Miracles of Love is the first installment in the canceled Miracles Series.

Chapter 1: The Start of Something New


A city that has changed in the last few years, as well as the world. With the new knowledge of the parallel world known as the Digital World, the planet Earth has learned to coexist with the strange creatures known as Digimon.

Thanks to the Digidestined, both worlds were safe and already Digidestined around the world had begun to unite with more coming each day. Humans started to warm up to the digital creatures and welcomed them with opened arms.

These days it's no surprise to see a Digimon out on the streets or working in a store or anything like that.

However, this story focuses on a certain blue dragon Digimon who was thinking of only one thing on his mind on this night.

His secret love.

Veemon sighed as he stared at the moon trying to ignore Davis's loud snores. He was only thinking of the one person he thought about these nights.


You see ever since he first saw her he felt warm and nervous when ever they were near each other. And even though she acknowledged him a couple of times, he tried to figure out why he was acting so strange on the inside when he was near her.

Turns out he had a crush on her. It took him a while to figure it out, but he felt like he was falling for her. The more he thought about her, the more bigger the crush got. During the battle against MaloMyotismon he was thinking on how he had to protect his friends, the two worlds, and finally he thought of her and now much she meant to him and how much he wanted to protect her.

After the battle he knew he had fallen in love with her. After all he was the last of his kind. The Veemon were now only legends these days. Nobody knew what happened to them, not even he could remember his past.

But still he was more focused on Gatomon then anything else, but he had been trying for a full year to get a chance to admit his feelings to her.

Veemon sighed, Man why is this so hard? Fighting Digimon is easy, but trying to admit love, I would rather face MaloMyotismon again. And even if I do admit my love to her, will she return it? What if she just sees me as a friend? What if she hates me? What if she loves some one else? She seems very close to Patamon and they went through a lot together before we met.

Veemon sighed as he sat on the bed his partner was sleeping on. The others were better at this then him. Matt and Sora had admitted his feelings as well as Gabumon and Biyomon. Heck, even Palmon admitted she was a lesbian and had a Floramon as a girlfriend. (Don't hate me)

I guess I'll just tell her when the time is right. Thought Veemon as he then started to fall asleep. (Next Day)

Veemon woke up only to find Davis not in his room. He looked around till he went into the living room to find it empty. He tried the kitchen, but no one was their either. HE then saw a note nearby and read it:

Dear Veemon,

Went to school, you were sleeping and I didn't want to wake you so I went on ahead. Theirs some toast on the counter already buttered. See you soon.


So I overslept, oh well. At least I have the house to myself for a while. Thought Veemon as he took the toast on the counter and began to eat.

He spent the hours away by eating and watching T.V. till finally a very happy Davis came home.

"YES! I never thought I say this, but thank God for School Projects!" Shouted Davis.

Veemon looked at him like he was crazy, "Davis are you o.k? You hate school projects."

Davis gave a grin, "Yep I know, but this one features with me and Kari working together."

"Ah, of course." Said Veemon rolling his eyes.

"Anyway, I'm going to her house around six and we're going out to the library to get some books. Want to come?" Asked Davis.

"I guess, nothing else going on." Said Veemon.

And who knows. Maybe Gatomon will come too.

Davis and Veemon arrived at Kari's house at 6:15 PM and waited till Kari opened the door.

"Hey Davis. Hey Veemon." Said the child of Light.

"Hi Kari." They said.

"So are we ready to go." Asked Kari.

"Sure." Said Davis, "By the way Kari, if you don't mind, would you like to go get a bite to eat?"

"Are you asking me out?" Asked Kari with a smile.

"Well…I mean…since were going out…" Said Davis all red nervous.

"Sure, Tai and Agumon are at a friend's house and won't be back till morning and my parents are out for the week." Said Kari.

"Re…REALLY! I mean, cool. Let's go." Said Davis.

"Hey Kari, is Gatomon coming?" Asked Veemon hopefully.

"No, she said she would rather stay home for the night." Said Kari.

"Well, maybe I can stay here and keep her company?" Asked Veemon nervously.

"Sure, I'll ask if she doesn't mind. Come on it." Said Kari as she let the boys in.

