Miracles of Birth was the canceled second installment of the canceled Miracles Series.

Chapter 1: A Year Later

"Come on bro let's go!"

"Best friends in life-"

"I just wonder how it feels for the other Digimon."

"What are you thinking going for a Digimon like that?"

"Say Vee, do you think-"

"-in death-"

"I…I…well…I think I may."



"She was not of your kind traitor!"


"You do this and they will destroy you!"

"Nobody would miss me."

"…I would."

"Fight for freedom!"

"I will end this here and now!"

"-or in another life."

"This is for her."


"GASP!" Cried Veemon as he woke from his dreams.

He gasped for breath loudly as he started to sweat.

"Veemon are you o.k." Asked a voice next to him on the bed.

It was none other then his wife, Gatomon.

"Yeah…..I'm fine…..just another bad dream…." Said Veemon.

Gatomon was concerned, "You've been getting them a lot lastly. What are they about?"

"I don't know. They seem filmier, but…don't worry about. Just go to back sleep, I'll be back in bed soon." Said Vee as he got up from his bed and out of the room.

Meanwhile Gatomon thought, I hope your O.K. Veemon.

Veemon walked through the halls of the Motomiya household. This month they were staying at Davis house and next month it would be back to Kari's. As part of their wedding agreement on who's house should they stay in. It had been a year since he married the angel of his dreams Gatomon. For one year they have been in love as a married couple and they loved every minute of it. Davis and Kari's parents were so kind to him and his wife they seemed like they were part of both families.

As Veemon made his way to the bathroom for a drink of water he reflected how much has changed in the last year. Gabumon and Biyomon were married 3 months after they had the honeymoon, Palmon and her girlfriend managed to get married as well, Mimi was dating Michael, Patamon and Sally were getting closer, even T.K. was dating a few girls here and their.

He also knew that Davis was planning on asking Kari again, it had taken him a year to get it ready, after the tournament tomorrow.

Of crap! I forgot about that.

A tournament for Digimon was being held in the Center of Odaiba for rookie Digimon. The winner would receive 100,000 Yen and a trophy. All the Digidestind Partners were signed up and were raring to go.

If I'm going to be at the top of my game tomorrow then I guess I'm gona have to get some sleep. Thought Veemon exiting the bathroom, I just hope I don't have anymore of those dreams.

He had been getting them for at least a week now. They say dreams tell about something important, but Veemon was stumped on what they were all talking about. It had something to do with a brother, a friend, a lover, and a fight for freedom?

Veemon nodded his head; he would worry about it later. He didn't want to worry about things like this at this hour so he went back to bed. Snuggled between the covers and his love and went back to sleep. In a dark meadow.

We see none other then our Cloaked Veemon (At least 2 feet high and was covered in a black cloak that looked like the ones from Organization XII, but it has a silver dragon in the shape of a V on the back) friend, hood up, sitting on a rock while looking into the sky.

Suddenly, a vortex of darkness appeared and none other then Xee (2 feet high and was covered in a black cloak that looked like the ones from Organization XIII, but instead of a silver dragon on his back in the shape of a V, like the Cloaked Veemon has, he has a red one) came out of it and walked towards the Cloaked Veemon.

"I'm ready to begin my plan." Said Xee.

The Cloaked Veemon was silent for a second till he said, "Are you sure you can pull this off. I said it before he doesn't remember you or me."

Xee waved his hands like he didn't care, "Yeah yeah, I heard this a million times. I'll be sure to do my part if you do yours."

They were silent.

"By the way….he's having visions of his past in his dreams. I've been watching for a while." Said Xee.

"Really?" Said the Cloaked Veemon, "This could mean their might be a chance to make him remember who he is and what he did all those centrurys ago."

"Yeah, but I don't think he realizes it. Any how I'm gona crash for the night. Later." Said Xee as he disappeared into a vortex of darkness.

This left the Cloaked Veemon to his own thoughts.

Chapter 2: Tournament pt 1: First and Second Round

It was a fine day for a fight.

Or a bunch of fights if you want to call it.

Today was the day of the first annual Digidestined Digimon Rookie Struggle match. All of Japan's Digimon were at Odiaba for this competition; there were some from even different countries.

Veemon was with his partner who was with all the other Odiaba Digidestined. They were all talking how their partners were going to win the competition.

"Agumon, going to win this one! We've been training for at least a month." Said Tai as Agumon nodded.

"Forget it Tai, I've been teaching Gabumon some Martial Arts that I learned." Said Matt as Gabumon gave a fighting position.

"Don't think were out, Biyomon's been working hard too. Right?" She asked Biyomon.

"Yep. And Gabumon, please don't go easy on me. I may be your mate, but I think I can even take you down." Said Biyomon.

"Sure." Said Gabumon kissing her on the cheek.

"Palmon's been working hard too."

"Actually Tentomon and I have been working on a chance for Victory."

"Well so has Gomamon."

"And Patamon.

"Don't forget Gatomon."

"Veemon's been working hard too."

"Hawkmon's going to win hands down."

"Not if Armadillomon has something to say about that."

"I think Wormmon might be better then all of you."

"O.K. Then let's have a bet!" Shouted Yolie getting everyone's attention.

"What kind of a bet?" Asked Sora.

"I don't know, think of one." Said Yolie.

"How bout the winner gets all the loser's allowance and uses it on clothes!" Said Mimi.

"No." Everyone said.

"How bout doing the person's chores for a week?" Asked Tai.

"Forget it Tai, one: That's no fun. And two: You're not making up clean your room for you. I would rather face Devimon alone." Said Matt.

"You know they are betting on us?" Said Gomamon.

"Yes I know. I can't help but wonder should we be annoyed or interested in this." Said Hawkmon

"I GOT IT!" Cried Davis as the group, both human and Digimon, looked at him, "The winner and his or her Digimon get treated to a free meal while all the others pay for the entire meal no matter the cost!"

"DEAL!" Cried everyone, especially the Digimon, who wanted a free meal.

"Mind if I join in the bet?"

Everyone turned to see none other then Michael and his partner Betamon come towards them.

"Michael!" Cried Mimi as she went up and hugged him (Sorry JyouraKoumi). Michael blushed a little when this happened but he managed to keep it hidden from the others.

"You hear for the tournament too?" Asked Mimi.

"Yeah, but I'm only hear to watch it and…I wanted to see you and your friends." Said Michael.

"Thanks!" Said Mimi smiling.

"So how many Digimon are in this tournament anyway?" Asked Gatomon.

"From what I know about 100. The duels are already made and the rules are made sure nobody gets deleted." Said Izzy.

"Attention! Will all the Digimon in the tournament please head to center of the area? We are about to begin." Said a loudspeaker.

"Well, that's your cue guys!" Said Sora.

"Hit them hard!" Said Tai.

"Do your best!" Said Ken.

"Well do!" Said Biyomon.

"Don't worry." Said Agumon.

"Let's kick some butt!" Cried Veemon already excited.

The Digimon all headed to the center of the area where a large crowd of Rookie Digimon had gathered and were all ready to rumble.

A man in his forties stood on a platform with a microphone and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen! Children of all ages! Digimon of every kind! Welcome one and all to the first annual Digidestined Digimon Rookie Struggle match!"

A round of applause shot out.

"This tournament is to decide the best of the best of you Digimon chosen to defend our worlds with the help of your human partners. This will test your strength, cunning, will, and talent in this battle of them all! The winner goes away not only with pride and honor, but with 100,000 Yen as well!" Said the announcer getting the crowd up and going. "The rules are simple. The matches are one on one matches chosen randomly, the Digimon fighting must keep going till one gives up, knocked out, or knocked out of the ring. Their will be no digivolving to any other levels, only Rookie Digimon may fight. You can not kill your opponent as well. Finally no help from your partners what so ever. Should the fight become too intense then we will cancel the match and decide a winner from our judges. This will keep going till we have a champion! Are you ready?"

"YEAH!" Shouted everyone.


(Break here)

The Tournament was already under way. Already 12 fights had commenced and each one of them was a good one. Finally the first of the Odaiba Digimon were going to fight and it was going to be a bird fight.

"Next up! Hawkmon vs. Biyomon!" Cried the announcer.

"Fly high Hawkmon!" Cried Yolie giving a thumbs up.

"With pleasure." Cried Hawkmon flying to the arena.

"Do your best Biyomon!" Cried Sora waving her hand.

"O.k. Sora!" Cried Biyomon before flying up to the arena.

Both birds faced each other before nodding their heads and the referee shouted, "Begin!"

Both of them sailed up into the air and started to dive and peck each other with their beaks giving them some bruises.

"Spiral Twister!" Cried Biyomon turning around and shooting her attack at Hawkmon who barley dodged it. He then counter attacked with his own attack, "Feather Strike!" He threw his feather boomerang and missed, but he caught it when it came back and started to throw it again and again.

I have to get on a hit somehow!...That's it! Thought Biyomon as she got an idea.

She started to fly straight at Hawkmon who started to use his Feather Strike.

Got to time this right!

"Feather Strike!" cried Hawkmon releasing his attack. To his surprise Biyomon at the last second floated down barley enough that the feather missed her head by inches. Biyomon then slammed into Hawkmon and started pecking him with her beak bruising him as well as give him a few cuts that barley bled.

Then she flew up high just in time as the feather that Hawkmon threw came back and hit Hawkmon in the face knocking him back. He felt small drops of blood falling from his nose as he tried to recover, but was almost hit with a Spiral Twister. He started to fly from the attacks.

Then Hawkmon got an idea. If Biyomon used his own attack against him why could he do the same to her. He prepared a Feather Strike and, like Biyomon did before, he started to fly straight at her. She then prepared a Spiral Twister and released it. But then Hawkmon used his Feather Strike and aimed the feather to go right in the middle of the Twister which didn't hit it thus it hit Biyomon in the face dazing her a bit.

Perfect! Now for part two! The hawk digimon thought as he then went up to the air and dived at the speed of a hawk. Before she knew what hit her, Hawkmon grabbed her around the waist with his talons and she went diving with him. Hawkmon then slammed her to the arena floor where he held her tight with his talons while holding on to her tightly. Biyomon tried to get out, but Hawkmon wasn't letting go anytime soon. Once a hawk captures its prey it never lets go.

Finally, after 5 minutes she gave up.

"Winner Hawkmon!" Cried the announcer as Hawkmon let go.

"Sorry for that, I let my instincts take over." Said Hawkmon.

"It's alright. You got me fair and square." Said Biyomon walking back to her partner, "Sorry I lost Sora."

"It's o.k. as long as you tried your best Biyomon." Said Sora holding her.

Meanwhile, Yolie was in happy land as she kept screaming "Perfecto" while picking up Hawkmon and throwing him around like a rag doll, much to Hawkmon's disappointment.

(Break here)

After that the other Odiaba Digimon faced other Destined Digimon and all of them proceeding to the next round. In the next round the first fight of the second round was between Agumon and Hawkmon.

Both digimon faced each other in the arena.

"Ready! Begin!"

Agumon didn't waste a second as he shouted out, "Pepper Breath!"

The large fire ball headed straight at Hawkmon, but he easily avoided it by flying into the sky and it missed, but then accidentally burned a man's pants. He was dancing like a mad man till it was put out by a SnowAgumon.

Moving on.

Hawkmon proceeded to dive and try to attack with his talons, but Agumon always dodged them and would proceed to attack with Pepper Breath, but it always missed.

If only I can get close enough. I would have a perfect shot. But how do I do that? Thought Agumon after dodging an attack.

Then he got an idea. He knew it would hurt a little, but in the end it would hurt Hawkmon a lot more.

He waited till Hawkmon was about to attack and he put his plan to action. The entire crowd gasp as Hawkmon made a direct hit against Agumon with his talons and knocked him a few feet. They gasped even more when Agumon was motionless on his back with his eyes closed.

Tai couldn't believe it, No way, Hawkmon beat Agumon with one hit?

Hawkmon couldn't believe it, No way, I beat Agumon with one hit?

The man with the burned pants couldn't believe it, No way, these pants are no return ones?

Hawkmon landed next to the not moving Agumon try to hear him breathing, but he wasn't. He then lifted Agumon's arm only to have it flop back down useless.

Everyone was wide eyed.

"….Is…..Agumon…." Said Matt in total surprise.

"Don't worry Matt, he's alright." Said Gabumon in a calm voice.

"What do you mean he's alright! Look at him….he's….he's…." Said Matt.

"Just be patient." Said Gabumon.

Hawkmon meanwhile was pale as he turned around and whispered, "Oh my god. I killed Agumon."

Then their was a gasp.

Hawkmon turned around only to hear "Pepper Breath" and saw a fireball head his way and knock him back. Agumon then got on top of him and head butt him with his large nose. Hawkmon fell unconscious.

