimon could fall in love like Herman can. The DigiDestined then turn this Boarmon back into Herman.


A chicken=type Digimon created by Wisemon when Lilithmon asks for a truly cruel Digimon. He captures Lisa, a young girl who Maggie & Carly were babysitting, & use her to open a chest to retrieve the DigiEggs, since the chest can only be opened by a child. Kokatorimon uses his beak to tear a hole in the fabric of time & space in order to move around. Kokatorimon is destroyed by DinoOmnimon, after unsuccessfully trying to duck the DigiSword.


Sakkakumon is an eye Digimon created by Wisemon. Lilithmon had once employed Sakkakumon's skills in his home dimension to capture incredibly bright children to use their intelligence for evil. Sakkakumon is one of Lilithmon's favorite Digimon & Sakkakumon seems to show some attraction & loyalty to her, calling her "lovely" & "a sight for sore eyes". Sakkakumon has an array of energy beam attacks he can launch from his various eyes, & can reassemble himself if blown apart. Sakkakumon's mission is to capture a highly-intelligent child so Lilithmon can absorb their intelligence. Sakkakumon captures Nicky's friend Ricky & is challenged by the DigiDestined. Sakkakumon proves to be invulnerable to their DigiBlaster & has them on the ropes until Nicky destroys his main eye. Grown to giant size by Lilithmon, Sakkakumon is destroyed by DinoOmnimon, freeing the child before Lilithmon can get to him.

Some time later when the DigiDestined are sent to the Island of Illusion, they are assaulted by the illusions of Digimon they had already defeated which then vanish when they are about to touch the DigiDestined. One of these illusions is Sakkakumon. However, all of the monsters vanish when the six DigiTeens stand their ground.

Sakkakumon later returns in "The Wedding" three-part story in season two as one of the Digimon to fight the captured DigiDestined in the Yokai Theater, primarily fighting the Zoe & Dinotigermon. Sakkakumon leaves the DigiDestined briefly to attend Lilithmon & Tactimon's wedding, where he brings them a caged spider as a gift for "either a decoration or a light snack." After the reception, he returns to Earth with several Digimon where he chases after the DigiDestined when they escape the Theater. Sakkakumon is one of six Digimon to grow & fight the Thunder Digimon, where he is destroyed by one of Baihumon's fire balls.


A rather friendly & timid troll-like elf Digimon created from Carly's doll of the same name in her dream. His specialty is collecting. Mr. Ticklesneezer enjoys collecting large objects (or "goodies") such as vehicles & buildings inside his small glass bottles. Lilithmon wants to use these skills to capture the DigiDestined & the world. When Mr. Ticklesneezer fights DinoOmnimon, he realizes the difficulty he had caused everyone, & returns everything he collected.


DarkKnightmon is an evil knight summoned by Lilithmon to attack Spencer on his birthday. He is one of the most powerful of Lilithmon's Digimon, used to eliminate many who opposed her. DarkKnightmon is featured on Page 12 of Wisemon's Digimon book. After Lilithmon sees DarkKnightmon's picture, she remembers how effective DarkKnightmon was used in his home dimension & that he made "mince meat out of their finest warrior." Later that night, Wisemon & Etemon help to forge DarkKnightmon's sword on Earth, which Wisemon says can cut through any material in the universe & possesses great magical powers. While Wisemon finishes the sword, Lilithmon summons DarkKnightmon with an incantation.

After the sword hovers in the air & a tree splits in half, DarkKnightmon appears & took his sword in hand. The next day, DarkKnightmon is sent out to attack Spencer, who is all alone, & they have a lengthy fight, which Lilithmon, Etemon, & Grumblemon watch on Earth. Spencer gets attacked by DarKnightmon, & then MadLeomon, until the other DigiDestined arrive to help. DarkKnightmon's sword attacks are also greatly resilient to the DigiDestined's DigiWeapons, damaging them with a coating of black crust. DarkKnightmon also blocks the DigiDestined's Tower Formation attack & sends it back at them. When DarKnightmon becomes giant-sized by Lilithmon's wand, he even disables DinoOmnimon's DigiSword by taking away its energy. Lilithmon looks on & instructs DarkKnightmon on how to finish DinoOmnimon. However, Spencer discovers that DarkKnightmon is using the DigiDestined's energy against them. The DigiDestined manage to reverse this process by deflecting DarkKnightmon's energy back at him, as well as using some of their own energy. DinoOmnimon is able to recover, restore the damaged DigiSword to normal & then DinoOmnimon uses it to destroy DarkKnightmon. Following DarkKnightmon's destruction, Lilithmon flees back to her palace.

Scenes of the Spencer's fight with DarkKnightmon appear as a flashback in the episode "Island of Illusion, Part II" when Shoutmon urges Spencer to remember the time when he fought & beat DarkKnightmon to keep himself from disappearing into nothingness.