When they arrived Gatomon was seated on the sofa napping when Kari woke her up.

"Yawn! Yes Kari?" Asked Gatomon waking up.

"Veemon would like to know if he could keep you company while me and Davis go out." Said Kari.

"Sure, I don't mind." Said Gatomon.

"Thanks. Well see you two later." Said Kari.

"Want me to come pick you up or are you going home by your self?" Asked Davis.

"I'll go home by myself." Said Veemon.

"Okay, see ya." Said Davis and he and Kari left.

Veemon took this moment to look at the love of his life. Her soft white fur, her bushy long tail, her beautiful sky blue eyes, and-

"Veemon are you alright?" Asked Gatomon.

Veemon snapped out of it and blushed a little and said he was fine.

"Hmm…so why did you decided to stay here?" Asked Gatomon.

"Well…I thought you would be lonely all by yourself and you needed a friend." Said Veemon.

"Oh that's sweet Veemon. Thanks I'm glad you're my friend." Said Gatomon.

If only I was more. Thought Veemon.

"So what do you want to do?" Asked Veemon.

"I was going to watch a romance movie, but we can skip that if you want." Said Gatomon.

"No. It's okay. I won't mind." Said Veemon.

Gatomon put the movie in the VCR and both Digimon sat down to watch it. It was a tragedy romance movie that featured a man and women who loved each other, but existed in different counties that were at war. In the final scene they both die in a battle while kissing and telling each other how much the other loved him or her.

Veemon was truly amazed on how it was done so romantically done. He then saw Gatomon cry a little and he gave her a tissue to wipe the tears.

After the movie was over they both sat in silence.

"You, know. It was really sad that they died like that in the end, but I guess it was for the best." Said Veemon.

"What do mean?" Asked Gatomon.

"Well they couldn't truly be together in life but they could in death. Like Romeo and Juliet." Said Veemon.

"Yeah, I always seem to cry when I watch that movie." Said Gatomon.

"Wow, the great Gatomon, ruthless to her enemies, but weak when it comes to a romance movie. Who would have guessed?" Said Veemon joking.

"Oh please, are you telling me you never cry." Said Gatomon.

"Nope never." Said Veemon smiling.

"Yeah, and I'm a Dogmon." Said Gatomon rolling her eyes.

"I don't know the difference is not much." Said Veemon joking.

Gatomon gave a death glare.

"Whoa! I was kidding! Kidding! I better run now huh?" Said Veemon.

"I'll give you five seconds." Said Gatomon smiling.

Veemon then took off with Gatomon chasing after him. He managed to get trapped in a corner, but he managed to jump high enough to avoid getting tackled by Gatomon. He then went into Kari's parent's room and tried to find a place to hid when suddenly Gatomon managed to tackle him and they tumbled off the bed taking the sheets with them.

They landed on the ground with the sheets over them. They started laughing at what happened till they realized that Veemon was right on top of Gatomon. Both Digimon blushed madly.

"Well, this is unexpected." Said Veemon feeling nervous and blushing like crazy.

"Yeah." Said Gatomon feeling the same way.

A part of Veemon wanted to get up, but a different side told him to do something he never thought he do at moment.

He kissed her.

It was a short, but good kiss that left both of them shocked.

"…Veemon…" Said Gatomon shocked.

Veemon was too shocked to do anything, but he then kissed her again, this time with more passion.

Gatomon didn't know why, but she enjoyed it and started to return the favor. They both started using their tongues to explore each others mouth. They loved it and craved for more and more as they went deeper and deeper. After 10 minutes they then stopped for a breath of air.

They wanted more.

Veemon then started massaging her chest as she returned the favor by massaging his back.

Then things went deeper as both then made love to each other. Dragon growls and cat screeches could be heard as they had sex under the covers.

For it was a night to they would remember forever.

Chapter 2: Confessions

(The Next morning)

Gatomon stirred up and gave a yawn. She felt great, like she was the mon of the world. But then she realized she had her private parts out, underneath some sheets, and Veemon showing his privates also underneath the sheets, next to her.

She froze and gasped, OH MY GOD! I HAD SEX WITH VEEMON!

She hid her privates back into her fur as she then started to wake up Veemon.