"Winner Agumon!"

Agumon helped carry Hawkmon to the infirmary while Tai then remembered something back in their camping trip.


A few months ago the entire Kamiya family went on a camping trip to the woods. Of course they were covered in bug bites, had poison Ivy everywhere on their legs, smelled like shit, and worse of all they had to eat SPAM!


Okay, back to the story.

Well, Agumon was coming back from the woods after some "Business" he had to take care of and was walking back to camp when he saw a strange animal he never saw in the real world. We the humans would know it as a opossum. Agumon went to look at the fella a little closer, but when it saw Agumon it gave a cry and fell on it's back looking dead.

Agumon was horrified and went to go seek Tai.

He saw him alone at camp while the rest of the family was hiking.

"Tai! TAI! BAD NEWS!" Cried Agumon.

Tai jumped to his feet and said in a scared voice, "Were not eating SPAM again are we!"

"No, not that bad! I killed a creature!" Said Agumon with small tears in his eyes.

"Wait you what?" Asked Tai confused.

"Come on!" cried Agumon running to the dead animal as Tai followed him. As soon as the former goggle leader saw it he knew it was a opossum and knew it was playing dead.

"See what I have done!" Cried Agumon.

Tai sighed, "He's not dead Agumon. He's playing dead."

"Tai this is not the time to play with a dead person." Said Agumon angry at his partner.

Tai sweat dropped, "O.k. wrong thing to say. What I mean it's called a opossum. When it feels like it's threatened it plays dead or fakes it's dead by making it look like it just died. Come on I'll show you."

He dragged Agumon into some bushes and when a few minutes passed the opossum got up and ran away thinking it was safe.

Agumon was amazed, "Wow, that's sneaky."

"Yeah, I heard it uses that tactic to not get eaten since most animals don't eat dead things." Said Tai.

"I didn't think you would know such a thing Tai." Said Agumon.

"What come on I know a lot of important stuff!" Said Tai.

Agumon rolled his eyes, then got an idea, "Hey if that opossum can play dead to fool it's enemies do you think I can use it too!"

Tai didn't know how to answer that one, "I…guess…"

"Great! Let me try!" Said Agumon coughing as he cleared his voice.

Agumon took a deep breath and shouted, "UH! I'M DYING! IT'S THE END OF ME! IS SEE THE LIGHT!" Cried Agumon grapping his chest like he had a heart attack and pretended he was in pain, "ANGELS TAKE MY SOUL AWAY! IT'S ALL OVER! FAREWELL! GOOD BYE CRUEL WORLD!"

Agumon then fell to the ground on his back with his hand still over is chest, with his legs straight up, eyes closed, and his tongue sticking out. He tried to stay motionless.

Tai sweat dropped again, Not the best one I've seen, but one of the most entertaining ones.

"O.k. Agumon. You proved your point." Said Tai.

Agumon didn't get up.

"Come on Agumon that's enough." Said Tai.

He still continued to play dead.

"I'm going to leave without you." Said Tai.

He still didn't move.

Tai sighed, "Fine see you at camp."

Tai walked away while Agumon was still "dead".

(Fifteen minutes later)


End of Flashback

Well at least this time he didn't to it dramatically. Still looks like playing dead did help Agumon. Thought Tai.

Meanwhile, Matt asked Gabumon, "How did you know he was all right."

Gabumon gave Matt a look and said, "I'm a Canine Digimon with Canine evolution forms. How do you think I don't know how to play dead?"

Matt thought about that, it did make sense.

"Sorry guess I forgot about that."

An the tournament continued.

Chapter 3: Tournament pt 2: More Digital Rumble

Soon the fights got harder, already Hawkmon and Biyomon were out and the others were pushing it to make sure they would make it.

"These guys are tough." Said Gabumon sweating after coming back from his victory from a Palmon (Not Mimi's).

"Yeah, but we can take it." Said Veemon with Gabumon nodding.

"Will Veemon and Bearmon come to the arena. Your fight is next!"

"Wish me luck!" Said Veemon giving a V for Victory.

"Go get them bud!" Cried Davis also giving a V for Victory.

Veemon nodded till he saw Salamon (Gatomon's Rookie form and this is not Sally, Patamon's girlfriend) looking up at him and said, "They say a kiss brings good luck."

Veemon smiled as he picked the dog rookie and kissed her on the cheek then put her down gently.

He then got on the arena and faced his opponent. He looked like a brown bear cub the same hight as him, he had blue belts around his claws and a large belt went across his top left shoulder to his right waist side, finally he had a blue cap with the crown facing the opposite way, on the brim it said "Bears".


Name: Bearmon

Level: Rookie

Attribute: Vaccine

Type: Animal Digimon

Info: A strong hearted Digimon who is loyal to his friends till the end and will fight till he's down or his enemey is. First appered in the game Digital World 3 as Kumamon. Later appered in the 7th Digimon Movie Island of the Lost Digimon.

Attaks: Bear Claw

End Digi-Analyzer

"Ready to have your ass handed to ya?" Said the Bear cracking his claws.

"Naw I think I'm going to have a fur coat." Said Veemon cracking his knuckles.

"Ready! GET IT ON!"

Both rookies darted forward and puched at the same time hitting the fist at the same time. Then Veemon performed a roundhouse kick, but Bearmon ducked. But then Veemon did a spinning back kick when Bearmon got up and knocked him back.

Bearmon got up quickly and shouted, "Bear Claw!" and dashed at Veemon knocking him in the face with his claw.

Veemon stumbled back only to feel an upper cut knock him a few feet.

Veemon got up and shouted, "Not bad. Try this!"

Veemon then started to dash at Bearmon and waited till Bearmon shouted, "Bear Claw".

He ducked the claw and then grabbed the arm. Then he elbowed Bearmon in the ribs stunning him for a bit before giving him a Judo throw to the ground with Bearmon's arm.

The bear digimon gave a small yell of pain as he felt his back slam into the arena floor. Veemon wasn't done yet however as he then started spin Bearmon around and around with his arm till he threw him near the edge.

Damn! If I fall off I lose! Got to stop myself from falling! Though Bearmon in the air.

Bearmon then fell on the arena and started to roll near the edge, but he used his claws at the last second to stop himself.

"I'm not done yet!" Cried Bearmon.



"Now you are." Said Vee as he saw Bearmon fall out of the arena.

"Winner! Veemon!"

Veemon gave a Victory sign before heading back to the others.

Meanwhile, in the shadows a Digimon was grinning, "Well let's see how far you go before I make my entrence Vee."

(Break here)

"Will Palmon and Tentomon please stand up for your match!"

"Good luck Palmon!" Cried Mimi and Micheal cheering her on.

"I will! I just wish Flora was here." Said Palmon wondering where her girlfriend was. After all she promise to be here.

"I'm right here silly!"

Palmon happly turned to see her Floramon girlfriend behind her. The hugged each other trying to feel the others body heat.

"If you win I'll give you a kiss." Said Flora releasing the hug.

Palmon smiled as she head up to where Tentomon was waiting.

Tentomon knew he was at a disadvantage, even though he could fly Palmon's Poison Ivy attack could catch him.

Guess I have to find a way to get by that.


"Super Shocker!" Shouted Tentomon attacking as soon as possible.

Palmon side stepped and shouted, "Posion Ivy!"

Her claws then started to be used as whips as she tried to smack Tentomon around and was succeding.

Tentomon was knocked around from side to side and was getting dizzy a little. He then grabbed one of the claws and slashed it with one of his own. Palmon gave a yell as she retreated her claws and started to rub them. Tentomon then wasted no time shouting, "Super Shocker!"

Got her! Thought Tentomon as he saw her get hit. But then she recovered quickly and launched another Poison Ivy attack, but Tentomon had no choice but to head into the air. She smirked, this was what she was waiting for.

She launched Poison Ivy after Poison Ivy as she tried to grab Tentomon in the air, but the Insectoid Digimon was faster. She then got an idea.

"Hey Tentomon! Theirs a cute Female Tentomon checking you out!" Cried Palmon.

This got his attention faster then a bee with flowers, "REALLY? WHERE?" Screamed Tentomon looking everywhere till he relized it was a trick, but it was too late. Palmon got him with her Poison Ivy attack.

Izzy smacked his head with his hand, "How could he fall for a stupid mistake like that? I'm not even that gulible!"

"Hey Izzy, a smart girl who's from Collage is checking you out." Said Ken.

"Huh? Where!" Cried Izzy looking around.

"Not that gulible" huh? Yeah right. Thought everyone else outside the arena.

Meanwhile, Tentomon was trying his hardest to fly out of the clutches of Palmon's claws while Palmon tried to real him it with them. Both Digimon started to sweat as they each tried to pull or push away from the other.

Palmon was gettting tired, she felt like she couldn't keep up, but then she heard Flora in the stands shout, "Come on! You can do it Palmon!"

This gave Palmon a bit more energy as she then got an idea and started to spin around. Thus Tentomon also started to spin since he was still trapped in Palmon's Poison Ivy attack in mid air. Palmon kept spinning and spinning and spinning. Tentomon kept getting dizzy and dizzy and dizzy.

"IZZY! STOP THIS CRAZY THING!" Cried Tentomon feeling green.

Finally, Palmon gave one last spin before letting go of Tentomon and he went sailing into the air screaming.



Tentomon smacked into a tree and fell to the ground with those anime circles in his eyes.

"Tentomon! You o.k." Said Izzy coming to his partners side.

"I'm fine Izzy, but I didn't now you had 4 other twin brothers with you." Said Tentomon still dizzy.

Izzy smirked as he picked him up.

"Winner! Palmon!"

Floramon and Mimi cheered for joy while Micheal clapped.

Palmon then walked over to Floramon and said, "How about that reward now?"

Floramon grined as she then started to make out with Palmon.

Many the male digimon started to whistle and hoot till they felt the wrath of all the female digimon.

(Break here)

Everyone else passed the next round and contuinued to the next. However, Gomamon, Palmon, and Wormmon were knocked out by their opponints and lost in the next round.

Everyone at this time was looking at the fight that was going on now. It was between a female Elecmon against a Digimon no one has ever seen before.

He was around Renamon's height and looked like a purple wolf. He had red eyes, purple fur with white fur on his chest hair, had black belts around his arms with black gloves that showed he had sharp claws. He had white pants that had also a lot of belts on and finally boots that had purple metal claws for toes.


Name: Strabimon

Level: Rookie

Attribute: Unknown

Type: Wizard Hybrid Digimon

Info: Not much is known about him. However, he is the rookie form of Lobomon like Flamemon to Agunimon, but unlike Flamemon he never appered in the series.

Attaks: Licht Nagel, Licht Bein, Licht Stab

End Digi-Analyzer

(Yes I will use some Season 3 and 4 elements in future chapters for my series)

While the Elecmon was all brused and worn out, Starabimon wasn't even breaking a sweat. He had his arms crossed while waiting for his opponent to strike.

The Elecmon gave a loud cry and started to charge while shouting, "Super Electric Strike!"

The lightning headed stright for Starabimon, but he easly dodeged it and started running as well. He then shouted, "Licht Bein!"

His right leg started glowing white with bright light till he kicked Electmon with it into the air and it went sailing. He didn't stop there, he jumped up and equally reached the same hight and shouted, "Licht Nagel!" This time one of his arms glowed with white light and he slashed her where she fell down and was knocked out before she landed on the arena hard.

"Winner! Starabimon!"

Starabimon just walked off the arena to his partner.

"Who was that guy?" Asked Cody.

"I don't know, from what I see he's an American." Said Joe.

Indeed he was, he had brown hair. Blue eyes, looked American, and had only a black T-shirt and jeans on. They saw him nod to his partner and both of them focus on the next fight about to take. Cody noticed they were both studing the fight itself as well as the winners.

"That guy….he feels a bit…..weird." Said Cody.

"What ya mean Cody?" Asked Armadillomon. "Nothing. Never mind."

(Break here)

The last match of the round was about to begin. This time it was two Digimon who DNA Digivolved with each other. Armadillomon vs Patamon.

"Stay focused Armadillomon." Said Cody.

"Good luck Patamon." Said T.K. "

You got it!" Both Digimon said to their partners.

"Digimon ready? Begin!"

"Boom Bubble!" Said Patamon who took a big breath of air and shot it out! Armadillomon smiled calmly as the attack hit…..and did no damage what so ever.

Uh oh. Thought both T.K and Patamon. Unlike their other opponents who were easy bunch, Armadillomon was too heavy to be moved or hurt by a bubble of air.

Okay, let's try ramming! Thought Patamon as he flew straight at Armadillomon.