A clown/octopus Digimon created by Wisemon who takes the form of Pineapple the Clown. He turns Carly's cousin, Kyra, into cardboard (she's later restored by Carly & Kokuwamon). According to Wisemon, he personally trained PiedOctomon. In Digimon form, he's also known unofficially as the Charge Card Digimon because his voice sounds like the guy that does the charge card commercials. He can also extend his long tentacles & use them like whips & launch spheres of energy. He's the only Digimon to be defeated using DinoOmnimon's cranial laser. Later on when the DigiDestined are sent to the Island of Illusion, they're attacked by the illusions of Digimon they had already defeated, one of which is PiedOctomon. As a bit of trivia, PiedOctomon's catch phrase is "Big Deal".


A frog Digimon with a seemingly endless hunger (it's literally always hungry) created by Wisemon. It can swallow people using its angler when it turns into an energy Pac Man like shape, large white energy tongue or its extremely long main tongue, & it can bounce off weapons fire with its belly by croaking. It's originally used in its home dimension where it most likely eats everyone in that dimension. ShogunGekomon uses the large white energy tongue on Carly & Spencer & sucks them into the Digimon's mouth in the form of spheres. Its belly bears pictures of Carly & Spencer's faces. ShogunGekomon's power (& its hunger) grows as it eats the DigiDestined. Maggie & Nicky chop off ShogunGekomon's angler with their Digi-Blade Blaster blades. ShogunGekomon manages to swallow Taylor & Nicky with its tongue, & as it chews the rangers it reveals hidden eyes & a mouth on its neck. Maggie shoots three arrows from her DigiBow into ShogunGekomon's neck, making it fall over & releases the four swallowed DigiDestined from its mouth in the form of energy spheres. With the DigiDestined free from ShogunGekomon's belly, ShogunGekomon is destroyed by Maggie's DigiBow's arrow.

ShogunGekomon is seen again in "Island of Illusion" Part 2 as a flashback when Shoutmon urges Maggie to recall how she destroyed the Digimon.

ShogunGekomon appears again in "Crystal of Nightmares" when Nicky has a nightmare of when he was eaten by ShogunGekomon. This is ShogunGekomon's last known appearance.


It is unclear how Woemon comes into existance: at first Lilithmon contacts Woemon & asks her to come to the palace, yet earlier Lilithmon seems to infer that Wisemon is responsible for creating Woemon, as she asks him to create a Digimon, & when he asks which one, her response is a Woemon. Woemon is an elemental Digimon. She gets her name from bringing woe or trouble to everyone she touches. Woemon's jewel allows her to control wind, rain, heat, & cold & can send people to other dimensions. She's defeated when Nicky rips the crystal off of her head, crumpling it, & freeing the other DigiDestined & Joan. Afterwards she is helpless & stands staggered, apparently ready to vomit at a moment's notice, unable to retaliate against the DigiDestined's attacks. They then use the DigiBlaster to finisher her off after her last words "Woe is me!" are uttered pitifully & sadly.

In "Island of Illusion" Part 2, Shoutmon refers to Woemon as a "nightmare queen" who fought Nicky in a "land of dreams".


Sandiramon is a snake Digimon created by Wisemon to battle the DigiDestined. Its large mouth can open up & fire what he calles "tonsil snakes" at his foes, which will then wrap up & weaken their targets, draining them of their life energy. The marking on the top of his hood also possesses great power, possibly strong enough to be able to destroy the DigiDestined with a single shot from a weapon charged by it. Confronting four of the DigiDestined in Tokyo Park, Sandiramon overwhelms & nearly destroys them with an arrow charged with energy from his mouth. It's then that Maggie arrives & saves her teammates. After defeating a group of Claymon that Sandiramon summons, Maggie slays the serpentine Digimon by firing an arrow of her own into his marking.

Sandiramon is brought back in season 2 by Tactimon as one of the Digimon in Deathmon's graveyard. He is once again recreated (by Wisemon) to guard the DigiDestined in the Yokai Theater. He later attends Lilithmon & Tactimon's wedding, demonstrating that he is musically talented, & one of the few Digimon shown with a unique talent unrelated to their "theme" where he plays the song "Here Comes the Bride" on the organ with his tail. Lilithmon provides her own lyrics as she walks down the aisle, calling the song "Here Comes the Queen". A couple of the guests are jumping over his tail like a jump rope as he wags it around from side to side while playing the organ (this time with his tongue).


A stealthy, black-colored demon Digimon created by Wisemon that is a combination of as many dangerous elements that he can find. Duskmon kidnaps Carly's uncle Willis & threatens to kill him unless he reveals the secret of a new invisibility formula that he had invented. He is destroyed by the DinoOmnimon.