"Veemon….Veemon!" Said Gatomon whispering.

"Uh…is it breakfast already." Said Veemon slowly waking up, but then remembering what he and Gatomon did last night he woke straight up and shot out of the sheets.

Gatomon blushed when she saw him, "Uh…Veemon….your digihood."

Veemon looked down and then covered his crotch area with his hands before putting it away. "Gatomon…..I'm sorry…I don't-"

"Listen, don't worry about it. We can talk later, but we have to get you out of here. If anyone sees us like….this…I don't know what will happen." Said Gatomon worried.

"O.K. I'll get going!" Said Veemon taking off with Gatomon behind him. They were about to get to the door when it opened and in came Tai and Agumon.

They stopped as Tai looked at them and asked, "Veemon…what are you doing here?"

Veemon and Gatomon looked at each other and then Veemon said, "We…were….sparring! Yeah that's it! I come here sometimes to spare against Gatomon! Did it last night! Fell asleep! You know how a Digimon has to keep in shape right?"

Veemon and Gatomon prayed to what ever God their was that Tai and Agumon would take it.

"O.K. Say hi to Davis for me." Said Tai walking into his room. Veemon and Gatomon finally breathed.

"Well…uh…I guess I'll see you later…." Said Veemon facing Gatomon.

"Um….yeah." Said Gatomon.

They both looked at each other in silence and then Veemon took off. Agumon saw all this and asked, "What was that about?"

"Nothing….I'm going to take a bath." Said Gatomon.

"Huh, I thought you didn't like baths." Said Agumon a little suspicious.

"After last night….trust me I do." Said Gatomon.

"Oh…you two must have been hitting each other hard." Said Agumon thinking about them sparring.

Gatomon was forced to laugh at that since Agumon didn't really know what happened last night, "You've no idea." Veemon dashed all the way home, never stopping at all.

When he finally arrived he saw Davis on the sofa sleeping. He was about to head to the shower when some one picked him up and placed him on a chair.

"Well, now where was our little blue wonder today, hmm?" Asked Jun.

"Huh….. I was at Gatomon's house and I accidentally fell asleep so I came here in the morning." Said Veemon.

"You're lying." Said Jun after he finished.

"What…how did-"

"I can tell, anyway tell me the truth Veeboy or I'm wake up Davis and we will both find out what you did last night." Said Jun smiling evilly.

Veemon sighed as he told what happened between him and Gatomon. When he was finished he saw Jun staring at him with wide eyes and her mouth wide open.

"Wow….that was…..weird." Said Jun trying not to think of the images.

"I know…and I don't know what to do….." Said Veemon.

"Well….I maybe good with couples, but lovers are not my department. I guess you're on your own on this one." Said Jun.

"Well, please don't tell Davis this!" Said Veemon begging.

"Why not?" Asked Jun.

Veemon thought for a moment and then smiled, "Or else I'll tell everyone what happened in pages 130-135 in your Diary."

Jun went red with rage, "You wouldn't dare."

"I can and I will, if you don't keep shut." Said Veemon glaring back.

Their was silence till Jun said, "Fine. Just go take a shower."

Veemon nodded and went to the bathroom. Veemon was taking a shower while rubbing soap all over his body when he started to think of what happened.

I slept with Gatomon. Why? I love her, but that just went too far! I didn't even know what I was doing! I just suddenly kissed her and my instincts took over! Even thought it was great, I just used her like that with out even asking! She probably hates me!

Veemon sighed, I guess all I can do is just tell her how I feel and hope for the best. If she doesn't kill me first.

Back in the Kamiya household, Gatomon sat in the tube with the water on hot. Normally she would never take a bath unless she had something really gross on her like blood or something. But she had VEEMON all over her and that was a good enough reason.

I still can't believe I had sex with Veemon? What was I think? What was I doing? Hell, what made him kiss me in the first place? I'm not saying it was bad, actually it was really enjoyable, but does this mean he has feelings for me?

Gatomon considered that, Veemon was the kind of person who would just do something like take a girl and just sleep with her. That wasn't Veemon.

The Veemon she knew was kind, brave, loyal, a good friend, and was always their to give you a smile.