"HAI YAH!" Shouted Patamon who headbutted into Armadillomon, but then hurt his head doing so and fell to the floor cluching his nogen that was red and had a big bump.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww." Said Patamon rubbing it. "You O.K." asked Armadillomon. "Yeah….I'm fine." Said Patamon. "O.k." Said Armadillomon.

Patamon then said, "Aren't you going to attack?"

Armadillomon srugged and said, "Why bother. You can't hurt be because of my shell while I can. Doesn't seem to fair huh? Besides your doing a great job on hurting yourself."

True. Thought everyone.

"Yeah, I guess I pritty much lose huh?" Said Patamon.

"I guess." Said Armadillomon


That was the lamest fight I had ever seen. Thought everyone.

Yeah I know it was lame, but the author is up late a night making this and wants to skip along to next one.

(Break here)

As the tournament rounds got higher and higher the Odabia Digimon became thiner and thiner.

The only ones left now were Veemon, Agumon, and Gabumon. "

Next up Ryudamon vs Veemon!" "I'm up again!" Said Veemon getting ready.

"Just watch out for this guy Veemon. He's really good and-"

"Ah don't worry Izzy. I'm sure my man Veemon can handle anything." Said Davis giving the dragon a noogie.

"Ow! Hey! Davis that hurts!" Said Veemon trying to get away. Everyone else laughed.

"Well, good luck anyway." Said Izzy.

"Yeah, because maybe you and me can fight and we'll see who's the better Digidestined Leader Digimon." Said Agumon.

"You got it!" Said Veemon heading up to the arena to face his opponent. But one look was enough for Veemon to know he should have listened to what Izzy was saying. He was large for a rookie digimon, he looked like a yellow dragon, but on him was Samurai armor that went from head to his back to his tail. He had a Samurai helmet on that had a golden V on it with some designs on it.


Name: Ryuudramon

Level: Rookie

Attribute: Vaccine

Type: Dragon Beast Digimon

Info: This dragon digimon wears samurai armor and follows the Bushido code like any Samurai. He respects strong warriors and will gladly die in battle for the sake of his allies. He appears in the Digimon card game, Digimon Chronicle, and the D-Cyber manga as the partner of Masuken Kana.

Attaks: Katana attack and Helmet Reversal

End Digi-Analyzer

"Ready! Begin!"

Veemon got into a fighting stance.

"So….you are the famous Veemon….." Said Ryuudramon with a devilish smile.

Veemon got ready for what ever his opponient was going to throw at him….

"…IT'S AN HONOR TO MEET !" Shouted the samurai dragon digimon with happyness.

…..except for that.

Veemon just looked at him like he was mad.

"What…." Said Davis.

"…the…." Said Matt.

"…..hell?" said Gomamon.

"I have heard stories about you being a true and honorable fighter!" Shouted Ryuudramon looking up into the sky, "The dream of a samurai is to fight with pure honor and skill! And after seeing you battle here today I can see you are worthy of the most honorable samurai! THUS I SALUTE YOU VEEMON WITH ALL MY HONOR!" Shouted Ryuudramon as saluted with tears falling from his eyes as Sakura petals fell from nowhere as well as the large Kanji Symbol of Honor appering behind Ryuudramon, not to mention a gong banged.

"Where did that Kanji symbol come from?" Said Ken.

"Where did those Sakura petals come from?" Asked Sora.

"Where did that gong come from?" Said Joe.

They then all looked at Gomamon holding a small gong and a small mallet.

"O.k. sorry that was me." Said Gomamon nervously rubbing the back of his head.

"Well if all this is done can we get back to the fight?" Asked Veemon. "Of course! Straight into battle young Samurai! SOU!" Said Ryuudramon charging head on.

Chapter 4: Tournament pt 3: Xee

Veemon didn't dodge fast enough when Ryudamon hit him with a full headbutt. Veemon was knocked straight back a few feet before getting up and rubbing his head.

"Come on Veemon! Knock it to him!" Cried Davis.

Veemon got back up and started to dash towards Ryudamon.

Ryudamon only jumped and screamed, "Katana attack!" Then out of his mouth came a large blade that shot straight at Veemon, who jumped up and dodged it. Ryudamon kept firing multiple "Katana attacks", but Veemon was well trained in speed so it was no challenge at all to dodge them. Then Veemon finally got close enough to yell, "Vee-Headbutt!"

All of Veemon's friends smiled, once Veemon did his main move it would almost surly knock out an opponent or hurt him badly.

"Helmet Reversal!" Cried Ryudamon as his armor began to glow a little.

Veemon then hit the helmet part of Ryudamon's armor and was knocked back while Ryudamon was no hurt even the slightest.

The Odabia Digidestined gasped.

Veemon was both in pain and surprised more of the former.

"Surprised? I thought you would be. My Helmet Reversal attack deflects my enemy's attack with the help of my armor. This makes me almost untouchable. As you know what they say, "A good defense is a good offence!"" Said Ryudamon looking quite pleased.

Looks like this is going to be way harder then I thought it would be. Thought Veemon getting up while rubbing his head at the same time.

But Ryudamon didn't waste a second attacking Veemon again. He charged at Veemon and gave a right and left hook, both hitting their targets. Veemon stumbled back a bit and tried to use some jabs on Ryudamon, but only succeeded in hitting his armor which hurt his hands this time. Ryudamon retaliated with a headbutt that made Veemon grasp his head in more pain.

Ryudamon then tried to use a hook with both hands, but Veemon grabbed them and then did a backflip kick that hit Ryudamon in the chin where his armor wasn't protecting him. Both combaters stepped back away from each other. Veemon then noticed that only the back and upper part of Ryudamon's head was covered with his samurai armor. His lower section was completely unprotected.

Veemon then grinned and started to rumble again. He dodged a jab and ducked to deliver a punch to Ryudamon's gut. The Dragon Samurai gasped felling the wind knocked out of him. However, Veemon didn't stop. He kept delivering blow after blow after blow to his chest and then finally shouted, "Vee-Punch!" He delivered multiple fast punches that hit everywhere on the chest finally he gave an upper cut and knocked Ryudamon back a few feet into the ground.

The crowed was cheering for the awesome fight they were seeing. Veemon thought he won till he saw Ryudamon get up and rub of some blood that was from his lip.

Looks like he found my weakness, luckily any true warrior would make a way to make sure that weakness was defended well. Thought Ryudamon.

Ryudamon then shouted, "Katana Attack" twice, but instead of firing them at Veemon he fired them at the ground. Then he picked them up and in his hands were two katanas. Veemon then started to sweat fro two reasons. One he didn't have a sword to defend himself and two it brought back some bad memories.

In fact it brought back some bad memories for the Odabia digidestined as well.

Memories such as that other Veemon, one in a black cloak, that attacked them a year ago. He wanted Veemon for some strange reason and almost killed him. They remembered how ruthless he was in fighting him…..


"GATOMON!" Cried Veemon in fear as he saw his love fall. Fueled with anger and fear he attacked the Cloaked Veemon and try to get him away from Gatomon.

The Cloaked Veemon hoped for this as he used his super speed to dodge Veemon's punch and started to slash at him. Veemon could only see the blurs as he felt the sharp slashes from the sword cut his flesh.

Finally the Cloaked Veemon stopped and then snapped his fingers. At once did multiple cuts appear around everywhere on Veemon's body and blood spewed out from them. Veemon cried in agony as he fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood.

Everyone was horrified.

I didn't even see him! He's more then good! He's fantastic, but the way he's smirking it's like he enjoys seeing Veemon bleed! Thought Cody.

"V Sword Technique: 1000 Years of Death. I delivered 1,000 slashes all over your body. Even if you didn't die from the attack the pain has surly stopped you from moving." Said the Cloaked Veemon smirking as he kneeled in front of Veemon.

"You…bastard…" Said Veemon with extreme pain.

End of Flashback

Veemon made the memories go away. He had to focus on this enemy here and now.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot face you unarmed. So here." Said Ryudamon tossing one of his katanas in his hand to Veemon. Veemon picked it up and swung it around to get use to it. He had wielded a sword before, but that was during his battle with the Cloaked Veemon.


Suddenly a white glow came from Veemon's hands. Veemon gasped it was so warm and powerful that he gripped what ever it was and lifted it high to block against the sword from the Cloaked Veemon.


Everyone gasped, including Veemon and the Cloaked Veemon.

In Veemon's hands was the blue long sword with a white handle (Think the Light Bringer long sword Veemon uses in the Digimon world 4 game) that managed to block the sword the Cloaked Veemon was using.

"How…" The Cloaked Veemon didn't get a chance to speak as he was then slashed by Veemon with the sword in the chest.

The Cloaked Veemon stumbled back and held on to his chest wound which started to bleed, "It seems you have gained your V sword. No matter. I can still finish you!" He then charged at Veemon with a flurry of attacks. Veemon raised his arms and started to parry each and every one of them. To him the guy was swinging at the same speed he was, but to everyone else they were fighting at super speed.

Veemon then dodged one of his opponent's cuts and did a rising slash at the Cloaked Veemon who felt the sword slice his skin. He was no bleeding rapidly and was growling in anger.

He starred at Veemon; Even if he doesn't remember me he still remembers his abilities with his V sword. Doesn't matter I can still win and he will still pay!

He charged again at Veemon and this time Veemon was more then ready. He trusted his gut and charged ahead at the Cloaked Veemon. They then got closer and closer and when they were close enough Veemon shouted, "V Sword Technique: Dragon Dash!"

At the last second Veemon charged at super speed and delivered a swift deadly stab that went straight into the left side of the Cloaked Veemon's chest.

The Cloaked Veemon screamed in pain as he felt the sword leave him. He flipped backwards and held his chest which was bleeding and making his cloak red.

"You were lucky this time Vee. Next time we meet. Your mine!" Said the Cloaked Veemon as he then disappeared into a vortex of darkness.

Veemon started to gasp for breath as he felt weaker and weaker with his wounds still bleeding all over. He turned to Gatomon and asked, "Are….you…o.k.?"

Gatomon, too shocked from the fight, only nodded her head.

Veemon gave a small smile, "Good…." He then fell to the ground unconscious.

End of flashback

Veemon didn't know where that sword had come from or how he ever knew how to use it. It just came like an instinct. Veemon tried multiple times to summon it again, but he couldn't do it.

Well let's hope I can use this one at least. Thought Veemon as Ryudamon charged again.

This time Veemon blocked his attacks with his sword, but Cody knew they were sloppy ones. Over the pat few months he had greatly increased in his Kendo and was now a 1-dan or a first degree black belt in Kendo. Cody knew well enough that Veemon was barley blocking all the attacks and wasn't fast enough to counter attack.

Veemon may be good in hand to hand combat, but swords are a different story. Thought Cody. Still, Cody wondered how Veemon was able to defeat that other Veemon with that sword in his hands so perfectly.

Cody didn't think of it anymore as he then saw Veemon lose his sword to a deflect cut. The Dragon Samurai then lightly cut Veemon in the arm and head butted him. Veemon fell back, but rolled to avoid a down stab that could have ended this battle. Veemon the got up, but jumped back avoiding cuts and slashes. Veemon was running out of options on how to win, but he refused to give up.

Then Veemon felt his head was exploiting from inside. He yelled in pain as he placed his hands over his head while trying to stop the sudden pain. Everyone else was worried what was going on it looked like he was having a major headache.

Then something came to Veemon like a flashback, but it was sketchy.


It was blurry, but Veemon could see a smaller Veemon in a dojo like area and was staring at a wooden dummy. He then gave a yell and charged at the dummy. When he was close enough he yelled something and hit the wooden dummy with his head. He hit the dummy, but it didn't break in two. The little Veemon mumbled something till someone said, "Hey! What are you doing here?"

The little Veemon turned to see another little Veemon approach him. This one was his same height, but he was a darker blue colored then a normal Veemon.

"Oh hey -" Said the first little Veemon, he said the other one's name, but Veemon couldn't hear it for some reason, "I was practicing my Vee-Headbutt. But I haven't broken this stupid dummy in two yet."

The other little Veemon smiled and said, "Well maybe I can help you. - showed me a technique that I managed to master in a week."

The first little Veemon said, "How come you're always the better fighter?"

The other little Veemon smiled and said, "Because I don't go into town and hang out with - and - as much."

"Well come on! Please teach me!" Asked the first little Veemon jumping up and down.

"O.k. o.k! Jeez, by the Digital Dragon Gods you are a little child." Said the other little Veemon.

The first little Veemon gave a glare and said, "Hey! Were the same age -!"

"I know I know." Said the other little Veemon calming the other one down before getting a few feet in front of the wooden Dummy and shouted something before jumping up and like a bright white comet clashed right through the dummy and broke it into small parts.

The first little Veemon was so shocked his mouth was wide open. He then began to clap for joy.

