Miracles of Birth Rewrite was the canceled rewrite of the second installment of the canceled Miracles Series.

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Dreams and Miracles

"Come on bro let's go!"

"Best friends in life-"

"I just wonder how it feels for the other Digimon."

"What are you thinking going for a Digimon like that?"

"Say Vee, do you think-"

I've been having these strange dreams…..

They feature me….and others….

…events and people that….I….don't know….



"-in death-"

"I…I…well…I think I may."



"She was not of your kind traitor!"


"You do this and they will destroy you!"

"Nobody would miss me."

"…I would."

"Fight for freedom


Are these…dreams just deams…

Or are they?

"I will end this here and now!"

"-or in another life."

"This is for her."




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Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(End Song)

"NO!" Shouted Veemon who looked around in fear.

"Veemon, what's wrong?"

He looked to his side to see his wife and lover, Gatomon. She looked worried at him and with good reason. He was sweating like crazy, it was soaking the sheets they were sleeping on as eveidence by the intensity. His face also gave the impression that he had seen the devil himself walk the earth.

After calming himself down he told his wife with a forced smile, "I'm fine… just a bad dream…"

"Was it the same one?" She asked.

He didn't reply and just stared at his hands. He had been having those dreams for a while now. It was always the same thing, voices of people he never heard, but sounded familiar to him. And the flashbacks were always so quick it was like a movie going twice as fast as it should.

He felt his wife place her paws on his shoulders and snuggled next to him, trying to coax him into relaxing from the stress he was dealing with. Smiling, he turned around and kissed her on the cheek as a thank you.

"I'm going to get some air. Go back to sleep." He said before getting out of their small sized bed (To humans anyway) and opened the door that lead to the balcony outside the Kamiya apartment.

When he got out he managed to take in a deep breath of fresh air and began to relax.

How long as this been going on? Six months? Maybe more?

He knew he had to find some way to deal with it. It was starting to worry those close to him, especially Gatomon.

Smiling, he looked at the moon and thought about his wife. What seemed like yesterday was only a year since their marriage. Gatomon was the love of his life and he was for her. What started by one night of passion turned into a journey of love and trust that ended with them living together in both their partners' houses.

After they came back from the honeymoon, there was the difficult decision of which partner would keep the couple. Davis was his partner and Gatomon had Kari. In the end it was decided that every three months they would switch houses and live there for awhile. It wasn't as heckling as it seemed and both families enjoyed having them over for company.

A lot has happened in a year. Veemon thought.

Shortly after their honeymoon, everyone was taken by surprise yet again when Gabumon asked Biyomon to marry him. They had their wedding three months ago and the two of them were living with Sora since Matt's home wasn't the best place he said.

They weren't the only couple getting along well.

Palmon and her girlfriend were much closer than they were before, Patamon was going out with Sally, Matt and Sora were past "Third Base" and heading home, even T.K. was out getting a few dates here and there.

But what was most interesting was the relationship between Davis and Kari.

Since their partners were married, the two digidestined had been spending a lot of time together. Sometimes Davis would take Kari out for a few dinners and movies "as friends" but everybody could tell the two were getting closer and closer.

Veemon smiled, he was happy his partner was finally getting the girl he had a crush on since he was young…but…

He started looking at the moon again and wondered why he was getting a bad feeling? Ever since he got the dreams he had been getting this feeling that something was going to come and tore away the happiness he had.

But what do my dreams have to do with any of this…if they are dreams…

He closed his eyes in frustration, trying to make sense of everything that was going on, but nothing came in his mind. His thoughts were interrupted when he felt somebody hug him from behind and started purring.

Grinning he turned around and held on to Gatomon who was looking at him with her lovely eyes that shined in the moonlight.

"I thought you were in bed?" He asked.

"It's cold…think you can warm me up a bit?" She asked with a lick on her lips.

Veemon grinned as he slowly kissed her with the two of them locking on to each other with their lips to the point where their tongues could easy crawl in and explore each other. They kept this up as the two of them slowly walked towards the bed. Veemon then broke the kiss and started kissing her face and down to her neck as she purred and moaned from the pleasure. They fell on the bed as the placed the covers over them and …let lose.

However, like one night so long ago, this night would change their lives forever.

And start the life of one important miracle birth through the miracle of love.

Chapter 2: Training and Strange Behavior

(Digital World… Three weeks later)

It was currently midnight at this moment. He stared at the moon from his lonely place under the willowed tree. The night was young, like so many restless nights he was kept wake by the curse he was under.

A curse he put on himself and others for a greater purpose.

The cloaked Veemon stood up and slowly moved away from the tree to get a better view. He was at least 2 feet high and was covered in a black cloak that looked like the ones from Organization XIII, but it has a silver dragon in the shape of a V on the back. He was hooded so the face could not been seen as well.

As he focused on the stars above him, a veil of darkness awakened from behind him. From it came another cloaked person, similar to him only with a red dragon in the shape of a V on the back instead of a silver one.

"Thought I might find you here…So! Have you given it any thought?" The newcomer asked, he had a cocky and hothead voice.

The other clocked Veemon didn't even turn to face him as he said, "I have…I will say this one more time…he will not remember you and it is a futile effort for you to try and restore his memories."

"But what if he does! Maybe we can convince him to join us and we don't have to fight him!" He said.

"…I know you care a great deal about him…but you must remember…it's because of him we are now in the predicament that we are in…it's because of him that our race is now the shambles that it has become." Said the Silver Cloaked Veemon who turned around and said, "Besides….if he is the same as who he was before, it will not make any difference."

"I still want to try." Said other one.

After a few moments of silence the Silver Cloaked Veemon said, "Go…but I must know…even if you managed to restore his memories…even if you manage to make him remember everything…and he refuses to join you…I want to know if I can still count on you for our cause…"

"It's not like I have a choice now…thanks to you." The red one said before he vanished into darkness once more.

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Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(End Song)

(Digital world, a Forest on File Island)

A calm sunny morning…

No sounds…

Only silence…

In a single clearing however, a sense of tension was burning in the air.

Two opponents were currently staring at each other with intensity, each daring the other to make the first move.

Veemon started to sweat a little as Agumon started smirking at him, as if he was waiting patiently for Veemon to come at him with all he had. The blue dragon had to think of this rationally, he was quicker then Agumon and knew some moves that Agumon couldn't keep up with or see coming. Yet this was his sempai, the ORIGNAL leader of the Digimon for their chosen. He was stronger and had more experience then Veemon ever had in the time he was a chosen Digimon.

But that didn't mean he would give up without a fight.

With a sudden dash Veemon launched himself at Agumon. The orange dinosaur, predicating this, ran forward and slid over Veemon as he performed his signature Vee Headbutt move. Gaining back onto his feet, Agumon spun around and fired, "Pepper Breath!"

Veemon rolled back to his feet and barley dodged the blast of fire by jumping sideways. The two then ran into the trees and started racing against one another from each side.

As he ran, Agumon took a deep breath and shouted, "Spitfire Blast!"

The results were a rapid fire version of Pepper Breath with each fire ball more deadly the next. However, despite this, Veemon was not worried. Using his athletic abilities, he managed to jump and flip over each blast while still keeping his momentum. When the last fireball had missed, Veemon quickly jumped towards Agumon unexpectedly and shouted, "Vee-Punch!"

Although taken by surprise, Agumon managed to quickly grab the punch in the nick of time and threw Veemon into the air and over the trees with his monstrous strength. He then jumped from tree to tree, using each push to lift himself more into the air, till he reach the top of one and used it to fling himself into the air to follow Veemon.

The two then collided and started exchange blows with their fists, only doing minor damage to one another.

Then Agumon did something stupid, he tried to headbutt Veemon which proved to be a backlash when his forehead collided with Veemon's. He grabbed it and started to wince in pain as he remembered that Veemon heads were as strong as steel.

While it was a misfortune for Agumon, it was a fortuitous break for Veemon who kicked Agumon down back into the ground where he collided on his back. Veemon then positioned himself in the air and shot down shouting, "Vee Headbutt!"

Agumon opened his eyes to see a blue Veemon shaped missile heading straight for him. He managed to roll away in time as Veemon then crashed into the ground and made cracks in the earth. Veemon, although alright, was dizzy from his attack and Agumon managed to use this to his advantage with a punch to the face, followed by a knee in the guy, and a backhand punch to the back of the head.

Veemon, as he fell, turned a bit and kicked Agumon's jaw with the back of his heel which sent him back. The two glared at each other as they jumped forward one more time and punched each other in the face, sending the other back a few feet while still on their toes.

"Enough! I think that's good!"

The two sighed in relief as Tai and Davis came forward from their watching postion and handed both Digimon a water bottle.

"You guys okay?" Asked Tai.

"Yeah." Said Veemon taking a quick drink.

"Fine." Said Agumon copying Veemon.

"Not bad for an exercise huh guys? Keep this up and one of you is going to win the tournament next week easily." Said Davis who was grinning.

Veemon smiled at the thought. Some of the residents in the Digital World were hosting an all Rookie brawl tournament for Digidestineds in various districts in Tokyo. It wasn't the first one that had been featured in the Digital world since the revelation that the two worlds co-existed, but it would be the first one where some of the Odaiba Digidestined's partners would be participating in. When it was first announced, Agumon, Gabumon, and Veemon (along with their partners) signed up at once. Hawkmon decided to give it ago as well, to see how his skills would fare. Patamon was also joining for the same reason, but some of the others thought it was to also impress Sally who would be watching the fight and rooting for him. Gatomon was going to try out, but she had been having a few health problems lately and Kari asked her to drop out for those reasons, needless to say she was disappointed. Biyomon, to everyone else's surprise, joined in as well, but that was because she said she didn't want all the males to hog the fun in the tournament since Gatomon was out.

Everyone else just decided to root for them and watch the show.

So, to get themselves ready, Agumon and Veemon had started sparing and training against one another to get stronger and it was showing some good results.

Veemon's thoughts were interrupted when Tai's got a message from Kari via D-Terminal.

"Hey, Kari says breakfast is ready. Let's get going." Said Tai.

The four of them started drooling at the thought of food.

"You want to come, Davis? Kari would be glad to have another friend over." Said Tai.

"Well, sure I mean I guess I can grab a quick bite." Said Davis blushing.

Veemon grinned, "You just want to get to see Kari. That's all."

Davis responded by hitting him on the head with a red face.

"OW! What was that for!"

"That's not the only reason and you know it!"

"Please, I blind monkey could see it coming a mile away!"

"Who you calling a blind monkey!"

Tai shook his head in amusement, "Man, Davis sure knows how to lose it when it comes to my sister."

"Really? You acted the same way with Sora awhile ago." Said Agumon stating a fact which made him get hit in the head and the two started arguing as well.

Goggleheads are alike aren't they?


A quick few minutes later (after getting too tired to fight anymore) the four of them soon arrived at the Tai's house via Digiportal. The moment they exited Tai's room they were welcomed to the smell of a warm cooked and hard made breakfast laid out for them on the table. Eggs, bacon, rice, toast, pancakes, and various other foods were right there, freshly made. Kari was just finishing the last of the buttermilk pancakes when she noticed them arrive.

"Oh hey guys! Davis? I didn't know you were coming." She said with a smile.

Davis blushed as he rubbed the back of his head, "Well, you know…Tai invited me and how could I miss an opportunity to taste your great cooking?"

" (Cough) (Cough) totally not flirting (Cough) (Cough)." Said Veemon.

Davis glared at him as they all sat down. They suddenly then noticed that the amount of food on the table was ridiculous.

Eggs, bacon, noodles, sausages, pancakes, French toast, hash browns, and three different kinds of bread with butter were all spread out the entire table.

Veemon looked at it with a mountain of hunger, "Kari are you feeding an army or something?"

"Yeah, a one woman army named Gatomon." Said Kari sitting on a chair totally wiped from cooking.

Veemon, Agumon, and Tai smirked, Gatomon had also been eating a lot more then usual. If Veemon wasn't careful she could replace him as Digimon eating king.

"Speaking of the living vacuum herself, where is Gatomon anyway?" Asked Tai.

"She's in the bathroom, she's hasn't been feeling well for quite awhile you know." Said Kari who was worried about what was happening to her partner.

"Do you think she's sick?" Asked Davis.

"I don't know, maybe." Said Kari.

"Well sick or not, I'm going to start chowing down unless she gets her soon." Said Agumon, with a knife and fork in his hands.

They didn't have to wait any longer as Gatomon came soon looked a bit pale. Veemon walked over to her and kissed her good morning.

"Feeling better?" Asked Veemon.

"Yeah...what's for breakfast?" She asked in a hungry voice.

"Take a look for yourself." Said Tai who started to east some eggs.

Gatomon got on a chair and in less than a second she was taking the food down as fast as lightning.

Everyone watched as the white female cat was chowing down like a blur and was eating everything like a crazy Pacman on crack.

Crap, she's a machine. Thought Davis who just stared with his mouth open.

Finally, Gatomon sighed and stopped eating. She gave a burp and left the table...after eating almost everything Kari spent 2 hours making.

Tai was lucky to get some eggs and Kari managed to get a piece of toast, but poor Agumon, Davis and Veemon were left with nothing but crumbs.

Agumon started to sniffle as tears began to fall from his eyes at the sorrow of not having any of the food as Veemon followed Gatomon, wondering what was wrong with her.

"Jeez, what the heck is Gatomon? I know Digimon eat a lot, but that was enough to fill the bellys of 16 people!" Cried Davis.

"Well, it's been like that for awhile." Said Kari munching on her toast.

"Damn…well…guess I'll go get some Ramen to eat for breakfast. See you later." Said Davis getting up and heading out.

"If you keep eating Ramen, you're going to get fat." Said Tai knowing his successor's addiction to it.


(With Gatomon and Veemon)

The blue dragon found his wife on their bed, lying down with her eyes open.

"You okay?" Asked Veemon as he lay down next to her.


"If that's true then why did you eat all that food like a Gorillamon on a banana Sunday?"

Gatomon sorted at the joke before looking at Veemon and said, "I don't know…some days I feel like I'm going to lose my lunch when there are times when I need to eat 4 lunches. I think something's wrong with me…especially here."

She pointed to her stomach.

"This has been going for a week now right?" Asked Veemon, "Well, maybe you should see a doctor and make sure this is nothing serious okay?"

"Sure, I guess I should." Said Gatomon.

Veemon nodded and left while Gatomon slowly touched her stomach and wondered what was causing her to be feeling so strange.

Chapter 3: AN

Hey guys.

I just want you guys to know that I got finals coming up here in College so I've got to focus more on that then fanfics. So until my thanksgiving break around the end of the month. I'm going to have to hold on fanfiction writing. Don't worry. I'll work on them if I get some time, but because my studies are more important. Every fic is on hold for about a week or two.

Don't worry, I'll have plenty of time to work when my vacation starts.


Chapter 4: Tournament: First Round Part 1

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Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

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(Digital world, one week later, in some city)

The big event had arrived.

From all the corners of Tokyo's districts, various Digidestineds and their partners were getting ready to fight against one another for honor and glory. Other Digimon from around the area had all gathered in the stadium to watch the matches between the protectors of the Digital World and their rookie partners.

Most were also here to see if some of the Original Digidestined was fighting as well as their successors.

For those of the group who weren't going to fight they were watching from a special place in the stands in their honor were they could root for their friends. Those guys were already on the battle stage in the middle of the stadium with the other competitors getting cheers with the other Tokyo Digidestined.

"GO FOR THE GOLD GUYS!" Cried Mimi as she rooted for her friends from her place in the stands.

"You can win it!" Shouted Palmon.

"I really don't see the point of all this competition and violence." Said Joe, "I mean don't get me wrong, testing strength is one thing but really all this?"

"Well look at this way Joe…" Said Gomamon.

"What way?"

"It's an easy way to earn money." Said Gomamon smiling while showing his betting tickets which made his partner sweatdrop.

"Who are guys rooting for out of all of them?" Asked Palmon.

"That's easy, Tai and Agumon as well as Davis and Veemon." Said Kari with Gatomon nodding.

"Tai and Agumon is obvious. But why Davis and Veemon, Kari?" Asked Ken smirking, "After all Gatomon would only root for Veemon since they are married, but why Davis?"

"Um…um…" Said Kari blushing which made everyone laugh.

Their attention was soon taken to the middle of the stadium where a Piddomon took a mike in his hands and shouted, "Ladies and Gentlemen. Digimon and Humans of all ages! Welcome to the first ever Tokyo District Rookie Tournament!"

The stadium shouted in excitement.

"The rules are simple. Two Digimon fight in rookie form, first to be knocked out, pushed out the platform, or give up loses and the winner moves on to the next round. The tournament will keep going till a winner is declared and receives the grand prize of 500,000 Yen!"

The digidestined grinned at the thought of what to use that money to buy for. Most of the other Digimon were wondering how much food they could buy with it.

"Now let's begin the introductions…"

The Piddomon named the Digimon and their partners one by one introducing them with various applauses. Agumon, Gabumon, Veemon, Patamon, Biyomon and Hawkmon got the loudest because of their fame.

The last person to be introduced however….

"And now our final competitor…..ummm….where is he?"

The others looked to their fare right to see a blue haired human in a simple grey sweatshirt and long black pants look calm as he stood there alone without his partner.

The Piddomon walked up to him and asked where his partner was and got a response, "He's coming. Just wait."

Although confused the Piddomon nodded and declared the tournament open.


It had been 2 hours already but none of the gang had yet to battle.

They had seen some good fights so far, but it was only the beginning. There was more to be seen as of yet.

"Man, I wish they would hurry up and pick one of us." Said Yolie.

"I know. I'm itching to see what Veemon's training has resulted in." Said Davis.

"Slow down Davis. You'll get your turn. We all will." Said TK with a smirk.

"It won't matter anyway. Since Agumon's going to win this one hands down." Said Tai.

"Yeah right. Don't cry when we get the prize." Said Matt with Gabumon nodding.

Tai then gave a great big smile, an evil one at that and said, "Say Matt...why don't we make this interesting?"

Matt smirked back and said, "I'm listening."

"Let's see which one of us gets furthest in this tournament...the loser has to buy one night of dinner for everyone. Both Digidestined and their partners. And pay for all of it including tip." Said Tai.

Davis, Yolie, Sora, and TK shivered at the thought. Feeding 12 humans was bad, especially when Davis and Tai were in the frey, but with all 12 Digimon as well? You be tried out of your bank account more then a dessert.

Matt, although nevous about the bet, wouldn't take no for an answer, damn male domination ego.

"Alright! Your on!" Said Matt as he shook hands with his rival/best friend.

"Do humans always have to be so competative about everything?" Asked Gabumon.

"Look at it this way...either way we get a free meal." Said Patamon.


"Next up! Hawkmon vs. Biyomon!" Cried the announcer suddenly. The two birds grinned with excitment as they took off.

"Fly high Hawkmon!" Cried Yolie giving a thumbs up.

"With pleasure." Cried Hawkmon flying to the arena.

"Do your best Biyomon!" Cried Sora waving her hand.

"O.k. Sora!" Cried Biyomon before flying up to the arena.

The others saw this and got excited on the match.

"I think Hawkmon's got this one." Said Cody, "Hawks tend to be stronger than most birds."

"But Biyomon's got more experience than Hawkmon. What do you think Izzy?" asked Tentomon.

"It's hard to say. Both of them are well average in fighting. They both rely on long range attacks then close range like Veemon and Agumon for instance. I would say this will go either way." Said the genius with some thought.

"Either way, we finally get to see some action." Said Wormmon as he got on top of Ken's head for a better view.

"Wish I brought popcorn." Said Gatomon feeling hungry again.

"Think ahead next time." Said Armadillomon who was surrounded by snacks his partner bought for him.

Gatomon the politly turned to him and said with cute voice, "Armadillomon...please hand me some snacks."

"Hey get your...your...gulp..."

Gatomon then had a face of unheard of horror as she gave a burning death glare that made Armadillomon slowly sink into his seat...


Too nervous to think he just handed to her everything and went to a corner rocking to himself and mumbling about seeing the eyes of the devil.

"Thank you!" Said Gatomon who began chowing down.

Everyone else...just sweatdropped.

What? It's an anime.

Back on the arena, the two opponents were nodding to each other and wished them good luck on the match before getting ready.


Both of them sailed up into the air and started to dive and peck each other with their beaks giving them some bruises.

"Spiral Twister!" Cried Biyomon turning around and shooting her attack at Hawkmon who barley dodged it. He then counter attacked with his own attack, "Feather Strike!" He threw his feather boomerang and missed, but he caught it when it came back and started to throw it again and again.

I have to get on a hit somehow!...That's it! Thought Biyomon as she got an idea.

She started to fly straight at Hawkmon who started to use his Feather Strike.

Got to time this right!

"Feather Strike!" cried Hawkmon releasing his attack. To his surprise Biyomon at the last second floated down barley enough that the feather missed her head by inches. Biyomon then slammed into Hawkmon and started pecking him with her beak bruising him as well as give him a few cuts that barley bled.

Then she flew up high just in time as the feather that Hawkmon threw came back and hit Hawkmon in the face knocking him back. He felt small drops of blood falling from his nose as he tried to recover, but was almost hit with a Spiral Twister. He started to fly away from the attacks.

Biyomon then sped herself up in order to get closer, but Hawkmon was waiting for this. He then suddenly stopped in the middle of flight as Biyomon kept moving forward but faster then she could stop. This allowed Hawkmon to extend his wing out and make her smack into it, knocking her around in the air.

But Biyomon quick recovered and bit her beak onto Hawkmon's wing which made him yell in pain. Hawkmon tried to stay in the air while shaking her off, but he she wouldn't let go no matter what. Finally, he kicked her off and then tried to tackle her in mid air, but she managed to dodge easy.

The two of them kept diving at each other, trying to torpedo the other but barely missed each time.

Then just as they were going to dive again, Biyo stopped and unleashed another Spiral Twister which took the Hawk by surprise. He guarded himself from the full onslaught of the attack and was pushed back with his wings burned a bit.

Growling he was forced to keep dodging the twisters as he flew around the arena, trying to figure out an idea.

"Looks like Hawkmon's trying to find an opening." Said Agumon.

"He better find a way soon, or else Biyomon is going to wear him down from all the flying." Said Gabumon.

Yolie then shouted, "Hawkmon! Think of something and quick!"

Hawkmon nodded with a smirk as he prepared a Feather Strike and, to everyone's surprise, flew straight at Biyomon. She then prepared a Spiral Twister and released it. But then Hawkmon used his Feather Strike and aimed the feather to go right in the middle of the Twister which didn't hit it thus it hit Biyomon in the face dazing her a bit.

Perfect! Now for part two! The hawk digimon thought as he then went further up into the air and then dived down at the speed of a hawk. Before she knew what hit her, Hawkmon grabbed her around the waist with his talons and she went down with him. Hawkmon then slammed her to the arena floor where he held her tight with his talons while holding on to her tightly. Biyomon tried to get out, but Hawkmon wasn't letting go anytime soon. Once a hawk captures its prey it never lets go.

"He's got her!" Cried Yolie screaming in delight as Sora told Biyomon to hold tight.

However, after five minutes it was clear that Biyomon wasn't going to take anymore and Sora told her to stop.

"Winner Hawkmon!" Cried the announcer as Hawkmon let go.

"You okay?" Asked Hawkmon as he helped Biyomon get up.

"Yeah…I wish I at least made it the first round." She said with disappointment.

"Don't worry about it. You can try again next time, besides I think the match was pretty good." Said Hawkmon.

Biyomon nodded as she walked over to Sora and apologized for loosing.

"Don't worry. You did your best and that's what matters." Said Sora smiling at her partner.

Gabumon walked over and said, "Yeah, you may not of won this time, but your still a good fighter."

She blushed and kissed him as a thank you.

"Besides, you might not want to be like Hawkmon is at this moment." Said Matt as he pointed out to Yolie who was shouting "Perfecto" constantly while swinging Hawkmon into the air like he was a rag doll to his misfortune.

The crowd however was clapping for the match they saw. While it wasn't anything special or big like they had seen so far it was a far match between two strong and even competitors.

Piddomon then announced the next fight.

"The next match is between Agumon and Bearmon!"

Chapter 5: Tournament: First Round Part 2

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Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(End Song)

"Alright Agumon! Go show them your moves!" Shouted Tai as he pumped his fist into the air.

"You got it Tai!" Said Agumon as he jumped up and landed on the platform where he saw his opponent get on at the same time with his partner cheering for him.

They walked up to the center where they exchanged and friendly handshake.

"I hope we have a good match. But don't go easy on me just because you're THE Agumon." Said Bearmon.

"No problem. Good luck." Said Agumon as they both got ready.

Piddomon floated above them and shouted, "Begin!"

Bearmon dashed forward first for a surprise strike with his paw, but Agumon was able to dodge it and then tried to attack with his own. Bearmon was able to block it before grabbing it and throw Agumon into the air where he flipped right side up and shouted, "Pepper Breath!"

Lucky for Bearmon he saw the fireball and dodged it by jumping to the left. At that moment he felt a kick to the face from Agumon who had landed shortly after his attack and charged at Bearmon for a surprise strike. Bearmon was able to get back on his feet and the two started striking each other with hand to hand combat, both trying to use their claws on one another while ending up with scratches all over their bodies.

"Those two are really going at it." Said Tentomon.

"I would say there almost even." Said Joe who saw Agumon struggling.

"Please, Agumon's stronger than that. He's just warming up." Said Gatomon with a smirk.

Cody nodded as he said, "He's saving his energy. Letting Bearmon work his stamina out so when he's at his lowest Agumon can finish him in one blow."

Cody's prediction turned out to be true as Bearmon's attack began to slow down and sweat started coming down his face, blocking his vision. Seeing his chance, Agumon delivered a small jap towards Bearmon's right side causing him to wince. It turned out to be his mistake as Agumon then shouted, "Pepper Breath!"and knocked Bearmon back with his attack at close range.

The crowds cheered at the sudden attack and Agumon smirked. As for Bearmon, he was getting up with a few burns on his fur. Growing as he got up, more determined as his human partner told him to not give up yet.

Bearmon then shouted, "Bear Claw!" And his claws started to increase in size while glowing white. Suddenly, as if filled with energy, he dashed forward with a sudden burst of speed causing Agumon to take a blow to the face knocking him close to the edge. Agumon had just stopped himself from falling by digging his claws into the platform and pulled himself up quickly. However, just as he got up he saw Bearmon come at him with a right hook which knocked him back again, but he used the blow's force to spin around and slash's Bearmon's face with his own claws.

Growling he slashed at Agumon with his own claws and forced the orange dinosaur to block with his own. Agumon struggled as Bearmon tried to push him closer and closer off the edge with their claws in dead lock. If he fell, Agumon would be declared disqualified.

"Come on Agumon! Push him back!" Cried Tai.

"Don't give up!" Shouted Davis and Veemon with the others rooting for him outside the platform as well

Agumon glared at Bearmon as he thought, No choice…got to use it….

"Burning Dino Claws!" Cried Agumon as he breathed fire onto his claws and caught them on fire. Bearmon was taken by surprise which allowed Agumon to kick him back and attack him with five good hooks with his burning claws before upper cutting him back into the middle of the arena.

Everyone but Tai, Davis, and Veemon were shocked.

"Woah! Tai when did Agumon learn to do that?" Asked Yolie.

"Well we both figured that Agumon's regular attacks were repetitive so the both of us tried to make some new techniques to use in battle for more serious fights. Looks like it paid off." Said Tai.

"I can see it worked out. That Bearmon is shocked and burned." Said Biyomon.

Bearmon was currently getting up and growling, he wasn't expecting that sudden move. He felt his body getting weaker and knew he had to end this quickly or else it was over for him.

I just got to avoid those claws…if I can then I might stand a chance. He thought as he got back on his feet.

"Well? You done or are we still going at it?" Asked Agumon with a grin.

Bearmon smirked as he dashed forward trying to see if he could catch an opening as he unleashed his Bear Claw attack. Agumon was able to see through his as he blocked it with his burning claw which made Bearmon yell in pain from the flames.

Deciding to end this, he tripped Bearmon with his leg causing him to fall to his side. He then fell down and performed a falling axe kick causing Bearmon to cry out in pain from the blow. Getting back to his feet quickly he got on top of Bearmon with his claws, still on fire, positioned to strike at Bearmon's neck.

"Do you surrender?" Asked Agumon with a smirk.

Bearmon gulped as looked at the claws, feeling the burning intensity they emitted.

Sighing with defeat he nodded and accepted his loss with honor.

"The Winner is Agumon!"

The crowd went wild from the exciting match they had just seen as Agumon helped Bearmon up while complementing him on his skills.

"Thanks for the match. Good luck in the future rounds." Bearmon said as he walked over to his partner who gave him a high five on a job well done despite his loss.

Tai however was giving Agumon a noogie for his victory much to his pain and embarrassment.

"Tai! Cut it out or else your arms going to hurt my brain." Said Agumon.