An evil genie released from his lamp by Grumblemon & Etemon, Lampmon is one of the few Digimon of the day that's not blown up by the DigiDestined -- they instead destroy his lamp, causing him to disappear. A drawing of Lampmon appears on a page next to an illustration of AncientSphinxmon in Wisemon's Digimon book in the episode "Happy Birthday, Spencer".

Another Lampmon acts as Mermaimon's errand boy. Lampmon is used by Mermaimon who is sent to create three wishing coins. He is defeated by RescueOmnimon.


A turtle Digimon created by Grumblemon & Etemon, JumboGamemon has cannons all over its body which creates speed and freeze spells. He is exceptionally powerful but loses some of his power when Carly shortens out his power using the deandra flowers when JumboGamemon's giant. To that point, JumboGamemon is winning against Coredramon & Tyrannomon. After his power's shortened out, Taylor & Alex seize the opportunity, & destroy him with a combination of Coredramon's missiles & Tyrannomon's ground breath. This is the only time that Coredramon by itself is involved in a finisher. Some time later when the DigiDestined are sent to the Island of Illusion, they're assaulted by the illusions of Digimon they had already defeated, including JumboGamemon.


A spider Digimon created by Wisemon. After a brief battle, with the DigiDestined badly losing, he grows to giant size. Initially they form DinoOmnimon, & although they're able to hold him off for a bit with DinoOmnimon, but after making him lose his balance, they're under an intense attack & have to seperate into individual Digimon. The DigiDestined battle the Digimon with their individual Digimon, but he proves to be too much for the individual Digimon to handle, most notably shaking off Mammothmon's freeze spray, using Tyrannomon's flying jump kick attack against it, & trapping Coredramon in an exploding web. Mammothmon, Triceramon, & Dinotigermon then combine with Coredramon for the first time (against an opponent) to form BattleCoredramon (with Tyrannomon assisting it; Pteramon appears to be missing), & promptly obliterating it with the spinning, glowing DigiStaff, perforating a hole in its midsection & causing it to fall & explode.


A flower-eating Digimon created by Wisemon. When it eats flowers, the flowers come out as biting little monsters that eat the energy from their targets. After growing, Blossomon overwhelms Coredramon after Alex causes the giant Blossomon to surprisingly fall over briefly with his green shield ray blast. Later on, the DigiDestined discover the Digimon's weak spot is its spit sac. Maggie hits it with the DigiBow's arrows, causing the Digimon to become frustrated with not being able to form new biting bloomers, giving the DigiDestined time to form the DigiBlaster. The DigiDestined then use the DigiBlaster to destroy Blossomon, who needs three blasts from the DigiBlaster to finally be taken down, even though the first blast appears to knock off one of his claw arms.


A humanoid Digimon created by Wisemon who is based on Dr. Frankenstein's monster. His main weapons are his axe &/or removing his neck-bolts & connecting them with a chain, creating a meteor hammer-like weapon & a spiked ball chain. He blends in with the crowd at a costume party in the Youth Center in an attempt to seek out the DigiDestined. After the DigiDestined confront Boltmon, they're promptly overpowered.

After growing giant, the DigiDestined with DinoOmnimon struggle with him, until Alex joins the battle with Coredramon. Early on in the battle, the DigiDestined call for the DigiSword & use the finishing strike which bounces harmlessly off of Boltmon's chest. For a while, things appear grim, as Boltmon is able to handle both Coredramon & DinoOmnimon simulatenously. DinoOmnimon then disassembles & Coredramon combines with Mammothmon, Triceramon, & Dinotigermon to form BattleCoredramon. Initially, Boltmon still has the upper hand, as he continues to clobber BattleCoredramon like he did to DinoOmnimon & Coredramon, even blocking & then returning its crest blast. While laughing mockingly at the DigiDestined, they use the opportunity to obliterate the Digimon with the DigiStaff. The Boltmon explodes in a strange way: cracks appear all over his body before exploding.


A powerful ghoul-like Digimon summoned by Lilithmon. Ghoulmon can use his claws as missiles when fired. It's a fierce opponent (as Lilithmon aptly comments, Ghoulmon is winning) & after summoning the evil god, Apocalymon, Lilithmon has him use his "Breath of Doom" to digivolve Ghoulmon into Lucemon Shadowlord Mode.

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode continues to annihalate DinoOmnimon, until Coredramon arrives, catching him off guard briefly. Soon after, Lucemon tosses around DinoOmnimon & Coredramon, & once done toying with them, sprays toxic foam all over DinoOmnimon & Coredramon, causing them to short-circuit. Lilithmon traps the DigiDestined on an island-shaped dimension after Lucemon beats DinoOmnimon & Coredramon. While on the Island of Illusion, the six DigiDestined face illusions of their worst fears. When they return, they immediately call upon CoreOmnimon, & the battle continues. The fight goes back & forth between the two combatants, with neither gaining an upper hand until CoreOmnimon launches its D-Sphere, disintegrating Lucemon in a flash of bright light.