The other little Veemon bowed and said, "Amazing huh?"

"Think I can do it?"

"Of course it's called…"

End of Flashback

"Vee Head Spear!"

Ryudamon just gasped as the next thing he saw was a bright white like comet hitting him in the head, breaking his armor, making his head bleed, and knocking him back off the platform.

Everyone else was silent.

Veemon had suddenly preformed what seemed like a powered up version of the Vee-Headbutt. It was the same, but he was glowing with white energy as he made a direct hit head on.

Veemon was more or less confused then amazed really. For one how the heck did he get that flashback and more importantly what was that attack. It was like he just knew it like that.

He then remembered Ryudamon and went to see if he was alright. To his surprise he saw Ryudamon with his armor shattered and in pieces on the ground. He looked down at them and started to cry, "You….destroyed my armor…no one has ever done that before…."

"Ryudamon….I'm sorry….I.."

"I HONOR YOU AGAIN VEEMON-SAMA!" Cried Ryudamon with another salute!

Veemon, and everyone else, was once again stunned by his boosting.

"NO ONE HAS EVER BROKEN MY ARMOR BEFORE! YOU ARE TRULY A WOTHY AVERSARY THAT WOULD MAKE EVEN THE GREATEST OF SAMURAI QUAKE WITH FEAR! YOU DESIRVE THIS VICTORY! SO THERE FOR I HONOR !" Cried Ryudamon as once again saluted with tears falling from his eyes as Sakura petals fell from nowhere as well as the large Kanji Symbol of Honor appearing behind Ryuudramon, not to mention a gong banged.

"Gomamon stop that!"

"Sorry Joe!"

"Well….thanks again….I think." Said Veemon sweatdropping.

"Winner! Veemon!"

Everyone cheered with excitement, but then someone screamed.

Veemon looked behind him to see something that shocked him. A large dark portal opened up and out from it came non other then a mysterious rookie Digimon, at Veemon's height, dressed in a black cloak like the ones from Organization XIII.

Veemon and his friends wide eyed as they saw him. It's him!

The figure raised his hands. Veemon got ready for another fight when suddenly to his surprise the cloaked figure started to clap. He went faster and faster.

"Alright Vee! Nice one! Man you kicked his ass! Yeah! Go Vee! Fight! Fight! Fight!" Said the figure clapping.

The others were confused. This didn't sound like the Cloaked Veemon that tried to kill Veemon last year. That Veemon's voice was dark and cold. This one was more….wild and excited.

"What? You don't recognize me Vee? Come on! It's ME! Me….." Cried the cloaked figure waving his hands a bit before taking of his hood and saying, "….Xee!"

Veemon got a good look at him. He looked like a Veemon, but he was colored red instead of blue and red eyes he had black ones.


Name: FlameVeemon

Level: Rookie

Attribute: Vaccine

Type: Dragon Digimon

Info: They are like regular Veemon, adventures and happy go lucky, but they are colored red instead of blue and their more like hot shots and prefer to get wild on things. Mostly likely has to do their firry nature. (My own created Digimon)

Attacks: Vee-Burner and Vee-Fire Punch.

End Digi-Analyzer

Veemon didn't recognize him at all, "Who are you? Are you with that other Cloaked Veemon!"

Xee looked confused, then said, "First of all it's Xee! X-E-E! Got it inside?" Said Xee poking at his head, "And as for the other Cloaked Veemon well he…you know what. I think I'll pass on telling ya!"

"Why! What do you want!" Shouted Vee.

"Tsk. Tsk. Vee. This is what you say after all these years. Then again you don't remember at all so it's understandable." Said Xee.

The others were getting ready to attack this guy as soon as they were ready.

"But I'll get to the main course. Look Vee, your coming with me. That way all will be explained. So what do you say?" Asked Xee giving a smirk.

Veemon looked at him and then his friends and his wife and said, "No. I'm staying here!"

Xee sighed, "Well, that's too bad Vee. You see the word "No" wasn't a word I knew at all when I was younger. You of all people should know that." Said Xee as Veemon felt it was getting a little hotter around here, "So it looks like I'm going to have to bring you in by force!"

Xee then clicked his fingers and suddenly a wave of fire surrounded the entire arena that Veemon and Xee were standing in.

"Veemon!" Cried out his friends.

"Who's that calling you?" asked Xee.

"My wife and my friends." Said Veemon getting ready to fight.

Xee laughed, "Friends huh….you know that makes me even more mad…"

The flames got higher and higher as Xee then spread his left arm out and shouted, "Erupt! Flamberge!"

Suddenly, a wave of fire appeared in his hand and when it died down a sword was in his hands. It looked like the Flamberge from Tales of Symphoina (Want to see it! Go to Google image search type in "Material Blades". If done correctly, then the first picture you see will show you a red blade and a blue blade floating in midair. The red one is Flamberge.) and Xee smiled at it.

"This is my V-Sword: Flamberge. And it's set on well done!" Shouted Xee as he jumped into the air.


Chapter 5: Tournament pt 4. The Furious Dragon of Fire

"BURN BABY BURN!" Cried Xee as his V-sword turned into flames and then he shouted, "V-sword technique: Fire Cutter!"

He threw the burning V-sword at Veemon who back flipped just barley in time to dodge it. The V-sword then went back into Xee's hand and he said, "Not bad, but we just started Vee." (Outside the arena Platform)

Everyone was trying to does out the fire that was blocking everyone from entering the platform and helping Veemon. But the fire wall that surrounded it was too hot for even Water Digimon attacks to get rid of.

"We have to get him out of there somehow!" Said Davis.

Hawkmon then turned around and said, "I think we have another problem."

Everyone turned around and saw what he meant, a large dark Grey portal opened up and out from it came what looked like a bunch of Veemon, but they weren't. They were all grey everywhere and finally they were all faceless.

Then out of no where they attacked. (Back in the platform.)

(Burning for you, By Blue Oyster Cult starts playing.)

Veemon charged first and tried to perform Vee-head butt, but Xee dodged it easily. HE then started slashing at Veemon who ducked and dodged as much as he could, but he did come out with a few scratches and cuts however.

"Vee-Fire Punch!" Cried the FlameVeemon as its fist went on fire and punched Veemon with a powerful uppercut. Veemon was knocked back, but he quickly recovered only to hear Xee say, ""V-sword technique: Fire Ball!"

Xee started to throw multiple fireballs and they each hit Veemon square on. Veemon felt them burning his skin he didn't even see the Fire Cutter come straight at him and cut him at the side of his lower chest.

"AUGH!" Cried Vee who was no bleeding.

Xee caught his sword and said, "This is boring with a capital B, Vee. Come on do something better."

"Fine…I will." Cried Vee who charged him. He started fighting with hooks and kicks, but Xee dodged them like it was a piece of cake. (Back out side)

The grey faceless Veemon were attacking everyone else outside the platform. The Digidestined decided to fight and their Digimon were fighting left and right.

"Pepper Breath!" Cried Agumon who missed and started to use his claws against the Veemon, but they blocked them and proceeded to head butt or punch him.

"Agumon! Hang I there!" Said Tai who didn't notice that a grey faceless Veemon was about to attack him from behind.

Matt however did, "Tai look out!" He said as he pushed him out of the way and the grey faceless Veemon missed his Vee-Headbutt attack.

"Thanks Matt." Said Tai getting up.

Gabumon and Tentomon were protecting Izzy and some other bystanders.

"Super Shocker!"

"Blue Blaster!"

The attacks managed to hit a few Veemon, but instead of turning into data, they just flashed a bright grey and were gone, like dust in the wind.

"What just happened?" Asked Tentomon?

"No idea." Said Gabumon who destroyed another one and the something happened.

Izzy was noticing this, he looked around the battle field to see the same thing happen to any of the grey faceless Veemon that were destroyed, and they weren't turned into data, but were just gone in a flash.

They look like Veemon, but they aren't at the same time? What are they? Thought Izzy.

Meanwhile, Davis, Kari, and Gatomon were dealing with their own group.

Gatomon was fighting as hard as she could, "Lightning Paw!" she cried as she punched a grey faceless Veemon into well….nothing.

She kept using her attacks against the grey faceless Veemon and in minutes she reduced the group to only one.

"Alright Gatomon! Show that guy who's the Top Cat around here!" Said Davis.

Gatomon nodded and got ready, but then suddenly the grey faceless Veemon started to glow grey and was covered in a grey cloud, but then it disappeared and in its place was a grey faceless Ex-Veemon.

Oh crud Thought Gatomon as the grey faceless Ex-Veemon came at a fast pace and punched her sending her back a bit.

"Gatomon!" Cried Kari.

Gatomon got up and looked to see the grey faceless Ex-Veemon preparing a Vee Laser.

"Look out!" She cried to Davis and Kari.

The grey faceless Ex-Veemon fired the Vee Laser and Gatomon rolled to avoid it, but then it went straight for Kari and Davis!

"Kari Look out!" Cried Davis grabbing her and brought both of them to the floor as the Vee Laser went over their heads.

"Davis…thanks." Said Kari.

"No problem Kari." Said Davis.

They then both noticed they were on the ground with one on top of the other, they looked at each other blushing and remembered they were being attacked by a grey faceless Ex-Veemon.

Gatomon, enraged that her partner was almost killed, ran up to the ExVeemon and shouted, "Lightning Paw!"

She pounded him in the face, but to her shock, no effect.

The grey faceless Ex-Veemon then performed a Vee Laser at her. She screamed in pain. (Back on the platform.)

Veemon had just been hit by a bunch of Fire balls again and was gasping for breath.

Vee started at him, He's….he's not even trying…..he's just standing their…waiting for me to give up…..damn who is he?

Suddenly he heard a familiar scream from out side the fire wall.

That's …Gatomon's voice!

Veemon then heard sounds of battle outside and sound of Digimon saying their attacks were in the air.

"Looks like the Jiang-Si are having a blast alright." Said Xee smirking.

"Jiang-Si? What are they?" Asked Veemon struggling to get up.

""I'll tell you….." Said Xee in a whisper as Veemon moved closer to hear, "..It's a secret.

Veemon fell face plated to the floor.


"Shut up!" Said Veemon getting up and started to run to the fire wall to try and help his friends.

He didn't even see Xee get in front of him and shout, "Not so fast. Vee Burner!"

He then attacked like a Veemon's Vee Head butt, but instead he was on fire.

Veemon was knocked back again, he got up and shouted, "Vee Head Spear!"

He glowed white again and attacked like his Vee Headbutt but with more power. Xee smirked as she shouted, "V-Sword Technique: Fire Assault!" Then, with his whole body on total fire, he charged like a burning comet and stabbed his V-Sword Flamburge into Veemon's arm.

"!" Cried Veemon who clutched his now bleeding and had a huge hole in it arm.

"Sorry, Vee, but you're coming with me no matter what." (Back outside.)

Gatomon was going to feel this in the morning. For sure.

She slowly got up and saw the grey faceless Ex-Veemon walk up slowly.

She felt weak; she barely had enough strength to fight.

But I can't give up, I have to protect Kari.

She saw the grey faceless Ex-Veemon about to fire another Vee Laser, but then a voice cried out that said, "Licht Nagel!" Suddenly, the grey faceless Ex-Veemon was destroyed in a grey flash…then nothing.

Gatomon, Kari, and Davis looked to see the Strabimon and his partner standing where the grey faceless Ex-Veemon was.

"Need a hand?" Asked Strabimon's partner.

"Much needed." Said Davis.

All five of them then saw more of the grey faceless Veemon running over to them.

"Looks like you need to Digivolve. Let's go." Said the human.

"Right." Said Strabimon.

Strabimon Digivolve to…


(I think everyone know who Lobomon is so theirs no need to really give info about him.)

Lobomon stood still as he then took out one of his laser swords and said, "Lobo Kendo!" He then changed and performed an intense amount of hard core and cool sword attacks that wowed anyone who saw them.

"You three alight?" Asked his partner who turned towards them.

"Yeah, thanks a lot man." Said Davis.

"No problem, I didn't want to see the partner or friends of the Digimon who my partner's going to face get hurt." He said.

"What's your name?" Asked Kari.

"Mike and I know your names." Said Mike.

They looked around to see that some people were having way unfortunate luck. Some Digimon on their side were deleted and a few humans were injured.

"I just hope Veemon's, O.K." Thought Davis. (Back with Veemon and Vee)

"V-Sword Technique: Fire Cutter!" Cried Xee throwing the burning V-Sword again.

Veemon dodged it at the last second and the sword went back to it's owner.

"Man, you are seriously sucking today. A while ago you could have taken me down easily." Said Xee.

"What the hell do you mean?" Asked Veemon catching his breath.