"Not like there's anything in there to hurt." Said Gabumon joking.


The group laughed at his angry face, but they managed to calm down and wait for the next match.

"Next up! A very interesting fight! Gabumon vs Gabumon!"

The group was surprised at the sound of the opponent as Gabumon become interested in what opponent he was facing. Turns out the other Gabumon was a female with a lighter blue fur jacket and a pair of brighter eyes.

She got on stage and looked a bit nervous but was smiling as the crowds as she waited for her opponent to come onto the platform. As she was looking at their direction, she started to blush.

"Wow. A female. Looks cute too. Don't look now Biyomon but I think she has a bit of a crush on your husband." Said Sora.

Gabumon blushed as Biyomon turned red with anger as she whispered into Gabumon's ear, "Beat her hard and nothing funny…or else I'll beat you."

Timidlly he nodded to his wife before getting on stage.

"Are all wives like that?" Asked Hawkmon to Veemon.

"Most of the time." He said joking.

Up in the stands Gatomon hummed to herself.

"What's wrong?" Asked Kari.

"I suddenly feel the urge to punch Veemon for some strange reason." Said Gatomon.

Kari just sweatdropped.

Back in the arena, the two Gabumon were exchanging greetings.

"H-Hi….my…my name is…Karen…my partner named me…ni-nice to-o-o…me-e-t you." She said with a shaky bow.

Gabumon smiled and nodded, "I'm just Gabumon…my partner hasn't really named me yet…should ask him to do that someday…" He said as he mumbled the last part to himself.

"Ummm…I..I know this is strange…but…I want you to know…that I entered this tournament…because… a big…fan…of….of…" She said while blushing more and more.

Gabumon started to sweat as he felt Biyomon glaring at the two with her jealous looks.

"Yes…well…I think we should just start the match…" Said Gaumon quickly.

"OH! Right…sorry!" She said.

As they were watching this, Tai started laughing and said, "Wow…Gabumon sure is popular…how's it feel to have somebody else at your man huh Biyomon."


"OW!" Cried Tai rubbing his head.

"You knock it off." Sora said with her fist closed.


Gabumon rushed first, surprising Karen as she dodged a sudden fist to the face and backed off. She then tried grabbing Gabumon, but he managed to reverse her hold on him and bring her to the ground where he got her in a headlock. Karen struggled for a bit before knocking her head back, hitting her opponent's head. Gabumon grabbed his nose in pain as it started to bleed a bit, but that allowed Karen to pull her fist back and shout, "Rapid Punch!"

As she unleashed her attack her fist became like blurs as she pummeled Gabumon endlessly with her fists of fury, knocking him back again and again with each punch.

"Damn! That girl is good." Said Veemon impressed.

Biyomon was growling, seeing how this…girl…was looking at her man earlier and now messing with him…she snapped, "GABUMON! KICK THAT BITCH'S ASS!"

Everyone just stared at her and back off slowly.

Up in the stands, everyone was surprised to see Gabumon getting his ass kicked so hard.

To Gabumon's surprise, Karen had ended her attack and then started to charge a blue fire in her mouth. Gabumon, knowing what it was, quickly dodged to the left as she unleashed her Blue Blaster.

"GABUMON! NOW!" Cried Matt seeing an opportunity.

Gabumon nodded and fired his own Blue Blaster, only this one was at the ground where Karen stood on. The explosion managed to knocker her off her feet and then landed on the ground hard.

Gabumon then got on top of her, much to Biyomon's anger, and then lifted her up into the air where he threw her up high.

Matt then said to Tai, "Watch this…Agumon's not the only one with new moves."

"What?" Asked a shocked Tai and Agumon as they looked at Matt.

Gabumon jumped into the air following his throw and started spinning around as his horn began to spark electricity.

"Thunder Horn Spin!"

Gabumon managed to stab his horn into Karen's back, not to serious of course, while shocking her with blue thunder as the horn acted like a lightning rod. Karen screamed in pain as Gabumon then grabbed her and gently landed on his feet with her in his hands.

Tai laughed at the scene as Biyomon then kicked him in the shins while growling.

Helping her on her feet she blushed as she felt the stab wound on her back and felt some blood.

"Sorry…got a little too far…are you willing to continue?"

She nodded as the two of them got back into fighting positions.

"That Gabumon…always a gentleman." Said Mimi

"Unlike some people." Said Palmon while glancing at Gomamon.

"What? I can be a gentleman when I want to!" Said Gomamon.

"Then how do you explain getting caught on the women's side of the spas…every time!" Said Palmon glaring.

"Why are you complaining? You're the one who likes girls." Said Gomamon who got smacked in the face by an angry Palmon, "That's not the point! It's invading a women's privacy that matters."

Joe just sighed as he wondered how he got Gomamon of all people as his partner.

Back with the fight, the two were just standing still…waiting for the other to make a move.

The next blow might decided it in this fight…I'm just going to have to be quick. Gabumon thought as he readied himself. A second later he dashed forward as did Karen, the two of them lifted their claws and were ready to swipe when Gabumon, at the last second jumped back letting Karen hit nothing but air. Grinning he shouted, "Blue Blaster!" and blasted Karen at point blank range. Knowing she couldn't dodge it she surrendered to her fate as the blue lightning slammed into her and sent her back. She tried getting up, but found no strength left in her.

"Winner! Gabumon!" Shouted Piddomon as the crowd cheered.

Gabumon helped her up as she nodded. Biyomon then rushed in and separated the two as she glared at Karen and said, "Don' t even think about it!"

"Huh? Think what?" Asked Karen as Gabumon sighed.

"You know! Looking at my husband! I should just beat you up here and now for those looks!" Cried Biyomon.

"Jeez, since when did the fight turn into a soap opera?" Asked Tai to him as the others rolled their eyes.

Karen gasped and said with a smile, "You…you thought…oh no…your wrong…I have no interest in Gabumon."

This surprised the two as she then pointed out, "I was looking at him."

It was Tai

"WHAT!" Cried Tai as he suddenly turned white.

She giggled as she walked over and said, "Your so amazing Tai-sama…if you want…we could …go out together…" She blushed as everyone else but Tai tried holding their laughter in, which was failing.

Finally, Matt, Agumon, Davis, Yolie and Veemon just fell to the floor in tears from laughing so hard as they held their stomachs to control themselves.

Tai just backed away and said, "Well…you…I…ummm…I…I"

Karen sighed and said, "It's okay…I understand….but call me if you change your mind!" She said as she blew him a kiss and went on her way smiling.

Sora patted Tai on the back, who was still frozen, and said, "Well…looks like you got quite a girl lover boy."

Tai cursed.

Meanwhile, Biyomon was apologizing to Gabumon for her actions.

"Hey. It's alright. You know you're the only one I love…why do you think I married you?" Asked Gabumon as he kissed her while getting cheers from the crowd. The two of them blushed as they made their way off the stage for the next fight.

Chapter 6: Tournament: First Round Part 3

(Now playing: Inori ~You Raise Me Up, Artist: Lena Park)

Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(End Song)

After Gabumon's fight, and Tai's mental scaring, the others watched in the back as the tournament continued. Just then, Davis got the feeling they were being watched by somebody and turned to his left to see the one Digidestined, who's partner had yet to arrive, was watching them.

"Hey….I think that guy's staring at us." Whispered Davis as he pointed to him.

The others looked and saw that he was indeed staring at them. His glare was not only cold looking but just by looking at him in general you got a chill in your spine.

"Just ignore him…" Said Matt as he turned away. The others followed, but the thought of him still lingered in their minds.

"Will Kojiro and Veemon come up to the platform!"

Veemon smirked and gave everyone thumbs up before rushing on stage.

"Go kick ass Veemon!" Cried Davis.

"Show them what you got!" Cried TK.

Up in the stands Gatomon cheered with the others as she watched her husband get on the platform.

"Veemon! Do your best!" Cried Gatomon as she waved.

Seeing her, he waved back to her and his friends before waiting for his opponent. It turned out to a Ryudramon who looked very experience in the art of battle.

This got the others a little nervous.

"Never seen a Digimon like that before." Said Mimi.

"It's a Ryudramon. A dragon digimon that wears samurai armor and follows the Bushido code like any Samurai. He respects strong warriors and will gladly die in battle for the sake of his allies." Said Izzy as he looked the digimon up on his favorite pineapple laptop.

"If this Digimon is trained like a Samurai then Veemon might have a bit of a problem." Said Cody.

"Still, Veemon has faced swordsmen before….remember that one other Veemon in that cloak back then?" Asked Armadillomon.

The others nodded, but with grim faces. That was a day they didn't really want to remember, especially Gatomon.

That was the day Veemon almost died from saving her from that crazed swordsman.

In fact, I just only remembered him till now…we haven't seen or heard of him since that one time…but he said he'll always hunt Veemon down till he's killed him.

Kari saw the worried look on Gatomon's face and asked if she was alright. The cat digimon quickly snapped back to reality and nodded. This wasn't the time to worry about such things; she had to support her love.

Meanwhile, Veemon was a bit nervous. He had heard of Ryudramons who were said to be very powerful, even in rookie form.

"So you are Veemon….the last of the Veemon race…." Said Kojiro glaring at him.

Veemon got ready for whatever his opponent was going to throw at him….

"…IT'S AN HONOR TO MEET YYYYOOUUUUU!" Shouted the samurai dragon digimon with happyness.

…..except for that.

Veemon just looked at him like he was mad.

"What…." Said Veemon.

"…the…." Said Davis.

"…..hell?" said everyone else

"I have heard stories about you being a true and honorable fighter!" Shouted Kojiro looking up into the sky, "The dream of a samurai is to fight with pure honor and skill! And after of your tales and seeing you here with my own eyes I can see you are worthy of the most honorable samurai! THUS I SALUTE YOU VEEMON WITH MY ENTIRE HONOR!" Shouted Kojiro as saluted with tears falling from his eyes as Sakura petals fell from nowhere as well as the large Kanji Symbol of Honor appearing behind Kojiro, not to mention a gong banged.

"Where did that Kanji symbol come from?" Said Ken.

"Where did those Sakura petals come from?" Asked Gatomon.

"Where did that gong come from?" Said Joe.

They then all looked at Gomamon holding a small gong and a small mallet.

"O.k. sorry that was me." Said Gomamon nervously rubbing the back of his head.

"Well if all this is done can we get back to the fight?" Asked Veemon.

"Of course! Straight into battle young Samurai! SOU!" Said Ryudramon charging head on.

Veemon didn't dodge fast enough when Kojiro hit him with a full headbutt. Veemon was knocked straight back a few feet before getting up and rubbing his head.

"Come on Veemon! Knock it to him!" Cried Davis.

Veemon got back up and started to dash towards Kojiro.

Kojiro only jumped and screamed, "Katana attack!" Then out of his mouth came a large blade that shot straight at Veemon, who jumped up and dodged it. Kojiro kept firing multiple "Katana attacks", but Veemon was well trained in speed so it was no challenge at all to dodge them. Then Veemon finally got close enough to yell, "Vee-Headbutt!"

All of Veemon's friends smiled, once Veemon did his main move it would almost surely knock out an opponent or hurt him badly.

"Helmet Reversal!" Cried Kojiro as his armor began to glow a little before positioning the helmet in Veemon's way. When Veemon hit the helmet, he was suddenly knocked back while Kojiro was no hurt even the slightest.

The Odabia Digidestined gasped.

Veemon was both in pain and surprised from his sudden failure.

"Surprised? I thought you would be. My Helmet Reversal technique deflects my enemy's attack with the help of my armor. This makes me almost untouchable. As you know what they say, "A good defense is a good offence!"" Said Kojiro looking quite pleased.

Looks like this is going to be way harder than I thought it would be. Thought Veemon getting up while rubbing his head at the same time.

But Kojiro didn't waste a second attacking Veemon again. He charged at Veemon and gave him right and left hook, both hitting their targets. Veemon stumbled back a bit and tried to use some jabs on Kojiro, but only succeeded in hitting his armor which hurt his hands this time. Kojiro retaliated with a headbutt that made Veemon grasp his head in more pain.

Kojiro then tried to use a hook with both hands, but Veemon grabbed them and then did a backflip kick that hit Kojiro in the chin where his armor wasn't protecting him. Both combaters stepped back away from each other. Veemon then noticed that only the back and upper part of Kojiro's head was covered with his samurai armor. His lower section was completely unprotected.

Veemon then grinned and started to rumble again. He dodged a jab and ducked to deliver a punch to Kojiro's gut. The Dragon Samurai gasped, felling the wind knocked out of him. However, Veemon didn't stop. He kept delivering blow after blow after blow to his chest and then finally shouted, "Vee-Punch!" He delivered multiple fast punches that hit everywhere on the chest before finishing his attack with an upper cut, knocking Kojiro back a few feet into the ground.

The crowed was cheering for the awesome move. Veemon thought he won till he saw Kojiro get up and rub of some blood that was from his lip.

Looks like he found my weakness, luckily any true warrior would make a way to make sure that weakness was defended well. Thought Kojiro.

Kojiro then shouted, "Katana Attack" twice, but instead of firing them at Veemon he fired them at the ground. Then he picked them up and in his hands were two katanas. Veemon then started to sweat for two reasons. One he didn't have a sword to defend himself and two it brought back some bad memories.

Memories of that Black Cloaked Veemon only a year ago….

Then to his surprise, Kojiro tossed one of his katana's to Veemon who caught it.

"I don't find unarmed opponents when I am wielding my blade. I hope you know how to use a blade." Said Kojiro getting into a sword stance.

Veemon had to admit, although he never used a sword in his life, there was that one time when he was facing the Cloaked Veemon that he summoned a strange sword and managed to hold off the enemy. The Cloaked Veemon called it a…V-Sword…whatever that was…

Since then he had tried to summon the blade again, but no matter what he did he couldn't get it to appear.

Well let's hope I can use this one at least. Thought Veemon as Kojiro charged again.

This time Veemon blocked his attacks with his sword, but they were sloppy ones.

Each blow almost managed to get the blade slipped out of Veemon's hands. He tried to counter attack, but his swings were easy to dodge and for an expert swordsmen like Kojiro, it was a second nature.

Cody knew that Veemon had no chance now that it had turned into a sword battle.

Veemon may be good in hand to hand combat, but swords are a different story. Thought Cody. Still, Cody wondered how Veemon was able to defeat that other Veemon with that sword in his hands so perfectly.

Cody didn't think of it anymore as he then saw Veemon lose his sword to a deflection cut. The Dragon Samurai then lightly cut Veemon in the arm and head butted him. Veemon fell back, but rolled to avoid a down stab that could have ended this battle. Veemon then got up, but jumped back avoiding cuts and slashes. Veemon was running out of options on how to win, but he refused to give up.

Then Veemon felt his head was exploiting from inside. He yelled in pain as he placed his hands over his head while trying to stop the sudden pain. Everyone else was worried what was going on it looked like he was having a major headache.

Then something came to Veemon like a flashback, but it was sketchy.


It was blurry, but Veemon could see a smaller Veemon in a dojo like area and was staring at a wooden dummy. He then gave a yell and charged at the dummy. When he was close enough he yelled something. He hit the dummy like he was performing a Vee-Headbutt, but it didn't break in two. The little Veemon mumbled something till someone said, "Hey! What are you doing here?"

The little Veemon turned to see another little Veemon approach him. This one was his same height, but he was a darker blue colored then a normal Veemon.

"Oh hey -" Said the first little Veemon, he said the other one's name, but Veemon couldn't hear it for some reason, "I was practicing my Vee-Headbutt. But I haven't broken this stupid dummy in two yet."

The other little Veemon smiled and said, "Well maybe I can help you. - showed me a technique that I managed to master in a week."

The first little Veemon said, "How come you're always the better fighter when it comes to techniques?"

The other little Veemon smiled and said, "Because I don't go into town and hang out with - as much. Besides, your better in just simple physical attacks and strategy."

"Well come on! Please teach me!" Asked the first little Veemon jumping up and down.

"O.k. o.k! Jeez, by the Paragons you are a little child." Said the other little Veemon.

The first little Veemon gave a glare and said, "Hey! Were the same age -!"

"I know I know." Said the other little Veemon calming the other one down before getting a few feet in front of the wooden Dummy and shouted something before jumping up and like a bright white comet clashed right through the dummy and broke it into small parts.

The first little Veemon was so shocked his mouth was wide open. He then began to clap for joy.

The other little Veemon bowed and said, "Amazing huh?"

"Think I can do it?"

"Of course it's called…"

End of Flashback

"Vee Head Spear!"

Kojiro just gasped as the next thing he saw was a bright white like comet hitting him in the head, breaking his armor, making his head bleed, and knocking him back off the platform.

Everyone else was silent.

Veemon had suddenly preformed what seemed like a powered up version of the Vee-Headbutt. It was the same, but he was glowing with white energy as he made a direct hit head on.

Veemon was more or less confused then amazed really. For one how the heck did he get that flashback and more importantly what was that attack? It was like he just knew it like that.

He then remembered Kojiro and went to see if he was alright. To his surprise he saw Kojiro with his armor shattered and in pieces on the ground. He looked down at them and started to cry, "You….destroyed my armor…no one has ever done that before…."

"Kojiro….I'm sorry….I…"

"I HONOR YOU AGAIN VEEMON-SAMA!" Cried Kojiro with another salute!

Veemon, and everyone else, was once again stunned by his boosting.

"NO ONE HAS EVER BROKEN MY ARMOR BEFORE! YOU ARE TRULY A WOTHY AVERSARY THAT WOULD MAKE EVEN THE GREATEST OF SAMURAI QUAKE WITH FEAR! YOU DESIRVE THIS VICTORY! SO THERE FOR I HONOR YOOOU!" Cried Kojiro as once again saluted with tears falling from his eyes as Sakura petals fell from nowhere as well as the large Kanji Symbol of Honor appearing behind Ryuudramon, not to mention a gong banged.

"Gomamon stop that!"

"Sorry Joe!"

"Well….thanks again….I think." Said Veemon sweatdropping.

"Winner! Veemon!"

The crowd cheered for Veemon as he bowed in respect to Kojiro before walking over to his friends who congradulated him.

"Veemon…where did that technique come from? I've never seen you use it before." Said Davis.

"I…I don't know….It was just something that came to me I guess." Said Veemon lying about the fact it came in what he thought was a memory.

"Well, you won and that's what matters." Said Agumon as he congratulated his successor.

Up in the stands, Izzy was buys typing on his computer which got Tentomon's attention.

"Umm..Izzy what are you doing? You're not playing Starcraft again are you? Your mom said you had to stop or else she would cancel your account." Said Tentomon.

"No, it's not that. That attack we just saw, from what data I can tell Veemon doesn't have an attack like that in his normal attack roster. See, just Vee-Headbutt and Vee-Punch." Said Izzy showing Tentomon his data.

"Maybe it's a technique he made on his own, like Agumon and Gabumon. You worry too much; you should just watch the fight like what I'm doing." Said Tentomon. Izzy thought about it, the idea of Veemon making his own technique was logical…in the end he decided to go with that and shut his laptop.

"Before the next fight begins, there will be a short 10 minute brake. Next up. Patamon vs Valad."

"You ready Patamon?" Asked TK.

"Of course! I'm ready to take on whoever I'm facing!" Said Patamon.

Up in the stand the others were wondering who Patamon's opponent was when somebody came by their seats and called them out.

"Sally?" Asked Wormmon who saw the Salmon who Patamon had befriended walk over to them. By her side was her partner, a long blond haired girl with a green tank top and blue shorts. Her face gave the look of a kind, but shy girl.

"Hey you guys! Did we miss Patamon's fight?" asked Sally as she took a seat.

"His fights the next one actually, you're just in time." Said Kari who then turned to the girl and asked, "You must be her partner, nice to meet you."

She nodded and performed some hand signs that a few recognized as sign language.

"Her name's Kasumi. She can't speak, but I can translate her words for her thanks to sign language." Said Sally.

"Oh well nice to meet you too." Said Mimi.

Soon the fight was back on and everybody was once again cheering for excitement.

"GO PATAMON!" Shouted Kari.

"SHOW THEM WHAT YOU CAN DO!" Cried Armadillomon to his DNA partner.

"YOU CAN WIN!" Cried Sally hoping her friend could help

Patamon quickly flew on stage while TK shouted, "Do your best buddy!"

"Don't worry TK! I got this!" Cried Patamon who landed on the platform.

To his surprise his opponent was him or rather the virus version on him. A Tsukaimon.

The Valad grinned as he said, "Well this is interesting. The Data version of me is my opponent."

Patamon grinned, "Kind of exciting huh?"

"Well….just because we are of the same digital line…that I'll go easy on you…" Said Valad.


Valad at once started glowing as he shouted, "Purple Fog!" A second later, a dark fog covered the entire arena where everyone lost sight of what was going on in the battle.

"What's happening?" Asked Palmon.

"I can't see Patamon or that Tsukaimon anywhere." Said Sally.

"He must have used an ability that allowed him to cloak the entire field….quite a smart move too." Said Izzy.

"Yeah. Patamon might be in trouble. Not only can he not see, but if he moves to close the edge he'll be disqualified." Said Ken.

Meanwhile, inside the fog was Patamon who was confused by the sudden turn of events. Wondering where his opponent was, he decided to fly up over the fog and try to get a good view.

But just as he was about to lift off, "Bad Message!"

Patamon felt a sudden air blast slam into him on the left side of his body knocking him down. Valad smirked inside his fog as he spoke, "You may not be able to see well inside this fog, but I can. I can see your every move and that leaves you wide open for any attack! Like this! Bad Message!" Another purple air blast head straight towards Patamon who felt blow smack him in the face.

But the little guy wasn't one to quit over a few blows. Turning back he fired his Boom Bubble attack into the air, but he couldn't tell if he hit him or not. Another Bad Message then came at him, but managed to dodge it by flying away as it hit the ground.

Outside the fog, the crowd could hear the sounds of the battle raging, but nobody could tell who was winning or not.

"I hope Patamon's alright." Said Hawkmon.

"Don't worry. I know him. He's not one to lose easily, after all were talking about the one who defeated Devimon by himself." Said Veemon.

"Veemon's right Hawkmon." Said Yolie, "You of all people should know how powerful he is."

"I know I know. I just worry. After all, I doubt Patamon can see in that fog and that's got to be a disadvantage." Said Hawkmon.

"He'll find a way." Said TK, "He's not going to lose that easily."

Back in the fog, Patamon was able to dodge the blasts now thanks to one thing he found out.

His seeing might have been tampered with, but not his hearing. And with those large ears it was simple enough now to hear where the attacks were coming from. This of course, got Valad pissed.

"Dammit! Won't you just stay still!" Said Valad.

There! Thought Patamon hearing his voice, "Boom Bubble!"

"Wha? OOF!" Cried Valad who was suddenly hit by the attack and knocked out of the air.

Now! I have enough time to use it! Cried Patamon as he concentrated. Soon his ears started glowing with a gold and green aura that surrounded them. Tsukaimon looked in confusion on what his opponent was doing when Patamon opened his eyes and shouted, "Take this! Tempest Blast!"

Patamon then started flapping his wings at high speeds sending air waves all over the arena that were so strong they even made cracks into the platform.

"Oh….shit…" Said Valad before screaming in pain from the air waves.

Everyone watched from the outside as the fog was suddenly blow away by Patamon who had already knocked Valad off the platform with multiple cuts on his body. Once he saw his victory had been achieved he slowed down and stopped his air blasts with a smirk.

"Winner! Patamon!" Cried Piddomon.

Everyone erupted in cheer as Valad accept his loss and thanked Patamon for the match. Patamon was then taken by surprise when he was tackled by Sally who ran down after the match ended.

"Hi! Surprised?" Said Sally with a cat smile.

"Sally! I…uh…what…I mean…what are you doing here…" Asked Patamon who started blushing.

"Well, I thought I would come and surprise you by rooting for you! Aren't you glad to see me?" She asked.

"YES! I mean, of course…I was just surprised." Said Patamon getting up, still red.

Davis whispered to TK and said, "Somebody is in love."

"Yeah…reminds me of how you look like when you see Kari." Said Davis.

"Huh? What…I mean…well."

"Hey man it's alright…why do you still think something is between us?" Asked TK who knew Davis's early jealously when they first met.

"Well….you know…I thought…" Said Davis.

"Were just friends Davis…You should tell how you feel…I think she actually likes you the same way…" Said TK.

"Really? But she…." Said Davis before TK smiled at him and said, "Just talk with her alright?"

Davis grinned and nodded, "Whatever you say….TJ."

"Ha Ha. Very funny." Said TK as he walked over to Patamon and Sally and congratulated his partner.

"Thanks… looks like that new move was worth all the training huh?" Said Patamon.

"It sure was." Said TK as he then noticed a strange blond walk over to them and perform what TK thought was sign language. He noticed her blushing as she did so and wondered why she was so shy.

"Oh this is my partner Kasumi. She's mute, but she can understand words. I can also translate for her, she says hello." Said Sally.

TK smiled and nodded, "Nice to meet you. I'm glad I got to meet Sally's partner finally. Let's become good friends huh?"

She nodded slowly, sill keeping her blush up as she slowly pressed her fingers against one another. The others from the stands suddenly came down and started congratulating Hawkmon, Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon, and Veemon for winning the first matches, especially Gomamon who was happy all his bets were still in.

"You were betting on me to lose!" Cried Biyomon as she tried to strangle the mechivious digimon only to get held back.

"Now don't be mad. I did it with a heavy heart." Said Gomamon smiling.

"Why you little."

"The last match is about to begin. Will Yu and Hito please come to the ring now?"

Everyone watched as Yu, a male Biyomon, walked up to the ring and waited for his opponent, but he wasn't there.

"Where is he?" Asked Yolie.

"Hey, you think it's that digimon that didn't show up?" Asked Davis.

"You mean his partner?" Asked Tai pointing to the blue haired boy who was no longer staring at them, but at the ring.

"This is the last call for Hito…will you please…"

Before Piddomon could finish, Hito appeared before them via teleportation (Think how Renamon usually enters the scene)

The others were surprised, Hito was a digimon they had never seen before.

"Is that a…." asked Agumon who was shocked.

"…a Strabimon?" Asked Tentomon.

Hito glared at his opponent with a look much similar to his partner as he calmly crossed over his arms and closed his eyes.

"What's a Strabimon?" asked Cody.

"There a race of warrior Digimon who normally isolate themselves from others…it's rare to find one away from their homelands in the north, but I guess this one was chosen to be a Digidestined's partner." Said Armadillomon.


It was only a second before it was over.

With one blink of an eye Hito was behind the male Biyomon who gasped in surprised before crying out in pain.

Everyone gasped at the sudden twist as they saw Yu fall down bleeding like crazy as his blood started darkening the arena.

"SHIT! GET PARAMEDICS!" Cried Piddomon rushing over to help Yu as other medical officials came over and started healing him.

Nobody in the stands gave of a cheer, they were all too shocked that the fight ended in just a second.

Hito did nothing else but walk over to his partner who nodded and started to leave the stadium. But before they left they took one last glance at the others which gave them chills.

"What….what just happened." Asked Mimi.

"I…don't know." Said Izzy who felt a chill.

Veemon gulped and started to wonder…how strong was this Hito?

Up in the stands however, hidden in the shadows, one lone cloaked figure was smirking.

Only a matter of time.

Chapter 7: Watched

"….so that's it…you're going to turn back on your entire race…your family…everyone…"





"Oh yeah? Just watch."

"Listen! You leave the city and, if your ever seen again, they'll kill you on sight with no mercy!"

"Nobody would miss me…"

(Now playing: Inori ~You Raise Me Up, Artist: Lena Park)

Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(End Song)

(Kamiya Residents, Afternoon, two days after the first round of the tournament)

He shot up straight from his bed. Another dream…this time it was only with voices. He felt…like he knew those two voices…the first one seemed like he didn't want the second one to leave…but the second one didn't care.

Why do I keep getting these…God I must be going crazy. Thought Veemon as he looked at his clock to see he had slept through morning because of training last night. After seeing Strabimon finish his opponent in so quickly, he and the others thought it might be best to train harder.

Shaking his head, he got off his bed and headed towards the kitchen for some late breakfast where he found Tai and Kari's dad, reading the paper at the table.

"Oh about time you woke up Veemon….or is it Vee now?" Asked Mr. Kamiya.

"Vee sir, didn't Tai tell you about our name changes now?" Asked Veemon.

"He mentioned something like that, but I was too busy watching Chiba beat Hokkadio for the playoffs." He replied as he rubbed the back of his neck making Vee sigh in disbelief.

Ever since the tournament, the Digimon started demanding that they had names to make themselves different from their fellow race siblings.

Not wanting to treat them like pets they let their partners choose them and now they had names, Veemon's being Vee because it was short…and kind of familiar.

Taking some juice and a cold pizza he sat down near Mr. Kamiya as he then asked, "Where everyone else?"

"Tai went off with…..what's Agumon's name now?"