Golemon is a rock Digimon who accompanies Minervamon & stalks Taylor & his younger cousin, Trent, during their journey to capture the Mirror of Destruction. Golemon is destroyed when he sees his reflection in the Mirror of Destruction that Trent points at him.


A samurai Digimon created by Wisemon. Inside the jug he carries is an alternate dimension, where he traps Maggie. It's said by Kokuwamon that if the jar breaks, she'd be trapped there forever. Weapons beside is sword include his fan (which fires electrical sparks & a huge gust of wind, the main purpose of which is to blow his adversaries long distances away from him, & eventually to a far-off dimension), a large steel rake, a Samurai Lance, & the crescent moon decor on his helmet that's used like a boomerang. Zanbamon was so tough that Seraphimon recommends using their Digimon against the small Zanbamon to crush him, & the other DigiDestined reccomended Coredramon in addition to the other four Digimon. This is because during their battle, the DigiDestined were vastly overpowered & blown away by the fan.

Maggie is still trapped inside the jug when Lilithmon makes Zanbamon grow to a giant size. Taylor then calls on Alex, who summons Coredramon & joins the others (against Kokuwamon's wishes, as Alex was recovering from an injury at the Command Center). Alex DigiGrows Coredramon, which combines with the other Digimon to form BattleCoredramon, yet none of its attacks can harm Zanbamon, although they do catch him by surprise & make him drop his rake, before being forced to dodge some attacks. The battle continues to go poorly, with their best efforts only pushing him back a bit, until the team manages to cut the Digimon's jug loose with BattleCoredramon's finishing move with the DigiStaff, freeing Maggie. After a quick battle with the samurai lance which forces BattleCoredramon to retreat, Maggie DigiGrows Pteramon, allowing the DigiDestined to form DinoOmnimon. When in Tank Mode, Taylor immediately calls for preparation for CoreOmnimon & KingBrachiomon, although this formation is a bit delayed. They call on the DigiSword, breaking the Zanbamon's Samurai Lance, but he then blows both DinoOmnimon & Coredramon away simultaneously, which are stopped by a nearby mountainside. Finally, Taylor called on KingBrachiomon which CoreOmnimon hops onto, which is finally able to destroy the Digimon.

Zanbamon makes a cameo appearance in Mag's nightmare in "Crystal of Nightmares".


A naval mine Digimon with a baseball personality created by Wisemon who accompanies MadLeomon in his turn to conquer the DigiDestined. After mercilessly clobbering the individual Digimon, the DigiDestined form BattleCoredramon. A short battle ensues, but Giromon's attacks aren't as successful, with some even being returned. Eventually, he is destroyed by BattleCoredramon, being impaled through his head, leaving a sizzling perforated hole, causing him to fall over dizzily & explode.


A worm Digimon created by Wisemon, Minervamon's pet, & a deadly adversary. He can weave a pink strand of a gooey weblike substance, trapping the DigiDestined in it on one occasion, & the entire DinoOmnimon in a strand the second time around. DinoOmnimon's battle with Kunemon seems to be going nowhere until Kunemon ups the ante with his cocoon attack. He is surprisingly good at hand to hand combat, with DinoOmnimon's punches not fazing him. However, when Coredramon comes to the rescue & frees DinoOmnimon from its sealed containment, the tide is turned. The DigiDestined form CoreOmnimon, & use the spinning D-Sphere to obliterate Kunemon in a flash of bright light. Before the Digimon battle, BattleCoredramon is disassembled, perhaps in a delayed formation of CoreOmnimon, much like when he & KingBrachiomon was formed against Zanbamon.


A DigiEgg-obsessed Digimon created by Wisemon. Etemon & Grumblemon eat his DigiEggs, causing this apparently non-evil Digimon to go insane & become easily manipulated by the forces of evil. He claims that the eggs were intended for lunch, but his actions indicate that they were more to him than just a delicious treat, othewise the issue would have been forgotten after chasing Grumblemon & Etemon. Lilithmon promises BlackGrowlmon an endless supply of DigiEggs, but only if he can defeat the DigiDestined first. BlackGrowlmon complies with this ultimatum, having been convinced that the DigiDestined had stolen his previous batch of eggs. Taylor tries to explain to BlackGrowlmon that they aren't aware of any eggs, that they haven't taken anything from him, that Lilithmon lied to him, but BlackGrowlmon doesn't want to listen. During the battles with all sets of Digimon, he continues on about eggs. After BlackGrowlmon mercilessly clobbers DinoOmnimon & Coredramon, & then BattleCoredramon & Tyrannomon, the DigiDestined are left with no other choice but to defend themselves by destroying BlackGrowlmon with CoreOmnimon & KingBrachiomon.