Xee looked at him at first with sadness, "I still can't believe…" He then laughed, "Don't worry, you'll remember when I bring you back."

"I don't know what your saying, but if you think I'm coming with you after you attack me friends think again!" Said Veemon getting into a fighting position.

Even though he doesn't remember he still protects others instead of himself. Thought Xee.

Veemon charged, a little faster this time, and started to deal some hooks and jabs which Xee dodged no problem.

"Vee-Punch!" Cried Veemon as he rapidly punched like a maniac. Xee tried to dodge most of them, but even he felt a few blows.

He did a back flip and shouted, "V-Sword Technique: Fire Cuttter!" Cried Xee throwing his flaming sword again.

This time Veemon jumped over it and when he landed he shouted, "Vee Head butt!" This time it hit and Xee was knocked back. He then felt blood slowly drip from his mouth, he smirked and said, "Not bad Vee, but you might want to look behind you."

Veemon then remembered about the sword, it was like a boomerang so it was no head towards Veemon in order to get back to Xee. Veemon back flipped over it just in time, but was the victim to a roundhouse kick by Xee.

Vee was knocked back and was getting very tired, he spent who knows how long fighting this guy and he had yet to seriously hurt him.

He's a rookie, but he's a strong as a High level Champion Digimon. Thought Veemon.

"O.K. this is has been fun for a while, but I'm going to end this here Vee." Said Xee who was now charging up with power.

Veemon got his guard up.

"BURN BABY BURN! V-SWORD TECHNIQUE: FLAME PRISON!" Cried Xee who's V-Sword was a burning as the fire's as Chicago was when it burned down in the 1940's, I think. Anyway, he slammed down the blade of fire and to Veemon's amazement and shock, 10 LARGE pillars of fire came up from the ground and started to charge at Veemon.

Veemon was frozen, time seemed like it was slowing down.

I'm going to die, I'm going to die, forgive me Davis, Gatomon, everyone….not even I can survive this… Thought Veemon in his head thinking it was over, but then he mentally shook his head, NO! I can't give up! I can't DIE!

Then….another Flashback hit Veemon.


The sense was like it was in the last chapter, a strange dojo with a wooden dummy. Again a small Veemon was practicing a few moves at the dummy when he heard someone come in.

It was a large ExVeemon that looked like he was 40 or something, and said,"- what are you doing?"

Once again Veemon could't hear what he said.

"I was just trying out the Veemon's ultimate Technique for Rookies!" Cried the little Veemon.

The Adult looking ExVeemon chuckled, "Is this for beating - again? Or to be better then -?"

A bit of both." Said the little Veemon.

"Well, let me show you it!" Said the Older ExVeemon.

(End Flashback) Veemon didn't know what he was doing, but what he was doing was running straight at the Pillars! He then, by a miracle, flipped and dodged every one of them and was running straight at Xee.

"Now remember this! The trick to this requires perfect speed to perform. You must be in your opponents' Zone or area where you can hit him." Said the ExVeemon's voice in his head as Veemon ran.

Xee was shocked that he dodged all the pillars, but got ready to counter attack anything Veemon would throw at him.

"You only have one shot at this, because once you use this technique you will use so much energy you'll become an In-Training Digimon. Only use this as a last resort."

Veemon jumped and just when he was close enough he unleashed his attack.

"It's called…"


WHAT! Thought Xee as he heard Veemon say that, but a second later, like a flash, Veemon kicked him in the face so hard a sonic boom was heard for 3 miles. (End Blue Oyster Cult song)

Everyone outside the platform heard the sonic boom and suddenly a second later a flying Xee came straight out of the flaming wall and was speeding like a bullet. So fast that he went through three trees, breaking them in two, and finally went through a wall of a nearby shed.

Everyone looked at the line of destruction, nobody noticed the grey and faceless Veemon disappeared into a grey portal. The flame wall died down and everyone then saw Veemon, all beaten up, and was on his rear gasping for breath.

What…the…heck…was that? He thought.

He then noticed a Portal of Darkness open a few feet from him and from it came none other then Xee.

Xee was no bleeding on his arms and head and had his Cloak ripped in many places.

"Well Vee, I have to hand it to you. You remembered the Vee Kick. Pretty good, but not good enough to take me down." Said Xee.

"What….do you …want with me? Who are ….you?" Asked Vee.

Xee smiled, "I already said that, it's Xee! X-E-E! Got it inside?" Said Xee pointing to his head, "And I just want you to come with me after all."

"Why!" Asked Veemon.

"Because I'm the only one who knows the real you! I know you! Don't you remember anything of your past!" Cried Xee.

Vee looked at him, "You….you know my past."

Everyone looked at both of them.

"Of course I do! I'm-"


Everyone looked to see Gatomon run up to her husband and hugged him, "Oh thank god. I'm so glad your alright." She started hugging harder.

"Don't worry, I'm here Angel." Said Veemon hugging her back.

Xee started at Gatomon, Angel…..that means….is she? No….can she really be?

"Are you…" Said Xee.

Veemon got up, ignoring the pain and said, "Don't even think of saying anything to my wife."


Xee started at both of them. He knew Vee was married, but he didn't know this was his wife. But if she is who Xee thought she was then that meant….

"Oh my God. Their really is a God." Said Xee shocked, "For this to happen….after that night…..I can't believe it… did happen."

Both Gatomon and Veemon were confused.

Xee then laughed, "Once again Vee you really surprise me! Anyway, I'm going to leave for now. But remember you will come with me or you will die…" But then Gatomon, thanks to her cat hearing heard him whisper, "…and I don't want that to happen."

He then disappeared into a Portal of Darkness and was gone.

Veemon then sighed as he then suddenly fell asleep and de-digivolved into Demi-Veemon.

"Veemon!" Cried Davis and the others running to the top of the platform.

Davis held him in his hands and said, "Little buddy! Are you alright."

"Davis….is it time to eat yet?" Asked the tiny Demi-Veemon.

Everyone in area face faulted.

"Yeah, well get you something good to eat." Said Davis smiling at his partner. (Later)

After everyone was medical treated it was decided the tournament would be held in a two weeks later to finish the tournament off.

Davis was about to leave with his friends till Mike and Strabimon walked up to them, "We see you later."

"Tell your partner to get ready soon. Because I want to fight him." Said Strabimon.

"We will. Thanks again." Said Kari.

"Humph. It doesn't matter, I only did it because I wanted to just kill those enemies." Said Strabimon who walked away.

"Wow…he's cold." Said Ken.

"Forgive him. He's wasn't always like this. See you later." Said Mike following his partner.

"Interesting person. Let's get going I'm holding a Didestined Meeting when we get to my house." Said Tai.

"Figured you say that." Said Yolie. (Somewhere in the Digital world)

The Cloaked Veemon was sitting on a log in the middle of a Dark Forest when suddenly a Portal of Darkness came out and Xee appeared.

"Well?" Asked The Cloaked Veemon.

"I didn't get to bring him in." Said Xee who looked disappointed, "You were right….he doesn't remember. Yet he also does."

The Cloaked Veemon looked at him.

"He used the Vee Kick…on me." Said Xee.

The Cloaked Veemon got up, "It matters not, and your plan had better work. I will do my part, just do yours."

"Sure." Said Xee.

They were silent.

"By the way, I have some interesting news of his wife." Said Xee.

"I don't want to hear it." Said the Cloaked Veemon.

"It was the Gatomon you attacked when you first fought Vee." Said Xee.


"Vee called her….Angel."

The Cloaked Veemon sat up, "You don't think."

Xee shrugged, "It is man. I know that feline from anywhere. It's definitely her."

The Cloaked Veemon was silent, but Xee could feel the killing instinct coming from him.

"I guess there is a God."

"That's what I said." Said Xee.

"Does this change anything?" Asked the Cloaked Veemon.

Xee smiled, "Not a thing." (Back in the real world.)

"O.K. let's sum up everything." Said Tai who was looking at all the Odaiba Digidestined, except Veemon who was in his and Gatomon's room napping.

"First, a year ago we were attacked by a Veemon in a cloak who wanted to kill Veemon. He knew Veemon, but Veemon didn't know him." Said Izzy.

"You know I think it's confusing to call two Veemon Veemon." Said Palmon.

"Agreed, let's call our Veemon what those other Veemon call him, Vee." Said Sora.

"O.K, now a year later this person, Xee a FlameVeemon, comes and wants's Vee to come with him, this proves he also knows him." Said Izzy.

"Not to mention those weird looking Veemon were their." Said Mimi.

"Well, they really were not whole Digimon." Said Patamon.

"What do you mean Patamon?" Asked T.K.

"Well, I'm sure all the other Digimon could also tell you, they felt like…incomplete Digimon. Their data was all scrambled and missing. It was like they were only half real and half not." Said Patamon.

"Interesting." Said Izzy.

"It seems those Cloaked Veemon and the "Incomplete" ones are working together right?" Asked Cody.

"But why do they want Veem-Vee in the first place?" Asked Armadillomon.

"Yeah, what do they want with my best friend?" Asked Davis who was angry at these guys and wanted to kick their asses, but he was more worried about Veemon.

"My guess is asking Gennai about all this, for now let's keep Vee safe for the moment." Said Izzy.

"Agreed. Keep your eyes and ears open for anything suspicious by the way. Meeting over." Said Tai.

Then Tai's mom came in and said, "Oh! Tai I didn't know you were having friend over! I'm making Dinner would anyone like to join?"

She then noticed that only Tai, Gatomon, Kari, and Agumon were the only ones in the room. Everyone had fled as soon as she said the three terrible words, "I'm Making Dinner"

"Oh….well then I guess it's a meal for the 5 of us." Said Tai's mom walking away.

HAVE MERCY! Thought all four of them as they started crying anime tears.

(Later that Night) Veemon was staring at the moon in the middle of the night. He was thinking about what was going on. It had to do with him, even more then him was his Past.

Xee….who are you.

The door opened and Veemon turned around and said, "I'm I in Heaven again? Because a lovely angel has appeared before me."

"Stop it Veemon." Said a blushing Gatomon who walked over and kissed him.

"What's wrong." Asked Gatomon.

"It's….all this….I fear this isn't over yet….in fact I think it's only just begun." Said Veemon.

"Well, what ever it is….well face it together." Said Gatomon smiling at him he looked at him with love in her eyes.

Veemon looked in at her and thought, Still beautiful.

"I love you." He said.

"You sure? Why don't you prove it to me?" She grinned devilishly.

Veemon got her drift and picked her up. He laid her down on the bed and started kissing her with passion and love.

She then started to move her hands towards his….O.K. O.K I'll STOP.

Little did they know however, that one night of making love would be another shock to their lives and another miracle.

Chapter 6: The Finals and The Shock

A small blue Veemon was sniffing out in the middle of the street. It was night out and the scene showed a huge City with that looked a lot liked Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Many different types of Exveemon, Raidramon, Flamedramon, and any other Evolutions that Veemon digivolve to were walking not paying any attention to him at all, not to mention other Digimon, but for some strange reason, all the non Veemon's were all, poor and looked starved or defeated in spirit while the Veemon looked perfectly normal. He cried a few last tears before getting up and walking into an ally.

He then heard some noises and decided to see who's they were.

"Let me go you Crap heads!" Cried a voice.

The little Veemon ducked behind a dumpster and peeked to see who it was. A beaten up small FlameVeemon was surrounded by three dirty looking male Rookie Digimon that were bigger then him, a Labramon, a Shamanmon, and a ClearAgumon. They wore rags and looked like a bunch of poor thugs who wanted to assault the small FlameVeemon.

"Stupid Veemon, you and your kind are nothing but trouble for the rest of us." Said the Labramon.

"Maybe, but you should know that I am the only son of Count Fladric who is a member of the High Dragon Council." Said the FlameVeemon gritting his teeth and getting his fists ready.

"Good, makes us want to beat you up more." Said the ClearAgumon.

"Bring it on losers!" Cried the FlameVeemon, who threw the first punch which knocked the ClearAgumon in the head.

The other two Rookies tried to grab him, but the FlameVeemon gave two back kicks towards them that knocked them back.

"Too easy." Said the FlameVeemon, who was then knocked in the head by the ClearAgumon's fist.

The FlameVeemon then fell to the ground clutching his head when suddenly the three began to beat him up on the ground. The Labramon clawed at him, the Shamanmon beat him with his club, and the ClearAgumon kicked him in the ribs.

They stopped for a moment and looked at him as he lay down in pain.

"Had enough rich boy?" asked the ClearAgumon.

The FlameVeemon gave him the finger.

"Tough guy huh? Hey, Lanner, take a piss on red butt here so he can feel humiliation for once." Said the ClearAgumon to the Labramon.

The Labramon nodded as he then raised his left hind leg like a dog would and was about to start till he felt a swift kick to his groin.