"Right, Surudoi…anyway, they went off to a soccer game with some friends. Kari and…"


"Right, Angel….Kari and Angel are just going to the doctors for a scheduled appointment with a doctor. Her condition is getting worse….as well as my wallet for the money I keep spending for groceries…I haven't had to waste this much since Yuuko was pregnant with Tai."

Vee smirked as he finished his meal and went towards the door, "I'm going out too… my band and I got to practice for out next gig. Who's making dinner this time?"


"…..who's turn is it to warn the hospital and fire department this time?"

"Already did it."

"Right, later." Said Vee as he exited the apartment. Unknowing that right behind him, down the hall, a cloaked figure was watching him. Feeling a set of eyes upon him, Vee turned around….only to see nothing.

Shrugging off he made his way to Davis's house to get transported to the Digital World.

(Digital World, hospital room)

"And…no change?" Asked Doctor Leo as he looked at the Gatomon he had been seeing lately. Angel nodded as Kari asked, "Is it serious?"

"Well…no I don't think so…the throwing up is a concern but she has no fever or cold…no bug or illness going around. The large appetite leads to a few possibilities…most not so bad ones….tell you what. Give it another week and if there is no change then we'll try a few other possibilities." Said Doctor Leo as he opened the door.

"Thanks Doctor…see you next week." Said Angel as she left with Kari.

Once they were out, the two were silent in the halls.

Kari looked at her partner in worry. The strange behavior her partner had been presenting had been alarming. Not only was she eating a lot….okay more than a Digimon should….she was also showing a lot strange mood swings. Like last night, she was arguing with Vee about how he was working too hard last night and she raised her voice louder then she normally did. Eventually she calmed down and started crying like crazy saying she just wanted him to not work so hard and overdo it. When asked why she was crying she couldn't give and answer.

Angel…Gatomon…what's up with you?

That's when Angel asked Kari a question, "What are we eating for lunch?"

Kari sweat dropped as she wondered if she should ask for a raise for her allowance.

(In an closed bar, somewhere in the Digital World)

"Okay guys. That's enough." Said Vee ending the song with the last of the strings to the song.

"About time…five hours of nothing but beating these things has caused my hands to turn red." Said Dan the Divermon and drummer.

"So, how's Gatomon been? She still sick?" asked Flamer the FlameWizardmon and other guitarist as he drank some water from his bottle.

"Yeah…it's kind of getting serious….last night was strange…one moment she's yelling at me and the next moment she's crying over me like when Davis saw the ending of Code Geass…." Said Veemon, who was not willing to tell the others that he cried after seeing it. (AN: It's hard not to…)

"Well, enough about the bad news…because I've got the best news of the day." Said Cleon the ClearAgumon and pianist.

"What? You going to finally pay me back the 50 dollars you owe me?" Asked Flamer.

"No, and I'll pay you later." Said Cleon, "I managed to get a guy from Starmon Music Inc interested in our work. They might show up later in one of our gigs and get us deal."

The band was shocked, "Dude are you serious?"

"Totally." He said high fiving everyone.

"Hey Vee!"

Vee turned to the exit to see Davis coming from outside, "You done already? Figured you be done a bit later."

"Were done for now. Let's get something to eat." Said Vee saying goodbye to his friends.

"Again? Why can't you eat at Tai's house for once?" Said Davis moaning.

"Because his mom's cooking….."

There was a deep silence.

"Did you guys remember to call the hospital and fire department?"

(Real World)

A short while later the two buddies were outside in the city looking for a place to satisfy their stomachs. So far they had argued where they were going to eat from Thai to Chinese to French when Vee got that strange feeling he was being watched.

Looking around with worried eyes he kept looking for the person. He had been feeling it all day both in the Real World and the Digital World. Somebody was following him.

For a split second he thought of that Cloaked Veemon, but that was impossible…he would have attacked him by now….yet.

"Vee? You alright?" Asked Davis looking worried.

Vee turned to his partner and gave him a false smile, "Yeah…just…looking around..and…you know…."

"…no I don't…"


"There they are! DAVIS! VEE!"

Looking to their left they saw Kari and Angel running over to them.

"K-K-Kari! What are you doing here?" Davis asked while blushing.

She smiled as she said, "I'm just returning from the doctors with Angel. We were going to get something to eat….want to join us?"

"What a conqencedence! We were going to eat out too! Vee didn't want to return home to your mom's cooking again." Said Davis grinning at his luck.

Kari's face turned serious as she asked, "Did dad remember to call the hos-"

"Yes." Said Vee.

"Good. So yeah, let's all go together." Said Kari smiling.


Davis and Kari walked side by side on their way as Vee and Angel smirked at each other, wondering how this was going to turn up.

The cloaked figure still smirked at them as he hid on the others side of the street before vanishing into the darkness.

(Later at sunset)

"Sorry you had to pay with me Kari…I wanted to pay for it all…but…" Said Davis embarrassed as he and the others walked back to the Kamiya apartment.

"Don't worry…I think even Bill Gates would have had problems considering Angel's involvement." Said Kari eyeing her partner who gave an innocent look.

"It's not my fault the Sushi was so good…especially the Eel." Said Angel.

As they passed through a small park, the married couple noticed an ice cream stand and went off to buy some as they decided to let their partners have some alone time.

Needless to say, they were both nervous around the others company.

"So….things been good Kari?" Asked Davis while mentally kicking himself for such a boring question.

"Yeah…other then Angel's strange behavior it's all right." Said Kari.

"Well, good…I would hate to see my best friend's wife get really sick." Said Davis, "I just more worried however about the tournament tomorrow."

"You mean that Strabimon, Hito?" Asked Kari.

Davis turned serious and nodded, "Yeah…I mean…I thought there was something strange…but he just finished that battle quicker than anyone….I don't like him."

"Me neither…" Said Kari getting the same feeling.

Davis saw this was killing the mood so he smiled again and said, "Don't worry though…I'm sure everything will be fine! So just relax."

"You never worry about anything….but I guess that's what makes you you…and I like that." Said Kari giving him one of the cutest smiles he had ever seen her give. Blushing he said, "Well…I just don't want to see you worry…"

Touched she nodded and said, "Thanks…you're a great friend Davis…"

"I'm glad I met you Kari…I mean well…you see I…I…" Said Davis who was starting to sweat. This was it…tell her how you feel man!

Kari looked at him as he stared into her eyes and said, "I…for a long time…I've liked…I've liked…..TK?"

"TK!" Asked Kari with wide eyes….was Davis….a….

"Look." Said Davis pointing out behind her which made her turn around. To her shock it was, a distance away, was TK and with his partner Gabriel (aka Patamon), with Sally and her partner Kasumi.

"What are they doing here?" Asked Kari.

Before Davis could answer, they gasped as they saw TK and Kasumi laughing…and holding hands….

Davis whistled, "Wow…sure works fast…you think he's got a fling for her?"

"Maybe…she is nice and pretty." Said Kari smiling, "Kind of funny huh? Gabriel and Sally both like each other and now TK and Kasumi. There's also Matt with Sora and their partners Beowulf with Isis."

"Seems like a sort of connection between the partners and their love for one other huh?" Asked Davis.

They both then blushed remembering…that not only their partners were in love with each other…but were married.

"Hey you guys?...did we miss something?" Asked Vee coming back with the ice cream cones.

"NO! NOTHING!" They both said while blushing.

"Well….the let's move on." Said Angel as she grinned with Vee.

The two friends nodded and moved forward…with various thoughts in their head.

Not knowing that, in a tree not too far away, the Strabimon known as Hito watched them leave before looking to his right where the remains of a dark portal disappeared into nothingness.

Growling he teleported away.

Chapter 8: Tournament: 2nd Round Part 1

(Now playing: Inori ~You Raise Me Up, Artist: Lena Park)

Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(End Song)

(The stadium, Digital World)

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Are you ready to continue with the most watched event this crowd has seen!"

Cheers erupted as Piddomon continued his speech, "THEN LET'S…GET..IT…OOOOONNNNN!"

The second day of the tournament had begun. Out of the six of them that had entered, five of them were still in. This time the entire group was with the fighters on the field instead of watching from the stands. Sally and Kasumi also joined in, wanting to see Patamon and the others do well in the fights.

"So, which of you guys are going to make it all the way?" Asked Yolie.

"It's obviously going to Surudoi." Said Tai.

"No way, Vee's going to get to the top." Said Davis.

"Don't rule out Taipa! He's got a fighting chance! He'll send you all crying home to your parents!" Shouted Yolie.

"Oh yeah!"


The Digimon however sweat dropped.

"Considering were the ones fighting, shouldn't we be doing this to each other?" Asked Taipa.

"Just go with it, I stopped understanding humans a long time ago." Said Beowulf sighing.

The argument continued until they saw two people walk towards them, from there they were silent.

Hito and his partner were walking past them, their cold expressions still lingering on their face. They stopped right in front of them and, at the same time, glared at them before moving on.

"Geez….those guys really give you the creeps." Said Mimi.

"Makes you wonder why?" Asked Joe who felt the same.

"Just ignore them. We don't have to worry about them." Said Isis.

"Easy for you to say, you're not fighting them." Said Beowulf.

Vee was silent. For some strange reason….he had a bad feeling that something was going to happen with this competition.


The tournament was fierce. Round after round, Vee and his friends kept fighting various opponents skilled in various forms of fighting. Some were easy, but most were not to be taken likely. However, in the end they all managed to get far and were now 3/4th of the way to getting a shot at the finals.

"The next fight, Surodoi vs Beowulf!"

The crowd had started cheering its largest cheer yet. Both of them were not only Odabia Digimon but also very big players in the field. The two of them had not disappointed the crowd by their amazing fighting abilities and were now about to face each other in combat.

Tai and Matt grinned at each other; egger to see their partners beat the other's.

Surodoi and Beowulf felt the same thing. While it was obvious that both Tai and Matt had a rivalry, what most didn't know was their partners had something similar. They often tried to see who was the more powerful of each other even though most considered them equal. This competition was another chance to see who the superior was.

"Hey Matt, lets bet on this one." Said Tai grinning.

"Oh so what is it this time?" Asked Matt grinning.

"The loser has to do wear a pink dress..." Said Tai.

"While wearing makeup..." Said Matt.

"In public..." Said Tai.

"While singing Caramelldansen!" Said Matt.

"WHILE DANCING AT THE SAME TIME!" Said both best friends as they agreed.

"Are all human bets this silly?" Asked Taipa.

"Most, some are downright stupid." Said Isis.

"But hey, it's still pretty funny." Said Kaito.

"Speaking of bets. Kaito, who are you betting on this time." Asked Joe.

"You'll see….You'll see…" Said Kaito as he smirked like he was about to hit Jackpot on a slot machine.

Remind me to never take him to Vegas. Thought Joe in his head.

"What if they both lose?" asked Cody.

"Please if that ever happened we would both do it." Said Tai.

"Agreed!" Said Matt grinning

"Alright, but you guys said it." Said Cody.

The announcer then said, "Ladies and Gentlemen! The next round is about to begin! SO LET'S START!" The crowd cheered.

Both Digimon nodded to each other and got on the platform. They gave each other a friendly shake and then got into fighting positions.

"Ready? THEN GET IT ON!" Cried Piddomon.

Surudoi charged first with a few punches, but Beowulf blocked them and tripped Surudoi with his tail, but Agumon rolled back to his feet.

"Pepper Breath!"

"Blue Blaster!"

The attacks both stopped the other and gave a small explosion. Beowulf tried to find Surudoi after the smoke cleared, but to his shock he wasn't there!

Where is he?

Beowulf then heard someone coming up behind him, he turned around to see Surudoi charging right at him

"Burning Dino Claws!" He cried as Beowulf felt the burning claw uppercut him, burning his left cheek. Surudoi then side kicked him in the chest and gave another powerful flaming right hook.

Surudoi wasn't finished, he crouched down, lifted his burning claw and uppercut Beowulf into the air shouting, "SHORYUKEN!"

Nearly everyone face slapped as Tai grinned.

"Tai…you didn't…" Said Sora.

"Told you videogames are educational." Said Tai.

As Beowulf went sailing into the air, Surudoi took a deep breath and shouted, "Baby Burner!"

A powerful swarm of fireballs came out of Surudoi's mouth and was heading towards Beowulf who felt the full force of the attack and landed on the ground with some smoke on him. He also noticed that his coat was burned!

That got him very mad.

Beowulf got up and then charged at him while Surudoi was gathering his breath after that last attack.

Charging full force, Beowulf gave Surudoi a front kick, back kick, back punch, and then started spinning around and around and around till he was a small blue tornado.

"Huh?" Asked Surudoi who was confused.

"Blue Cyclone!" Cried Beowulf as icy blue flames started to shoot from the small tornado. Everyone ducked as the blue flames went sailing. Surudoi tried to dodge most of them, but they were faster and he was hit by the freezing flames.

Surudoi looked around to see where Beowulf was, but then he heard Beowulf's voice behind him say, "Never put your back behind your opponent."

Surudoi turned his head around to see Beowulf charging at him with his horn aiming at him and then pierced Agumon's butt.

Now let's think for a moment, A Gabumon's horn + An Agumon getting hit with it in the ass equals MAJOR HELL ASS PAIN!

Surudoi went sailing through the air screaming in total pain as he clutched his orange bottom as the crowd laughed. When he landed near the edge he started crying anime tears as he was rubbing his butt in pain.

Everyone winced, "That had to hurt." Said Yolie.

"Agreed." Said Sally.

Surudoi turned around, pissed at what just happened and activated his burning claws again. Charging forward he locked arms with Beowulf as they started wrestling on the ground before pushing off against one another. Surudoi and Beowulf then gathered as much energy as they could before shouting their signature moves



The two attacks slammed in the middle of the arena and caused a huge explosion that made everyone cover the eyes from the blast.

When it was over the two of them were still standing, but with a few bleeding cuts and scrapes.

"The two of them are really even." Said Cody.

"At the rate their going it's a wonder if were even going to finish." Said Ken.

"Wish I brought popcorn." Said Angel rubbing her stomach.

"You really got to cut down on the food." Said Kaito getting a glare from Angel which said, "I'll eat whatever I want!"

The two digimon got up as they both tried thinking of a plan to take care of each other.

Surudoi's a close ranger fighter and a mid range fighter. I've got mostly long range attack so I can't really get in close for a fist fight. Plus his burning claws really sting. Thought Beowulf, So which of my attacks can work? Blue Blaster is too straight forward and Blue Cyclone is too wild….I've got Thunder Horn Spin, but that might…wait….THAT'S IT!

Beowulf smirked as he charged again at Surudoi who decided to lift his arms and get ready for an attack.

"Thunder Horn Spin!" Cried Beowulf as he spun headfirst like a missile with blue thunder coming out of his horn. Surudoi was calm as he put his hands up front and stopped Beowulf while moving back a bit. But this was what he wanted; lifting his head he started to fire his hidden Blue Blaster and almost fired it when Surudoi, realizing what was going on kicked him head first back into the air. The kick caused Beowulf to lose his aim and the blast hit Surudoi in the shoulder which sent him back to the ground with his shoulder bleeding while Beowulf landed on his face as he rubbed his bleeding nose.

The two of them were trying to catch their breath as they slowly got up, tired from fighting one another. Growling the two of them charged at each other and again, this time with all the physical power in their hands and hit each other at the same time in the face. They stayed still for awhile tillPiddomon then shouted, "THE MATCH IS OVER! DUE TO BOTH COMPETETORS KNOCKING OUT! THE MATCH IS A TIE!

The crowd booed at the call as they thought it was a lame end to a great battle that had come to a very lame end.

"Well that was anti-climatic." Said Yukimura who thought it ended poorly.

"To which I agree. Both of them lost." Said Yolie as paramedics took both competitors to the medical room.

Tai and Matt were both sweating with nervousness however….neither had one the bet.

"Oh Tai…I seem to remember that the two of you saying that you would dance at the same time if it was a tie?" Said Kari grinning evily.

"Well….you see…that is…what I meant to say was…." Said Tai trying to get out of the predicament he was in as everyone but he and Matt were smiling.

"Yeah Tai…you and Matt…both have to do the dare." Said Davis.

"Wait…I didn't…" Said Matt.

"Oh yes you did Bro…yes you did." Said TK.

"You can't prove that!" Said Matt.

Kabuto then showed Matt and Tai that in his hand was a video recorder he had brought with him to the tournament and reminded to the point where they had both said so.

Sighing the boys were forced to give in and left to check on their partners while arguing about who made the stupid bet in the first place.

Kasumi then made some hand signs which Sally translated to "Are we really going to see them do that?"

"Oh yeah, and I'm sending it to YouTube when I get it on tape." Said Kabuto.

"You have a YouTube account?" Asked Izzy surprised.

"No, I just borrow yours when you're not looking."

"WHAT!" Said Izzy who was about to strangle him when a Meteormon walked over and said, "Excuse me, is there a Kaito here?"

Everyone looked at their Gomamon friend as he smirked and said, "Yes?"

"Your winnings." He said as he…pulled out thousands upon thousands of dollar bills shocking everyone.

"Kaito…don't tell me you…." Said Joe.

"That's right. I was the only one to bet that both of them would lose against one another in a tie. I figured since they were so evenly matched that it would result into this." Said Kaito grinning like crazy.

Everyone sweat dropped, they didn't know if Kaito was either a good gambler for guessing right or a bad one because he didn't favor either of his friends.

They didn't have to think long as Piddomon announced the next match.

"Will Gabriel and Hito please come to the stand!"

Chapter 9: Tournament: 2nd Round Part 2

(Now playing: Inori ~You Raise Me Up, Artist: Lena Park)

Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(End Song)

Nobody said a single word. They all stared at Gabriel who was just as shocked.

"I repeat, Gabriel and Hito are to arrive at the arena!"

"Gabriel…" Said TK.

"TK, don't worry…I'll be fine." Said Gabriel as he smiled towards his partner.

"But that guy is really powerful…" Said Yolie who still shivered at the sight of the last fight that Hito was in.

"That may be, but I'm not going down without trying." Said Gabriel, determined to make everyone see he was not just a digimon, he was a destined Digimon who had helped them in defeating the great evils that had threaten his world over and over.

TK gave a small smile and nodded, "Alright, do your best."

"We're rooting for you." Said Vee nodding.

"Kick ass!" Cried Mimi and Willow cheering.

Gabriel was about to head off when Sally stopped him and asked if he was really going to do this.

Gabriel nodded as Sally sigh and gave him a small smile, "Just be careful." She then gave him a peck on the cheek making him blush from embarrassment as some of the guys snickered. Flying to the stage he already saw Hito, cold looking as ever, as he stared at him with non interested eyes.

"Begin!" Shouted Piddomon as the crowd roared with excitement.

"Do you think Gabriel stands a chance?" Asked Cody.

Angel nodded, "He may be small, but he's one of the strongest Digimon I know…he's not going to leave this match without one blow I can tell you that."

"I agree." Said Yukimura who knew from the times that they had DNA digivolved that Gabriel's strength was more then what it seemed.

Back on the arena, the two were still staring each other down as neither of them had made a move. Finally, the Strabimon started move, but to everyone surprise he turned to his partner on the other side of the arena and asked, "Is this really necessary, Jaden?"

Jaden, the blue haired boy, nodded, "We have our orders…end this."

Orders? Was the thought that went through everyone's head.

Nodding, Hito turned to Gabriel and told him, "I'm giving you this one chance to surrender without pain. If I go at you, I will not be responsible for whatever happens…even your life."

The others started sweating.

"What the hell? Is this guy saying he'll even kill Gabriel?" Said Angel.

"And from the looks of it his partner doesn't even care." Said Izzy glaring.

Gabriel however, knew that this guy didn't seem to care who he fought as long as he won so his threat was real. Turning to his friends he saw that they were worried…


Focusing on the one who said that, Vee, he saw Vee was looking at him with a smile as he gave him a thumbs up, "Beat the shit out of this guy! You can do it!"

Smiling at his friend's positive attitude he nodded and shouted to Hito, "Prepare yourself!"

Shaking his head, the Strabimon only said, "Fool…" as he then disappeared.

Gabriel gasped, knowing that he was in danger now, and flew into the air just in time as Hito appeared in front of him and swiped with his claw.

Taking a quick 180 turn he shouted, "Boom Bubble!" Sending the air blast headed towards Hito and hit him dead on.

"He got him!" Cried Ken, but gasped as it left not even a scratch on Hito.

"Weak…" He only said as he jumped up into the air, quicker then Gabriel could see. As such, he was unprepared for the axe kick that send him straight into the ground and land in a crater.

"Gabriel!" Cried his friends as they saw him slowly get up, only to get crushed as Hito landed on stop of him. After which, he started walking off the stage, sure that the battle was done.

"Bastard!" cried Davis and Ken who gritted their teeth.

Hito ignored them and continued to walk off the stage when he stopped and looked behind him. Gabriel was getting up slowly, but surly.

Wiping some blood of his mouth he shook his head and stared at Hito saying that it wasn't over.

"Should have stayed down, but whatever." Said Hito who walked forward.

"Boom Bubble!" Cried Gabriel as he sent air blast after air blast at his opponent who only felt nothing more than a breeze of wind when they hit his chest.

"Damn it!" Cried Davis, "He's got to have something else to deal with this guy."

"Just wait…he's not done yet." Said TK smiling.

Gabriel then stopped firing and started taking deep breaths from using his attack so much. He looked up and saw Hito right over him and gulped.

"Had enough?"

His response was a smirk, and a surprise as his mouth started shining with something inside it. Hito'e eyes widen as he tried to dodge.

"Sparkling Air Shot!" He cried out, unleashing a sudden green beam of energy from his mouth that nearly hit Hito who managed to flip out of the way. The green beam managed to hit a wall nearby and caused a large hole to appear suddenly from the blast's effect.

The others were shocked except TK.

"Wow…when did the little guy learn to do that?" Asked Yukimura who was shocked.

"That's not a Patamon attack." Said Kabuto.

"It's something he made on his own." Said TK getting their attention, "Ever since Hito fought he knew he was going to have to get stronger and since then he's been training harder ever since. That attack was something he made on his own just like the Tempest Blast."

"I never knew Gabriel was the kind of person to push himself that far." Said Willow who was shocked.

"I guess he wanted to prove himself to all of us." Said Angel.

Kasumi then made some hand signs which translated to, "I think he can win…"

"I do too. GO GABRIEL!" Cried Sally who was cheering as hard as she could.

Hito, meanwhile, although surprised at the sudden attack was still calm and stood up.

"Impressive, perhaps you're not as weak as I thought." He said.

"Maybe you shouldn't underestimate me then." Said Gabriel.

Hito said nothing as he dashed forward, this time his hands were glowing with a bright light white light. Appearing before Gabriel he shouted, "Light Nail."


The crowd gasped as Hito suddenly appeared behind Gabriel in a flash with his claws across his chest. Everybody wanted to know what happened….till dozen's of slash marks appeared all over Gabriel and sent blood all over.

Gabriel only gasped in surprise as he fell on his chest, bleeding profoundly.

"GABRIEL!" Cried everyone in horror. Angel covered her mouth as Vee, Taipa, and Yukimura were growling with anger at what they saw. TK was just frozen with fear as was Sally who had tears coming out of her eyes.

"Is he…is he…" Asked Cody who afraid to say it.

"I don't know. I should get there and see." Said Joe as he rushed towards the arena and went to check on him.

"How…how could he…" Said Kari who felt sick.

Sally shook her head and shouted, "Gabriel get up! GET UP!"


To everyone's surprise, Gabriel moved. Even Hito was shocked; he thought he had finished this.

The audience began to cheer and clap at his courage as Joe helped Gabriel on to his feet.

"You're hurt really badly…some of these wounds might get infected if you don't get them treated fast enough. Let's get you to the medics."

"I'm not done yet…" Said Gabriel growling. His sudden sentence surprised his friends who were shocked by that statement.

"But Gabriel! You hurt! You gotta stop this!" Shouted Sally who was worried beyond belief.

"She's right! This is no time to be acting stubborn!" Said Joe

"I CAN STILL FIGHT!" Cried Gabriel who stood tall despite his wounds. Everyone was shocked as they stared at him, "I came to this tournament to prove myself! I wanted everyone to see that I can fight just as good as Vee or Surudoi! I want… at least go as far as I can go…."

Everyone just stared at him.

"Gabriel…" Said TK who didn't know what to say.

Davis and Vee looked at each other before Davis said, "Let him fight TK."

"What are you nuts Davis!" Said Yolie, "Look at him he's bleeding like he just got attacked by Hannibal Lecter!"

"But what about his honor?" Asked Davis.

"Huh?" asked Yolie.

"His honor is at stake her Yolie…he wants to prove himself as a man and continue to fight…he wants to prove Hito wrong and get at least one good blow of him….it's hard to understand but this is more important to him at this moment then anything." Said Davis.

"I understand what's he's going through too…if I was in his shoes I would still want to fight and prove that I fight no matter what the odds are." Said Vee.

Cody nodded, "Davis is right…to a fighter, honor is one of the most important values…he's fighting to prove himself. I don't think we have the right to take that from him."

Upon hearing this he wondered if all three of them were right, looking at Gabriel who was looking at him, he saw that in his eyes were determination and spirit that he had never seen before unless he was fighting for his friends. Smiling he nodded and told Joe to let Gabriel continue.

"TK are you sure." Asked Joe.

"Yeah…he can do it." Said TK.

Nodding he got up and left Gabriel to face Hito who was still emotionless as he face Gabriel once again.

"I'm ending this…don't blame me if you die for your stupidly for not leaving." Said Hito who got ready.

Gabriel said nothing as he stood still and closed his eyes, focusing all sight on his ears.

Hito said nothing as he disappeared once again in a flash of speed.

Concentrate…concentrate…hear his movements….THERE!

Gabriel jumped up and, just in the nick of time, held on to the upper part of Hito's arm where he was about to punch Gabriel. Smiling he let his ears glow green and shout, "Tempest Blast!"

Flapping his wings as hard as he could, the little data digimon managed to send his air waves all over and sent the Starbimon back with multiple cut wounds. Gabriel kept flapping as hard as he could, even when he let go of Hito in order to make sure he had gotten him at ever possible moment. When he stopped he fell down, tired and out of energy.

"He did it!" Cried Sally.

"Alright Gabriel!" Shouted Vee

Before anybody could celebrate further however, Hito got up with no problem to everyone's shock.

"No way! He couldn't have recovered from something like that!" Shouted Cody with wide eyes.

"What the hell is this guy?" Cried Davis.

Gabriel looked at Hito in fear as he saw something in his eyes that made him almost wet himself.


He didn't even see the sudden kick that launched him into the air. Time seemed to slow down for everyone as they watched Gabriel get launched into the air suddenly as Hito jumped up and followed him.

When he was about even in the air, the Strabimon moved so fast that blinking would have taken longer. Slashes, punches, and kicks could be heard for over 45 minutes before he lifted his glowing white leg and said, "Light Kick."


Kick drove Gabriel into the ground causing smoke from the crater to erupt from it. Nobody said anything as they all watched it cleared away….

….to reveal a near broken Patamon in a pool of blood.


Chapter 10: Tournament: 2nd Round Part 3

(Now playing: Inori ~You Raise Me Up, Artist: Lena Park)

Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(End Song)

(Emergancy Medical Center, Digital World Stadium)

Gabriel was lucky.

Very lucky.

An hour late and he would have been data by now.

Everyone was currently in one of the room while looking at the sleeping Patamon who was nearly covered in bandages and had an IV inside one of his little arms. Joe said the doctors were able to do their best and were able to save him from bleeding to death, when asked how close it was Joe said that they didn't want to know.

"Gabriel..." Said TK who's eyes were wet from crying in worry this entire time.

Everyone looked at him with worry as he sat down across from his partner, seeing the look of dispair on his face would have made even devils have pity on him.

Across on the other side, Sally wasn't faring much better. She was crying her heart out and looked at him with so much care that nothing else seemed important to her then to watch over him like a mother to her child.

"TK..." Said Matt as he placed his hand on his shoulder, letting his brother know that he was there for him. When Gabriel's fight had ended he and Tai were notified of what happened and rushed over as soon as possible. Their partners wanted to come, but the nurses told them they had to stay upon doctors orders much to their disappointment.

"That...son of a bitch..." Said Davis gritting his teeth and clenching his hand so tight blood almost came out, "After what he did...I want...I want to..."

"Davis...relax." Said Ken, "Nothing you say is going to change what happened...we all knew that Hito was dangerous."

"But to do this...with no mercy..." Said Mimi as she just looked at Gabriel with a sad face.

"Why does his partner even allow this?" Asked Willow as she thought to her self, "That guy...didn't even seem to care what his partner was doing..."

"Did you also hear what he also said..." Asked Isis as they turned to her, "They were taking orders from somebody...meaning they must be after something...I doubt it's Gabriel, but...maybe it's one of us they're after."