A one-eyed Digimon created by Wisemon, Cyclonemon is able to change his shape at will. He can project energy beams from his eye. Cyclonemon disguises himself as Coredramon to lure the DigiDestined out. Once he's found out, he retreats after realizing that being hit with the real Coredramon's tail had taken away his ability to maintain a disguise. He later launches another attack on a city near Tokyo, this time disguised as BattleCoredramon. CoreOmnimon & KingBrachiomon destroy Cyclonemon.


A bird/dinosaur Digimon created by Wisemon, Tortomon possesses a magical speaking computer heart called Cardioquad (he looks like a heart with tentacles) that's able to re-assemble/enhance the Digimon after it's destroyed by the DigiDestined. First, Tyrannomon's finisher is used, which only temporarily defeats him. Then, DinoOmnimon uses its DigiSword to the same results. Tortomon demonstrates incredible strength when he becomes his most advanced form the third time he is reassembled. Even though Tortomon initially doesn't speak, Cardioquad speaks in an aristocratic, haughty, intellectual manner. It isn't until Taylor destroys Cardioquad with the DigiSword & DigiDagger that he & the others are able to destroy Tortomon once & for all with CoreOmnimon & KingBrachiomon.

Tortomon later reappears in the second season when summoned by BlackSunflowmon. This time around it possesses the capability to speak with Cardioquad not speaking (strangely with Cardioquad's original voice & mannerisms). Like the first time, the DigiDestined have to destroy Cardioquad before they can destroy the Digimon completely. To defeat it the first time, they merely emit smoke from a nozzle in ThunderOmnimon's chest, but it quickly reassembles. The second time around, Tortomon survives ThunderOmnimon's Thunder Saber (which apparently destroyed Cardioquad inside of Tortomon), but is weakened enough to be taken out by Baihumon's thunderbolts.



A flying unicorn Digimon created by Wisemon, it's created to spread pollution wherever it went. Its main weapons are the horn on its head, its wings, & physical strength. Once its horn is cut off, it loses some of its power. Lilithmon then makes it grow. After it blows DinoOmnimon a good distance with its wings, they finish the battle with a blow from the DigiSword & destroy BlackUnimon.


A reflective Digimon, Mercurymon turns himself & four Claymon into duplicates of the DigiDestined to frame them. After being struck by the DigiWeapons, each of the fake DigiDestined reverted to Claymon. Eventually Mercurymon is revealed as the bogus Taylor. Mercurymon is destroyed by the DigiBlaster after being weakened by the tower formation attack.

Another Mercurymon is created by Tactimon from a small mirror given as a gift to Maggie from Alex. This Mercurymon can blast shiny laser spheres. Upon growing, for some unknown reason, his mirror cracks. He is defeated by ThunderOmnimon's Saber.


A vain plant Digimon planted by Grumblemon & one of only two female Digimon during the first season. Before hatching, her tentacle-like vines grow & strangle Taylor almost to the point of death. He is saved by the DigiDestined, but while they're being attacked by MadLeomon, Minervamon, & the Claymon, the plant grows into a full-formed Digimon. Immediately, Lilithmon makes her grow, & the DigiDestined DigiGrow their Digimon. They take some damage from the Digimon before forming DinoOmnimon. The Digimon proves to be too powerful for them, as she uses her vines to knock huge bouts of power out of DinoOmnimon. The DigiDestined call for the DigiSword to try to turn the tide, & the Digimon suddenly get distracted when she gazes at her own reflection from a glass building. The DigiDestined take advantage of the opportunity, & strike Aruraumon (who turns around & realizes too late what awaited her) with the finishing blow from the DigiSword, immediately bringing about her destruction. After being struck by the DigiSword, she actually can be heard crying the whole time she is falling in defeat, as if she's mourning her own death, surprising because she has shown no emotion previously, but it makes more sense if you remember her vanity.


A slimy fish Digimon that shoots out hazardous & sticky goo from his mouth that can glue a persons feet to the ground. Summoned by MadLeomon to confront & frighten Nicky after Lilithmon learns of Nicky's fear of fish. Nicky eventually overcomes this fear & flips up over & over Rarefishmon causing him to spray himself. He's grown to giant size & is eventually destroyed by DinoOmnimon's DigiSword.

He is later resurrected by Tactimon as one of his best aquatic Digimon in "A Reel Fish Story".