But what if he did have a thing for Gatomon? What if he had fallen in love with her?

If he does then I don't know what I'm going to do. I like him, but now I'm confused on this. Do I really like him or do I care more about him? I guess I have to find out from Veemon later.

(Later that day)

The entire Digidestined, including Mimi and her partner, who were here in Japan for a week, were inside the Digital world. They thought it would be nice to have some time together and have some fun.

Davis, Tai, Ken, and T.K., and even Kari were all playing soccer. Matt was playing his guitar with Sora next to him. Palmon, Biyomon and Gatomon were talking. Same with Agumon, Gabumon and Veemon. Izzy was on his laptop and Tentomon was watching him. Joe and Gomamon were making hot dogs on a grill they brought with them. And finally Hawkmon, Yolie, Cody, Armadillomon, Wormmon, and Patamon were taking a nap.

However, Gatomon and Veemon were just looking at each other nervously the entire time. They were always a distance, because nether one of them knew what to say to the other. Luckly for Veemon, Davis thought he came home and went to bed while he was tired after last nights "date", which went well, and fell on the sofa asleep.

Finally Gatomon took a deep breath and walked over to Veemon, Gabumon, and Agumon who were talking to each other and said, "Excuse me boys, but can I have a moment alone with Veemon?"

"Sure, why?" asked Agumon.

"We just need to talk." Said Veemon as both him and Gatomon went of to a nearby woods so they wouldn't get disturbed.

"What was that about?" Asked Gabumon.

"I guess their going to discuss their sparing." Said Agumon.

The two lovers walked for a while till they stopped at looked at each other.

Still beautiful. Thought Veemon.




Gatomon sighed, "I came to ask what happened."

Veemon thought about it and said, "We made love."

"I mean why did we?"

Veemon wasn't sure how to answer, "I-I don't know I mean something told me to kiss you and then it just went from their, I swear I didn't mean to do that Gatomon. I wasn't using you it's all my fault please don't be mad."

"I know that…" Said Gatomon finally getting ready to ask the question, "Veemon what do you think of me."

Veemon was silent for a while till he said, "I think you're the most beautiful Digimon in the world. And that you are the most amazing, wonderful, and honestly sexist Digimon I have even seen."

" love me?" Asked Gatomon with her heart beating like crazy.

"Yes….Gatomon I love you with all my heart and digital soul." Said Veemon as his heart beat like crazy.

Gatomon sighed, "Well…"

"I know, you don't like me." Said Veemon sighing.

"Honestly, I don't know. You're a great guy and very sweet, and I use to think of you as a great friend, but I don't know what to think now." Said Gatomon.

"Well, can you think it over? I mean I do wish to have a relationship, but I only want to if you want to. If you want to remain as friends then I' fine with it." Said Veemon.

Gatomon could see that he truly she felt that much to him.

He really means it….he actually does love me!



Both Digimon looked at that scream.

"What was Sora!" Said Gatomon.

"Come on!" Shouted Veemon as they went to help their friends.

Chapter 3: Battle for Love

"AAAUGH!" Screamed Sora as she felt blood drip from her arm. She was just walking to Joe to ask if the food was done when she was suddenly slashed by something that was very quick.

The others went over to her to ask if she was alright when a black blur came at them so quickly that they didn't see who it was, but they did get slashed by it. Everyone got at least one cut on them that started to bleed.

"What…what was that!" Asked Cody griping his bleeding shoulder.

"Don't know…but what ever it is, it's fast and dangerous." Said Tai who was bleeding on his leg.

The Digimon got together and started to surround their partners while keeping a look out for who ever this thing was.

"Show yourself!" Said Agumon wanting to find the guy who hurt his partner.

The black blur zipped towards Agumon and sent him flying into a large tree knocking him out. The black blur then appeared before the unconscious dino digmon and held what looked like a black sword that was 3 foot long and gave a dark aura. The handle was pure black with a silver blade that had a dragon in the shape of a V on it in black.

The others managed to get a look at him. He was at least 2 feet high and was covered in a black cloak that looked like the ones from Organization XII, but it has a silver dragon in the shape of a V on the back. He was hooded so they couldn't see him well.