"Or maybe it's another thing all together." Said Izzy as he thought about this, "I tried asking a few other Digidestined to see if anybody knows who this guy is...but nobody knows...I even asked Gennai but he said he knew nothing."

"If Gennai doesn't know...that makes things even worse." Said Tai.

Vee looked at Gabriel, his friend, and unjust rage inside him...

"TK..." Said Vee as he got everyone attention, "I...will avenge him...I'll beat Hito...don't ask me how...but I promise you...nobody hurts a friend of mine...I will do all I can to defeat 'Hito...for what he did to Gabriel...I will not let him leave this tournament without getting his ass kicked by me...I promise."

"Vee...thank you." Said TK with a small smile.

Angel smiled at her husband, Always loyal to his friends...willing to do anything for them...that's what I love about him.

"Yeah...Vee's going to make sure Hito regrets even coming here!" Said Davis.

"Hey! Don't count out Taipa! He's going to kick that bastards sorry digital butt right out of the park!" Said Yolie with fire in her eyes.

"Wait I am?" Asked Taipa who was taken surprised.

"What does that mean!" Asked Yolie, "Don't you want to beat the crap out of that guy for what he's done!"

"Well yes, I am angry. But I was thinking of letting Vee take this one...after all it would be rude of me to interrupt..." Said Taipa before Yolie grabbed him and started yelling at him for not being a man.

TK nodded, glad to have such great friends for both him and his partner.

"We better get back to the stadium...the only ones left to fight are Vee and Taipa." Said Tai.

"You guys go ahead...I'll wait here." Said TK with a sad smile.

"You sure bro?" Asked Matt.

"Yeah...I'll be rooting for you guys as well." Said TK.

They nodded and left one by one, but Sally and Kasumi still stayed.

"What's wrong? I can understand why Sally wants to stay...but why are you." TK asked before she came over and held his hand in hers as she made a few signs.

"She says it's because you really need a friend." Said Sally who smiled.

TK blushed as he nodded as Kasumi smiled.

Sally giggled at her partner and her crush's partner as she turned to Gabriel with a sad smile, "Don't worry...I'll be here with you too..." She said as she gave him a quick kiss on the forhead.


"Ladies and Gentlemen! We appologize for the delay! But now we are ready to continue with our next match! Vee vs Drake!"

The crowd roared as the two fighters got on the stage. Vee's opponent this time was a Monodramon who really seemed determined to make it to the next round.

But Vee was not going to let that happen. He wasn't going to lose, not until he made Hito pay for what he did to Gabriel.

"Go Vee!" Cried Kari.

"Win this for Gabriel!" Shouted Sora.

Vee and Drake nodded at each other before getting ready.


Vee started out with a quick attack by dashing forward, "Vee Punch!"

Drake tried blocking the blows with his wings, but all it did was making him get pushed back with sore arms. Growling he positioned his wings wide open and shouted, "Burst Shadow Wing!" Throwing his wings forward he sent out two large energy disks that headed straight for Vee. Smirking he dodged them by jumping to the left only to gasp as they curved and slammed into him, causing him to get knocked back on his side.

A homing attack? Thought Vee as he looked up as Drake came down from his sudden jump and shouted, "Beat Knuckle!"


The crowd gasped as the attack missed Vee inches away thanks to his roll, he got on his feet and performed a spinning round kick which connected Drake in the face and knocked him to the ground. Getting up the two of them engaed in fist to fist combat with punches and kicks but both couldn't get an advantage over the other.

But soon Drake was growing tired, Vee was more suited for close range combat and that proved to be true when he missed blocking a punch and felt it connect with his gut. Taking advantage of this, Vee performed a right hook, then an upper cut, followed by a knee to chest and a slam to the ground by grabbing his head and bringing it down hard.

The purple dragon digimon was struggling to get up when Vee put him in a headlock and held him down hard.

"He's got him!" Cried Davis.

But Drake wasn't done yet, he managed to lift his head up and connect the back of it with Vee's nose which forced him to let go and stop the bleeding coming down from his nostrils. Gasping for breath he got up and attacked again with a solid jab, but Vee was ready. He grabbed his arm, spun behind him, and threw him back into the ground once more.

Knowing this had to end, Vee prepared himself once more and dashed at Drake as he was raising back up on his feet.

"Vee Head Spear!"

Just like with Kojiro, Vee propelled himself like a white comet and slammed into Drake, sending the poor dragon unconscious out of the ring.

"Winner! Vee!" Cried Piddomon as the crowd celebrated. Vee sighed in relief as he turned to his friends who were rooting for him, he gave them a thumbs up and was about to leave the stadium when...

"Look!" Cried Kari in shock.

Everyone focused on the middle of the ring where a dark void suddenly appeared...and when it was gone...a dark hooded cloaked Veemon was standing there, with a red dragon in the shape of a V on the back.

It's...Thought Sora.

...the...Thought Davis

...Cloaked...Thought Minoru on top of Ken's head.

...Veemon! Thought Vee who's memory of the person came to his head.


The Cloaked Veemon had a bleeding lip, but he got up and smiled, "Finally, now that I found you I can have my revenge."

"Who are you! I thought I was the last of my kind!" Said Veemon.

"The last of your kind? No….your not the last….your a DISGRACE!" Shouted the Cloaked Veemon as he charged at both him and Gatomon.

"Guys look out!" Cried Kari.

The Cloaked Veemon started to swing his sword, but both Digimon were able to dodge it. Barely.

He's good with that sword! Thought Veemon.

Have to find a way to counter attack him! Thought Gatomon.

Finally Gatomon thought she saw an opening and attacked with Lightning Paw. However, the Cloaked Veemon back flipped over her and landed right behind her.

"Gatomon look out!" Cried Veemon, but it was too late. The Cloaked Veemon slashed her in the back and she screamed as Digital Blood came out from her back. She fell to the ground, alive and conscious, but was in terrible pain and was bleeding.

"Gatomon!" Cried everyone including Kari.

"GATOMON!" Cried Veemon in fear as he saw his love fall. Fueled with anger and fear he attacked the Cloaked Veemon and try to get him away from Gatomon.

The Cloaked Veemon hoped for this as he used his super speed to dodge Veemon's punch and started to slash at him. Veemon could only see the blurs as he felt the sharp slashes from the sword cut his flesh.

Finally the Cloaked Veemon stopped and then snapped his fingers. At once did multiple cuts appear around everywhere on Veemon's body and blood spewed out from them. Veemon cried in agony as he fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood.

Everyone was horrified.

(end of Flashback)

They hadn't seem him since that day and now he was returned.

What's he doing here now? Is he trying to get revenge? Said Vee as he turned to Davis who already has his D-3 out, just in case. His friends were getting ready too while the crowd was confused by who this person was.

Then to everyone's surprise he started clapping, "Alright Vee! You still got it! Man you kicked his ass!"

The others were confused, but they noticed that this guy's voice was different from the one who attacked them. This guy seems cocky and hothead...not cold and brutal...

"I was going to wait after the end of the tournament to make my appearance, but after seeing you perform the Vee Head Spear twice? I knew you were gaining back some of your memories soon enough so I figured this would make the best time." He said as he walked around the stadium like it was home.

"What are you talking about?" Demanded Vee.

"What? You don't recognize me? It's me Vee! Me!" He said as he pulled of his hood, revealing to everyone, he was a Veemon, but colored red with a white V sign on his forehead instead of a yellow one.


Chapter 11: The Assault of Xion Part 1

(Now playing: Resonance, Artist: T.M. Revolution)

Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

Xion? Thought Vee as he stared at new figure in front of him. To everyone's surprise he was another Veemon, but instead of being blue he was red with a blue colored V mark on his forhead instead of a yellow one.

"What the heck? I thought he was a Veemon?" Said Yolie.

"He is...but I think were looking at a sub species of it." Said Izzy.

"Sub species?" Asked Davis as they looked at him.

Izzy nodded as he pointed out, "You know how there are similar Digimon who have the same names with others yet have another name before or after them? Well this guy may be one of them. Take an Agumon for example, there are also SnowAgumon, ClearAgumon, BlackAgumon, ToyAgumon and so forth. This situation might be similar."

"So that guy is really from the Veemon evolution line, but different." Said Willow who started to see the picture.

"If that's so, then how many types of Veemon from the line are there?" Asked Ken who was staring at Xion.

"I don't even understand how there are so many Veemon in the first place." Said Minoru.

"What do you mean, Minoru?" Asked Ken.

"Well...Veemon really aren't suppose to exist in the first place. They, like other Digimont races, have all been extint for thousands of years. The only mentioning of them are in legends." Said Minoru.

"I thought Vee was just like me and Taipa, the last of our kind because we were chosen to be partners for Digidestined. But then that Cloaked Veemon comes up and now this red fella. I'm starting to wonder if were going to see any Armadillomon's besides me now." Said Yukimura.

While this conversation was occuring, Vee was trying to figure this new guy out.

What the hell is going on? This guy's a Veemon like mean, but he's red. He also says he knows me and I know him...but I don't...could he be...somebody I knew before I became Davis partner? He thought.

"Come seriously don't remember me!" Said Xion sighing, "It's me! Xion! Xion of clan Kadan. Decendents of the Paragon Kadan! Come on Vee!"

"I don't know you! And how do you know my name!" Said Vee.

Xion looked at him with confusion, "What you mena your name? It's your nickname."

" nickname!" Said Vee in surprise.

Xion smiled, "Yeah you made that up because you hated your name...remember...Veetor?"

Veegasped as he felt a sudden headache come to his head. Grippingit, he growled as something entered his mind.


I hate that name!

But it was Grandfathers...

Screw that...I want a new one...

How about...Vee?

Vee? sounds great...

Well...I guess. about I make myself a nickname too..

But your name sounds find...

Well, I don't want to leave you hanging...

Then your nickname will be...


Then it was gone.

"Vee...tor?" Asked Vee who felt the pain go away. Xion smirked, knowing that another memory had erupted from Vee however brief it was.

The others noticed this too.

"What's wrong with Vee?" Asked Sora noticing him.

"Looks like he's got a headache." Said Isis.

"With all that's going around I wouldn't blame him." Said Davis.

"Vee..." Said Angel who looked at him with worry.

Xion started claping again, "So do you remember now?"

Before Vee could answer, Piddomon finally had enough of this and stood in front of Xion who raised his eyebrows in interest.

"Enough of this! You are currenlty interupting the event! I demand that you LEEAAAAAUHG!" Cried out Piddomon as, in a flash, he was sent back while on fire. Everyone in the stadium gasped as they saw him fly across the wall and turn into data while he burned.

"Sorry...but this is more important..." Said Xion smirking while his fist was on fire.

I didn't even see him move! Were the thoughts of many in the stadium.

Veewas glaring at him with anger, "You killed him!"

"So? He'll get reincarnated. Anyway, your best friend I suggest you follow me...we have a lot to do if were going to restore your memories..." Said Xion letting his hand out as to let Vee grab it and take it.

Looking at the hand and then at his friends he glared at Xion and said, "No..."

Not expectiong this, Xion looked at him with surprise.

"You come here, kill a digimon, and claim to be my best friend? Why should I trust somebody who is working with the same Veemon who injured my friends and almost killed me? Why should I trust you when you just killed somebody when he didn't do anything! Your no friend! I don't know you and I don't want to know you! So the answer is no! I'm staying with my real friends!"

A deep silence took place in the stadium as everyone waited to see Xion's reaction. Angel looked at Xion and saw in his eyes...betrayl and hurt.

Letting his hand drop from the air he gave a sad smile and looked at Vee with sad eyes, "You haven't changed...even after all this time...still the stubborn bastard that I know..."

Vee was surprised to see him looking at him with sadness.

"But..." Said Xion turning serious, " don't know what will happen if you choose not to work with us Vee...the person I work for...the one who is behind everything...he will kill you...and not just you...your friends...your wife...your partner...everyone you care about will die...not even I can stop his hatred for you. None of the others can."

Others? Hatred? Wha...Thought Vee as he saw Xion's right hand started to glow.

"...and if you cannot come with me by choice...I will make you come...LIKE IT OR NOT!" He shouted as he lifted his glowing arm and shouted,"ERUPT! FLAMBERG!"

Vee just gasped a sword of flame came out of Xion's burning hand, the sword was a curved rapier with a red blade that had flames surround it as the golden handle with a Phoenix could be seen on it.

Xion smirked, "Seeing your face means you've forgotten about V-Swords right? Don't remember, you summoned it when you fought with...him."

That sword...Thought Vee as he remembered it from his battle with the other Cloaked Veemon.

"That sword...the the same as my sword, Flamberg. Each Veemon has a V-sword that is special for each user." Said Xion, "And to make sure that we don't get distracted..."

He lifted his sword up and shouted, "V-Sword Technique: Ring of Fire!" Stabbing his sword into the ground, red lines emeted out of the tip and surrounded the entire arena before a ring of fire with flames as high as 15 feet trapped Vee and Xion.

"Vee!" Cried his friends as they tried to go out and help him...


"What the!" Cried Tai as he gasped. People in the crowds began to scream as they were suddenly attacked by strange grey creatures that came out from grey portals in all kinds of sizes.

Many tried escaping, but there were some who were cut down while others fough them off.

Eventually, some of them landed on the ground of the stadium where the others were shocked at what they were seeing.

Pure grey versions of Veemon, ExVeemon, Flamedramon, and Raidramon with pure white eyes.

"...holy shit..." Said Matt.

(With Vee and Xion)

Vee only heard the explosion and knew that something was wrong. He tried to find a way out, but the ring of flames had completely surrounded the entire area.

"Don't worry. The Jiang Shi will take care of everyone else while we deal with this issue." Said Xion smirking.

"If anyone of my friends is hurt or worse I swear..." Said Vee glaring at Xion with a promise of death.

Xion smirked, "Sorry Vee, but if your not coming with me by choice, I'll do it by FORCE!"

Dashing forward like a burning comet, Vee only gasped before feeling a sudden blow to his face that knocked him back. Getting up he charged at Xion who only stood still till Vee was close enough. Vee went for a blow to the skull with his fist, but Xion was able to turn left, twist around, and back kick Vee who tried turing around with his own roundhouse, but Xion ducked before shouting, "Flaming Vee Headbutt!" While his body was on fire, Xion headbutted Vee straight in the stomach which knocked him back near the flames. Vee grabbed his chest, burning wih second degree burns while blood came out of his mouth causing him to cough it out.

"Had enough?" Asked Xion.

"Just started..." Said Vee gasping as he got up, before charging at Xion again. This time he faked a straight punch and tried to sweep his legs out which worked, but Xion flipped himself in mid air and landed back on his feet before turning around and side kicking Vee in the face, kneeing him in the cut, and upper cutting him with a Pyro Vee Punch.

Vee was worried now, this was the third time he was sent down on his back like he was nothing. Damn...what is this guy?


The entire arena had turned into one whole field of war. Digidestined, their partners and other Digimon were curretly battling the grey Veemon evolutions that had come out of nowhere and started battling them.

"Harpoon Torpedo!" Cried Kaito as Ikkakumon as he launched his attack from his horn. The attack managed to fire into a group of Grey Flamedramon, but to his surprise they didn't just get deleted, they phased out.

"Tell me you saw that!" Said Kaito to Joe who was watching on his back and replied, "Yeah...that's not how most Digimon die..."

Sora and Isis as Birdamon were currently teaming up with Ken and Minoru as Stingmon near the ground where they were fighting off a bunch of Raidramon that kept coming at them with their speed.

"They just keep coming! Why are the so many Veemon and Raidramon and who knows what else around here!" Demanded Sora who had a Thunder Blast almost take her head off if her partner did dive down.

"These aren't normal Digimon...Minoru you feel it too?" Asked Ken who on Stingmon's shoulder holding on for his dear life as his partner sliced another one in half before it phased away.

"Yes Ken...they almost seem...half half their data is missing...or their souls..." Said Minoru before a nearby Raidramon got the jump on him with a Electric Bite, biting him with thunder shocked teeth on of his wings. Minoru's sudden ambush made Ken fall off and land on the ground hard as four grey Veemon surrounded him.

"KEN! AUGH!" Cried Minoru as the Raidramon dragged him down and started shocking him with lighting.

Ken gritted his teeth as the Veemon began to attack when...

"Nova Blast!"

The burning fireball came down and smoked all the Veemon, saving Ken. Looking up he saw Tai and Surudoi, as Greymon, arrive.

"Sorry were late!" Said Tai smiling.

Minoru managed to knock back the Raidramon with a kick to the face and dashed at it while it was trying to get back up, "Spiking Strike!"


In less then a second, he zipped past the Raidramon and cut threw him splitting him in two before he phased out.

Isis flew near Surudoi's head and asked, "Where's Matt and Beowulf?"

"They're helping TK, Sally, Kasumi and others inside get out." Said Surudoi before turning his tail around and smashing two Grey Flamedramon who tried to sneack attack him from behind, "Any idea how many we have?"

"No...and it doesn't look like their ending soon." Said Isis as she took to the skies to unleash her Meteor Wing from above like other air type Digimon were doing.

Hope Vee's having an easier time then us. Thought Minoru has he worried about his close friend.

(With Vee and Xion)

"GAH!" Cried Vee who gripped his arm. He was looking much worse for wear with cuts now all over his body dripping blood. He glared at his opponent, who he had yet to damage, as he lifted his blade and smirked, "V-Sword Technique: Flaming Dragon Shot!"

He shot out Flamberg like an arrow and it turned itself into a mini flaming dragon that went straight for Vee who rolled away a second later, but to his surprised it reversed it's hold and came back towards him like he had a beacon. Jumping up he dodged it again only to be force to tumble once more before it shot back at him. Xion stood in the back watch with amusement as Vee kept dodging the dragon only to have it almost nick him closer and closer to the point where he felt the flames. Knowing he couldn't keep this up, he headed straight for Xion, thinking it would hurt him as well. Xion raised and eyebrow as Vee ran towards him while screaming. Just before he was a foot away, he jumped and front flipped over Xion who watched. Vee looked back and expected to see the flaming dragon hit Xion where to his surprise it just stopped inches behind his head.

"Nice try." Said Xion who grabbed it and turned it back into is regular weapon form, "But that trick wasn't going to work on me."

Vee growled, "How are you able to do this? The Vee Headbutt and Vee Punch with the flames I can deal with...but that sword...what's all that about!"

Xion smirked, "You really want to know?"

Vee nodded.

Xion took a deep breath as Vee listened in.

"'s a secret."

WHAM! Vee face faulted.

"WHAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!" Laughed Xion while holding his stomach, "I can't believe it! Even after all this time you still fall for that! Oh Paragon's that's Rich! Oh man! Oh-" Xion's laughter was interrupted by Vee's sudden punch to the gut and elbow to the face which knocked to the ground. Seeing a chance to finally attack, the blue dragon took advantage of it and got on top of his red counter part as he started to wail on him with punch after punch. About 20 seconds later, Xion managed to throw Vee off and get up only to have Vee shouted, "Vee Punch!" And slam his charged up fist right into Xion's face which knocked him back a few feet but he still managed to keep his two legs on the ground.

Wiping some blood coming down from his nose he smiled, "Not bad Vee...not bad...but I still want to see the real you fight!"

Vee growled, I'm wasting time with this guy...if only I could Digivolve...come on Davis what the hell are you doing!


"Get them, Taipa!" Shouted Yolie up in the air as she ridded Taipa as Aquiliamon who was helping those fighting in the stadium.

He screeched in response and let lose his Blast Rings that took down the Grey Veemon one by one. Yet no matter what they did, more seemed to come with each second passing and soon there were more of them then Digidestined.

"Man, what is this? Veemon Appearance Day?" Asked Yolie who almost fell off when Aquilamon flew left to avoid a Fire Rocket, "It's like no matter how many you shoot down, more come up like Mayflies."

"Yolie, I'm more worried about Vee and his fight. Let's head over to the fire wall and see if we can help him out!" Said Taipa.

Yolie agreed and they soon flew towards the Ring of Fire where they saw Vee getting his ass handed to him. Xion was firing fireballs from his V-Sword which Vee had no choice but to dodge or else he would be fried digimon. Seeing this, Taipa dived towards Xion, intending to help Vee somehow. Xion looked up and growled, "No interupting..."

Lifting his sword he shouted, ""V-Sword Technique: Flaming Dragon Shot!" Throwing his burning sword at Taipa, it transofrmed into it's dragon mode and flew right towards Taipa.

"Shit! Taipa look out!" Cried Yolie, but it was too late. The sword managed to go right through his left wing and burned it to third degree causing Taipa to scream in pain and fall from the sky.

"YOLIE! TAIPA!" Cried Vee in horror as Xion smirked.

Everyone in the area saw Taipa fall and crash into the bleachers of the stadium.

"YOLIE! NO!" Cried Ken ordered Minoru to rush over and help.

Back inside the ring, Xion summoned his sword back to him and smirked, "Well no more interuptions...shal we cont-"


Xion was sent back from the sudden blow to his face and lifted his head up to see Vee growling and shaking with anger.

" friends...I KILL YOU!" Cried Vee with rage in his eyes as he ran towards Xion with the intend of murdering him. All unbenost to him, a ray of light appeared to come out of his hand and take physical form. When it was complete Vee lifted it up and slashed downward forcing Xion to gasp while blocking it.


Pushing Vee away he stared at the sword that had appeared in Vee's hands out of nowhere and smirked, "Looks like your memories are returning..."

Vee looked at his right hand only to have his eyes widen in shock, it was the sword he summoned when he first fought the Cloaked Veemon.

It was a longsword with a pure blue blade that sparkled like sapphire. It's handle was made of pure pearl white while various white lines ran down from the handle to the blade, connecting it. (It's the sword Veemon has in the Cover of Digimon World 4)

One word came to Vee, a familiar word that he had not heard in his mind for sometime...but to him it was one that felt so right.


His V-Sword.

Lifting his sword he glared at Xion who was smirking.

" things get serious!"

They then dashed at one another.

Chapter 12: The Assault of Xion Part 2

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Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(Stadium, near the bleachers)

Ken was worried; no he was downright frightened. Yolie was one of his best friends and somebody important to him. After seeing her fall like that...

I'm not going to lose another person I care for! Thought Ken as he held on to Minoru hoping they would reach her in time.

"Ken! We got trouble!" Said Minoru who looked behind him.

Glancing behind him he noticed three squads Grey ExVeedramon coming for them in the air hoping to get them before they reached Yolie.

"Dammit! Minoru we have to get to Yolie and Taipa soon!" Said Ken gritting his teeth.

"You go! I'll hold them off!" Said Minoru as he landed not to far from where the two crashed and let Ken get off his back.

"Are you sure you can handle them all?" Asked Ken who was a bit worried, they had greater numbers.

Minoru nodded before flying after them with his blade drawn. Ken watched his partner leave for battle before rushing as fast as his feet could carry him up the stadium.

(With Minoru)

Although they had numbers, Minoru wasn't worried because he had something far more deadly.


His DNA partner was a Veemon, and he knew every move that he ever performed, he knew more about Vee then most people except maybe Davis and Angel for obvious reasons.

Besides, these guys aren't even close the type of Digimon Vee is. Minoru thought as he stood in the air, ready for them. The first three Grey ExVeemon tried to get him in midair with a couple of tackles, but the Stingmon of Kindness easily dodged them and slashed each of their backs with his blade after their attack. He saw them try to come again despite the large slash on their back and Minoru extended his blade, "Spiking Strike!"

Dashing forward he stabbed the first one in the gut before turning around and slicing the other's head off as soon as he was close enough. The last of the three tried to grab him, but he dashed and a second later appeared behind him.


Needless to say the ExVeemon was exterminated.

Minoru watched as the three of them suddenly vaporized into nothing which got his interest, but that almost proved deadly as a rain of V-Lasers came down from the sky from the other Grey ExVeemon that had caught up. Quickly, he flew off and started flying around in various twists and turns to avoid the V-Lasers as he tried to think of a plan.

I'm more suited for close range combat, but those V-Lasers are stoping me from getting to close. Thought Minoru as he kept dodging. Finally, and idea came, which was risky, but it could work if he was quick and lucky enough.

He increased his speed and started heading for the Grey ExVeemon who aimed and fired again. This time however, Minoru flew through their ranks where he was close enough by a few feet from them. He stopped in the middle of the group and waited till they all prepared to fire again.


At the last second he flew upward, just as the V-Lasers fired and missed him sending their blasts at each other. Many of the ExVeemon were eliminated for their mistake, but others were simply hurt badly. Minoru took advantage of this and came down like a green streak with his blade, slicing them downward and splitting them in half. With them gone, he went to go find Ken and help him, but something unexpected blasted behind him and caused him to flip out of control in the air before regaining his balance. Ignoring the burning pain on his back he turned around and felt the sting on an punch that felt like iron smack him down further below in the air.

Recovering he looked up and gasped at the strange new enemy before him. He was Grey, no surprise, with no pupils in his eyes but he looked like a much tougher and monstrous version of ExVeemon. He was much bigger and was packing muscles, but from the sudden attack Minoru could tell that he was no slow poke. His horns on his head and nose were much bigger and pointer, almost like they could pierce through metal. His wings were also improved; they were much larger and looked like they could even rival the wing span of Birdramon. But the biggest thing was his arms; they were made of steel with large spikes on either end that went with his deadly claws.

This is no ExVeemon...this is some other evolution form. Thought Minoru as he prepared himself to fight against what we know as an AeroVeedramon.

(With Ken)

Thanks to his super athletic abilities, Ken was quick enough to make it up to the bleachers with no problem. When he arrived at the crater he was horrified.

There in the middle, holding a bleeding and unconscious Taipa, was Yolie who looked like she got in a battle and lost. Her glasses were broken and her orange helmet was broken into pieces, various parts of her clothing could be seen ripped apart with blood coming out of them. Her left leg looked disfigured and must have been broken more than once.

Yolie, at this moment, woke up and immediately felt like her body was on fire. She never felt pain like this in a long time and tried getting up only to fall back due to the intense pain her leg was giving her. Ken rushed over and held her in his hands, "Yolie! It's me….look at me!"

Slowly opening her eyes she tried to see with her damaged vision and saw Ken with a sad smile standing over her.

"Ken…." She replied with a cough.

"Thank god…your alright….I thought I lost you." Said Ken sighing relief.

"I kind of feel dead…." Said Yolie groaning as she looked over Taipa and asked, "Is he…alright?" Her voice filled with dread.

Ken took Taipa from her and checked his wounds, the only one he had was the large hole in his left wing where Xion struck, but it was bleeding profoundly. Taking his shirt he wrapped it carefully around Taipa's arm to stop the bleeding while Yolie blushed seeing Ken's well toned body.

"It might help for now, but we both got to get out of here and find help!" Said Ken as he handed Yolie who held her partner in one hand while she got up with Ken's assistance.

A sudden explosion five feet from them nearly knocked them back, but Ken kept both of them up as he looked up in worry. Minoru was having a more difficult time with that new strange Veemon that appeared.

That's not ExVeemon, Flamedramon, or Rapidmon….how many line of digivolution does Veemon have? Thought Ken as he tried moving him and Yolie out of danger. They didn't get far however as Ken saw a group of Grey Veemon heading upward towards them from below the bleachers' opening.

One of them managed to get in range and performed a Vee Headbutt at them. Thinking quickly, he threw Yolie to the ground and took the blow right into the stomach that made him vomit out blood and spit.

"KEN!" Yolie cried out in fear.

Ken quickly kicked back the Grey Veemon who jumped back to the rest of the group. Falling to his knees Ken held his stomach in pain while trying to catch his breath, who knew Veemon's main attack, was so powerful?

Then again…against a human any digimon's attack is….Ken thought with a chuckle.

Yolie looked at him with anger and tears in her eyes, "Why did you do that you idiot! You…you…"

Ken looked at her with a smile and said, "I….don't want to lose….. another person ….I care about…."

Yolie blushed as she felt her heartbeat increase, "Ken…."

Her thoughts were interrupted when the colorless Veemon charged at them, intent on taking them out.

Ken closed his eyes and got ready for the blows when a voice cried out that made his heart leap.

"Needle Spray!"

Hundreds of needles came down from above as they turned all the Veemon into pincushions before they evaporated into nothing again. Willow, as Togemon, landed on the bleachers where Mimi got off of her partners head and ran towards Ken and Yolie.

"You guys alright!" She cried out as she checked on them.

"Mimi….thank you…"Yolie cried as she held on to her friend. Ken got up and started breathing normally, "Mimi….get Willow to help Minoru…"

She smiled at him and winked her eyes, "Got somebody already on it!"

(With Minoru)

"Spinning Spiking Strike!" Cried Minoru as he dashed in front of his enemy and started kicking him rapidly. But none of the blows seemed to affect the larger digimon and he just swatted the Stingmon away. Shaking his head, Minoru began to sweat as nothing he threw out seemed to hurt the damn dragon.

He's got to be an Ultimate at least….damn things are just getting worse and worse. Thought Minoru.