IceLeomon is a snow-themed lion Digimon. He is also known as the Storm Bringer. IceLeomon is created by Lilithmon when she casts the following spell on the Noble Lion Trophy that Brick & Stick stole:

Scabs, weasels, moons of Cryon,
Make me a Digimon, a snowy lion

When the trophy turns into IceLeomon, Brick & Stick get scared & fall into the lake. He is able to summon blizzards, tornadoes, & even hurricanes at will. Seraphimon notes that if Lilithmon were to get IceLeomon to control the weather, the Earth will be in great peril. IceLeomon's weapons are a crossbow & a hockey stick. He can create energy winds & cyclones to blow his enemies away, project eye beams, & produce ice spray from his mouth. When he's challenged by four of the DigiDestined, IceLeomon easily overpowers them, beating them soundly before enveloping them in an energy cyclone generated by his mouth. When Spencer arrives, he assaults IceLeomon with his DigiAxe, stunning the Digimon & causing Lilithmon to make him grow. Generating a snowstorm during the fight against the Digimon, IceLeomon encases DinoOmnimon in a thick sheet of ice, but before he can cause any damage, DinoOmnimon breaks free, then destroys IceLeomon with the fully-energized DigiSword. Unlike most objects that get turned into Digimon, the Noble Lion Trophy is not restored after IceLeomon's destruction.


A flea Digimon created by Wisemon, he can spread an itchy rash by biting his enemies. He shrinks himself & hides inside a stray dog Taylor is taking care of, with Taylor getting the rash. During a battle with Claymon, Taylor decides to spread the rash to the Claymon. Some special chemicals are used to cure Taylor of the rash. In battle, Fleamon can blast lasers from his antennae. He is ultimately exterminated by DinoOmnimon's DigiSword.

He returns in Part 1 of "Digi-Ninja Quest" as one of the Digimon who help SkullSatamon ambush & successfully destroy Baihumon & ThunderOmnimon.


A jellyfish Digimon created by Wisemon, he could blast lasers from his tentacles as well as spray a toxic mist that's highly corrosive. In battle, he wields an umbrella, which can deflect attacks as well as send enemies into another dimension where he was practically invulnerable. To escape his dimension, Spencer blasts his umbrella with his DigiAxe. OkiKuramon seems to have a weakness to the cold. He is destroyed by DinoOmnimon's DigiSword. He is one of the many Digimon that actually communicates with the DigiDestined, calling the Spencer "little mammoth".


A praying mantis Digimon created by Wisemon. It is extremely skilled in Praying Mantis Kung Fu & it is an expert warrior as well, regardless of its affiliation with the treacherous Lilithmon. When the DigiDestined attack Snimon, it notifies them that they have no honor & that they do not believe in fighting a fair battle. This especially has a tremendous effect on Carly, who had been training in the art with her sensei, Master Yan, & she decides to fight the Digimon alone in a later encounter in order to maintain her honor. However, once Snimon loses the one-on-one standoff match, Snimon resorts to receiving help from the Claymon & this leaves Carly asking "What about your honor?" Snimon gives her the most fitting response applicable. "I have no honor. Like you said, I am one of Lilithmon's Digimon." Luckily for Carly, her friends show up in time to help her defeat Snimon. Carly feels that she does have honor because she gave Snimon a fair fight even though Snimon eventually resorted to ganging up on her. Snimon then grows into giant form & is destroyed by DinoOmnimon's DigiSword.

He re-appears briefly in Season 2 as an hallucination caused by Trumpetmon.

Another Snimon used by the Princess of Evil is sent to take advantage of Jin's time limit to summoning his Digimon Gabumon. The Princess attaches a digital 2:30 timer strip on Snimon's shoulder, saying that if he can detain Jin for two & a half minutes, the device will do the rest. When the Digimon put down his bladed claws in the ground, it makes a fog to hide himself. His bladed claws can also detach & trap Jin. He is finally destroyed by Voyagermon.


A mole Digimon that has the ability to trap the DigiDestined & anyone it sprays with its smoke. He brainwashes the DigiDestined except for Maggie & has them attack her, but Alex returns to help the team, forcing Lilithmon to make Drimogemon grow. He has his way with DinoOmnimon & Coredramon for awhile, even causing the DigiDestined to need to reboot DinoOmnimon for the first known time, until they formed CoreOmnimon & summon KingBrachiomon. He is soon defeated by CoreOmnimon & KingBrachiomon.

He is later recreated in part 2 of "DigiDestined Back in Time" to guard the Rock of Time, but is defeated again. He is recreated once more by Wisemon to guard the abandoned Yokai Theater, also attending Tactimon & Lilithmon's wedding. He is one of the six Digimon who are grown to giant size in part 3 of "The Wedding", & he is destroyed again by ThunderOmnimon's Thunder Saber. Unlike the previous two times, Drimogemon can speak.