The Labramon howled in pain as it clutched his manhood like it was about to fall off. The other two looked to see who did that and it was none other then small Veemon who decided to help the FlameVeemon.

"What the-" Said the Shamanmon before meeting a fist to the face.

"Who are-" Said the ClearAgumon who was kicked hard knocking the wind out of him.

The small Veemon then helped the FlameVeemon get up and asked if he was alright.

"Yeah, can't believe that stupid dog was going to use me as a fricken Hydrant." Said the FlameVeemon.

They then saw the ClearAgumon and FlameVeemon get up while the Labramon was still on the floor whimpering.

"Great two Veemon, isn't enough we have to see you Mother F#$#'s every damn day." Said the ClearAgumon.

"Please leave, we don't want anymore trouble." Said the small Veemon.

"What are you saying? You a fricken Pacifist? I want to kick these assholes here and now!" Said the FlameVeemon.

"Yeah, why don't we just end this now huh?" Said the Shamanmon.

"If you fight, I will have no choice, but to fight back." Said the small Veemon.

"Not alone you won't." Said the small FlameVeemon getting ready.

"Feel the pain losers!" Cried the ClearAgumon as both him and his friend charged.

"Double Team?" Asked the small Veemon.

"Hell yeah." Said the small FlameVeemon.

They charged and yelled:



Both head attack hit the two Digimon who were knocked back into the Labramon, who got up, and were all knocked out.

Both Veemon sighed in relief, but then the FlameVeemon got an idea and gave and evil smile.

Why do I have the feeling he's going to do something bad? Thought the small Veemon.

(A few Minutes later)

The two dragon Rookie kids then exited the ally; the FlameVeemon was smiling while the regular Veemon was looking at him with mixed feelings.

"AH! I feel so refresh." Said the FlameVeemon.

"Did you have to really do that? On them?" Asked the Veemon.

"Hey, they were going to do it to me! Why not do it on them? Besides I had to go really badly." Said the FlameVeemon.

"Whatever." Said the Veemon.

They both kept walking till the FlameVeemon said, "Thanks for the help man. I appreciate it. Name Xee, X-E-E, got it inside?" he then pointed to his head, "Who are you?"


Veemon woke up.

He noticed he was the only one in his bed while Gatomon was out of their room.

Vee sighed, Did I just….have a dream….with Xee in it?

Veemon shook his head; it was just a coincidence, right? Then again Xee was on his mind a lot. He couldn't help but think of the strange red Veemon who claimed to have known him.

Veemon got out of bed and started to head to the bathroom to freshen up. Ever since the incident two weeks ago strange things have happened. A few of those other Grey and Faceless Veemon were seen in the Digital world a few days ago. Nobody knew who they were or what they were in fact. According to other Digimon they were and yet were not like Veemon, they were…incomplete.

Even Genai was stumped; he said that Veemon should be the last of their kind. They had all died out except him. Veemon knew that as well, yet two different Veemon appear and now these weird Veemon as well, meaning the race still lived. For now the two worlds were on alert in case anything else happens.

Veemon was heading towards the bathroom when he saw Kari looking worried as the bathroom door was closed. From inside the bathroom Barfing noises were heard.

"She alright?" Asked Veemon.

Kari said, "Yeah, but I don't know what's gotten into her. This is the 7th time this week she's been puking. I'm getting worried."

Veemon sighed, he was worried about his wife too.

Another thing that was going on was Gatomon had been in the bathroom a lot and was puking a lot. She didn't feel sick, but when she felt like she had to throw up she looked horrible.

Veemon then entered the kitchen where a delicious Breakfast was being made by Tai and Agumon.

"Hey! Your just in time! I've got the eggs ready." Said Tai as he placed it on the table.

Veemon then noticed that there was more then usuall on the table, sggs, bacon, noodles, sausages, pancakes, french toast, hash browns, and three diffrent kinds of bread with butter.

Veemon looked at it with a mountain of hunger, "Tai are you feeding an army or something."

"Yeah, a one women army named Gatomon." Said Tai sitting on a chair totally wiped from cooking.

Veemon smirked, Gatomon had also been eatting a lot more then usuall. If Veemon wasn't carefull she could replace him as Digimon eatting king.

All 3 of them sat down and a few seconds later Gatomon and Kari came in too.

"Feeling better?" Asked Veemon.

"Yeah...what's for breakfast?" She asked in a hungry voice.

"Take a look for yourself." Said Tai who started to east some eggs.

Gatomon got on a chair and was taking food as fast as can be. She then began to chow down like a moter.

Veemon and Agumon looked at her as she was nothing but a blur.

Crap, she's a machine. Thought Agumon.

Finally, Gatomon sighed and stopped eatting. She gave a burp and left the table...after eating almost everything Tai and Agumon spent 4 hours making.

Tai was lucky to get some eggs and Kari managed to get a piece of toast, but poor Agumon and Veemon were left with nothing but crums.

I'll get something out, besides I need the energy for the finals today. Thought Veemon.

"Jeez, what the heck is Gatomon? I know Digimon eat a lot, but that was enough to fill the bellys of 16 people!" Cried Tai.

"I'm thinking of taking Gatomon to the Docter Leo in the Digital World. She's been acting strange and has been throwing up a lot, not to mention she eats a lot more then usuall." Said Kari.

"But what you two miss our matches?" Said Agumon.

"It's ok, besides I asked T.K. to video tape it for us so we can watch it when we get back." Said Kari who got up to get Gatomon.

Agumon said to Veemon, "So your going to be facing Strabimon adn I'm going to be facing Gabumon. Sure is going to be a match to remember."

"Are you prepared?" Asked Veemon.

"Of course! Me and Tai have a special move that will garanted Victory!" Said Agumon giving a Victory sign.

"Well, don't get too cocky. Matt and Gabumon have been training hard." Said Veemon.

"Yeah, but me and Agumon here are the best!" Said Tai giving his partner a high five.

Gatomon and Kari entered and said they would be back as soon as possible.

"Good luck." Said Gatomon giving Veemon a peck on the cheek.

"Hey what about me!" Said Agumon.

"Same." said Gatomon before she and Kari went to Tai's room and used it to get to the Digital World.

"Why does she give you a good luck kiss and I don't!" Said Agumon.

"Because I'm the one who's married. Find your own girl." said Veemon. (At the Arena)

Everyone was excited. Today were the final fights to decide who was the best Digimon in Odiaba.

Veemon felt nervous, but the calmed down. He was fighting second against Strabimon, who according the others, was very strong.

"Hey Matt, lets bet on this one." Said Tai grinning.

"Oh so what is it this time?" Asked Matt grinning.

"The loser has to do wear a pink dress..." Said Tai.

"While wearing make up..." Said Matt.

"In public..." Said Tai.

"While sinning the Numa Numa Song!" Said Matt.

"WHILE DANCING AT THE SAME TIME!" Said both best friends as they agreed.

"Are all human bets this silly?" Asked Hawkmon.

"Most, some are down right stupid." Said Biyomon.

"But hey, it's still pretty funny." Said Gomamon.

"What if both Gabumon and Agumon lose?" asked Cody.

"Please if that ever happened we would both do it." Said Tai.

"Alright, but you guys said it." Said Cody.

The announcer then said, "Ladies and Gentelmen! Due to the incident a while ago we had to push the finals to today! SO LETS START!"

The crowd cheered.


Both Digimon nodded to each other and got on the platform. They gave each other a friendly shake and then got into fighting positions.

"Ready? THEN GET IT ON!" Cried the announcer.

Agumon charged first with a few punches, but Gabumon blocked them and tripped Agumon with his tail, but Agumon rolled back to his feet.

"Pepper Breath!"

"Blue Blaster!"

The attacks both stopped the other and gave a small explosion. Gabumon tried to find Agumon after the smoke cleared, but to his shock he wasn't there!

Where is he?

Gabumon then heard someone coming up behind him, he turned around to see Agumon's claw uppercut him. Agumon then side kicked him in the chest and gave a powerful right hook.

"So he's going to use it early huh?" Said Tai.

"Use what early?" Asked Izzy and Tentomon.

"You'll see." Said Tai grinning as both Partners of Knowledge looked the fight with more intrest.

Agumon then punched him up into the air and Gabumon went up. Agumon then went under him on the ground so that he was on the ground below Gabumon who was in the air.

Suddenly to everyone's intrest Agumon's head was turnning a more darker orange.

He took a huge breath and shouted, "Baby Burner!"

A powerful stream of fire came out of Agumon's mouth and was heading towards Gabumon who felt the full force of the attack and landed on the ground with some smoke on him. He also noticed that his coat was burned!

That got him very mad.

Gabumon got up and then charged at him while Agumon was gathering his breath after that last attack.

He gave him a front kick, back kick, back punch, and then started spinning around and around and around till he was a small blue tornado.

"Huh?" Asked Agumon.

"Blue Cyclone!" Cried Gabumon as icy blue flames started to shoot from the small tornado. Everyone ducked as the blue flames went sailing. Agumon tried to dodge most of them, but they were faster and he was hit by the freezing flames.

Agumon looked around to see where Gabumon was, but then he heard Gabumon's voice behind him say, "Never put your back behind your opponent."

Agumon turned his head around to see Gabumon charging at him with his horn aiming at him and then peirced Agumon's butt.

Now let's think for a moment, A Gabumon's horn + An Agumon getting hit with it in the ass equals MAJOR HELL ASS PAIN!

Agumon went sailing through the air screaming in total pain as he cluched his orange bottom. When he landed near the edge he started crying anime tears as he was rubbing his butt in pain.

Everyone winced, "That had to hurt." Said Yolie.

"Agreed." Said Hawkmon.

Gabumon then charged again, intent on knocking Agumon out of the ring.

Agumon, still in pain in his ass, closed his eyes and waited for Gabumon to finish him off.

Gabumon was about to strike when suddenly


Everyone stopped and looked at Agumon who was blushing red with embaressment while Gabumon froze with his eye wide and his mouth open.

T.K then asked Tai, "Tai...what did Agumon eat today?"

"Well...we had to rush breakfest so we just went to a mexican place and ordered some burritos." Said Tai nevously.

"Well, they sure left their mark." said Sora covering her nose.

"Indeed." Said Tentomon with a Gas mask on.

The worst who suffered was Gabumon who was right in front of the whole thing with his mouth open and eyes wide. Not to mention since he's a canine like Digimon his nose's sent had increased by a lot.

"AAAUGH!" Cried Gabumon who was crying and trying to get fresh air.

Now's my chance. Thought Agumon who then bashed him in the head with a claw while Gabumon was sent back.

They both nodded to each other knowing they had to end this once and for all.



Both attacks went past each other and hit both fighters knocking them out of the arena at the same time.

Since nobody won they both lost and the final battle to decide the final battle would be Veemon vs. Strabimon, winner takes all.

"Go Veemon!" Shouted Mimi.

"Kick this guys butt!" Said Gomamon.

"Good luck!" Said Davis.

Veemon waved and he walked on top of the arena. (Meanwhile in the Digital World)

Doctor Leo (From the First fic) was looking at Gatomon who was sitting on a table as Kari was sitting in a chair next to a door. They were curently in a examination room.

"So you have been eatting a lot more?" Asked Doctor Leo.


"And you have been barfing, but yet you are not sick." Said the Doc.


"And how long has this been going on?"

"Two weeks."

"Himmmm." Said Doctor Leo, thinking he might have an idea of what Gatomon's problem was, but he wanted to be sure.

"Well, I think I know the problem was, but to be sure I need you to do something Gatomon." Said Doctor Leo.

"O.K. what is it?" Asked Gatomon.

"I'm going to need a urine sample. So take this cup and use the bathroom right there." Said Doctor Leo.

Gatomon took the cup and asked, "I just need to pee in it?"


"O.k." Said Gatomon who went to the bathroom. (Back in the fight)

Veemon and Starabimon had faced each other.

At the stands the others were cheering on the blue dragon when Mike came and stood next to them.

"So it's our Veemon against your partner huh?" Said T.k. filming everything,

"So it seems." Said Mike.

"So what did Strabimon join in this tournament anyway for?" Asked T.K.

"To test his Strength and to gain power." Said Mike.

Everyone looked at him.

"He doesn't care if he wins or loses he want's to test his strength. So he want's to fight the strongest of the strong. He will not give Veemon any mercy till it's over. He will not hold back." Said Mike as he looked at them, "Even if it means killing his opponent."

The others got a chill and were now worried about Veemon.

Veemon and Strabimon were about to begin when Strabimon said, "Before we begin. I want you to promise me you will fight with everything that you are and will strike at me like you are trying to kill me or you will lose."


"No time for questions! FIGHT!" Cried Strabimon as he was a blur and kicked Veemon in the chest knocking him back.