The AeroVeedramon then dashed over at high speed before ramming into Minoru and sending him further down into the air. As he tried to control himself, the AeroVeedramon began to gather energy into his mouth, but a sudden blast of lighting interrupted him.

Looking up he saw Izzy on the back of Kabuto, as Kabuterimon, who only gulped upon seeing that his attack had no effect.

"I hate to tell you this Izzy, but I think we are going to have a little problem dealing with this guy." Said Kabuto.

Izzy nodded, "If only we had our crests…then we could go ultimate…but…."

His thoughts were interrupted when the AeroVeedramon turned towards them and fired his energy blast from his mouth which turned into a dragon. Kabuto barley dodged it as he flew around firing his Electro Shocker as fast as possible, butAeroVeedramon stood there as the blasts bounced off him.

Minoru, seeing the extra help, flew behind the dragon and tried to stab him from behind, but the ultimate grabbed Minoru, headbutted him and threw him at Kabuto who caught him, but it was a trick as fired another blast which made both of them get knocked back.

Izzy hanged on for his life as he struggled to stay on.

(From below)

"Okay…maybe they're going to need help." Said Mimi.

"Never mind that for now, listen. We need to tell Davis to make Vee digivolve, he's getting his dragon ass handed to him by that red Veemon guy." Said Yolie.

"I'll tell him, for now let's get out of here and find a medic for you and Taipa." Said Ken as he took out his D-Terminal and started typing.

Yolie smiled at him and said, "Ken….thank you."

Ken nodded with another smile as Willow took all three of them in her hands and jumped off.



In the center of the fire ring, two Veemon of opposite colors were currently dueling one another with blades forged by their races. Both were trying to dominate one over the other, but neither could succeeded.

Vee cried out with fury as he swung his Lightbringer with a left cut only to have it blocked. Turning around the black slashed to the side where Xion ducked while letting his leg kick out Vee's who flipped back on his hands before jumping in the air and downward slashing at Xion's face who merely blocked it again. Pushing Vee back, he relaxed and said, "Not bad…you're getting better."

"I'm only starting." Said Vee who glared back before charging again.

(Near the exit)

While everyone else was fighting Davis, Kari, and Angel were busy trying to get all the non fighters out of the stadium while Cody with Yukimura as Digmon was trying to protect them.

"Gold Rush!" Shouted Yukimura as he unleashed all 4 drills which went through 4 colorless Flamedramon.

"Jeez, the more of these guys you get rid of the more that keep coming back!" Shouted Yukimura as he swiped a few of them away.

"Just keep fighting Yukimura! We got to get hold them!" Shouted Cody from behind.

Near the exit Davis and Kari were helping the other officials get the citizen's to safety.

"Hey Kari! How many more are there left!" Demanded Davis as he turned around to face the child of light.

Kari and Angel were helping a hurt Kiwimon get back on her feet before shouting, "We got more than half of them out of here! I just hope the others are doing well."

Davis looked at the ring of fire and hoped his partner was alright, When the hell did everything go wrong? What's just going on here?


Looking up he saw a colorless ExVeemon coming towards him and firing its V-Laser technique which managed to hit crowd and sent them out scattering in fear while Davis got sent down to the ground uninjured.

Groaning he got up only to freeze as the Grey ExVeemon tried to stop on him when he felt somebody tackle him out of the way and miss the large foot. Davis looked up to see Kari on top of him asking him if he was alright.

Davis blushed, Damn it Davis! Quit with the hormones! This isn't the time or place for that!

He suddenly gasped, grabbed Kari and rolled out of the ExVeemon's fist that nearly flattened them as it dug deep into the earth.

The ExVeemon went to try and crush them again when Angel got on top of his head and started scratching at it in a fury. The colorless dragon, feeling no pain, simply swiped the cat champion off his head and crash into the corpse of a Deramon killed in battle. She tried to get up, but her stomach started hurting again.

"No…not now…" She cried as she slowly got up.

Seeing her weaked the ExVeemon went over and prepared to fire a V-Laser at point blank.

"NO ANGEL!" Cried Kari as she got up and tried to run to her partner despite Davis yelling at her to stop.

"Light Slash!"


Angel froze at Hito's sudden reappearance in front of her with his arms crossed shocked her just as much as watching the ExVeemon disappear into nothing.

Kari and Davis were shocked as Cody and Yukimura ran over asking them if they were alright.

"Yeah…Hito just saved us." Said Davis.

"You act like it's a surprise."

Turing around everyone saw Jaden walk over with a calm calculated look on his face as he said, "Hito, looks like Xion's stuck first. The Objectives have change to Beta."

"Let's do this." Said Hito nodding.

Hearing this Cody shouted, "You knew this was going to happen! And you didn't stop it or tell us!"

Jaden turned to the young Digidestined and said, "There was a possibility, but we were unsure."

Davis grabbed him and said, "You know more then what's going on so who are you and what's all this about!"


"Davis!" Cried Kari and Angel as they walked over where Davis was trying to get up from a punch to the gut.

"I have nothing to say to you, I suggest you all stand down and hope Vee can defeat Xion." He said as he took out his D-3. It was a purple with a white center much like the design of Ken's. He pointed it at Hito and shouted, "Digivolve."

Starbimon digivolve to….Lobomon!

Everyone saw, when the light cleared, that Hito had digivolved into his champion form, Lobomon.

Hito quickly dashed into the battlefield and took out his Light swords, "Lobo Kendo!"

With the art of a master, he rushed through the field slashing at any colorless Veemon evolution he could findand slashed them all down with one strike. He was quick, quiet, and simple in his strikes. Cody could only gasp at the sword play; it was if watching a samurai from ancient times strikes his enemies down as if they were bamboo sticks.

As he was watching this, he didn't notice the lone Veemon which suddenly ran towards him.

Kari turned around and saw this, "CODY LOOK OUT!"


Cody froze as he looked behind him to see the Veemon inches from his face and frozen with a hole in his forehead.

It soon disappeared like the others and the danger had passed.

Everyone looked at Jaden who lowered his Desert Eagle.

"A..gun….but how?" Shouted Angel who was shocked, human guns didn't hurt digimon, not even missiles. (AN: I don't know if this is accurate, but from what I seen our weapons just plain suck against them)

"The bullets are made out of Chrome Digizoid. The hardest metal there is in the Digital World." Said Jaden without looking at Angel.

"But why do you have a gun in the first place?" Said Davis looking at him as if he was a dangerous criminal.

"Because unlike you and your friends, I don't sit on the backlines and let my partner do everything." Said Jaden as he turned around and fired three shot which managed to hit three Flamedramon in the head before they could attack Hito while he was fending off attacks. Hito didn't even reply as he simple beheaded his enemies before nodded at his partner.

As the group watched this, Davis heard familiar beep and checked his D-Terminal.

"Ken says I should Digivolve Vee, I think that's a good idea." Said Davis.

"You mean you haven't gotten him to digivolve yet? Idiot." Said Jaden much to Davis's annoyance, but he ignored it and activated the Digiegg of Courage.

Flamedramon huh? Again... idiot. Thought Jaden as he shook his head.

(Inside the fire)

Vee and Xion were currently in a sword lock when Vee felt a familiar power grow inside him and grinned. Pushing Xion back started to digivolve and soon became Flamedramon.

Looking at his sword he was surprise to see it grow bigger till it was much larger so it was perfect for Vee to carry as Flamedramon and not as Veemon.

"Okay, this is going to even things out!" Shouted Vee grinning as he got ready.

Xion shook his head, "Oh yeah? Check this out!"

"FlameVeedramondigivolve to…..Flamedramon!"

Vee could only gasp at Xion's digivolution into Flamedramon ,but this Flamedramon was different, instead of blue he was red as Xion was when he was a FlameVeemon and instead of red armor with yellow flame designs, it was blue armor with silver flame designs.

"How! You don't have the Digiarmor of Courage!" Shouted Vee.

Xion laughed, "That thing? It's nothing. We use to digivolve without them or any humans a long time ago! I've been able to do this for years and you know it Vee….or you should at least."

He lifted Flameburg, which had also grown and said, "Well then shall we continue?"

Vee could only growl as he dashed forward with Lightbringer in his hands.

Chapter 13: AN 2

Due to the large amount of finals work I have, this fic is going to be on hold till I have the time to start working on it again.


Chapter 14: The Assualt of Xion Part 3

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Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(Inside the fire wall)

The two dragons, each the same kind but of the different color, clashed once more in a furry of attacks from each other's swords. Vee was now getting use to his V-sword as his body moved like an expert swordsman that had trained years to get to perfection. But despite all this, the wounds on his body were already slowing him down and fatigue was starting to kick in.

Xion saw this, and knew that soon or later, Vee would be forced to give up and surrender. It was only a matter of time. As he thought this, he lifted his sword upward while dodging a Fire Rocket blast before nailing Vee with his gauntlet that sent him back.

Glowing with blue colored flames all over him, he rushed in with his sword positioned at his waist, "V-Sword Technique: Dancing Blue Renegade Flames!"

Like a blur of blue fire, he disappeared and reappeared by Vee's side, slashing while turning back and sliding over to the other size while slashing again. Vee tried to keep up, but the blue armored Flamedramon was too fast to even see for him and he was forced to take blow after blow by his sides till both ends were bleeding and burned. Taking no more he fell to his knees, dropping Lightbriner, as he bite his tongue to force himself not to yell from the pain

Xion stood over Vee with his sword positioned at his neck, "Give up now? Its futile Vee…you don't remember how to fight me and you can't even stand. It's over; give up now and this fighting will stop."

Vee tried stand, but he felt no more strength…

He was done….

(Outside in the stadium)

"Are the flames down yet?" Asked Angel as she looked at the fire wall.

"No…and that's what worries me. I thought Vee would have finished him when I made him Digivolve." Said Davis.

"Xion is a fire type digimon. You digivolved him into a fire type, since Xion is a more powerful master I think the outcome is clear." Said Jaden as he reloaded his gun again after finishing his previous clip on a few of the other grey colored Veemon.

Davis growled at Jaden as she shouted, "What do you know! Vee's not going to give up."

"He may not accept defeat, but defeat will accept him if this continues. I assume that Vee is already in Xion's grasp." Said Jaden glaring back.

"Do you not have any faith in him?" Demanded Kari who was starting to get angry at this guy, more so then ever.

"In him now? No. What he could become? Maybe." Said Jaden cryptically as he looked for his partner, Hiro, who was continuing his slaughter on the enemy on the ground.

Hiro, as Lobomon, had connected his laser kendo swords together creating a double bladed one. Spinning around he slashed at three greys ExVeemon before jumping over a Rapidmon trying to tackle him from behind.

"Lobo Kendo!" He shouted as he landed on his feet and stab the sword straight up his back making it disappeared into a vapor. With his back turned, a Grey Flamedramon saw the opertunity to attack with it's burning fist, but was shot in the head from a distance.

Turning his head he saw his partner nodding before looking up at the AeroVeedramon that Minoru, Kabuto, and Izzy were having problems with. Understanding his partner's wishes, he positioned his wrist at the back of the AeroVeedramon and started gathering energy into the blaster that was positioned on it.

"Howling Laser." He said as he fired the shot releasing a burst of light that went straight through the AeroVeedramon's chest and caused it to stumble in the air in pain. Seeing their chance, Izzy told Minoru to finish it while Kabuto covered him.

"Electro Shocker!" Cried Kabuto sending out his electrical attack that managed to stun the larger Veemon as Minoru dived down as fast as he could with his blade extended and pierce it through the AeroVeedramon's heart where it fell slowly to the ground before disappearing like the others before it.

"That's one thing taken care of, but we still have more problems." Said Jaden who looked at the flame wall, "As long as Xion wields it, the Jiang Shi are still going to keep coming."

"Jiang Shi?" Asked Davis.

Angel however, had enough. "I'm not standing around any longer! Kari! I need to digivolve."

Kari nodded and shouted, "Digi-armor energize!"

Gatomon armor-digivolve to…..Nefertimon, The Angel of Light!

Taking flight, the now digivolved Angel spread her angelic wings and took off into the air to enter the wall of flames. Hiro saw this and looked towards his partner from a distance while back stabbing another Flamedramon, wondering why he didn't stop her.

Jaden, knowing his partners curiosity, looked at him and gave a look in his eyes that asked to watch.

(Inside the fire wall)

Angel quickly flew down to the arena and surprised both Vee and Xion who turned around.

"Angel…" Whispered Vee as he tried to get up but the wounds he sustained were too painful for him to ignore.

"Again with the interruptions! Don't you people know when to leave two old pals alone for some time together?" Shouted Xion who sounded annoyed.

Angel ignored him as she cried out, "Rosetta Stone!"

She unleashed the holy tablets t Xion, who simple stood there and waited for them to come near him. Without so much as moving an eyelash he quickly sliced all of them and turned them into dust, much to Angel's surprise.

Dashing forward, Xion quickly reached her and slashed downward near her chest implanting a deep cut in the center before releasing a Fire Rocket right in front of her face which sent her back near the fire wall which was starting to burn her wings.

Vee just looked in horror as he saw his wife, bleeding and nearly burned by the firewall that surrounded them. He watched her try to get up, only to have her head slammed back to the concrete floor thanks to Xion's foot.

"This is enough….I'm ending these annoyances once and for all!" Cried Xion in anger as he lifted his sword high into the air.

Vee's eyes widen as all around him time seemed to slow down as the blade moved downward. His heart stopped, his breath silent, the brain inside his head screaming in pain…..




"….I'm here…I'm here…

The blade falling upon her chest….

…the blood that spread all over his clothes, her blood….

"….I love you…."

He was crying….for her….for him…for what had happened to all of them….


"…no….YOU'RE NOT GOING TO DIE! WERE GOING TO RUN AWAY!...we were going to be safe….we were going to have a new life….the two of us…..away from the hatred….away… from the pain…..please….I don't want to lose you…your more to me than anything I have ever had -….."

The dozens of eyes staringat them, most of anger, hatred and discuss…some with pity and confusion.

All the suffering she had gone through….all he freed her from….now it was dying like her in his arms…..

"….lets me again….in the next life…."

"….I'll be waiting…"

His face, wet from the waterfalls that were once his eye, kissed those lips that were fading into cold. Her once kind and brave heart was now slowly silencing to its last beats. He angelic eyes…..slowly darkening….





And then death took her from him.

Nothing around him mattered any more, not the people around him, not the burning bar that once been this favorite place in all of Druganda, not the pitying eyes of his best friend, not the stars or night, not the Paragons above or the rocks below, not the air or the sea, not the mountains or the plains. Nothing existed not even light at that moment.

All that existed was what he held in his arms and now it was all but a shell of the life he had been blessed with to love. He whispered her name, then again as if he was trying to deny all the sense of reason that he knew of the terrible fate that had come to pass. But he whispered. Just her name….that's all he wanted to say….that was all he could say….maybe it was all he would ever say.

He said it louder and louder each time, until at last he screamed a scream filled with the pain of one's own world crashing and burning around him. The sound of everything inside torn and raped before him. The sound of all lost in the sea of time and death.

"!" Screamed Vee as a sudden raging power over took him.

Xion stopped his sword and looked at Vee in shock at the amount of power that was rising. Vee was slowly started to glow like a burning new born star, the radiant light that burned with it was enough to nearly make Xion shake to his knees.

IT'S HIM! THE VEE FROM 50,000 YEARS AGO! Screamed Xion in his mind as he felt the terrible power being reborn slowly inside of his best friend.

"!" Screamed the Flamedramon as his eye turned pure white, his muscles increased in size as the energy leaping out of him rushed upward like a beacon of pure light causing the very arena they sat on to quake in fear.

Angel couldn't help but just stare in fear at her lover, The power…Vee's never had this much power….hell it only rivals high level Ultimate's and Megas! How could he have so much power in only his armor form!

But it wasn't just these two who felt it, everyone around them in the stadium and even outside could feel it and froze. All the Jiang Shi just stopped and stared at the glowing pillar of light emanating from the firewall which grew higher and higher at every moment.

At that moment, all the fighters saw them display a emotion for the first time…..


They vanished as quickly as they came, disappearing into their grey veils like rats running away from tigers. In nearly a minute the large army of grey Veemon evolutions was gone like that.

All of the Digidestined, their partners, and even the Digimon who fought just to assist them were staring at the pillar.

"What power…." Said Surudoi as he just gazed at it.

"Is this….Xion or…Vee?" Asked Tai who was speechless.

Hito looked at the light and gave a grin, Maybe he's not as useless as we thought….

Jaden just stared with an cold look.

"Davis….what the hell is happening?" Asked Kari who was afraid yet amazed at the power she could feel.

Davis gritted his teeth, "Kari…..I think that's Vee…."

"What?" Asked Kari shocked, "But how…"

"I just know! I can feel it!" Said Davis who was worried about his partner yet glad he still alive.


Back inside, Xion just stood there frozen as he slowly stepped away from Angel until a thought hit him.

Wait a minute…he called her..Angel….ANGEL! BUT THAT MEANS! He thought with his eyes widen. The blue armored Flamedramon looked at Angel and wondered if this was really….her…..

He didn't have enough time to figure it out as the pillar faded and Vee raised his V-sword, Lightbringer.

"V-Sword Technique: PULSE FORCE QUAKE!"

Slashing his sword downward he slammed it to the ground where it unleashed a large blast of light energy that ripped through the arena and headed straight for Xion.


The blast slammed right into him; take him and sending them through the fire wall and into the wall of the stadium behind it where it exploded in a burning flash of light.

Everyone covered their eyes from the explosion before it calmed down and left nothing but a huge smoking hole. The fire wall soon vanished and every one of their friends rushed towards the now ruined arena where Vee and Angel, now in their rookie and champion forms respectively, were lying on the ground, bleeding and nearly unconscious.

"VEE! Wake to man! Hey!" Cried Davis holding his partner.

"Angel! Hang in there!" Cried Kari doing the same as their friends gathered around them.

Vee opened his eyes and slowly asked, "Hey…Davis…is it dinner time?"

Davis sighed in relief; if Vee was talking about food then he was alright.

His partner's eyes widen as he looked at his wife who was unconscious, "Angel!"

"Don't worry…she's just knocked out and a bit hurt. Nothing a bit of rest will do." Said Joe as he checked her condition which made everyone, including Vee and Kari, relax.

"Vee… that attack you did….it was amazing!" Said Isis as everyone near her nodded.

Vee looked at his hands to find that his V-Sword was gone and nowhere around them. It had disappeared once more.

Beowulf then heard something from the smoking hole and looked at it gasping.

Everyone turned around and saw, coming out bleeding and burned, Xion in his rookie form again.

"No…way….Vee…blasted the guy…" Said Kabuto in amazement.

"How did he survive that!" Demanded Tai.

Xion hunched over and slowly began to laugh until he looked up with eyes filled with….happiness?

"Your still there….that power….that power you once had….nobody but you could have done that." Said Xion before standing up, "50,000 years ago I would have been dead….but now I'm stronger so that attack wasn't enough to finish me no matter how you catch me by surprise."

50,000 years! Was te thought of everyone.

"How the hell is he that old and looking young!" Asked Yukimura.

Xion just smirked and said, "….but then again…." He looked at Angel, "…if she is who I think she is…then I'm not surprise……there must be a god if she's here with you… think…."

Everyone was confused before Xion looked at Vee and said, "I'm not done with you Vee, but seeing as the Jiang Shi are gone and I'm hurt for the first time in who knows how long, I'll let you go today. But I'm telling you now Vee….."

He looked at him with a serious face and said, "I'm not going to let you get killed by him…..not you."

The last thing Vee saw was Xion disappearing into a black void before he blacked out.


It was night out and the scene showed a huge City beyond anything ever dreamed up. Thousands of castles and towers surrounded by walls of pure steel with millions of Digimon, mostly Veemon, running through it. A small blue Veemon was walking in the middle of the street with some tears in his eyes. He heard that his uncle was lost outside in the Wastelands from a sudden attack and his entire family was now in morning. Many different types of Exveemon, Raidramon, Flamedramon, and any other Evolutions that Veemon digivolve to were walking not paying any attention to him at all, not to mention other Digimon, but for some strange reason, all the non Veemon's were all, poor and looked starved or defeated in spirit while the Veemon looked perfectly normal. He cried a few last tears before sighing and decided to return home. As he was about to leave he then heard some noises in an ally and decided to see who's they were.

"Let me go you Crap heads!" Cried a voice.

The little Veemon ducked behind a dumpster and peeked to see who it was. A beaten up small FlameVeemon, looking his age and size was surrounded by three dirty looking male Rookie Digimon that were bigger then him, a Labramon, a Shamanmon, and a ClearAgumon. They wore rags and looked like a bunch of poor thugs who wanted to assault the small FlameVeemon.

"Stupid Veemon, you and your kind are nothing but trouble for the rest of us." Said the Labramon.

"Maybe, but you should know that I am the only son of Count Fladric of the House of Kadan, who is a member of the High Dragon Council." Said the FlameVeemon gritting his teeth and getting his fists ready.

"Good, makes us want to beat you up more." Said the ClearAgumon.

"Bring it on losers!" Cried the FlameVeemon, who threw the first punch which knocked the ClearAgumon in the head.

The other two Rookies tried to grab him, but the FlameVeemon gave two back kicks towards them that knocked them back.

"Too easy." Said the FlameVeemon, who was then knocked in the head by the ClearAgumon's fist.

The FlameVeemon then fell to the ground clutching his head when suddenly the three began to beat him up on the ground. The Labramon clawed at him, the Shamanmon beat him with his club, and the ClearAgumon kicked him in the ribs.

They stopped for a moment and looked at him as he lay down in pain.

"Had enough rich boy?" asked the ClearAgumon.

The FlameVeemon gave him the finger.

"Tough guy huh? Hey, Lanner, take a piss on red butt here so he can feel humiliation for once." Said the ClearAgumon to the Labramon.

The Labramon nodded as he then raised his left hind leg like a dog would and was about to start till he felt a swift kick to his groin.

The Labramon howled in pain as it clutched his manhood like it was about to fall off. The other two looked to see who did that and it was none other then small Veemon who decided to help the FlameVeemon.

"What the-" Said the Shamanmon before meeting a fist to the face.

"Who are-" Said the ClearAgumon who was kicked hard knocking the wind out of him.

The small Veemon then helped the FlameVeemon get up and asked if he was alright.

"Yeah, can't believe that stupid dog was going to use me as a fricken Hydrant." Said the FlameVeemon.

They then saw the ClearAgumon and FlameVeemon get up while the Labramon was still on the floor whimpering.

"Great two Veemon, isn't enough we have to see you Mother F#$#'s every damn day." Said the ClearAgumon.

"Please leave, we don't want anymore trouble." Said the small Veemon.

"What are you saying? You a fricken Pacifist? I want to kick these assholes here and now!" Said the FlameVeemon.

"Yeah, why don't we just end this now huh?" Said the Shamanmon.

"If you fight, I will have no choice, but to fight back." Said the small Veemon.

"Not alone you won't." Said the small FlameVeemon getting ready.

"Feel the pain losers!" Cried the ClearAgumon as both him and his friend charged.

"Double Team?" Asked the small Veemon.

"Hell yeah." Said the small FlameVeemon.

They charged and yelled:

"Flaming Vee Headbutt!"


Both head attack hit the two Digimon who were knocked back into the Labramon, who got up, and were all knocked out.

Both Veemon sighed in relief, but then the FlameVeemon got an idea and gave and evil smile.

Why do I have the feeling he's going to do something bad? Thought the small Veemon.

(A few Minutes later)

The two dragon Rookie kids then exited the ally; the FlameVeemon was smiling while the regular Veemon was looking at him with mixed feelings.

"AH! I feel so refresh." Said the FlameVeemon.

"Did you have to really do that? On them?" Asked the Veemon.

"Hey, they were going to do it to me! Why not do it on them? Besides I had to go really badly." Said the FlameVeemon.

"Whatever." Said the Veemon.

They both kept walking till the FlameVeemon said, "Thanks for the help man. I appreciate it. Name Xion." he then pointed to himself, "Who are you?"

"I'm Vee..."

(End of dream)


"Hey! I think he's waking up!"

"Uhh..." Said Vee as he slowly opened his eyes and found himself in a hospital room with Davis, Cody, Yukimura, Tai and Surudoi watching him.

What was that...another memory? With Xion? Thought Vee before shaking his head as pain started to kick in.

"Ow...where am I?" Asked Vee as he felt his throat sore and his body aching. Looking at himself he found a lot of bandages around the places where Xion attacked the most.

"Thank god, we were wondering when you were going to wake up. You've been out for hours." Said Davis smirking.

"What happened? Where's everyone else? What about Angel!" Cried Vee.

"Relax." Said Surudoi calming the blue dragon down, "The tournament is cancelled due to what happened. Everyone in the Digital World is on alert now because of Xion. We lost...a lot of innocent's and many more are wounded."

"What about our friends?" Said Vee before going into a coffing fit.

Davis handed him some water which he gladly took as Cody spoke, "Ken, Yolie, Taipa and Angel are alright, but they were hurt badly...also..."

Everyone blushed.

"What? What's wrong?" Asked Vee in confusion.

"Well...about Angel...the doctors told us what's been going on with her...I'm surprised we didn't even figure it out before." Said Tai.

Vee was confused, "So... what's wrong with her? What's going on?"

Davis sighed and said, "Might as well just come straight out...She's pregnet Vee, your going to be a dad."






Chapter 15: The Aftermaths

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Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(End Song)

(Days later, after the tournament, Motomiya residence)

He was going to be a dad.

A father!

Him of all people!

Vee stared at the rising sun from his bedroom with a proud smile on his face. He closed his eyes and thought, I can't believe it still…I've always known we would start a family one day….but this is so sudden yet….all I can express is joy.

Everyone from his friends to their families to his band mates to even strangers who just admired the Digidestined was giving him and Angel congratulations. It was becoming a widespread thing, the first Destined partner baby on Earth.

It was too soon to tell if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl, but the gender didn't matter to the future father. Only if it was going to be healthy or not, as well as if he could take care of the child when it came.

He was going to have to provide more for his wife and for Davis and Kari's family since they were going to have a child coming. Their parents told them they would help in whatever way was necessary, having gone through the trials of parenthood, and would be happy to help.

Vee was going to need all the help he could get. He didn't know anything about being a father and it wasn't like it was something you could prepare for when it happened.

Not to mention all the things a child was going to need, food, a crib, toys and other stuff as well.

The more he thought about it, the more worried and excited he felt.

"Something wrong?"

Vee smiled as he felt his wife wrap her furry arms around him while kissing the back of his neck.

"Shouldn't you be in bed?" Asked Vee.

"I felt hungry." Said Angel.

Vee turned around and kissed his angel cat before sighing, "I'm just thinking…"

"About the baby?"

Vee nodded.

"It's natural…Davis's parents both told us that we would be having such thoughts for awhile." Said Angel, who was gracious that the Motomiyas volunteered to have the baby raised in their house first before they moved over to the Kamiya's again.

"I just…feel so excited…yet I feel like I'm going to faint…" Said Vee.

"Like your reaction back at the hospital?" Asked Angel with a smirk.

Vee blushed in embarrassment.


(Days ago, back in the hospital)

Angel laid on her hospital bed, in her room, slowly rubbing her stomach.

A baby.

She was going to have a baby.

She felt tears of joy fall down her face, "I…I'm going to be a mommy…"

Emotions that she never felt before started to fall down and she looked at the ceiling thanking whatever god that existed that she be allowed this.

She wondered what Vee was going to think and if he was ready for the responsibility.

"Angel!" Screamed Kari in joy running in with Mimi and Willow, along with her Floramon girlfriend who came out of concur for her lover upon hearing what happened, with happy faces.

Angel was taken by surprised when Kari hugged her a few small tears coming down her eyes, "The doctor told us…oh Angel I'm so happy for you!"

"We all are!" said Mimi as the digimon couple nodded.

Angel smiled and hugged her partner back, "Promise you'll be there for me?"

"Always." Said Kari releasing the hug with a smile as Angel then asked her what happened.

"Everyone's alright. Ken, Yolie, and Taipa were the worst off, but they're recovering. I think Ken's with her now. TK, Kasumi, Gabriel, and Sally managed to escape early on the attack. We lost a few digidestined and a few others…."

Angel growled, "Who the hell was that Xion guy…and what was with those weird Veemon?"

"Gennai and Izzy are trying to figure that out now. Gennai's never heard of a red Veemon before, but Gennai claims that the history of Veemon themselves are not well known except for the Sovereigns, but they're being reluctant to spread that info." Said Kari who sounded suspicious.

"Why would they? I mean, what do they wish not to tell us?" Asked Flora.

Angel shook her head, "Let's worry about that another time. What about the tournament?"

"Cancelled. It was called off due to what happened. A shame really since I wanted to see Vee kick Hito's ass." Said Willow growling.

Angel sighed, "Speaking of Vee, does he know about…my condition?"

"Has anybody told him yet?" Asked Mimi.