CannonBeemon was a bee Digimon created by Wisemon after Lilithmon sees Nicky's rage over getting a B on a science test. CannonBeemon is too powerful for Nicky to handle alone, so Carly comes to her friend's aid. CannonBeemon can shoot greenish-yellow venom which could eat through anything, including Nicky's shirt. He also has vibrating wings that can send yellow pulses of energy through the air that will hurt the ears of anyone who hears the ultra-sonic sound. Later he grows giant, & is defeated by DinoOmnimon's DigiSword.

CannonBeemon later resurfaces as a guest at Lilithmon & Tactimon's wedding, & apparently hits on Hinawamon during the celebration. CannonBeemon is also one of the 6 Digimon in the showdown against the team of ThunderOmnimon & Baihumon (in part 3 of "The Wedding"). He is defeated by Baihumon.

Parrotmon Brothers

The Parrotmon Brothers are created by Wisemon when Lilithmon chooses to use the old saying "two heads are better than one" on the DigiDestined. The brothers' main weakness is expolited by the DigiDestined when a Pamango fruit is given to them, causing the two brothers to bicker. Lilithmon then makes it grow after the DigiDestined gives them a good trashing. DinoOmnimon & Coredramon then battle the Parrotmon Brothers with neither side gaining an upper hand. The Digimon attacks seemed to only agitate the brothers, rather than weaken it, so they form CoreOmnimon & summon KingBrachiomon. After CoreOmnimon is formed & KingBrachiomon summoned, the Parrotmon Brothers cower before CoreOmnimon & KingBrachiomon, begging them not to use it on them. Taylor then apologeteically explains that they have no choice, & then they're destroyed by CoreOmnimon & KingBrachiomon.


An ostrich Digimon created by Wisemon. He will wave his wings around to create sudden storms & he will also use his beak as a weapon, pecking at the DigiDestined. After Spencer gets the idea to use a fake balloon that is actually filled with a special hard substance, Peckmon tries to pop it & this results in his beak getting stuck. Lilithmon makes Peckmon huge & this frees him from the bind, but he is destroyed by a swing of DinoOmnimon's DigiSword regardless, exploding in a burst of maniacal laughter. Alex stays out of this fight to preserve his unstable powers with Coredramon.

During Lilithmon & Tactimon's marriage, Peckmon assisted Rhinomon Warrior Mode when guarding the DigiDestined in an abandoned theater, not at all menacing like before, but instead more of a Digimon version of Brick & Stick.


A pumpkin Digimon planted by Grumblemon & Etemon. Resembling a white humanoid with a jack-o-latern with an axe for its head, Pumpkinmon speaks mainly in rhymes & rap tone (though one line is spoken in non-rhyming tone). Although it proves a tough adversary with vine tentacles & pumpkin bombs, it is soon taken out by the DigiBlaster.

Because Pumpkinmon happens to be one of Tactimon's favorite Digimon, it is resurrected by Tactimon as part of a Halloween monster assault. While the army (consisting of Goatmon, Gorillamon, Rhinomon Warrior Mode, Hiwanamon, & Sandiramon with Deathmon as the leader) is largely unsuccessful, Tactimon throws a growing bomb which Pumpkinmon uses to grow himself only after leaving the dimension. It battles Baihumon until succumbing to ThunderOmnimon's saber.


BlackArmadillomon is an armadillo Digimon created by Wisemon. BlackArmadillomon can roll & fly in ball mode. As it is fed energy to transform into its monstrous form, BlackArmadillomon can become invincible in less than an hour. He can project energy bolts from the spikey areas on his forearms & can project energy from his eyes. After being attacked in the park by the Digimon in his ball mode, Taylor & Alex simultaneously punches the flying BlackArmadillomon in ball mode, causing an explosion which reverts BlackArmadillomon to Digimon form. When BlackArmadillomon grows to giant heights, he is unharmed by Coredramon's missiles. DinoOmnimon's DigiSword destroys BlackArmadillomon.

In "The Wedding", BlackArmadillomon is recreated, along with several other Digimon, to trap the DigiDestined in an abandoned, magical theater. Wisemon notes that the Digimon he recreated for this occasion are some of Lilithmon's favorites. BlackArmadillomon also attends Tactimon & Lilithmon's wedding & catches Lilithmon's bouquet in his mouth, remarking, "Weddings always make me cry." After that, he helps chase the DigiDestined as they retreat to the Command Center & assists five other Digimon in battling Baihumon & ThunderOmnimon, where he is destroyed by ThunderOmnimon's Thunder Saber. In the Zeo episode, "King For A Day Part 1", BlackArmadillomon can be seen very briefly in the stands of Fuujinmon's battle arena, along with glimpses of other Mighty Squadron-era Digimon, spanning all three seasons.