Veemon only to get an uppercut in the face then was kicked five times and launched into the air. Strabimon jumped up and cried out, "Licht Bein!" Strabimon's leg had glowed with white light and kicked Veemon in the back. He then grabbed his body in mid air and threw Veemon back to the ground.

Veemon got up, but Strabimon landed and cried, "Licht Nagel!" His fist glowed white and punched him knocking him even farther back.

Veemon landed on his feet, he was already bleeding on his lip and nose.

He's serious. If he keeps doing this he might just kill me. I guess I have no choice.

Veemon rushed at him and started a flurry of blows, but Strabimon blocked them all. When Veemon saw an opening he roundhouse kicked Strabimon on the left side which stunned him long enough for Veemon to yell, "Vee Punch!"

A flurry of Punches assaulted Strabimon and knocked him back. Veemon then did a sweep kick that knocked him down. He then tried to stop on his face, but Strabimon got away.

"Vee Head Spear!" Veemon glowed White and fired like a missile to Strabimon who was knocked back from the chest.

Strabimon got up and smirked, this was the opponent he needed to test his power on. (Back at the digital Hospital)

Kari and Gatomon were waiting for Doctor Leo to come back.

Gatomon had given Doctor Leo his cup, now filled with her pee, and was waiting for whatever test results he was doing.

I hope it's nothing serious.

Doctor Leo came from the door with the biggest smile he ever had. He looked at Gatomon with pure happiness.

"Well, what is it." Asked Kari.

"Well, I was wondering when this was going to happen. My God is a great thing. Gatomon..." Said Doctor Leo as both Kari and Gatomon looked at him," ...congratulations! You're going to have a baby!"

Silence (Outside the hospital)


(Back with the fight) The Fight had lasted for an hour so far. Veemon and Strabimon were both tired and beaten up badly.

Veemon had a broken rib, bleeding lip, nose, and head; finally he had a cramped arm.

Strabimon had bleeding fingers, cuts on his face, an almost broken shoulder, and had a broken ear.

Both were extremely tired and had been hitting each other with all that they were.

Everyone was nervous.

"The next hit decides it." Said Agumon.

"Yeah, both are out of it almost." Said Ken.

Strabimon closed his eyes; Damn...even after all this training. I still am so weak! If I can't get stronger then...

(In Strabimon's mind)

A shadowy tall figure with yellow eyes said, "Foolish little brother. If you want to kill as your life depended on nobody hate me with all your heart...and live your pitiful life till you can kill matter what..."

(Back in reality) I CAN"T FAIL! OR I'LL NEVER KILL HIM!

"This ends now!" Cried Strabimon as he ran up at Veemon and kicked him high into the air.

Veemon then felt Strabimon behind him in the air; he had jumped and was right behind him.

Everyone gasped.

"He's going to kill him." Said Mike.

"What!" Cried Davis who grabbed him and said, "What do you mean!"

"Simple, that combo was designed to kill anyone who has ever been inside it. Nobody lives through it. I'm sorry, but forgive him for what he is about to do." Said Mike with no emotion.

"Call him off!" Cried Davis in fear of his best friend.

"I can't, not even he will listen to me." Said Mike.

"Why not! You're his partner!" Cried Sora as she and everyone looked at what they thought was a poor digidestined.

Mike sighed, "Because...he's an Avenger. He will seek what ever power and kill anyone to reach his goal. Which is to kill someone who I shall not name."

They all looked in feat at the two Digimon in the air.

"I'm sorry. Forgive me when you pass on." Said Strabimon to Veemon.

Strabimon kicked Veemon in the side which broke another rib, then Strabimon grabbed Veemon by his chest and got on top of him in the middle of the air. They started falling at a fast rate and when they came closer to the ground Strabimon gave and axe kick right on Veemon's Head and shouted, "Wolves of Light Combo!" and both Veemon's head was hit by both the axe kick and the ground making a Veemon shaped crater.

Their was silence.

Strabimon got up barley moving. It took everything he had to do it.

"He dead." Said Stabimon who started to leave the arena.

Veemon remained motionless for a while, then he moved his head.

Gasps were heard, even Mike was shocked. Strabimon turned around and gasped in surprise.

Veemon slowly, got up.

" ...immortal..." Asked Strabimon.

"Nope, forgot..." Said Veemon who pointed to his head.

"The Skull of a Veemon is harder then steel. Why do you think our Vee Head butt attacks are so strong? That attack had hurt like hell, but after facing Xee...that was nothing."

Strabimon was shocked.

"Now you did your let's see mine!" Cried Veemon as he shot forward doing a head butt in Strabimon's chest, then got on his two hands and did a handspring double kick that launched Strabimon up the air this time.

Veemon then got on his feet and jumped high till he was over Strabimon's head. He flipped back and as he did he cried out, "Vee Soccer Kick!" As he did a kicked Strabimon in the head with a back flipped Scissor Kick.

Strabimon fell to the ground, but before he did he grabbed Vee and brought him down with him. They both landed with a crash!

Everyone was on the edge of their seats, waiting for the winner to stand. When the dust cleared everyone saw both Digimon knocked out.

"IT'S A TIE!" Cried the Announcer.

Patamon said, "Well…..that was interesting." After the awards the outcome was this,

Veemon and Strabimon both won first together

Gabumon and Agumon won second.

And some other Digimon won third.

Strabimon and his partner were in front of our heroes who asked if they wanted to join them for dinner.

"No thanks, we have other stuff to do." Said Mike as they turned around and left.

"Hey Stabimon!" Cried out Vee.

The avenger turned around.

"Let's have another match someday." Said Veemon.

Strabimon nodded and left.

While they were far enough Mike said, "So he's the one?"

Strabimon nodded, "He's the target. So you know what we must do."

Mike nodded.

Back with the others they were about to go out when Davis realized something and had a big smile.

Everyone saw this and asked what was wrong, "Simple, you guys remember our bet right? Losers have to treat the winners to a meal?"

Everyone sweated as they felt like their wallets were going to be a lot lighter, especially if their treating Davis and Veemon.

Chapter 7: YOU'RE WHAT?

It was a nightmare.

Veemon and Davis put the whole restaurant out of business, everyone in the group questioned if it was even possible for a human or a digimon to eat that fast and yet still remain thin.

Needless to say, most of the females were envious.

It got worse for Matt and Tai, who were reminded by Cody that since they both lost the bet, both had to dress up in a pink dress, wearing make up, in public, while singing and dancing to the Numa Numa song at the same time.

They both tried to find ways out of it, but in the end they had no choice and soon the two of them were on a table dancing and singing like fools.

Yolie and Sora took photos to sell on the internet while Gomamon video taped the whole thing. T.K. and Kari thought of changing their names after this.

After they were all full, even Veemon and Davis, they all paid but them.

Everyone, but the two winners, made sure to try to get an increase allowance/salary.

When they got back, Kari and Gatomon were there, looking nervous and shocked.

Veemon did ask what was wrong, but Gatomon said nothing and nervously went to bed. (Three days later)

This was their big chance.

Veemon's band, The 4 Winds, was playing at a large bar area inside the Digital World where Flamer (FlameWizardmon who was the bass guitarist) hooked them up. Rumor was that some record company dealer was going to be there and this was there big chance to go big.

They had been playing for 2 hours straight and were about to hit there last song.

Veemon got the opening ready as they start to play Fall out Boys: The Carpel Tunnel of Love

We take sour sips, From life's lush lips. And we shake shake shake the hips, In relationships. Stomp out this disaster town. You'll put your eyes to the sun and say, "I know, You're only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding." And we might have started singing just a little soon. We're throwing the stones at a glass moon.

Whoa, ah, oh, we're so miserable and stunning. Whoa, ah, oh, far from the genuinely cunning. Whoa, ah, oh.

We keep the beat, With your blistered feet. We bullet the words at the mockingbirds, singing, "Slept through the weekend, And dreaming, Of sinking with the melody of the cliffs of eternity. Got postcardsfrom my former selves, saying, "How you been?"" We might've said good byes just a little soon. (Stomp out this disaster town.) Woooah. Robbing lips, kissing banks under this moon.

Whoa, ah, oh, we're so miserable and stunning. Whoa, ah, oh, far from the genuinely cunning. Whoa, ah, oh, we're so miserable and stunning. Whoa, ah, oh, far from the genuinely cunning.

It was ice cream headaches and sweet avalanche, When the pearls in our shells got up to dance. You call me a bad tipper of the cradle, But I'm just tired yawns for fawns on hunters lawns. We're the hasbeens of the husbands. Sharpening the knives of young wives. Take two years and call me when you're better. Take tears of mine and find yourself wetter.

Whoa, ah, oh, we're so miserable and stunning. Whoa, ah, oh, far from the genuinely cunning. Whoa, ah, oh, we're so miserable and stunning. Whoa, ah, oh, far from the genuinely cunning.

After they finished the song the crowd went wild!

Many females tried to jump on stage and grab them, but they managed to escape backstage and congratulate each other on a job well done.

"We did good right?" Asked Cleon the shy ClearAgumon who was their pianist.

"Of course we did! Can't you hear them? There begging for more!" Shouted Veemon who was all wiped out for playing so long.

"Say, you think that manager for that record company heard us?" Asked Dan the Divermon and drummer.

"By the fact that I'm standing here right now and wanting to speak with you should mean yes, uh huh." Said an Elvis like voice not to far from them.

A SuperStarmon came out and said, "Hello boys, I'm from Starmon Music Inc. and hot damn I heard music and then good music, BUT that was DAMN good music." Said SuperStarmon who was nodding.

"Wow, thanks dude." Said Flamer who was grinning.

"How about you boys come down to my place next week around lunch time, we can discuss a deal then, uh huh." Said SuperStarmon.

"That would be great!" Said Veemon.

"Sweet. Then see you dudes later, out!" Said SuperStarmon walking away.

"YES!" Cried Flamer, "You guys so own me for this one!"

"Sweet!" Cried Dan who couldn't believe this was happening.

Veemon could hardly believe it too, he couldn't wait to tell his wife about this.

"I've got to go guys, have to tell everyone the news." Said Veemon running off to find an exit to the real world.

"Dude, he's got it all." Said Flamer, "He's famous, great friends, great wife, and all the perfect things in life man."

To bad he would jinxed it. (In the real world)

Gatomon sat on both her and Veemon's bed wondering how he was going to tell him. It was really unexpected, they never once thought of having a child and raising a family, it really was unexpected. Could they do it? It was a huge responsibility after all, taking care of your child.

She begged Kari not to tell anyone, especially Veemon, so she could tell him herself.

Problem was she didn't know how.

"Gatomon! Could you come in here for a second?" Said Tai's voice from outside her room.

Gatomon mad her way to the living room where suddenly…

"CONGRADULATIONS!" Cried everyone suddenly, making her lose one of her nine lives.

"Wha…How…what?" Asked Gatomon who clutched her chest like she had a heart attack.

Kari walked over and said, "Sorry, but I had to tell them."

"I can't believe your pregnant and are having a child Gatomon. Ohhh, this is going to be so fun!" Said Mimi coming over, "Planning the baby shower, giving it a name, buying a play pen, and so many other things."

"Mimi, maybe we should let Gatomon choose what to do with those things." Said Joe.

"Sorry, but this is so exciting." Said Mimi.

"So when are you due?" Asked T.K.

"Doctor Leo says about 8 months, we don't know if it's a boy or a girl." Said Gatomon rubbing her stomach.

"You know, this is truly fascinating. Maybe I should research more on Digimon births and parent life styles to know what were going to be seeing in next few months." Asked Izzy.

"If it's anything like human pregnancies, then let's hope she's not the same when mom had to carry T.K." Said Matt.

"Hey! What's that suppose to mean!" Asked T.K.

Gatomon then said she had to go back to her room for a while, but as soon as she left, Veemon came in through the door and shouted, "Guys! You won't believe the good news I have!"

"You don't have to tell us." Said Matt.

"We already know, congratulations!" Said Biyomon.

"Yeah, Veemon. Way to go." Said Gabumon side by side with his wife.

"You already knew?" Asked Veemon by surprised.

"Yep, and I tell you Veemon. As your partner, I'm proud of you and I'll stand by you ever minute of it." Said Davis kneeing down and putting his hand on his partner.

They nodded.

"Aw man, I wanted it to be a surprise…" Said Veemon a little disappointed.

"Well, look at it this way. It was worth it all right?" Asked Davis.

"Oh yeah, trust me, it was rough at first, but I tell you once you know how to make it all work, it sounds like a melody." Said Veemon.

"Right…" Said Davis who was confused by that last statement.

"Oh course I couldn't have done it alone, my friends helped me too, all three of them." Said Veemon.