"Where is he?" Said the Cloaked Digimon in a cold voice.

"Where is who?" Asked Yolie.

This time the figure pointed his sword at Agumon's neck. "I shall ask again. Where is he? Tell me or I slit his throat and make his digital blood flow into the ground."

Tai growled, "You touch him and I'll make you pay asshole!"

"You can't do anything to stop me." Said the Cloaked figure.

"We can if we Digivolve! Ready guys!" Said Gabumon.

"Right!" Said the other Digimon as they got ready.

"I'm afraid not!" Said the figure as he pulled out a dark looking sphere that had strange symbols on it. He threw it at the Digimon and once it hit the floor a strange black electric energy came out from it and shocked the Digidestined.

They screamed in pain as they felt weaker and weaker with each moment in the tormenting agnony.

Their partners cried out their names in worry, but when they tried to help them they got shocked by the energy and were pushed back. Finally, the energy disappeared and the Digimon fell to the floor so weak they almost couldn't get up.

"You guys alright!" Asked T.K.

"Were fine." Said Patamon slowly getting up.

"Speak for yourself, I feel like I was punched by a thousand Boltmon." Said Gomamon.

"Well you guys have to get up and Digivolve!" Said Cody.

"It's no use, they can't." Said the Black cloaked figure, "That was Devolution Sphere. It stops all Digvolving for 24 hours for who ever comes in contact with its dark energy. And as an added bonus it drains most of your fighting energy making it easy for me to do this!"

The Cloaked figure then ran at a fast pace and used his sword to slash at Gabumon, Biyomon, and Hawkmon lightly, but still painfully. Palmon and Armadillomon tried to attack him, but he kicked them each in the chest and knocked the wind out of them. Tentomon then cried out, "Super Shocker!"

The electric attack slammed straight into the cloaked figure, but he took no damage. Hell, he didn't even phase.

"Nice attack, but it's weak. Now let me show you true power! Vee Punch!" Cried the Black figure.

Everyone who was conscious was shocked when they heard that attack.

Tentomon was so stunned he didn't even dodge the multiple speedy punches that hit him. The Black figure or Cloaked Veemon as he will now be called, unleashed multiple punches at Tentomon and finished it off with a roundhouse kick to the face that sent Tentomon to the ground.

But…that's Veemon's..Thought Tentomon as he fell to the ground with a boom.

Everyone was stunned. Davis then said, "You can't be…..Veemon."

The figure pulled back his cloak reveling a Veemon. He looked like one, but he was a darker blue and had a scar right on the middle of his yellow V on his forehead. "Yes I am one."

"You're not my Veemon though! Who are you?" Said Davis angry at this guy for hurting his friends.

"I don't answer myself to anyone. Now are you going to tell me where he is or am I going to have to hurt you to do so." Said Veemon.

The others felt this guy was only playing with him. He managed to take out 9 rookies with out a sweat and was not even done yet.

"No? Well then I guess I have to hurt you more! Vee Headbutt!" Shouted the Cloaked Veemon as he sent himself hurdling at none other then Kari.

"Kari look out!" Cried Davis as he pushed her away from the attack, however he got hit full force from the attack and was sent into a tree very hard as he coughed up some blood.

"DAVIS!" Cried everyone.

Davis weakly looked at the Cloaked Veemon as he pointed his sword at him. "Very noble, but the noble ones are the fools that die."

"Lightning Paw!"

"Vee Headbutt!"


The Cloaked Veemon was sent back a few feet after getting attacked. The others then saw Gatomon and their Veemon right next to Davis.

"Nobody hurts by best friend!" Said Veemon, but he when he saw who he attack his mouth dropped. Gatomon's as well.

Another Veemon? But how? I thought I was the last of my kind!

The Cloaked Veemon had a bleeding lip, but he got up and smiled, "Finally, now that I found you I can have my revenge."

"Who are you! I thought I was the last of my kind!" Said Veemon.

"The last of your kind? No….your not the last….your a DISGRACE!" Shouted the Cloaked Veemon as he charged at both him and Gatomon.

"Guys look out!" Cried Kari.

The Cloaked Veemon started to swing his sword, but both Digimon were able to dodge it. Barely.

He's good with that sword! Thought Veemon.