A somewhat cowardly shark Digimon created by Wisemon whose main source of power is a fin on a chain that he wields. Surfimon wielded his boomerang like a sword. Surfimon zaps Taylor & Alex under a trance, putting them through a rivalry against each other. Seraphimon sends Taylor & Alex together to hunt down Surfimon in order to overpower the rivalry spell. Surfimon loses his power when his fin is destroyed, then he himself is destroyed by DinoOmnimon's DigiSword.

Surfimon is recreated later as one of the best aquatic Digimon & he is one of the few to attend Barbamon's End of the World Party at the Youth Center.


Gigadramon is an extremely powerful dragon Digimon that possesses Herculean strength, able to lift cars & huge boulders with ease. He also has the ability to fire explosive red energy beams from his eyes & an explosive, gaseous spray from his mouth, which he dubs his "Super Stink Breath". He has a German accent & sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Created by Wisemon to destroy the DigiDestined, Gigadramon is forged from supermetals from another galaxy. First encountering Taylor, Gigadramon is unfazed by Tyrannomon's assaults & easily overpowered the two of them. Bored with the fight, the reptile retreats, saying he will come back when he can face all six DigiDestined together. When Gigadramon appears next, he is met with the full team, & again gives Taylor quite a beating, assaulting him with massive boulders.

Gigadramon might have destroyed Taylor if Alex hadn't intervened, distracting Gigadramon & giving him a rather good pounding. Grown to giant size by Lilithmon, Gigadramon easily overwhelms the DigiDestined's Coredramon & DinoOmnimon, so the DigiDestined quickly form CoreOmnimon & summon KingBrachiomon. CoreOmnimon & KingBrachiomon are able to break through Gigadramon's metal skin with its superior firepower, destroying him in a burst of flame.

Gigadramon is later seen chasing after the DigiDestined right after Tactimon & Lilithmon's wedding, assisting along with the other Digimon that had attended their wedding. Much later, Wisemon recreates Gigadramon (without his German accent) to help SkullSatamon ambush & destroy the Thunder Digimon. Gigadramon is successful in demolishing the Digimon, but is never seen again.

Rhinomon Warrior Mode

Rhinomon is an American football-playing rhinoceros Digimon created by Wisemon. He's quick on his feet & very clever. He can emit white mists from his nostrils & place his enemies in a multidimensional vortex. He wields a curved sword. He can project energy bolts from his sword & horn. He puts the Claymon in football jerseys to battle the DigiDestined, then uses his white mist to trap the DigiDestined in the vortex. He is then challenged by Alex & Coredramon. As Rhinomon emits his mist to trap Alex, Alex throws the DigiDagger into the source of the mist, as Taylor catches it, allowing the other DigiDestined to escape the vortex. But still, Rhinomon overwhelms Coredramon & DinoOmnimon until they combine into CoreOmnimon, & launched its D-Sphere blast that destroys Rhinomon.

Rhinomon Warrior Mode is later selected, along with Peckmon, to guard the DigiDestined in the Abandoned Theater as Lilithmon & Tactimon get married. They fail miserably, as he & Peckmon are ensnared in a net by the DigiDestined, leading to the DigiDestined's eventual escape. Peckmon & Rhinomon Warrior Mode in the theater are not at all like their original menacing selves, but instead more like a Digimon version of Brick & Stick.


Ebidramon is a lobster Digimon that leads the Mutant DigiDestined (whom are Claymon using the DigiBadges of Darkness). He is chosen to lead the Mutant DigiDestined when no Claymon is worthy of becoming the mutant version of Taylor, being entrusted with the power of the Red DigiBadge of Darkness. He wields a similar version of the Taylor's DigiSword. CoreOmnimon & KingBrachiomon is able to destroy Ebidramon & the mutant versions of Nicky, Alex, & Spencer simultaneously. He is the last Digimon grown giant by using only Lilithmon's wand.

He is recreated by Tactimon along with Rarefishmon, Surfimon, & MetalPiranimon in "A Reel Fish Story" as one of the four aquatic Digimon to attack the DigiDestined at the beach. He, like the other three Digimon, is defeated for good by Alex.

Another Ebidramon is what the Princess of Evil threatens Boogeymon with & then chains the DigiDestined up, intending for him to eat them. The DigiDestined escape & destroy the Digimon with Galacticmon.

Mutant DigiDestined


An seashell Digimon awakened by Lilithmon. He guards his pearls of power. In battle, he can fire from his mouth an acidic gel that can burn through anything. He fights with DinoOmnimon briefly underwater after growing on his own accord, where he has the upper hand. However, Coredramon (whose ultimate power lives underwater) is able to knock him back onto dry land. Here, DinoOmnimon is able to defeat him with the DigiSword.

Shellmon is later used to guard the Rock of Time. He later attends Barbamon's End of the World party & appears in the Machine Arena.

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