Everyone's eyes bugged eyed and there mouths dropped.

"At first we thought we wound never get all them way up there, but found the hole of glory and went through the tunnel of talent." Said Veemon smiling.

Yolie covered Cody's ears.

"It was a lot of hard practice you know, training and getting it right, sometimes there were a few injuries, but no pain no gain." Said Veemon.

Mimi covered Palmon's ears.

"Then again, it's easy when you're a guy who's been doing this for a long time." Said Veemon.

Joe covered his own ears.

"Veemon….what the hell are you talking about?" Asked Sora who couldn't belive what she was hearing.

"My band got a record company to notice us and maybe sign us a deal. That is what we were talking about right?" Asked Veemon.

Everyone let out a breath in relief.

"Thank god." Said Wormmon who felt like getting under a couch.

"Veemon…you don't know?" Asked Tai.

"Know what."

"That Gatomon is Pre-" Said Agumon before Gatomon's paw covered his mouth.

"Prepared a party for your celebration!" Said Gatomon thinking quickly before releasing his mouth, "Why don't you go freshen up a bit."

Veemon shrugged and agreed. When he was gone Tentomon said, "You didn't tell him did you?"

Gatomon sighed, "I don't know how to tell him….that's the problem."

"Maybe you should just say it?" Asked Sora.

"And maybe I want to play Russian Roulette with a full loaded pistol." Said Gatomon.

"Well, your going to have to tell him soon because he'll figure it out when your belly becomes the size of a Whalemon. " Said Hawkmon pointing to her belly.

"Just for that comment, I'm going to make you into bird stew." Said Gatomon with a glare that meant it.

Hawkmon zipped behind his partner for protection.

Veemon finally came out and said, "Okay, so I'm freshened up. Now what."

"Gatomon has something to tell you." Said Patamon.

Gatomon felt the need to hurt everyone in this room as Veemon focused on her and asked, "So what is it angel?"


"Ten digi dollars says she chickens out?" Asked Agumon to Gabumon.

"Deal." Said Gabumon.

"..I…I'm…I'm in the mood for suraids (How do you spell that word?) how about you!" She said finally.

Everyone, but Agumon face planted. Gabumon grubbled as he gave Agumon the money.

"Umm…sure I guess." Said Veemon.

Everyone sat on the couch or floor as Gatomon went up and said, "Okay! First clue!"

She started pretending she was rocking something to sleep while lip singing "Rock a bye baby."

"Uhh…..I don't know? A Tyrannomon when it's drunk?" asked Veemon.

"Naw, they flap there arms more." Said Armadillomon.

"Okay…Second Clue." Said Gatomon who started acting like a baby her self by crawling around, sucking her thumb, pretending to cry and so on.

"Umm….rich Beverly Hills girls who don't get what they want?" Asked Veemon.

Gatomon was running out of patience, "Fine! Final Clue!"

She grabbed Hawkmon and Tentomon who stood by together. Then she grabbed Gabumon and Biyomon and said, "You two make out!"

Biyomon and Gabumon looked at her saying "What?"

"JUST DO IT!" Cried Gatomon.

"Not even one month in and she already has mood swings." Whispered Joe to Gomamon.

"I think she's just like that time she gets upset." Said Gomamon.

Gabumon and Biyomon shrugged as they started making out with each other, full force. Hey there married.

"Now pretend that Tentomon is a bee." Said Gatomon.

"But I'm not a-"

"YOU'RE A BEE!" Cried Gatomon.

"Yes Madame!" Said Tentomon shutting up.

"Now do you get it?" Asked Gatomon.

Veemon thought about this one. Everyone was watching him as he tried to make this all out, except Biyomon and Gabumon who were on the floor French kissing.

"Wait a minute….I got it!" Cried Veemon standing up, "It's a collage gypsy bash!"

"NO! IT's the birds and the bees! It means a baby! I'm having a BABY! I'M GOING TO HAVE A BABY!" Cried Gatomon.

Veemon then turned to the others and said, "See, now that's something I wouldn't hav- YOURGOINGTOHAVEABABY!"

He stared at Gatomon with wide eyes and mouth on the floor. Biyomon and Gabumon stopped kissing and watched the outcome.

"Yes, I'm pregnant." Said Gatomon smiling and kissing Veemon on the lips.

Veemon turned from a shocked face to a happy face and said, "You're going to have a baby! Were going to have a baby!...I"M GOING TO BE A FATHER!"

He started jumping up and down like a crazy man screaming how he was going to be a dad and such, "Gatomon there's just one thing I need you to do for me!"


"Catch me."

He then fainted.

Chapter 8: History of Your People

(A few nights later)

Veemon was the luckiest guy in the world.

He was in his bed, his pregnant wife sleeping right next to him, as he stared at the ceiling and smiling.

He smiled as he rubbed her stomach which made he smile in her sleep.

They were going to have a baby.

What kind of baby was anyone's guess. After all it was a Gatomon and a Veemon as its parents. In most cases, the baby looked like either one of the parents with a few small characteristics from the other one, very rarely was a new Digimon made from both parents.

Everyone had been getting excited about the whole thing; after all there was so much planning to do. The baby shower, picking a name, finding out if it was a boy or a girl, making sure it was healthy, and finally the birth itself, which Veemon heard was the hardest part.

Veemon wondered if he was even ready to be a father. He never had one, well not that he remembered. But could he do it?

Neither he nor Gatomon had parents. Would they be a good influence? Would the guide him on the right path? What if something bad happened? Like he was destined to be the Lord of al Evil or something?

Okay that was stupid to think.

Yet still, he worried.

He talked with Tai's dad over this and he said it was normal for a dad when he was having his first child. He said that all you can do is do the best you can.

Yet this was so unexpected.

He always knew the risk when he and Gatomon had sex, but it was still a shock.

He would have to make so many sacrifices and such.

He needed a drink.

He quietly got out of the bed and started heading to the kitchen when he felt someone behind him.

He turned around.


He sighed in relief and turned his head again, only to see a The Cloaked Veemon.

Before he could scream the other Veemon's hand over his and suddenly they vanished into a veil of darkness.


When they finally appeared the Cloaked Veemon shoved Veemon away and he landed on his back. He shook his head and shivered, what ever the heck happened made him so cold.

He then looked up and notices the Cloaked Veemon staring at him.

Veemon got up and into a fighting stance, "So your back huh? Is this Xee or that other one I faced a long time ago?"

"The second one." Said the cloaked Veemon.

"Well, I don't know what you want with me, but if you're here to fight then-"

"Do you want to know your past?"

Veemon stopped talking and stared at him, "What?"

The Cloaked Veemon said, "I offer you a chance to see your past, everything about our people and it's history…."

Veemon lowered his guard, "What are you asking for in return?"

"Nothing…for now…" Said the Cloaked Veemon who walked over to the wall.

Veemon now took a good look of his surroundings, he was in a pure dark area with the only light coming from torches from the walls, but even then it was still dark.

"Now follow me." Said the Cloaked Veemon who grabbed the torch.

Against his better judgement, he gave in to his curiosity and followed him.

"Where are we anyway?" Asked Veemon as they walked down the dark corridors.

"In the Digital World, this shine hold the history of the Veemon and the world over 300,000 years ago." Said the Cloaked Veemon.

Veemon nodded and kept following him.

For a short while, they were just walking, finally they arrived at a dead end where the torches light revealed a tablet on the wall the size of a car.

It featured 4 large dragon shaped Digimon flying above some clouds in the sky. One was made of pure gold and had 8 angel wings on his back with clouds surrounding most of it's body; the next one was a serpent type Digimon with pure white and blue energy surrounding him, the next one was similar to both as it had a pink energy surrounding it and was serpent like, but with angel wings, the final one was also serpent type but like the first one had arms, he had a red energy glow, but with demonic like wings instead of angel ones.

"Who are they?" Asked Veemon.

"When the Digital World was created, nobody knew who made it and why. Many Digimon formed their own religions based on there ideas or clues they thought proved it. This was our ancient faith." Said the Cloaked Veemon who put the torch to a set of old runes and said, "It was believed that from heaven, 4 Dragon Digimon created the world, and each had a part. Goldramon, the strongest of them all, created the ground. Azulongmon, the wisest of them all, created the oceans. Magnadramon, the prettiest of them all, created the skies. And Megidramon, the most ambitious of them all, created sun and moon and stars."

"Then they all formed the essence of life and created Digimon. But Medigramon was too ambitious and wanted to rule all that they had created with power. He challenged Goldramon and the others, but he failed and was banished to a world of fire and brimstone, in other words hell."

Veemon nodded.

"Then Goldramon and the others created a special dragon race. A race where there ruling and teachings would bring peace to the Digital World. The Veemon." Said the Cloaked Veemon.

Veemon suddenly grabbed his head as something went into his mind, a memory…


"Do you, Vee, of the Drabane family accept your duties by which you were born with under the house you are born into?" Said a Exveemon in white priest like robes, each with gold dragon designs circling it..

"I do." Said a young Veemon.

"And do you, -, of the Drabane family accept your duties by which you were born with under the house you are born into?"

A darker blue colored Veemon was next to the other Veemon and said, "I do."

"Then by the 3 Holy Dragons, I bless you so that you may carry the blood of your ancestors with honor."

(End Flashback)

He gasped, "I…I…"

"What?" asked the Cloaked Veemon.

"I saw…me….with another Veemon….getting blessed by some priest who was an Exveemon." Said Veemon.

"That's when you were reciving the title of "Young Lord." Said The Cloaked Veemon.

"Young Lord?" asked Veemon.

"You will know soon." Said the Cloaked Veemon who continued through the halls.

He followed him, "Why are you showing me this anyway? I thought you wanted to kill me?"

"I did…but Xee has convinced me that if we show you your past, you will join us." said the Cloaked Veemon.

"So there are more then one of you?" Asked Veemon.

"There is….seven of us." Said The Cloaked Veemon.

They finally arrived at another large mural, this time if featured a large Aeroveedramon fighting some dark shadow like object that was 10 times as big as he was. He was glitered with gold and silver while showing to be both brave and wounded in the fight.

Another one next to it showed the Aeroveedramon on top of a hill surrounded by a great light and thousands of other Digimon prasing him or something.

The next one however was more tragic, it showed the Aeroveedramon, dead in a tomb, but his soul arising from the body and lifting into the heavens.

"I trust you have heard the story of Veemaru?" Asked The Cloaked Veemon.

"Of course, who doesn't?" Said Veemon at such an obvious question.

Veemaru was considered one of the many great heroes the Digital World has ever seen in its entire history.

"Yes, but many do not know the full tale. After a while, a powerful Digimon sought to rule the world. His name was Nyarlathomon. A Digimon who thought he could obtain the powers of a God, but failed." Said the Cloaked Veemon.

"So Veemaru stopped him, but he later died of his wounds." Said Veemon finishing the story.

"That's only part one. The second part that nobody knows is further on." Said the Cloaked Figure.

They continued on. Veemon then asked, "What's your name?"

They stopped and the Cloaked Veemon was silent till he said, "My name is not ready for you to know."

Veemon shrugged, they continued onward till they arrived at another Murel.

This one showed Veemaru again, but hundreds of other Veemon were beside him on large pedestals where other non Veemon were worshiping them from below.

Veemon had a bad feeling; something inside him hated this picture.

"This is the second part of the story, the one only us Veemon and few others know." Said the Cloaked Veemon, "A hundred years after the original Veemaru's death, wars began to appear across the Digital world. Each race was starving to rule the Digital World and it led many lives ruined."

"So the Gods reincarnated Veemaru, and in his new body he stopped the wars and made the Veemon rules of system to make the organized so that all Digimon were equal, but the Veemon ruled"

Veemon stared at him, "You mean…"

"That's right, after Veemaru's death from an assassin, the leaders of the Veemon race established a new order. All digimon of not our our Digivolution linewere to be ruled under us. So we would keep the peace in the Digital World and for 2000 years it was like that." Said The Cloaked Veemon.

Veemon was shocked; the , includingChampions,ultimates, and Megasrace RULED the Digital world! But…it seemed….well….strange…to him at least.

"But….if we did…rule the world….how did…" Said Veemon.

"Our time is up, now you go home." Said The Cloaked Veemon before sending him away with a dark portal.

Chapter 9: Note for All to Read

Hello everyone….it's been a while huh?

I know I stopped working on this series a while ago, but since so many people want to see it continue. I've given it some thought.

I think, not 100 percent sure, that I'll rewrite Miracles of Birth and see where that takes us. I've got a lot to do already so I don't know if I'm going to do this, but I will give it thoughts.

Don't expect and update that soon however, you got to give me time to think about this, but if I can squeeze time, I'll work on this again.

And if I do, I I'll finish the series, I promise.


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