A blue blur rushed throught the door and ran up into Angel face with wide eyes and screamed, "YOUR HAVING A BABY!"

"I'm guessing so." Said Willow as Tai, Sudori, and Davis came in.

"I'm guessing you guys told him?" Asked Kari smirking.

"I think he's taking it well." Said Tai.

Angel laughed nervously before nodding, "Yes Vee…you and I are going to be parents."

Vee's mouth went wide and he screamed, "WHAT! I mean…when? How did this happen….well I know how it happened but are we really going to be bringing in a child into this world? Our child!"

"Are you mad?" Asked Angel in worry.

"MAD! NO! I'm….I'm shocked but I'm also happy!" Screamed Vee as he started laughing and jumping around, "I'm going to be a dad! I'm going to be a dad! YES! YES!"

Everyone giggled at the hyperactive dragon's actions.

"Davis…I need you to do something for me!" Said Vee.

"What is it?"

"Catch me." Said Vee as he fainted.

(End of Flashback)

"I admit I could have acted a bit more mature…" Said Vee rubbing the back of his head with Angel giggling.

Vee soon went towards the door and opened it, "I'm heading out for a jog. I'll be back soon."

Angel nodded and sighed, "You'll be a great dad Vee…don't worry."

(Later, in the park)

Going for a jog wasn't just for a jog however.

He still had problems in his head that he thought about as he jogged.

For one, Xion. Who was he? Somebody from his past life? He had dreams about him and Xion doing stuff together in a large city. It was almost as if they were best friends….

He claims to know me…but if he really is my "best friend" why is he hanging around with that other Cloaked Veemon who assaulted me two years ago?

There was also the issue of those other Veemon, the ones that seemed half dead. According to Davis, Jaden called them "Jiang Shi", which meant "Living corpse" in Chinese meaning they were zombies in a way.

According to Gennai such a task would have to have been a dark art that was lost, meaning whatever enemy they were facing had such power.

So not only living Veemon….but dead Veemon as well. Thought Vee as he stopped near a fountain and rested.

As he caught his breath, he felt a presence behind him. Turning around he was surprised to see Jaden on the other side of the fountain looking at him with his cold eyes.

"You?" Said Vee getting up.

"Me." Said Jaden moving around the fountain towards Vee, "But also…not just me."

Hito soon appeared in a flash beside his partner as they both stood a few feet from Vee who looked tensed. "Any reason why you guys are here?" asked Vee getting ready for a fight.

"Maybe we just wanted to talk." Said Hito.

"Why do I get the strange feeling it's not just that?" Said Vee.

Hito smirked, "Come with us."

Vee glared at them, "And why should I?"

"We don't have to tell you." Said Jaden sighing.

"Forget it. I'm not going anywhere…I'm heading home." Said Vee turning around and walking away before Hito stopped him by grabbing his shoulder.

"You're not going anywhere." Said Hito as Vee pushed him off and growled, "We will force you."

"Good…I've been dying to pay you back for what you did to Gabriel." Said Vee getting ready.

Hito sighed, "Jaden…"

"Make it so." Said Jaden with his arms crossed.

Vee got ready to fight when Hito shouted something that surprised him, "Howl, Fenrir."

A blue smoke began to assemble and glow from Hito's hands until it took physical shape and appeared as a single handle thin bladed straight sword with two leaping wolves form the hilt of this sword, their tails encircle a gemstone. The pommel had a wolf sitting howling at the moon while the blade was mostly covered in sharp chains.

Vee just froze, "A…V-sword?"

"V-Sword Technique: Chains of Sorrow."Said Hito as he stabbed the blade into the ground where, underneath Vee, dozens of chains came out and wrapped around his entire body. Before he could fight back they started pulsing out strong electric shocks that made him scream before blacking out.

Hito soon de-summoned the chains and his sword before he and Jaden walked over Vee's unconscious body.

"I find it hard to believe that this is the man The Superior told us about." Said Hito.

"Well, when we're through with him he's going to remember….like it or not…" Said Jaden grabbing Vee's body and disappearing in a black veil.

Chapter 16: Revelations Part 1

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Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(Unknown location)

Shit….my head….Thought Vee as he slowly woke up and started to shake his head. Confusion soon entered his mind as he tried to remember what happened when the images of Hito with his very own V-Sword came into his mind.

As he stood up he slowly noticed he was in a dark room with nothing to support any sort of light. Wondering if he had been kidnapped he slowly started to walk around when a voice rang out.

"Sorry about knocking you out….but we don't have much time. If we are to get you to your full strength we need to get you to remember everything as fast as possible." Jaden's voice echoed in the dark.

"Where are you? Show yourself!" Demanded Vee.

"Let me ask you this…do you wish to know everything? All of your past, both the good and bad? Do you want to regain the power you once had? To remember who you really are and what happened to your race? Why your own kind searches to destroy you? Do you wish too? We promise nothing but the truth and with it only the truth."

Vee stood still, his heart conflicted. It was obvious these guys really wanted to get him to know his past…but why was the question?

"Are you working with those Veemon who are attacking me?" Asked Vee.

"No…we are actually trying to defeat them."Said Jaden much to Vee confusion.

"So you know what's really going on?"


Vee sighed, Great…they're holding all the cards and I don't know what will become of me if I say no….

That…and he wanted to find out about who he really was.

How often did a chance like that occur anyway?

"Fine…." Said Vee with a sigh, "I agree to see my past."

"You sure?"


No sooner did he say this, torches lit and Vee gasped at the now lit room. It was made of pure gold with various carvings of Veemon in all their forms shown in glory and honor. Each was carved to perfection and the writings below them were so alien that Vee didn't know what they meant.

There were statues as well of various Veemon all dressed in grand angelic clothing, each looked to be important and legendary.

Jaden came out from the only door that lead out of the room and said, "Welcome to the Dragon's Keep. The lost temple dedicated to the entire history of the Veemon race, from its beginning to its end."

"It beautiful." Said Vee in amazement…this was part of a temple dedicated to his ancestors.

"Follow me…." Said Jaden as he walked out of the room. Vee took one last look before rushing to the door to follow.

(The hall)

In the middle of the hall stood Hito, waiting for the two as the made their way through the barley lit hall.

"You!" Said Vee growling.

"Take it easy. I did what I had to." Said Hito not caring at all.

"How are you able to have a V-sword! I though only Veemon can use it!" Said Vee.

Hito smirked, "The Veemon may have invented the V-sword, but anybody can use one if the processes in gaining one is done right."

Glaring at him, the blue dragon grumbled before he continued walking with Jaden and Hito. As they continued down the hall Jaden turned to Vee and asked, "Do you know how the Digital World was made?"

Vee nodded, "It's the combination of Digital Information from the real world as well as the dreams and hopes of people."

"Yes…" Said Jaden, "But before that was discovered many versions of how the Digital World was born came in various beliefs to the Digimon who knew nothing of the Real World at that time. As you already know, before the Real World and Digital World were truly connected, time was different. 1 minute on the earth was like a day in this world. Since the Digital World was "made" in the early 70's you can guess how many years passed before the first Digidestined's arrived."

That's a lot of years. Thought Vee realizing the Digital World was older then he though in a sense.

"As such, many millennia's of history are lost to us at this point, but we what we do know of the Veemon is all in here." Said Jaden as they stopped an opened a nearby chamber which lead to what seemed like a shine of some sort.

There were statues and tablet dedicated to at least a hundred of Veemon, male and female, from rookie to mega forms in this room. All dressed nicely and were displayed as if they were gods.

On top of the shine was a mural of a bunch of digimon fighting a crowd of darkness and chaotic creatures that didn't even look they were Digimon. Leading the Digimon was a bright blue UlforceVeedramon who had a golden sword, a silver cape, and had a glowing halo surrounding him.

"Who's that?" Asked Vee.

"That is Zeromaru."

"ZEROMARU!" Shouted Vee in surprise.

Jaden and Hito smirked, "I take it you know him?"

"Of course! He was a legendary warrior that all children grew up knowing of his deeds! How he stopped a great evil many many years ago and defeated it!" Said Vee with excitement like a kid. No digimon didn't know of Zeromaru, one of the legends of the Digital world.

"Well…do you know the true history of him." Said Hito as he walked over to the largest statue, which was Zeromaru's, and picked up and old book that was seated on it's feet. Giving it to Vee, the blue dragon opened it to see pictures of the great Zeromaru's army.

"Zeromaru is actually the start of our story. This was 80,000 years ago. It was a chaotic time for the Digital World, bandits, wars, and famine was sweeping the land. But the greatest threat was a Digimon born from the suffering, hate, and sorrow of the land's chaos…Erebusmon, the God Digimon of Nothing."

Vee turned a page and saw a dark tall figure with red eyes surrounding the land.

"He was what his name means. A God of Nothing. Neither Light nor Dark. Neither Good nor Evil. A empty shell who only desired to let everything die into a veil of unending death. He is more powerful than even the Sovereigns."

"At first all hope was thought to be lost, but one Digimon refused to give up. Zeromaru, a young orphan with no family grew strong as he gathered allies and friends and concur his enemies to finally make an army worthy enough to challenge Erebusmon.

Turning the page again he saw various pictures of the war going on between the two sides. How many were lost and yet they still held out.

"Zeromaru had managed to gather the entire Digital World together to fight for its existence. But even though victory was close, Erebusmon refused to surrender or die." Said Hito as he looked at the statue, "Knowing this, Zeromaru performed a powerful magic seal that, at the cost of his own life energy, sealed Erebusmon for good in a realm of nothing where he is sealed to even on this day…And although they won, the sacrifice was much and Zeromaru passed away."

The next page showed the funeral. How millions of Digimon were weeping over an open casket containing their fallen hero who was now in peace after fulfilling his duty.

"That was Zeromaru's first life." Said Jaden as he took the book and placed it away before leaving the shrine along with Hito and Vee.

As they continued down the halls Vee asked, "You said that was Zeromaru's first life….what about his second?"

"We are coming to that now." Said Jaden as they opened up the next door and pushed it open.

It was another large room, but this one contained pictures lined up like a timeline throughout the walls. Walking over to their left they saw a picture of various Digimon looking like they were suffering on a grey and dead land.

"In his second life 20,000 years later, Zeromaru was born in another chaotic time but this one was due to their own hands. Much like Japan's Sengoku era, various warlords tried to rise up and take the land as their own for their own clans. Peasant and innocents suffered from the harsh wars or the warlords who took their food or drafted them as soldiers or slaves. There was no unity and no true order in this world, only war and chaos." Said Jaden as they continue on, this time to a painting which held an army of Veemon lead by a battle ready Magnamon.

"Zeromaru was born this time as young warlords son. Kind and smart, he practiced his tactics and talents on the fields of battle and studies everyday. He grew popular and well loved by his clan and their people. But inside Zeromaru's heart was a desire to unite all the Veemon clans into one big clan. It had hurt him to see his own kind battle against one another for land when there was more they could do in this world. When he became head of his clan, he issued an order for all the Veemon clans to unite under his banner of unity or else he would fight them." Said Jaden.

Vee seemed surprised, "I thought he wanted to unite the Veemon, not fight them."

"Sometimes you must fight. Everybody's desire is always in conflict with other people's desire and as such they all wanted to rule just like Zeromaru. But Zeromaru was no ordinary person. He took anybody into his army, not just Veemon. His most prominent allies were the Hawkmon and the Armadillomon." Said Hito.

Vee gasped at this, "Taipa and Yukimura's kind were my kind's allies?"

"Yes…the two most powerful lords were childhood friends and allies with Zeromaru and he helped them unite their race before they helped unite his. After long countless battles with amazing strength, Zeromaru managed to unite the entire Veemon race under his rule where for 5 years he guided them with strength and wisdom and everyone loved him." Said Jaden.

"Wow…he's more amazing then I thought." Said Vee, "but what happened afterwards?"

Hito sighed as they walked to another painting, this one however was sad looking. It featured all the Veemon, including Zeromaru who was crying, over two large memorial graves.

"The wars continued and got worse. One day, various warlords grew fearful of the three united leaders and sought to destroy them. In a surprise move the entire race of Hawkmon and Armadillomon were wiped out by a single attack by the warlords. Zeromaru grieved for months hearing the loss of his friends and the thought of their entire race dying out." Said Jaden, "But it wasn't just them…many races were lost in these wars, most to be forgotten."

"But wait…how are Taipa and Yukimura around? If their race was wiped out thousands of years ago then why are they alive now?" Asked Vee.

Hito and Jaden sighed, "That we cannot tell you yet….only that a similar way managed to also preserve you after 50,000 years."

Vee started to get suspicious, like there was more to this then just meets the eye.

"So what happened next?" Asked Vee.

Jaden sighed, "The formation of the Veemon Empire."

Chapter 17: Revelations Part 2

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Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(Real world, park)

"Where could he be?" Asked Davis as he looked around the park for one missing dragon digimon. He was at the library just moments ago getting the book he needed before Angel called him and told him that Vee hadn't come back from his job after three hours.

Deciding to find his best friend and knock him on the head for worrying her he tried looking at the common places Vee was mostly at, mostly food stores, but no sign of him. Now he was back at the park looking a second time.


Turning around he was surprised to see Kari right behind him with a curious look, "What's up? You look annoyed."

Davis sighed, "It's Vee, and he's gone missing again. I swear that guy doesn't know how to stop making trouble sometimes."

Kari giggled, "Well, to be fair your also a bit of trouble yourself."

"Hey!" Said Davis blushing as Kari continued to giggle.

"Do you want some help?" Asked Kari.

Blushing Davis looked to his side and said, "Well…I don't want to trouble you, I mean you got your own things to do this weekend I'm sure."

Kari smiled, "Nah, I just got back from camera store to see if my new lens came. Besides, you're a friend and helping you is the right thing to do."

Davis nodded in appreciation before his cell phone rang.


"Davis right?"

"Yeah? Who's this?" He asked never hearing the voice before.

"This is Flamer, I'm with Vee's band. Listen we had to rush him over here for something important. It's going to take awhile longer so sorry to make you worry." Said the voice on the other phone.

Relaxing Davis said, "Can I talk to Vee?"

"He's in the restroom right now. Don't worry we're almost done and he'll be sent straight home." Said Flamer.

"Okay, thanks." Said Davis shutting the phone off while telling Kari what happened.

"Well I guess I won't need to help you then." Said Kari as she was about to say goodbye when she noticed the book in Davis's hands and took it by his surprise and read it out loud, "How to raise a baby for dummies?"

She looked at Davis who was embarrassed and said, "Well….since Vee's like a brother too me…and he's going to be a dad…I figured I might as well help him out right? I mean the kid's going to be like my nephew or something so I guess I just wanted to do a good job."

"Why didn't you ask somebody? Embarrassed?" Asked Kari.

"Well there's that…" Said Davis.

Kari smiled and shook her head, "Why don't I help you? After all I did a lot of babysitting and I've got experience. So I can teach you. Learning from a person is better than learning from a book after all."

Davis beamed at Kari and took her hand into his in joy, "Thanks' Kari!"

Noticing this the two quickly separated and blushed. Neither said anything for awhile until Kari mumbled, "You want to get a bite to eat first?"

Blushing he nodded and the two walked together side by side.

(Dragon's Keep)

Jaden pressed a few buttons on his phone and put it away leaving Veemon much confused.

"What was that? You tried to act like Flamer to Davis! What's going on?" Asked Vee.

"You've been gone for hours; don't you think somebody will have noticed? I called Davis and used a voice modifier chip to fool him into thinking I was your band mate." Said Jaden.


"Nobody is to know of this place or your past until you have discovered it all. How you wish to do with all that information is up to you, but until you remember everything, you're going to have to keep silent about all this." Said Jaden glaring with his cold eyes which made Vee cringe while nodding.

"Good. Now let's continue." Jaden said as they moved to the next picture which featured Veemon fighting many other types of Digimon, some Vee didn't recognized and figured they were the extinct ones they told him about earlier.

"Realizing that in order to end the wars that have taken so many people. Zeromaru realized he had to concur all the clans and have them unite under his banner. So he went to war and victory after victory he won battle after battle." Said Hito as he then pointed over to a painting of Zeromaru in his AirforceVeemon form painted like a holy god like being

"Because of his achievements, his endless victories, and his ability to outwit any opponent while surviving endless odds. People began to see him as a god. Zeromaru however, disagreed with those who called him such. Saying that he was no god, just a digimon." Said Jaden, "Yet it never went away and soon began the practice of worshiping Zeromaru as a god."

"This was never mentioned in the legends." Said Vee trying to remember if this was like anything he heard of in the tales.

"Well, most knowledge tends to be forgotten after thousands of years and this is an example." Said Jaden as they moved on.

"It soon came to a deciding factor between the last two clans. Zeromaru's Veemon clan along with many other clans who joined them, and the Angel Clan. A clan consisting of Angel type Digimon along with others who had joined them." Said Hito, "The two fought each other for a long time and many were lost in the fighting. Zeromaru however hoped for peace between the two clans and wanted them to unite. After much deciding, they agreed but whey wanted an arranged marriage between the daughter of their clan and Zeromaru. Knowing that he had no choice he agreed and he married the clan's eldest daughter."

"But it was a trap right?" asked Vee.

Hito nodded, "The daughter was forced to marry against her will and she hated him and her father for doing this. Wishing nothing but misfortune upon them, she tried to kill Zeromaru in his sleep once, but his bodyguards found her. She lied saying that her father ordered her to do so and she was executed. But she would have her revenge as Zeromaru, angered, ordered a surprise attack and defeated the Angel Clan. He had at last united the Digital world's races."

"But how does this make the Veemon Empire happen?" Asked Vee.

They walked towards the next painting where Zeromaru lay dead on a stone tablet with his sword by his side and a ray of heaven shining on him.

"Zeromaru was celebrating his victory and was planning to make a new world for all the Digimon in the world to be united and equal when an assassin planted poison in his meal. The poison was too deadly and fast to be healed and Zeromaru soon died before saying it was the Veemon's duty to give this world an new order of justice and unity." Said Jaden, "Upon his death, the Veemon were quick to try and keep the order their lord laid out for them…but soon it would become twisted."

"Twisted?" Asked Vee who felt a dark shadow coming over him.

They finally arrived at the last picture where three great ancient cities of great height stood tall and strong.

"The Veemon thought that Zeromaru order then to keep order for the Veemon and control all the rest with them in charge. The exact opposite of what he wanted. The Veemon soon created an Empire spaning from three large cities where they ruled themselves as high lords and nobles over the other races who were forced to commit to their rules or live outside in the chaotic wild lands which had grown dangerous and hazards overtime." Said Jaden.

"What? What are you saying?"Demanded Vee.

"I'm saying…your race ruled everyone else's with an iron fist for 20,000 years." Said Jaden, "That is what your race is mostly famous for, their elite dictatorship upon the Digital World."

Vee just stepped back in horror, "No…your wrong! We would never do this! I would never do this! This….this is…"

He grabbed his head in pain as memories once again started flowing into his head.

….the great city, shining in the sun as the rays touch the earth….

….the poor races, all of them but Veemon, standing alone, dirty on the streets and hungry for meals…

…the Royal Count of Lords, cheering for the rising of their new king…

….the sex slaved being sold to the Veemon for high and low bids…

….The poor agumon child beaten by Flamedramon and ExVeemon for stealing for a Veemon's counter when all he wanted was a little food….

…..a Veedramon hitting his Ogremon slave for disobedience…

…..The various Veemon lords and their kids enjoying a high class meal in a fancy room with the servants being non-Veemon….

….The army of Veemon Empire burning and killing non Veemon of all races and levels in their poor wooden houses, blood runs through the streets….

…The Great Cathedral of Zeromaru….

….chaotic wastelands were odds of dying were high…..

Vee fell to his knees, a single tear falling from his eyes, "What….what am I seeing?"

"Visions of your past…" Said Hito, "Memories of the society you grew up in. Where anybody who was a non-Veemon was a second class citizen."

Vee felt sick and slowly he got up and said, "Your lying….YOUR LYING!"

He ran out of the room horrified by what he had seen, he didn't know where he was going or what he was doing, he just wanted to get the images he had seen out of his head. The beatings, the rapes, the deaths, the slavery, the hanging, the cruelty, the treatment of all the other digimon. All while his race was looking like kings and queens.

He eventually tripped and fell into a dark lit room where he slowly got up only to wish he hadn't. In front of him was a statue that depicted a single Veemon on top of miles of corpses containing various other digimon.

He screamed and lost consciousness.

Chapter 18: Revelations Part 3

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Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

"….why are they so mistreated?"


"Look at them….they're all….in pain…why do we treat them like slaves."

"Because they are slaves Vee."

"No, I mean…why are we better than them?"

"The teachings of Zeromaru tell us that Veemon were the first and strongest of the Digimon to be born into this world. It is our right and duty to rule over them in order to avoid chaos being brought back into the world again. We are the only ones strong enough and wise enough to run the world with what little order there is. They can't fend for themselves or create their own government, they don't have the knowledge."

"But what if the teachings are wrong? I…what if deep inside they are just like us?"


"Why are you asking this? Have you and Xion been hanging out in the Slums again?"

"No…I'm just thinking."

"….well I guess it's just how things are now…and how they always will be. We Veemon will forever be the only true Empire of this world under Zeromaru's blessing until his final return."

"….I guess…"

"Come on, let's go…..dinner is starting soon."


"Uh…" Whispered Vee as he slowly got up. He was in the hall with Hito and Jaden standing over him. Crawling back up he looked at the ground and sighed, "It really is all true….we….we….ruled them like tyrants…"

Jaden sighed, "I know this isn't what you were expecting, but this is the truth and you said you would see and know it all until the end."

Vee laid his back on the wall as he slowly closed his eyes and asked, "I want to know…what was the society like for both my kind….and the others…"

Jaden sighed, "Well there were only three cities in the entire Empire, but they were a hundred times larger than Tokyo. No other real cities or villages were outside of these because of the chaotic weather and constant fighting between bandits and thieves going on. The cities were the only safe place to live in. They were Saphira, the city of poetry and philosophy as well as the most sex slaves stations runned. Kalseru, the holy city that the Grand Cathedral of Zeromaru and the HQ of the church was located. And Nithhogr, the royal capital city where the Council of Lords, the Hall of Paragons, the Emperor himself, and the largest military force in the world was located."

"You were born in Nithhogr, as the first son of Lord Rithon of Clan Xuande, house of Paragon Xuande." Said Hito, "Your father was one of the Council of Lords as is tradition for any of those who are decedents of the Paragons."

"Who?" Asked Vee.

They motioned him to follow him back to the room where all the golden statues were and pointed to them.

"These are the Paragons. They are the elite of the Veemon culture. They are the noble warriors, politicians, inventors, and philosophers that all others seek to emulate. A Paragon is elected by the Assembly of the Keep, who recorded all knowledge of the Veemon race and kept all the facts. When a Paragon is chosen a House is created, that very instant, in the name of the Paragon, and his/her name is recorded in the Memories, the records of the Veemon people. The word of a Paragon carries an almost equal weight to that of the Emperor. Not through any special political power, but because the word of a Paragon is held in that much respect by all Veemon. After they have died they were believed to be turned into the stars of the night sky by Zeromaru so that they could be always looking at their kind. It's sort of like viewing them as a saint and angel combined." Said Jaden, "All Lords and Nobles are descendents of Paragons and they all had large families. At first there were 12 around the start of the Empire, but it soon grew to over 200."

Pointing to a large golden ExVeemon statue with a spear in both hands he said, "That is your Paragon. Xuande, who's spear play managed to never be beaten in any match. He lead his troops fighting against other smaller rebellions and won everyone single time. One time, he managed to become seperated from his troops and was thought dead. But he traveled 2000 miles to reach home suriving near impossible odds. Because of his actions they made him a Paragon. 200 years after the founding of his family, you were born."

Vee walked over and touched the statue, this was his previous life's ancestor. It made him feel a bit good to know he came from a line of warriors…but the city he defended...

"How did the social structure work?"

Hito sighed, "Are you sure you wish to know?"

"Yes…what was the difference between Veemon and Non-Veemon." Demanded Vee who wanted to hear everything cruel his race had done no matter how painful it seemed to him.

Jaden sighed, "Well. The structure was like this. First were the Emperor and his clan. Unlike more Empires, Emperors are chosen by the Council of Lords who elects a noble family who has displayed the highest honor. Most of the time it was military leaders as the cities were always threaten with rebellions from the outside. Once the family is chosen, the head of the family becomes the first Emperor and his family rules the Empire for 100 years until they must step down and can't rule again for another 300. Next are the Paragons if any live, but I've already explained those. Nobles are next, then military leaders, clergy, artists and philosophers, merchants, and finally….other races as the lowest."

Vee gulped, "What kind of life did the Non-Veemon have?"

"They were slaves. They lived in poor houses made out of wood or mud. They called their places the Slums and they were forced to live there unless they were slaves for a master. Slavery was legal and there was no way to be free. They worked as workers for farming, dragging equipment during military campaigns, prostitution, factory workings, butlers and maids for nobles, and so on. They got very little payment or for some only a home to live in the royal houses, but even then they got the basement and cold meals. They had to get permission from their masters or from a court official to marry and even then they were only allowed to have one child or else….any additional child was thrown into the wild on its own." Said Hito making Vee feel sick.

"Sex slaves were sterilized because the idea of a Veemon and a non-Veemon child was unthinkable. Most sex slaves were treated for just the sex and with very little respect; many died of diseases or killed themselves." Said Jaden, "They were not allowed to worship, own businesses except outside the Slums, never do anything wrong or get in the way of a Veemon, and to obey anything a Veemon demanded. Even kill somebody."

Now he was getting to be really sick, "But…they had to have had some protection!"

"A bit. Slaves were not to be harmed by others except for their masters and officials. Any non-Veemon's caught in a crime were either jailed for life, forced to work in mines, or killed along with their families. This was to make sure internal rebellion never rose up." Said Jaden.

"But they're had to be more Non-Veemon then Veemon…why not rise!" Asked Vee who felt angry as his race for their actions.

Jaden pulled out a black glowing sphere that he recognized as the one the Cloaked Veemon used on his friends when he attacked them and stopped them from Digivolving.

"This is the Evolution Breaker. This technology has the ability to stop a Digimon from digivolving to its next stages." Said Jaden, "They use these in battles in order to stop Ultimate's and Mega's so fight could be easier. In addition to this, they also wrapped collars around the necks of the Non-Veemons so they could keep them in control. The collars were powered by the same technology and kept them in check. Any of them seen without one was to be killed on sight no matter what."

Vee just held his breath. Every new piece of knowledge he was learning about his kind made them both more frightienting and amazing at the same time. The V-Sword was one thing, but a powerful item that could stop Digivolution! What kind of minds did they possess 50,000 years ago?

"But it wasn't just the Evolution Breaker. Fear and cruelty kept the non-Veemon's in check so they didn't rebel or run off to join with the various rebel groups outside the city who kept trying to destroy the Veemon….of course they were nowhere even close to the military force of the dragons…until one person came and united them and turned the tide."

"Who?"asked Vee.

Jaden was abot to answer when Hito grabbed his arm and shook his head.

"You're not ready to know. We have wasted enough time…and I think it's best if we send you on your way. Take a few weeks or months to reflect on what you have learned. When you're ready to continue, then just go to the fountain alone. We will wait for you." Said Hito.

"Wait! One last question!" Said Vee before Jaden could send him back, "Xion….were we friends?"

Hito nodded, "You were like brothers…"

Vee was shocked at the answer before the veil of darkness sent him away. Jaden soon turned to his partner and said, "He took it better then I expect. And with the new knowledge more memories will come to him."

"Soon his real self will awaken….and he will remember everything." Said Hito who walked away.

Jaden said nothing as he looked at the statue of Zeromaru and said, "If he does however….will he forgive himself….or will he break?"

(Real World)

"OOF!" Said Vee as he fell on his chest. Rubbing it in pain he looked up and saw that he was back in the park and it was almost night time.

"Shit! Angel, Davis, and his family are going to kill me!" Thought Vee as he ran as fast as he could back to his home. As he ran however, his thoughts went back to what he had learned so far. His race had once united the entire Digital World only to become corrupted and rule it with an iron fist in a empire of tyranny and racial superiority. He still couldn't believe that in his past life this was the world he grew up in and inside a furious rage was growing. Rage at his people and what they had done.

How? How could they?...But what do I play a part of in all this? Am I one of them or…something else?

He was so preoccupied with this thoughts he didn't notice the Cloaked Veemon spying on him from the trees before disappearing.

Chapter 19: The Challenge

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Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(Three Months Later, Mall)

"What about these?"




"How about…"

"Mimi how about letting Angel decided what she wants for her baby?" Said Kari as she tried to calm the energetic wielder of Serenity down.

"But come on Kari, how often do you go shopping for baby clothes? It's going to be fun seeing him or her all dressed up in cute clothes."Said Mimi smiling.