Have to find a way to counter attack him! Thought Gatomon.

Finally Gatomon thought she saw an opening and attacked with Lightning Paw. However, the Cloaked Veemon back flipped over her and landed right behind her.

"Gatomon look out!" Cried Veemon, but it was too late. The Cloaked Veemon slashed her in the back and she screamed as Digital Blood came out from her back. She fell to the ground, alive and conscious, but was in terrible pain and was bleeding.

"Gatomon!" Cried everyone including Kari.

"GATOMON!" Cried Veemon in fear as he saw his love fall. Fueled with anger and fear he attacked the Cloaked Veemon and try to get him away from Gatomon.

The Cloaked Veemon hoped for this as he used his super speed to dodge Veemon's punch and started to slash at him. Veemon could only see the blurs as he felt the sharp slashes from the sword cut his flesh.

Finally the Cloaked Veemon stopped and then snapped his fingers. At once did multiple cuts appear around everywhere on Veemon's body and blood spewed out from them. Veemon cried in agony as he fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood.

Everyone was horrified.

I didn't even see him! He's more then good! He's fantastic, but the way he's smirking it's like he enjoys seeing Veemon bleed! Thought Cody.

"V Sword Technique: 1000 Years of Death. I delivered 1,000 slashes all over your body. Even if you didn't die from the attack the pain has surly stopped you from moving." Said the Cloaked Veemon smirking as he kneeled in front of Veemon.

"You…bastard…" Said Veemon with extreme pain.

Wormmon then shouted, "Leave my friend alone! Silk Thread!"

The Cloaked Veemon just used his sword to cut the thread and then said, "V Sword Technique: Demon Fang!" He slashed his sword and a wave of energy came out from it and slammed into Wormmon.

"Wormmon!" Cried Ken as he ran and picked up his partner and asked if he was alright.

"I'm fine Ken…sorry I didn't stop him." Said Wormmon.

"It's okay, you did your best." Said Ken.

Tai was getting sick of this guy, "What the hell do you want from us?"

The Cloaked Veemon then said, "Isn't it obvious? I want him dead." He pointed to Veemon who was still bleeding.

"Actually it did seem that was the case." Said Izzy.

"What do you mean?" Asked Mimi.

"Well, he was asking where "he" was and the only he that wasn't here was Veemon. He kept saying he revenge when Veemon got here. Not mention-"

"Izzy will you shut up! We have a more important crisis here!" Said Matt.

"What the hell did….I ever do to you….I don't even know you!" Said Veemon.

This got the Cloaked Veemon interested, he looked at him with confusion and said, "You don't remember who I am? You don't remember anything about your past?"

Veemon thought hard about it, the only memories he had was when Davis released him from his imprisonment when they first met. Other then that he knew he was the last of his kind as well as Hawkmon and Armadillomon being the last of their own. But other then that he knew nothing.

"I find that to be very very sad Vee." Said the Cloaked Veemon as he picked him up by the throat and slammed his knee in his face.

"Stop! Let him go!" Cried Davis.

The Cloaked Veemon looked at Davis and said, "As you wish." He then threw him a few feet away and Veemon yelled in pain from his wounds.

"…Veemon…." Gatomon said as she slowly started to get up.

The Cloaked Veemon looked at Gatomon and realized something, "I see…this one is important to you. Guess I better take care of her!"

Veemon's eyes widen, "NO! Don't hurt her! Hurt me!"

"Why hurt you on the outside when I can hurt you on the inside!" Said the Cloaked Veemon as he walked over to a kneeling Gatomon and raised his sword.

No! I can't let him hurt Gatomon! Thought Veemon as he ignored the pain of his wounds and started to run towards Gatomon. He then jumped in front of the sword just as it was about to come down on Gatomon and took a large slash to the chest.

"AAUGH!" Cried Veemon as he fell to chest bleeding like crazy.

"VEEMON!" Cried everyone.

Gatomon was shocked by the feat that which Veemon did.

Why did he do it? Why take that blow!

Inside her heart she hear a voice say, "It's because he loves you."

Gatomon was worried about Veemon, was he alright? He barley looked alive and he looked more red from his Digital blood then his normal blue skin color.