Angel sighed as she rubbed her growing stomach. Mimi and Willow had called both of them to do some shopping for the baby when she still didn't even know the gender of her child yet. She knew Mimi meant well, but between the gifts she was getting from her friends, other Digidesitined, and even total strangers she was starting to feel the baby's new room was going to not have enough room for the baby.

"Come on Mimi, you said we would just be looking for a crib and blanket, maybe even a few stuff animals. Not go on a five hour shopping spree." Said Kari taking the clothes from Mimi and putting them away.

Mimi huffed before saying, "Fine, let's get lunch I'm starving."

"Same here." Said Willow.

"No thanks…I'm not feeling hungry." Said Angel being honest, since her pregnancy started she had been eating times totally messed up, but she was adjusting.

As the girls walked out of the story and headed towards the food court Kari noticed that Angel was looking gloomy, and she wasn't talking about the mood swings either.

"What's wrong?"


"Angel. I know that look, now what's wrong?" Asked Kari stopping as the other two focused on the pair.

Angel sighed before saying, "It's Vee….something seems wrong with him."

"Well duh, he's going to be a father. I think it's going to seem unnatural for a lot of people if there about to help give life to a child of their own." Said Willow.

Angel shook her head, "I thought that too at first…but something seems off….whenever I see him staring out in the open he seems so…guilty."

"Guilty?" Asked the others in surprise.

She nodded, "It's been going on for awhile. He stares at Digimon, even strangers and just looks at them with guilt in his eyes. I know it's guilt because I've seen it before…when I looked in the mirror sometimes and remember the things I did before I joined up with Kari those years ago…"

"Angel…" Said Kari feeling a sense of sadness knowing her friend still felt some unsettlement those years ago working with Myotismon.

"I know it's not about the baby. Whenever we talk about it he's always so happy like his usual self, but when he's alone…it's like he's another person." Said Angel as she then closed her eyes and whispered, "And then…during some nights…he has horrible nightmares and starts crying…whispering "I'm sorry" over and over….I don't know what's wrong with him and it's starting to worry me."

The others were starting to worry now too. "Maybe Davis can talk to Vee. I'll ask him too." Said Kari.

"Thanks…I just hope it works out." Said Angel who started walking to the food court with the others behind her, looking at her with pity.

(Meanwhile, in the city streets)

"Davis. I don't want too." Said Vee to his partner as they walked through the streets of Tokyo. Davis, Tai, Surudoi, Ken and Minoru came out of nowhere and decided to have a guy's day out. Vee didn't want too, but they dragged him along anyway.

"Come on bud, you've been looking so down lately that you need to lighten up more."

"I'm fine." Said Vee looking down at the ground.

"No you're not." Said Surudoi as he patted him on the back, "You've been looking like the end of the world was coming. You need a guy's night out."

"But it's only the afternoon." Said Minoru.

"You get what I mean."

Vee smirked, he knew he had been worrying his friends so decide to let them help him out.

"Alright so what are we going to do first?" Asked Vee, getting pumped.

"Now you're talking! To the arcade!" Shouted Davis.

(Hours later)

Needless to say, for once in a long time Vee was relaxed. After hitting the arcade, and beating Davis 15 times in Capcom Vs Marvel 2, they went to various other places like a sports gym for a quick 3 on 3 soccer match, a sushi restaurant, and even visited a special Sentai live action show that was playing for people.

Now they were sitting near the beach watching the waves drift up and down as Vee smiled, "I have to admit, it's been awhile since I've had this much fun. With what happened in the tournament and Gatomon being pregnant…."

Not to mention the revelation of my race being a tyrannical ruling civilization. Thought Vee.

"Well, it's about time. You've been looking so glum lately that we were starting to wonder what was wrong with you." Said Davis looking at his partner.

"Is something bothering you? I mean you can tell us Vee, we're your friends." Said Minoru.

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Asked Surudoi.

Vee took one look at them….

The sounds of whipping in the chambers…

The insults whispered as he passed the streets….

The hatred peered at him and his friends…

The blood running down the streets….

A bar burning on flames…

The city on flames as Veemon fought against non-Veemon…

"…..Vee?" Asked Surudoi waking him up from his flashbacks.

"Nothing's wrong…I'm fine." Said Vee faking a smile, I've got to stop making everyone worry…

His thoughts were interrupted again by the sound of civilians screaming. Looking up, the six of them saw grey portals appear and out came, to their shock, the grey colorless forms of EXVeemon, Veedramon, and regular rookie Veemon who all stared at one person.


"What are they doing here!" Shouted Tai getting up with his digivice ready.

The Jiang-Shi charged forward, crushing any civilians in their way as they raced towards Vee.

The EXVeemon and Veedramon unleashed their V-Laser and V Nova Blasts at the ground of the others which sent them flying into the concrete of the nearby street and landed hard on the ground. As the Jiang-Shi landed near them, cars swerved in various directions and crashed causing some fires to break out. Citizens ran in fear as the giant digimon ignored them and focused their attention on Vee and his friends.

"Shit! Davis call for back up! Minoru!" Shouted Ken pulling out his D-3.

"Right!" Shouted the Wormmon, but before he could digivolve a ball of dark energy landed near them and shocked the three digimon while passing harmlessly over their human partners. The three fell on their knees in pain as they struggled to get up.

"What was that!" Asked Davis who helped Vee get up.

"Worry about it later. Surudoi! Digivolve!" Shouted Tai lifting his Digivice in the air.



…nothing happened.

"Um….Tai?" asked Surudoi looking at himself, "I'm still an Agumon."



Tai looked at his Digivice in confusion before lifting it up again and started shouting.


"Digimotify?" Asked Davis to Ken with a sweatdrop, "Has he been watching that weird show they made a few months ago about us?"

Ken just shrugged as Tai continued to make a fool out of himself before giving up.

"Aguh! Why won't it work!" Shouted Tai.

Ken tried to make Minoru digivolve but it didn't work either, same with Davis when he tried turning Vee into Flamedramon.

"Whatever that blast was it must have made us not able to digivolve." Said Minoru.

Vee's eyes widen.


Jaden pulled out a black glowing sphere that he recognized as the one the Cloaked Veemon used on his friends when he attacked them and stopped them from Digivolving.

"This is the Evolution Breaker. This technology has the ability to stop a Digimon from digivolving to its next stages." Said Jaden, "They used these in battles in order to stop Ultimate's and Mega's so fights could be easier. In addition to this, they also wrapped collars around the necks of the Non-Veemons so they could keep them in control. The collars were powered by the same technology and kept them in check. Any of them seen without one was to be killed on sight no matter what."

(End flashback)

That means….Thought Vee as he turned to the street where, right on cue, a dark portal opened up showing none other than Xion smirking.

"Yo." He said grinning sinisterly.

"Xion…." Said Vee.

Xion slowly walked forward as he smiled and said, "Sorry for ruining your day, but I've got to keep this short. Come with me Vee or else your friends aren't going to leave here alive."

"You know….for somebody who claims to be my best friend you certinley know how to show it." Shouted Vee glaring at him. For a brief moment, Vee saw his eyes in pain, before they were gone.

"Whatever, you coming or not? And just to let you know. You guys are in your rookie forms and I can still digivolve to higher levels. Also you got a small army of champions and rookies here who feel now pain. What do you think your odds are?" Asked Xion.

They didn't say anything as they knew chances were they weren't going to get out of this easy.

"Were not handing him over to you! You can just forget it!" Shouted Davis getting ready for whatever comes their way.

Xion ignored him and said, "Vee, this doesn' t have to happen…you can just come with me and the rest of your race…"

"…..why do you guys even want me? What's so important about me!" Shouted Vee as he glared at Xion.

"Beside you being my best friend? A lot of reasons…"Shouted Xion, "But if you're not going to come then were going to do this the hard way."

Xion was prepared to signal the charge as the Vee and the others got ready.

Declare a V-Duel Challenge…

What? Thought Vee as he looked around in confusion…for a second he could of sworn….

Declare a V-Duel Challenge…

Vee froze, he wasn't imagining it. There was a voice talking to him in his head, had he suddenly gone crazy?

You are sane. I am simpley speaking through your mind.

You mean like Telepathy?


Vee looked around all over trying to find the person who was talking to him, but no avail.

Now is not the time to look for me. I am a friend and if you want your friends to live you will say what I 've told you. Do it.

Having nothing to lose Vee shouted out, "I DECLARE A V-DUEL CHALLENGE!"

Xion stop his signal in shock as he eyes went wide, "What….do you…."

Everyone stared at Vee as he took a deep breath and said, "I declare….a V-Duel….challenge…."

The others were confused as Xion was silent till he smiled, "So you are remembering…..good…"

With a wave of his hand, the Jiang Shi disappeared as a dark portal opened nearby and Xion said, "Come, let's do this."

Vee was confused until the voice replied, It's a duel. By saying what you have said, you have challenged him to a duel using your V-Swords only. As the challenger you have the rights to declare the rules of the duel and as such it is in your favor. Don't worry, follow him and everything will be alright. Just win.

Wait how do you know this! Who are you!

No reply, the voice was gone.

Vee sighed and wondered what he had gotten himself into this time as he stepped forward and followed Xion.

"Vee wait!" Shouted Davis.

"Davis!" Said Vee turning around and smiling, "Don't worry…I'll be back in time for dinner."

The two Veemon then vanished with the portal leaving the others confused and worried about what had just happened.

(Up in a skyscraper)

A grey hat wearing Wizardmon got out of his meditations tance and turned to a red haired girl wearing a black and white gothic lolita dress and said, "It's done…the rest is up to him."

"Good." She nodded before a dark portal appeared and out came Hito and Jaden.

"You're late…" She said before moving towards him and hitting him on the head which he ignored, "Idiot…next time make sure you keep an eye on him. If I hadn't been around he would be been killed for sure."

"I was busy, Lita." Said Jaden addressing the girl.

Lita leaned her eyes towards Hito who was ignoring her and said, "Yeah….I'm sure…" She turned away and said, "I'm going to follow them and make sure everything is alright. You make sure his friends don't interfear including his partner. Boss's orders."

"Whatever." Said Jaden as all four of them disappeared.

Chapter 20: The Duel Part 1

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Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(On top of the remains of Spiral Mountain)

Spiral Mountain.

The former head base of the 4 Dark Masters who were defeated by Tai and the others many years ago. Now it was nothing more than a rubbed mountain all dark and gloomy with no light as the dark clouds covered the top. No digimon ever ventured near the mountain even after the death of all 4 masters; mostly it was done out of fear but also because of legends about the ghosts of all 4 still lingering in the shadows.

For the first time since Piedemon was sealed into MangaAngelmon's Gate of Destiny, 2 Digimon arrived on the darkened mountain.

Vee and Xion stood apart from each other as Xion smirked at Vee who was nervous. He had done what the person talking to him in his head told him to do. He had declared some sort of duel with the FlameVeemon and by right he had to obey.

Wish Jaden and Hito told me something about traditions or whatnot. Thought Vee as he gulped.

"So what are the terms?" Asked Xion crossing his arms, "You do have terms right?"

"Of…Of course…" Said Vee thinking quickly, "No other digivolution form but Rookie…no special techniques…just us and our V-Swords…"

Xion smirked, "A simple sword fight, huh? Okay, I like that."

Vee nodded, It's a good think I've been practicing with this thing.

Ever since he learned more about his race he had dreams of Veemon with various V-swords of all kinds. Summoning them, using them, fighting with them. Vee soon managed to train him with the sword he could now summon and now was as good a time as any to see if his training had had paid off.

Both Veemon's right hands started to glow as they called out their respective V-swords.

"Erupt! Flameberg!"

"Shine! Lightbringer!"

Both swords appeared in the wielders hands in either a burst of fire or a ray of light respectively as the two of them got ready.

"Our first duel in 50,000 years….hope you're to rusty." Said Xion grinning.

"Dream on." Said Vee as he prepared himself.

The two of the stood still for what seemed like minutes in the empty soundless mountain top.

Before they soon charged and struck.

They met right between each other with their swords up against one another in a lock against one another as both of them tried to push the other away evenly, but failed to overpower the other. Finally, the broke apart and begun again.

Xion tried smashing down with a quick slash to the face, but Vee was quick enough to slide of the way and return the move with a back handed fist to the cheek. Xion turned around and started slicing at Vee who was able do dodge or blocked the swords strikes at the last second. When Xion made a move to strike downward, Vee raised his sword to block.

However, it turned outt to be a fake move as Xion quickly spun around on his heel and sliced at Vee's shoulder, cutting it's skin and resulting in blood spilling out. Vee flinched allowing Xion to perform a spinning side kick to the face that almost knocked Vee to the ground had he not stopped himself.

Reversing his grip on the sword, Xion jumped up, flipped three times in the air and came down hard on Vee with his sword as the blue colored dragon managed to block it with his strength, but felt himself sick into the ground from the force of the blow.

Pushing Xion away, he saw his enemy go after him with a low dashing stab as soon as he landed. Thinking quickly on his feet, Vee flipped in the air and managed to get right above him where he made a quick slash downward, but missed Xion's back by inches.

The two landed back on their feet and charged clashing their swords again in a fury of slashes and sparks from the blades hitting against one another. Vee, in a surprising move, grabbed Xion's arm as he was coming down with another slash and did a reverse throw. Using the added movement of Xion's attack, he sent the red Veemon back a few feet as he hit the ground hard.

Xion however was quick to get up and they dashed a third time. The slashed at the same time and went past each other, the sound of their blades clashing ringing in their ear and echoing all over the empty mountain. This time Vee went on the attack first, jumping up and tried to come down with a hammer like sword strike which Xion was able to dodge easily. As he raised his sword to attack, Vee quickly spun around and, holding his sword in a reverse stance, quickly slashed in the air, slicing deeply into Xion's sword arm before it could strike.

Xion let out a quick cry of pain before getting roundhouse kicked in the face and sent back a bit.

Wiping the dirt from his face Xion looked at Vee who was starting to get his breath back.

The two of them…just smiled at each other.

Vee didn't know why…but for some strange reason…he was having fun.

A sudden scene came into Vee's mind...


It looked like to be a military training hall. Dozens of smaller children aged Veemon, of many colors, stood still watching two of them, a FlameVeemon and a Veemon, with wooden swords face each other. Each Veemon wore a grey traning Gi with a white belt as they were watched by a tall Mangadramon who was watching the two with the wooden swords.

The two were just standing at each other, their swords pointed at each other's face as they jumped towards each other with a scream before clashing in mid air. When they landed, the Veemon rose up with a upper slash, narrowly missing the FlameVeemon's neck as he dodged to the left and struck for the Veemon's neck. Blocking it with his wooden blade he pushed the other sword back before slicing for the head, which was block, and then dived down for a sweeping slash which the FlameVeemon dodged by jumping over.

Landing on the ground he charged forward, his sword outward for a stabbing motion when the Veemon stopped it by blocking his sword right in the middle of the stabbing point of the sword and pushed himself back.

This made the Magnadramon look impressed as the two continued to fight until he signaled them to stop.

The two did so and bowed, but not after smirking at each other for a good fight.

"Xion, Veetor. You both did well. I suppose you both had training from your families?" Asked the Magnadramon.

Xion smiled as he rubbed his head, "Well, both me and Vee here have been practicing our moves against each other for awhile now. We both just like to fight."

"Of course he won't admit I'm the better fighter." Said Vee.

"Says who?" Said Xion sticking his tongue out.

"Okay okay. I get it. You both will advance quickly if you both continue on your way. Now will the next two come up." Said the Magnadramon as both students passed their swords to two others and made their way to the line side by side.

"You know, I get why you're here training. After all your family is military. But I don't get why my folks sent me here. I'm not interested in joining." Said Xion.

"It's required. After all, don't you want to get your V-Sword?" asked Vee to his friend.

"Yeah…but you can just get one with purchece. It's expensive, but afortable. I mean, this training is only optional, but only military like guys go for this crap. No offence." Said Xion snorting.

"None taken. But I understand your point…I think your parents just want to try and use this training to get you to be more disciplined." Said Vee.

"You would think they would give up by now. So I caused some pranks and chaos. No big deal." Said Xion.

Vee rolled his eyes, "Yeah and filling the local reservoir with your uncle's entire sake collection causing have the residence in the entire area to go on a drunken rampage was not chaotic."

Xion chuckled, "Yeah…that was a laugh. Still, you didn't have to come with me and get in trouble."

"Dad thought it was funny too…besides…Best friends in life…"

"Or death…" Said Xion as they faced each other and pounded fists.

"….Or in another life." They both said nodding.

(End Flashback)

Vee just stood there…blinking as he tried to figure out what he saw. Xion could see this and slowly relaxed his guard, "You okay…"

"….we…really….we're….best friends?" Asked Vee still trying to get figure out what he saw.

Xion's eyes widen before he nodded, "Yeah…but that's not important right now."

Xion lifted his arm and said, "We still got a duel to finish!"

Vee smirked and said, "Sorry about that. If you wanted me to continue kicking your ass then let's go!"

"My ass! In your dreams!" Shouted Xion as the two of them charged again.

Chapter 21: The Duel Part 2

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Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequal to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(On top of the remains of Spiral Mountain)

Two hours.

Two hours of constant dueling between each other and neither were able to stop the stalemate. To make matters even more confusing, the two were complimenting and joking with each other as if both had forgotten they were enemies and were….old friends.

Weither it was the feeling of battle or the sense of familiarity between the two, Vee couldn't understand. But what he did understand is that he wanted this to continue.

His thoughts were interrupted when Xion came down with his sword crossed downward aiming to split Vee in two. However, Vee wasn't going to let that happen as he held his sword up in the air and blocked the blow, the force of the impact causing cracks to appear from the ground below his feet.

Vee pushed Xion off as the red colored Veemon flipped in the air and charged again upon landing on his feet. Vee followed suit and the two of them were clashing once again blow for blow. Vee raised his sword up to counter Xion's swift cut and followed it with a kick to the face, knocking his enemy back a bit.

Seeing an opportunity to strike, Vee dashed forward with his sword straight out in a stabbing motion. Just as his blade was about to taste flesh, Xion disappeared and reappeared behind Vee in less than a second taking him by surprise.

"Shit!" He cried out trying to turn around, but Xion was quicker and was able to slice at Vee's left chest cutting it sharply.

Vee jumped back and held the wound as it started to bleed.

"Had enough?" Asked Xion smirking.

"Please, it's just a scratch!" Said Vee smirking back.

"Good, because if you were going to whine liked a baby because of it I was going to be disappointed." Said Xion getting ready as both he and Vee clashed swords once more. This time, Vee went on the offensive following the strike with a quick turn and slash that forced Xion to duck, but this is what Vee wanted. Raising his knee he smacked it against Xion's face, nearly breaking his teeth and nose as Vee ducked down and sliced at Xion's right leg before reversing his sword handle and smacked it across Xion's face.

"Goddamit!" Said Xion growling until he gave a small laugh, "Should have seen that coming. But enough talk! I'll get you this time!"

"Dream on!" Said Vee with more enthusiasm as he silently questioned….why was he enjoying this?

From a distance, up on a small hill two people, a Wizardmon with a grey hat and his partner, a red haired girl wearing a black and white gothic lolita dress. The two of them were watching the battle from a distance and both were silent as it continued.

Finally the grey hated Wizardmon spoke, "They've been at it for awhile. If I had to say I think they're keeping it longer then they have to on purpose."

"Those two have had a long history with each other." Said Lita, the human, as she closed her eyes and said, "I really didn't want to come watch two guys keeping at it for so long. It's boring; I wish Jaden and Hito didn't always "play" when the important stuff comes up."

"To be fair, they do work well. And they are one of the strongest in our organization." Said the Wizardmon.

"I know that Merlin. I'm just so confused by them. One minute they're all serious and the next…"

Suddenly Merlin stood up, alarmed by something he had felt.

Lita saw this and turned serious, "What do you sense?"

"A…powerful dark energy suddenly coming into this realm….specifically this area….I've never felt such a signature before…yet it's familiar." Said Merlin as he closed his eyes and concentrated.

"Is it member of the Novus Extraho?" Asked Lita.

Merlin shook his head, "No…it's….."

His eyes widen as he stood their shocked, "…..he's back."

(Meanwhile, Motomiya Household Living Room)

After the battle that took place in the streets and Vee's disappearance, Davis and the others summoned the rest of the group and they met at the Motomiya's house as fast as possible.

"And Vee just went with him. Without anybody following him?" Asked Izzy.

"Yeah. He said not to worry. Like that's going to help." Said Davis who was beyond worried at this point.

"What was that idiot thinking?" Asked Angel who shook her head. Her husband could be so stubborn and stupid sometimes.

"Do we even know where they went?" Asked Taipa.

"They went through one of those Dark Portals and I don't think we can trace them through that way." Said Tai.

"If only it was Digi-Portal. I could trace Vee's location easily, but…with this portal stuff I haven't been able to figure out how it works." Said Izzy, frustrated.

"I don't see why we have to be so worried. Vee can handle himself." Said Kaito.

"But this guy's not normal. I don't think we even saw his full strength at the tournament." Said Gabriel remembering the feeling of Xion's power even from the medical room.

"So he could be in even bigger trouble." Said Ken.

Davis growled as he stood up, "Well what are we just standing around here for! Vee's in danger and we got to find him!"

"Going out without a destination isn't going to help find him quicker." Said TK.

"I know that, but I want to do something! Listen, Vee's my friend and I'm going to the Digital World to find him. Anybody with me?"

"I am." Said Angel with no surprise.

"So am I." Said Kari.

"Us two." Said Tai and Surudoi. The others soon nodded and agreed that looking though the Digital world was a better start then doing nothing.

"Good let's go!" Said Davis.

"I'm afraid that I can't let that happen."

Everyone jumped a bit as they turned around to see somebody come out of one of the hallways. It was Jaden and Hito much to their shock.

"What the hell! How did you even get in here!" Asked TK as he and Gabriel glared at two, still not forgiving them for what they had done to Gabriel in the tournament.

Jaden shrugged and said, "Trade secret. Anyway, I can't let you go looking for Vee."

"Why not?" Demanded Davis.

"Because he's doing something that will be helpful to him later on." Said Jaden, "This is to bring out the true Vee. The real him."

Everyone was confused.

"What do you mean? Real Vee? Vee is Vee isn't he?" Asked Davis.

"The Vee you know is just a persona. A shell of a person who has forgotten who he really is. A body who can't remember his past." Said Hito as the Strabimon leaned on the wall.

The others didn't say anything. All the cryptic answers were only adding more questions.

"Look. All you need to worry is that Vee's not in any danger. He's being closely watched." Said Jaden.

"You really think we should trust you?" Asked Cody glaring at him.

"You know where he is, don't you?" Asked Tai.

"And if I do?" Said Jaden raising an eye brow.

A few of the guys made a few steps forward as Surudoi, "Tell us where he is or else."

Jaden smirked, "Please….if you really think you can take me and Hito on without any of you getting seriously hurt…."

He glared at them, "….come."




Nobody said anything or did anything. The silent stares between the Digidestined and the blue haired boy were all that happened for a few short minutes.

Mimi sighed and said, "Let a girl handle these guys."

She started swing her hips around and suddenly walked over to Jaden who was emotionless.

"Come on sweetie. Tell us where our friends are, please?" She said with a wink. Hito got off the wall upon seeing this and pushed Mimi away as he growled at her, showing his fangs.

"Back off…bitch." He said, protectively.

Jaden put his hands on his shoulders and slowly he calmed down.

Mimi got up and huffed before Willow calmed her down. Angel soon then walked over and hissed, "Tell me where my husband is or I'll claw your throats."

"You really want to try and fight us, in your condition?" Asked Jaden.

"Pregnant or not, I can still kick your asses." Said Angel.

Before anything else could happen a sudden beep came from Jaden's pocket as he opened it and talked to it, "Yes?"

"Jaden! You have get back here now! Something's happened!" Said the voice of Lita on the other end.

"What's wrong?" Asked Jaden serious while the others were confused.

"Merlin sensed a high energy coming in. At first we thought it was a member of the order, but Merlin said it was breaking through time and space by crossing over into another dimension."

"Don't tell me….it's Dea-"

"No! But he is dark. It's the only one of the four who wasn't "physically" defeated. Just banished."

"WHAT?" Yelled Jaden surpring the others, "How in God's name did he get out of the gate!"

"Don't know but that doesn't matter. We have to get Vee out of here now!"

"Alright I'm on my way!" Said Jaden as he nodded to Hito as the two of them ran towards the door of the house.

"Hey!" Said Davis chasing after him with the others right behind his tail.

Kicking the door open, Jaden and Hito turned left and stared running down the halls until Jaden lifted his hand and a dark portal opened sending the two into the Digital World and closing just as the others arrived.

"What's going on!" Asked Davis.

(Spiral Mountain)

The two Veemon were trying to catch their breath as they stood apart from each other with a few cuts and bruises from their duel.

He's really improved since our last duel. I'm almost going at half strength here. Thought Xion, Plus…this is the most fun I've had in 50,000 years!

Vee was thinking similar thoughts; He's got to be holding back. That power I felt from the tournament is nothing like what he's showing me now….so why isn't he.

Before the two could think further, a sudden cold chill entered their spines as they suddenly looked around.

"What the? What's this energy?" Asked Xion trying to extend his senses.


The two Vee's were sent back from a sudden explosion that appeared right in the middle of the air. As they struggled to hold their ground each looked at the other in confusion.

"What's going on!" Asked Vee.

"Don't look at me! This isn't something I planned or did." Said Xion as he watched in horror at what happened next.

As if the air was being split apart, a sudden crack appeared and started folding through the dimensional space that existed between them into letting something escape from out of another plane of existence. Slowly it began to take form and Vee gasped knowing what it was having seen one of his friends perform the powerful attack a few times.

The Gate of Destiny, the ultimate attack of Gabriel's MagnaAngemon's form where his power allowed him to open a gate between this word and another one and anybody sealed in it was doomed to live their trapped.

Or so it seemed.

The gate slowly began to shatter into pieces as a dark light appeared and a tall humanoid figure appeared from it cracking with madness.

"I'M FREEEEEE!" Cried Piedmon as he continued to laugh.

Chapter 22: AN 3

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Chapter 23: The Dark Master's Return

(Spiral Mountain)

Vee stood there, shocked at the amazing feat before him. A Piedmon had suddenly come out of the Gate of Destiny, which also came out of nowhere, and was looking around with a madding look in his eyes. Blood and dirt were all over him and his clothes looked like they got torn through a lawnmower twice over.

Glancing at Xion he saw that the person he was just dueling awhile ago was just as confused as he was, meaning this was not a friend of Xion's either.


He slowly lowered his voice and whispered, "But now that I am back…I'll put them in a dimension of unending suffering…a PLACE CALLED HELL!"

Vee's eyes widen upon hearing this, Don't tell me….this is Piedmont the Dark Master? But Gabriel sealed him years ago with the others!

Lifting his head up, the Dark Master Clown saw the two Vee's who were staring at him and gave a small evil grin, "What's this? Two people here to witness my return…then I shall amuse them ….WITH BLOOD!"

In a split second, he drew out two of his four swords and dashed forward before the two could react. Lifting their V-Swords at the last second they were able to block the sword strikes sent towards them before being sent off into the air and crashed on their back a few feet away from where they once stood.

"Damn, for a mime he's quite a tough guy." Said Xion getting up along with Vee, "Looks like we're going to have to finish our duel later. We got this guy to deal with."

"Right." Said Vee getting ready as Xion focused his energy and shouted, "FlameVeemon digivolve to…..Flamedramon!"

Xion, in his red and silver armored design, dashed forward with Flameburg in his hand shouting, "V-Sword Technique: Dancing Blue Renegade Flames!"

Xion disappeared from a flash of blue flames and reappeared right above Piedmon reading to bring his flaming sword down upon the clown.

"I have you now!" He shouted swinging downward only to hit air. Xion's eyes widen, Piedmon just disappeared.

Before he could figure out what happened he felt a deep slash upon his back that sent him to the ground where he looked up only to see Piedmon, swords dipped in blood, smiling at the flaming dragon.

"Opps? Am I too fast for the little lizard?" Said Piedmon mocking the clown.

"Little…lizard…"Said Xion in anger as he slowly got up, "Alright! You want to see speed I'll show you speed!"

Xion disappeared along with Piedmon in a flash of flames as Vee could hear sounds of swords clashing all around him but could only catch glimmers of the fight.

Their speed is amazing….how are they able to do it? Wondered Vee as he gripped his sword in anger. He felt….weak.

Xion was able to do all those techniques with his V-Sword while Vee knew only how to swing it around normally. Xion could digivolve on his own, Vee couldn't. Xion obviously had more strength then Vee did….Vee while strong was no where near his speed or strength.

Am I that weak? Or….are they that strong? Wondered Vee who felt at that moment, insignificant to the two before him.


"GAH!" Cried Xion as he Vee watched him fall down in midair and crashed landed hard.

"Xion!" Cried Vee as he rushed towards the Flamedramon who was bleeding with cuts all over his body. Looking up he saw Piedmon laughing like a maniac.

"AMAZING! I feel so much stronger! Guess trying to survive day after day in that damn gate was enough to make me even more powerful than I ever was! I guess that which does not kill you does make you stronger! AHAHAHAAAHAH!"

Vee growled as he focused his energy into his feet and jumped up in the air like a white comet, "VEE HEAD SPEAR!"

Noticng the attack, Piedmon stopped his laughing as he smirked and simple back slapped Vee in the face, knocking him back down next to Xion.

"Please…like a simple rookie like you is going to do any real damage to a Dark Master like me. Even so, I will enjoy seeing how much blood I can make squirm out of your little blue body before I am on my way." Said Piedmon licking one of his blood soaked blades.

"Shit…." Said Vee slowly getting up.

"HERE I COME!" Shouted Piedmon diving head first with his blades poised to enter Vee and Xion….

"Thunder Blaster!"

"Eh!" Said Piedmon as a blast of electrical lightning smacking him in the face. It did no damage but it manage to stop him in midair as he waited for the smoke to clear out before looking for the person who dared to attack him when he was in the moment.

The two dragons also looked and saw a grey hat wielding Wizardmon next to a haired girl wearing a black and white gothic lolita dress.

"That got his attention." She said as she walked over to the two, "You guys alright?"

Vee got up and nodded his head, "Yeah…I'm gotten worse. You okay Xion?...Xion?"

Xion wasn't paying any attention; he was too focused on Lita who glared at him.

"You….so that means….I see…" Said Xion getting up and glaring, "Your part of that organization huh?"

"Normally the two of us would be battling one another, but we got more important things to worry about." Said Lita ignoring Xion and focusing on Piedmon.

"You two know each other?" Asked Vee.

"Yeah…but not in a good way." Said Xion.

The Wizardmon walked forward and said, "I hate to interrupt this chat, but we have a insane minded clown….well more insane then the normal ones….who wants to cut us into little tiny data parts. I suggest we do something to avoid this."

"Jaden and Hito said they would be here, but they're late. I swear if those two are at it again…" She said shaking her head, "But anyway, we need to fight. Xion can you still keep it up?"

"Hey I might not be the strongest out of the seven of us but I can still kick ass. Don't look down on me." Said Xion.

"Good, Merlin you ready?" Asked Lita.

"Of course."

Reaching out of one of the pockets on her dress she pulled out a light blue and grey D-3 and shouted, "Digivolution!"

Merlin began to glow blue as he started to evolve into one of his higher levels.

Wizardmon Ultimate Digivolve to…..Mistymon.

What now stood before them was a six foot tall human with a long blond haired elfish face with two drop tattoos below his eyes. On his head was a purple haired wizard's cap with a silver crown on the edge of the cap with a silver jewel glowing in the middle. His chest was clothed in a dark red robe with white plate armor, shoulder pads, gauntlets and leg guards colored with jewels and golden lines. On his waist was a golden square belt buckle with aquamarine jewel in the center. To top it all off he had a purple came wrapped around his neck and a large crystal ball in his left hand while a golden flamed ruin blade was in his right hand symbolizing his status as both a warrior and a mage.

"Merlin, go kick his ass." Said Lita pointing to Piedmon.

"As you wish. "The magician warrior said flying up towards the Dark Master.

"Oh a new playmate? Well then allow me to welcome you to death!" Said Piedmon as he summoned all four of his swords and levitated them in mid air before firing each one at Merlin.

Merlin only smirked as he smacked each one away with his sword before shouting, "Blast Fire!"

The flames from his sword burned up and shot out creating a wave of flames that engulfed the Dark Master who screamed in pain. Merlin smirked for awhile until he gasped in surprise seeing the flames soon burned away showing nothing.

"What? He disappeared?" Said Merlin before feeling a dangerous presence behind him. Spinning around he blocked a sword with his, but not before feeling a kick to the stomach that sent him back a bit. Looking up he saw the Dark Master smiling unburned from any of the flames.

"I managed to learn a few tricks while I was away in that damned gate, want me to show you? You do? Well here you go then magic boy!" Shouted Piedmon who lifted his hands and said, "Trump Play!"

Soon his four swords levitated into the air but in a split second they multiplied more and more cloning off from each other until they soon surrounded the mage warrior.

"And now you die!" Shouted Piedmon unleashing the swords which all dived for Merlin's position.

Merlin however seem unfazed as he lifted his magic crystal ball and said, "Crystal Shield!"

The ball glowed a rainbow like color before a protective magic bubble surrounded the Mistymon protecting him as the swords bounced off harmlessly.

"Impressive! But let's see how long you can last!" Shouted Piedmon, "Trump Play!"

The swords went after himagain and again making Merlin sweat from the pressure of the attack. Even though his shield was protecting him he couldn't keep it up forever.

Piedmon only laughed at the futile attempts of the mage warrior till he shouted in pain feeling a stab right through his back.

"Hi! Remember me?" Said Xion pulling his blade out of Piedmon's back and punching him down to the ground with a powerful Fire Rocket attack.

Xion landed not to far from where the Piedmon had crashed and smirked only to stare in disbelief seconds later as Piedmon got up like it was no be deal, even with the deep wound on his back.

"How in the paragons…." Said Xion.

"Surprised? Please this wound is nothing compared to what I've had to deal with for years…" Said Piedmon as he took some of his blood and licked it as if it was nectar, "But I grow tired of this…so let me give you a little thank you for all your hard work. Clown Trick!"

Xion, Vee, and Lita were shocked upon seeing another Piedmon appear next to the other one, and then another, and another.

"He can duplicate himself…that wasn't one of his powers before…" Said Lita in shock.

"Ready or not! Here I come to kill you!" Shouted Piedmon charging forth at Xion who swiped at the Piedmon's with his V-Sword only to go through each and every one of the illusions.

"Where are you?" Shouted Xion before feeling a smack to the head from one of the many copies flying around him, "Son of a bitch! Stop mocking me!"

"What? Not having fun? I must not be a very good clown then!" Said Piedmon's voice echoing as the copies spoke the same words.

"Oh yeah! I'll give you something to laugh at!" Shouted Xion who grew angry upon being toyed at as his body began to flow with fire, "V-Sword Technique: Ring of Fire!"

Stabbing his sword into the ground, red lines emitted out of the tip and surrounded the entire arena before a ring of fire with flames surrounded the dragon and burned all the Piedmon's away.

"Woah." Said Vee watching the flames burn higher and more powerful than they were when Xion trapped him with the same attack not too long ago.

When the flames finally died down Xion was tired as indicated from his puffing and wheezing, "Shit…wasted to much energy….really got to work on that…."

Xion looked around and saw Piedmon was nowhere to be found and figured he must have gotten him.

Lita however was unsure; she looked up to see Merlin still protecting himself from the hundreds of swords.

Meaning he's still around….but where? Wondered Lita till she gasped and turned around.

Vee, sensing something wrong, turned around and saw a figure jump out of the dark sand and slashed downward.

"Look out!" Cried Lita grabbing Vee suddenly and dived away only to get her leg cut. She winced in pain as she landed on the ground bleeding from her upper right calf with Vee in her arms, shocked that he was saved by her when he didn't even know the girl.

"Vee!" Shouted Xion in worry upon seeing his friend almost cut in half.

"Lita!" Shouted Merlin in fear before growling in anger, "Blast fire!"

Releasing his shield he swung his sword as he spun around like a tornado sending large blasts of fire everywhere sending the swords flying. After making sure the last one was gone he took his crystal ball and shouted, "Core Dart!"

The ball was soon surrouned by flamed and he shot it downward towards Piedmon who smirked and blocked it with one of his sword, "You'll have to do better then tha-"


The ball exploded in his face like a grenade sending him back with a few new burns.

"Son of a…" He said as he growled while wiping blood of his face as Merlin and Xion went to Lita and Vee side to protect them.

He was about to make another step towards them when a gunshot went off and almost hit his foot. Looking up he saw, on a small hill, Jaden aiming at him with his Desert Eagle and Hito by his side ready to fight.

"I don't think so." Said Jaden coldy as he cocked the gun.

Piedmon growled, "What's with this crap? More Digidestined? You brats keep coming out and spreading like a plague or something."

He smirked and said, "Oh well more fun to kill I guess. But that's enough for now. I need to find out what's happened to this world in the last few years….before I destroy it anyway…."

He gave a small bow before disappearing once more into thin air.

Jaden sighed as he put away his gun and walked towards the other where Vee was helping Lita get up.

"Thank you." Said Lita.

"It's the least I can do for you rescuing me." Said Vee nodding.

"Lita!" Said Jaden, "Why didn't you defend yourself? Where's your weapon?"

She blushed in embaressment as she rubbed the back of her head.

"You forgot it didn't you. Now who's the one being troublesome?" Said Jaden sighing.

"Jerk." Said Lita huffing.

Vee was looking at both of them and their partners, "You two know each other?"

Jaden and Hito looked at Vee and then at each other as if trying to come up with an excuse as to answer that question.

"So I was right…you guys are watching over Vee." Said Xion getting everyone attention as he glared at the two Digidestined and their partners. They glared right back and Vee could feel a deep sense of bloodlust against them, it almost made him cringe at it.

How do they know each other? And what's their relationship?

Xion turned way, "Tch….I guess I owe you that much for saving me. So I'll just leave…but Vee will be on our side. I swear it."

"Not if we can say anything about it." Said Hito.

Xion glared at him before looking at Vee and said, "Hey Veetor….see you later…and keep safe…that Piedmon guy is likely to come after you and your friends….just be careful."

Vee nodded as Xion teleported himself via Dark Portal. Soon another opened this time from Jaden as he said, "Go. We'll talk another time."



Vee sighed, knowing he wasn't going to get any answers and it was best to tell everyone as soon as possible that Piedmon had returned.

Once he was gone Lita turned to Jaden and said, "Does Piedmon's arrival change things?"

"No…in fact it may help." Said Jaden, "Never the less we should inform the Superior."

Lita nodded.

Still…I get the feeling something is about to go totally wrong…

Chapter 24: The First Strike

(Now playing: Resonance, Artist: T.M. Revolution)

Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequel to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(Meanwhile, Kamiya household)


Vee had to cover his ears before nodding to confirm his story, "It's true…"

Reappearing in the Kamiya household after the battle, via Dark Portal, the others grilled him for answers until he told them about the return of the Dark Master. Vee told them about the duel between him and Xion, and then about how Piedmon's suddenly return from the Gate of Destiny, something that shocked TK and Gabriel the most. He also mentioned Lita and Merlin and how she was working with Jaden and Hito before finally ending that all four of them and Xion knew each other and not on good terms.

Needless to say, everyone was flabbergasted at the end.

"So not only is Piedmon back, but he's stronger with new attacks and happens to be more insane then before? Well its official, God hate's us Digidestined." Said Joe groaning.

"I don't understand how it's possible to even escape that attack." Said Kari, "I mean we all saw him get swallowed up by the Gate years ago at the final battle. Right guys?"

The original group nodded before Tai stood up and said, "We have to send out a warning to all Digidestined both in the Digital World and in the Real World. Piedmon will be looking for us and when he learns about more Digidestined other than us he's going to go a killing spree."

"So how do we find him?" Asked Matt.

"Yeah it's not like finding Pidemon's going to be easy." Said Fenrir agreeing with his partner.

Nobody came up with any ideas of their own as they tried to put their heads together and think of something.

"Well, in the mean time I'll contact Gennai and see if he knows anything that can help us." Said Izzy taking his laptop and tried to get in contact with their old friend.

Angel took this moment to walk towards Vee who was looking depressed and asked, "You alright?"

"No…." Said Vee, "I'm too confused."

Vee looked at his wife to see her desiring to know so he sighed and said, "I have a person who's another Veemon who claims I'm his best friend… two Digidestined and their partners who want me for some mysterious reason…and another Veemon working with the other one who wants to kill me? All the while I'm being plagued by visions, dreams, and memories of my previous life…And to top it all off, in a few months I will be a dad."

She hugged him as she whispered, "I wish there was something I could do."

Embracing her he smiled and said, "Just by being with me is enough to keep me smiling."

From across the room, Minoru and Isis were watching the two of them.

"There so lucky to have each other." Said Minoru with a disappointment, "I wish I had a mate."

"You'll find one soon. Me and Fenrir found each other; maybe you can find one too?" Said Isis with a smile.

"Yeah I guess…so?" He asked.

"Huh?" Asked Isis.

"Are you two going to have a kid someday soon?" Asked Minoru making Isis blush.

"A….A ch-child?" Asked Isis nervously. That was something she never thought about before until that moment. She loved Beowulf and would always support him, but were they ready to start a family like Vee and Angel?

Granted it was unexpected, but it wasn't something neither of them didn't want and it was looking good for them.

"I….I don't know…" Said Isis as she looked towards her husband who was conversing with Matt, Joe, and Kaito about something.

"Well I would talk about it with him." Said Minoru leaving her time to thinking as she unconsciously began to rub her stomach.

"Oh no!" Said Izzy suddenly as he began typing away like the time he was studying for his entrance exams.

"What? What happened?" Asked Tai trying to see but Izzy knocked him away as he kept typing.

"Geez Izzy, what's wrong? You got a virus or something?" asked Mimi.

"Worse, I got word from Gennai in an email he sent only a few minutes ago. Piedmon has been sighted!" Said Izzy.

Everyone gasped as Izzy continued, "It gets worse….he attacked a village of Digimon along the way and there were Digidestined who tried to stop him….they didn't ….make it."

At that moment everyone knew the situation had gone straight to hell right there.

"How many?" Asked Kari as if she was afraid to hear the answer.

"200 Digimon killed…140 wounded….5 Digidestined's dead….as well as their partners…." Said Izzy reading the email, "Gennai's asking us to come right now to see what's happened and investigate."

"What are we waiting for? Izzy open the damn portal!" Said Tai getting his digivice out along with the rest of the gang as they went through the portal.

(Meanwhile, Digital World)

Pidemon just laughed as he watched the fires from afar burn higher and higher upon on his place in the mountains. Down below was a sight of fire burning in the middle of a town so bright and powerful it was if the gates of Hades had opened up and swallowed the town whole. The Dark Master wanted to cause more chaos for the day and settled in on a nice quiet populated town that was perfect for a good slaughter.

What was even more satisfying was that there were other Digidestined's as well, giving him a chance to unleash a lot of endless anger upon the humans and their pets.

He licked the blood from his fingertips and smirked, he had almost forgotten how good it was to feel like this. Being trapped for so long made him miss the power he had in controlling the lives of others with a single blade swipe.

"That was so much fun! I can't wait to do it again!" Said Piedmon who soon sensed the arrival of other Digimon and humans to the town he had destroyed and thought about showing up. Yet he wanted to them to witness this, proof that not only he had returned for vengeance but that he was willing to go to any lengths to achieve it.

Even burning the entire world if need be.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself." Said a mysterious voice from behind.

Turning around Pidemon was shocked that somebody managed to get behind him without being sensed but relaxed his guard when he saw all that stood there was a small digimon, rookie most likely, in some sort of black hooded cloak with a silver dragon in the shape of a V on the back.

"Well, aren't you the brave one? What's a rookie Digimon like you doing in these scary mountains at night? It's not safe." Said Piedmon.

"If you're going to play games I suggest you stop. I'm not in the best of moods and I wish to get my business done here and now." Said The Cloaked Veemon as he hopped down the small ledge he was on and looked up at Pidemon's face.

Piedmon sneered, "What a brat! Do you know who I am?"

"Yes. But that matters little to me." Said The Cloaked Veemon who surprised Pidemon, "I wish for us to work together in a simple manner…however you will take orders from me no matter what."

Pidemon couldn't help but laugh. He was the Leader of the Dark Masters and a Mega at that and this little whelp was thinking of ordering him around?

"How about I kill you and leave it at that?" Said Pidemon with a smirk before taking one of his Trump Swords intending on slicing the shorter one in half, only to hit air as the Cloaked Veemon disappeared before the sword could be brought down.

Pidemon looked around in confusion till he appeared like a blur behind him.

"Looking for me?" Said The Cloaked Veemon stunning the mega, "I suggest you refrain from doing such a thing again."

"You're no ordinary brat are you?" asked Pidemon carefully looking at him.

"Wow, aren't you the smart one." He replied, "If you really want a test of my skills….let go someplace else and deal with this one on one."

Pidemon smirked as he bowed, "After you."

The two of them disappeared in a burst of speed and were gone.

(Digital World, a moment later)

"…oh my gods. " Said Sora upon landing.

The others shared the same thought as the first thing in front of them was not a pretty sight at all.

A burning village stood in the distance. Around that village was various Digimon and even Digidestined teams running around trying to help whoever was still alive to medical treatment from various doctors who were working overtime. They stood there in closed areas with the smell of burned flesh, fur, and scales filling the atmosphere with their horrible scent.

The others couldn't help but feel sick upon seeing the messed up mutilated and burned bodies that were laid in a row, victims of the Dark Master.

Joe didn't waste another minute as he ran off to help out with his partner following him, telling him to wait up.

Everyone else just slowly walked through, looking at the carnage that had happened.

Yukimura and Cody knelt by a dying Mikemon with half his face and body burned as it turned towards the human and whispered, "….k-k-kil-ll…me-e-e…"

Cody only turned away, horrified by what the digimon was begging from him.

Davis saw one of the burned bodies was human shaped and wondered if it was a humanoid digimon or a real human.

Either way...he didn't deserve this. He thought grimly.

They finally stopped when somebody called them out. That person was a handsome young man with spiked brown hair dressed in a white robe that walked towards them with a grim look on his face

Gennai, one of the Didigdestined's many guides from their adventures.

"Gennai….was this all….Pidemon's fault?" Asked Tai with a serious face that had not been seen since the battle against Myotismon.

"I'm afraid so." Said Gennai with equal seriousness, "The remaining survivors described their attacker the exact same way Pidemon is….and with Izzy telling me that Vee saw Pidemon come out of the Gate of Destiny…I'm guessing there's no other choice but to believe it."

"Why would Pidemon just attack a village like this? Why not attack us directly?" Asked Sora.

"He looked a little out of it when I saw him….like somebody who lost all signs of sanity and reason." Said Vee.

"He was always liked that. Didn't matter then and still doesn't." Said TK.

"Either way…." Said Tai, "Something like this….cannot go unpunished…."

Everyone looked at the burning down and only felt that this was the beginning.



Pidemon held his bleeding side and cringe at the pain of his broken arm. He looked like he went through a garbage disposal unit and came out almost broken into pieces. Looking up in fear a huge shadowy figure dedigivolved back to his rookie form and put his hood back over his head.

"Had enough?" Asked The Cloaked Veemon.

"Who…what are you!" Demanded Pidemon who was in total fear. His eyes looked like he had seen death himself stare into his eye.

"Your master, bitch." Said The Cloaked Veemon, "Do not worry. All I wish for you is to eliminate the original Digidesitned and their successors. It is a common enemy we both have."

Pidemon glared, "What's the catch."

"You just need to eliminate a certain digimon…"

Chapter 25: Piedmon's Surprise

(Digital World, night)

A small hill overlooking the moon was all quiet except for the sound of crickets in the tall grass.

It almost seemed that there was no living soul there.

"YOU WHAT!" Shouted Xion as he just stood there, flabbergasted at what he heard.

"Pidemon is now my pawn. He will be used against Vee and his friends in the upcoming battle." Said the Cloaked Veemon with his back turned against Xion.

Xion couldn't believe this, "You son of a bitch! I've kept quiet about a lot of things….making the Jiang Shi, accessing…that….power…and even killing Digidestined and other digimon….but this guy is insane! He could even be the father of Marqua and we couldn't tell the difference!"

The FlameVeemon couldn't help but shiver if that….sadistic insane girl….ever met with that clown. It would be like that….what was that one human movie he saw in secret. Clockwork Orange?

"Either way! What purpose do you have in getting this guy to work with us!" Demanded Xion.

"For one, he's an old enemy of the Digidestined. Our enemy." Said The Cloaked Veemon, "And every enemy of our enemy….is another pawn to be used to our advantage."

He turned to face Xion and said, "And we need somebody to deal with them. All the others are busy preparing their assignments….and I am not ready to fight Vee again….and you….well…you had your chance."

Xion gripped his hands. He knew that meant that he wasn't trusted enough. Because the guy knew that no matter what….Xion had no will to kill his best friend…the one he waited 50,000 years to see again after so long….

"What do you want me to do?" Asked Xion.

"Watch him…make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble…and if we're lucky…maybe we can see the…."real" Vee…." Said the Cloaked Veemon.

Xion shivered, "The real Vee…."

That was something that made Pidemon seems like angel.

Xion slowly walked away and opened a portal to teleport himself.

He had to do something to stop this before things got way to out of hand.

And he knew who to look for.

(Now playing: Resonance, Artist: T.M. Revolution)

Dark side of the world presents…

…a Digimon Fanfic….

The sequel to Miracles of Love….


Disclaimer: The author does not own anything he doesn't own

(Meanwhile, Real World)

The city of Tokyo was said never sleep.

Just as the same as four other individuals who were meeting in secret to discuss certain events.

"Is there a reason why you called us at 1 in the morning? Some of us were trying to get sleep." Said Rita as she yawned in her gothic clothes, her hair all messed up.

Jaden, in a long brown trench coat grumbled and said, "Believe me we did not want to get called in either. But we got word that Xion's been looking for us."

This got Rita and Merlin's attention.

"Normally, we would think they've been looking to eliminate us, but it seems Xion wants to give us information." Said Hito.

"For what?" Asked Merlin.

"Your help."

They all turned to see Xion jump down in his Flamedramon form as he glared at the two of them.

"Xion." Said Jaden nodding while making sure the safety was off in his gun that was in his coat pocket.

Keeping his distance, he turned to the four and said, "Normally I wouldn't do this because I don't trust you guys, but I don't have many options. I'm going to tell you some info and I need your word you'll do everything you can to see that it doesn't all go to hell."

"First tell us what it is." Said Jaden.

Sighing he explained how his superior managed to subdue Pidemon and now he was working for them and that his superior had some big plan in store.

"Why Pidemon and why are you telling us this?" Asked Rita not trusting the dragon.

"I don't know! You think I would be talking here if I did? And second, I don't want Vee to die! I want…I just want my best friend back…" Said Xion with sorrow in his voice.

The four of them looked at each other, but it was clear that Xion was telling them the truth.

"So what's the big plan?" Asked Jaden.


(Two days later)

After the attack on the village, all Digidestined around the world were put on alert for any sign of Pidemon.

The media were a bit harsh on the Digidestined and questioned them on how they failed to kill an old enemy. But most of it was focused on the deaths of five humans who tried to stop Pidemon with their partners.

And as we know, if there is one thing that attracts news it death, destruction, and a need to blame somebody.

Having the idea of kids save them with weird creatures was enough to make some people question the idea, but this was even starting to get governments involved, mostly due to pressure from the media.

The Digidestined however tried assured everyone that they had the situation under control and that steps were being taken to prevent another attack.

But either way, talks were going on and people were taking sides on what to do with Digimon. There was even talk of Digidestineds not being trusted with such power and being controlled by government sponsored programs. Others however fully trusted the children, believing that this was something that only they could control, especially after the MaloMyotismon incident.

"All they want is the power behind it." Said Tai as he sat down looking at the TV with Davis, Kari, and their partners.

"They're just afraid Tai. I mean if we were normal living people we would think the same thing." Said Kari trying to help her brother see the other side of the story.

"Yeah, but look at them." Said Davis as he focused on a news report about a politician was demanding that the Digidestined take "responsible" action and allow the "reasonable" adults to get involved in handling these "otherworldly" events. To make things worse he had the parents of one of the kids who died two days ago next to him grieving.

"I know some of them care, and there are a lot of people traumatized by past events, but if we let other people get involved in our affairs then things might get worse." Said Davis.

"In the end what can we do but find Pidemon and stop him quickly." Said Surudoi growling.

Everyone nodded as they continued to watch the TV.

"I'm getting tired of this, let's watch something else." Said Vee.

"I think Jubilo Iwata are playing against Sanfrecce Hiroshima on channel 34." Said Tai about to grab the remote when Angel spoke.

"Ugh. I'm tired of seeing soccer in this household, can't we watch something else?"

All the males gasped as if she had spoken heresy.

"Something else! Are you made! This is like one of the most important games of all time!" Said Tai.

"To miss it would be a sin!" Shouted Surudoi.

Angel narrowed her eyes, "You always say that."

"Well it's 4 against 1 so there!" Said Davis sticking his tongue out.

"Hey, I want to watch something too!" Said Kari.

"Okay. 4 against 2."

"And the baby is with us." Said Angel smiling

Vee just turned around and once, "What? Why? I'm the dad!"

"And I'm the one who's going through emotional wreckage everyday, finding it harder to move because of my stomach, eating more than I ever did, have to suffer shopping trips with Mimi and Willow every week (Everyone shuttered at that) and I will be giving BIRTH to this baby which is very PAINFUL! So unless you want to experience a similar PAIN! I suggest you listen to me or I'll introduce you to "Masamune" and "Murasame"." Said Angel lifting both her claws and grinned evilly.

At that point the four of them were at a crossroad as they sweated profoundly. It was either not give up the remote and watch a soccer game at the cost of a world of pain or sacrifice one glorious match to live.

"Fine…here…." Said Tai giving in and tossing it to Kari who gave a victory sign to her partner.

Just as he was about to change it however the TV turned to static and confused everyone.

Before they could try to get up and fix it, a person came on the screen causing everyone to gasp and Kari to drop the remote.

"Hello world!" Shouted Pidemon before laughing hysterically.

Nobody said anything as the insane clown stopped laughing and smiled at the camera.

"Many of you are wondering who I am. Well you've been talking about me so much so I might as well introduce myself." Said the Dark Master lifting his hands, "I am the one and only, Pidemon! The Dark Master of the Digital World! AHAAHAHAAHAHAH!"

"What the hell…." Said Vee focusing on the TV

"You're all wondering why I hacked your cable networks right? Well that's to announce my newest attraction! Dead Land! A land where everybody is dead and I laugh over your corpses!" Said Pidemon, "Where is this land you ask? Why it's right here!"

He then took out a map and pointed to one city in all of Japan.


"He's going to attack here!" Said Tai getting up.

"Yep! All residents are to stay in doors for my own personal slaughter now! LET THE DEMOLITION BEGIN!" He shouted.


An explosion knocked very body off the couch and onto the floor where they slowly got up. Kari rushed to the nearest window and gasped, "Oh no…."

Toyko was under attack.

By Pidemon…and the Jiang Shi!

Chapter 26: Final AN

Imporant Notice for everyone

To my readers of these two fanfics. As you may or may not have seen on my profile that I said some complications were going on. And well, after some hard thought and some regret. I've have to do something I really really don't want to do, but for a lot of reasons which I will explain I have too.

I must stop Warriors of the Solar System and The Miracles series.

This is because I have no time to spare for these fanfics and I feel they are becoming a distraction from what I should be focusing on. I am 20 years old, in college, wanting to be Game Designer which is not easy in anyway, in an economic troubling world where jobs are really hard to find and everyone in competing to get a shot.

I have to devote more time and more practice to working on the field I wish to work on and after some helpful advice from good friends and a teacher I really respect and look up too, I feel that I need to start putting more priorities in my future then in what I enjoy doing.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to do this and I really really really am not happy writing this and I know people are dissapointed...

So, while I will not be quiting fanfiction I had to make a choice on which of the three fanfic I do I should keep doing. And the one I am always energtic of doing more then any other, the one that is more better written and better liked, as well as more Bloodtail the Demon Hunter. That fanfic will still go on. As well as a few other ideas as soon as that fanfic is over.

As for Miracles and LBT, I'm afraid I must...discontinue.

This does not mean I will not be doing oneshots or short stories, like my Lucky Star fanfics, once and whileif I have the time and the careful planning.

This also does not mean after Bloodtail I will finish fanfiction forever, I will still be doing it, but only one major fanfic at a time. I'll go slow. I just can't multitask fanfics anymore. Others can, but I can't...

To my Miracles fans. I will not redo or continue this series as much as a lot of you wanted me to do when I quit last time. I feel the story has gone to something I never really planned well. I was just wingning it mostly. This does not mean I will stop doing Digimon Fanfiction, it was my first and always will be an imporant community to me.

For LBT, I don't think I will ever be coming back here, but you never know. Still, thank you Oracles for allowing me to use some of your work again. In my opinon, you were always a better writer then me.

I know some of you will dislike me, defriend me, dealert me, defavorite me, and so on. All I ask is that you respect my choice. There is more to my life then this and I think it's time for me to do other things that are more important.

None of the stories are to be taken and redone or revised by anyone.

Well...that's all I have to say. I thank everyone of my readers and reviews for the good comments and the good times, but I'm afraid that these two fanfics...must end now...I'm sorry.

So...maybe I'll see you guys in my future fics...maybe not...

If so...thanks again and here is one last...


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