"Now I see….you do care for her….I guess I'll end your suffering by finishing you off." Said the Cloaked Veemon as he lifted the sword again, this time over Veemon.

Veemon waited for the blow, but he wasn't afraid. As long as everyone else was safe he wasn't worried about death. Yet he didn't want to die here and now. He wanted to make this guy pay for hurting his friends and loved ones. But he wasn't strong enough.

If only I was more stronger! Thought Veemon.

Suddenly a white glow came from Veemon's hands. Veemon gasped, it was so warm and powerful that he gripped what ever it was and lifted it high to block against the sword from the Cloaked Veemon.


Everyone gasped, including Veemon and the Cloaked Veemon.

In Veemon's hands was the blue longsword with a white handle (Think the Light Bringer longsword Veemon uses in the Digimon world 4 game) that managed to block the sword the Cloaked Veemon was using.

"How…" The Cloaked Veemon didn't get a chance to speak as he was then slashed by Veemon with the sword in the chest.

The Cloaked Veemon stumbled back and held on to his chest wound which started to bleed, "It seems you have gained your V sword. No matter. I can still finish you!" He then charged at Veemon with a flurry of attacks. Veemon raised his arms and started to parry each and everyone of them. To him the guy was swinging at the same speed he was, but to everyone else they were fighting at super speed.

Veemon then dodged one of his opponent's cuts and did a rising slash at the Cloaked Veemon who felt the sword slice his skin. He was now bleeding rapidly and was growling in anger.

He starred at Veemon; Even if he doesn't remember me he still remembers his abilities with his V sword. Doesn't matter! I can still win and he will still pay!

He charged again at Veemon and this time Veemon was more then ready. He trusted his gut and charged ahead at the Cloaked Veemon. They then got closer and closer and when they were close enough Veemon shouted, "V Sword Technique: Dragon Dash!"

At the last second Veemon charged at super speed and delivered a swift deadly stab that went straight into the left side of the Cloaked Veemon's chest.

The Cloaked Veemon screamed in pain as he felt the sword leave him. He flipped backwards and held his chest which was bleeding and making his cloak red.

"You were lucky this time Vee. Next time we meet. Your mine!" Said the Cloaked Veemon as he then disappeared into a vortex of darkness.

Veemon started to gasp for breath as he felt weaker and weaker with his wounds still bleeding all over. He turned to Gatomon and asked, "Are….you…o.k.?"

Gatomon, too shocked from the fight, only nodded her head.

Veemon gave a small smile, "Good…." He then fell to the ground unconscious as the sword he had dissapered in a white light.

"Veemon!" Cried everyone as they got up and went to see if he was alright. Joe checked his pulse, "He's barley breathing…we have to get him to a hospital."

"But the nearest one is miles from here! We can't make it unless we can fly, but none of our Digimon are able to digivolve thanks to that Devolution Sphere." Said Izzy.

"So what! We let Veemon die! I can't let that happen to my partner!" Said Davis who was standing with help from Ken.

"Wait! I can digivolve to Nefertimon! I wasn't hit by the Sphere!" Said Gatomon wanting to get Veemon to the nearest medical help quickly.

"O.K. were going to met you their as soon as we can. Were all going to need a hospital" Said Tai seeing everyone wounded and hurt.

Kari then took out her digivice and said, "Digi Armor Energize!"

Gatomon Armor Digivolve to…

…Nefertimon the Angel of Light!

Nefertimon lowered herself so Kari could get on.

"Wait! I have to come! Veemon's my friend I can't abandon him." Said Davis.

The others nodded; they knew how close Davis and Veemon were. They would do the same thing if the situation changed.

"We need something to stop the bleeding from Veemon or he'll die from blood loss." Said Joe holding on to a bleeding and dying Veemon.

Gabumon thought of an idea. He knew it wasn't going to be great for him, but Veemon's life was at stake and a friend's life is more important.

"You can use my coat. It's should hold the bleeding long enough for you guys to get to the hospital." Said Gabumon.

Everyone was shocked; Gabumon never took their coats off and were very secretive about what they looked like under them. Never the less Davis thanked Gabumon as he slowly took off his coat.

Gabumon looked a lot like an Agumon but with yellow skin with out his fur coat, but he still had his horn and had bumps that went across his back. Gabumon was a little embarrassed, but they others didn't make a deal of his look since it didn't seem so bad.

Gabumon handed his coat to Joe who wrapped Veemon around it. Although he was a little bit worried about the blood getting on it, he was glad he could help. Joe then gave Veemon, in the coat, to Davis who nodded as he got on Nefertimon.

"Good luck! Well be their as soon as we can!" Said T.K.

"The hospital is to the east, just keep going till you see it!" Said Palmon.

Nefertimon then took off with fast haste as the others watched them go.

"I hope he makes it." Said Gabumon.

"I do to. You know you still look handsome even with out it." Said Biyomon.

"Really?" asked Gabumon. Nefertimon kept flying as fast as she could, she couldn't let Veemon die!

I can't loose him. I care about him too much. Thought Nefertimon. They finally arrived at the hospital and when they went in Davis shouted, "We need help fast!"

A bunch of Female Piximon nurses saw Veemon and immediately got a stretcher. A Leomon dressed as a doctor then asked the Piximon nurses to take him to the examination room as they hurried along.

Gatomon, Kari, and Davis were then asked by a Piddomon dressed as a doctor to follow him for examination and treatment.

Gatomon managed to get her back healed and had some stitches, but she was fine. Kari had a huge band aid on her arm and Davis had broken three ribs. He was asked to rest, but he said he would rest when he knew Veemon was alright.

The others arrived soon and were also treated with help.

After they were cared for they waited in the waiting room to see what was happening to Veemon. Tai, Agumon, Matt, and Gabumon were all sitting down. Gabumon had his coat back, but now it was being washed and cleaned from all of Veemon's blood. Sora and Biyomon were next to their boyfriends. Mimi and Palmon were hugging each other while praying for Veemon's safety. Joe and Gomamon paced. So did T.K. Davis was sitting down trying to relax and Kari was sitting next to him. Izzy and Tentomon were sitting patiently. Ken, Yolie, Hawkmon, and Wormmon were all standing up. Cody and Armadillomon were leaning on the wall. Patamon was trying to comfort Gatomon who was filled with worry.

Please Veemon be o.k. I don't want to lose you! I….I… Gatomon started to realize that she was falling for Veemon. Maybe even start to love him.

"Gatomon you O.K.?" Asked Patamon.

"I'm fine Patamon…I'm just worried about Veemon….he took the blow that was coming after me…..I wish now I did take that hit." Said Gatomon.

"But Veemon did it because he's your friend. I'm sure you would have done the same thing if the situation was changed." Said Patamon, "Veemon wouldn't want you feeling guilty about all this. It's not your fault so relax."

Gatomon sighed, people said that she and Patamon would make a great couple, but truth be told she considered Patamon a brother and she was sure he considered her a sister and nothing more. They were close, but not close. And she had no fallen for Veemon who loved her so much he took a deadly blow for her with out worrying about his safety. The last person to ever do that was Wizardmon who died to save her and Kari.

I lost Wizardmon, but I won't lose Veemon! I can't lose the Digimon I….love.

The Leomon in a doctor's suit came in and the others all got up and stood at full attention.

"How's Veemon doctor." Asked Mimi.

"Well, he's suffering from many slash wounds that you say came from a sword? He's lost a lot of blood and his organs are injured so much we may have to take an operation in order to save him." Said Doctor Leomon.

The others felt afraid. Veemon was so badly injured that only an operation can save him.

"We need some information however before getting the operation to get going." Said Doctor Leomon who shall be called Doctor Leo from this point. "First who's partner is this?"

"I am." Said Davis.

"I need to know if he's taken any medication or has any pills he has to take." Said Doctor Leo.


"Any allergies?"


"Does he have any mental or physical problems?"


"Eating problems?"


"Smoking, drinking or drugs?"


"Has he had sex recently?"

Gatomon froze on that one.

"What kind of a question is that?" Screamed Yolie who was shocked to hear that.

"We just want to make sure he didn't get any symptoms from it that's all."

"No…at least I think he hasn't." Said Davis embarrassed.

"Has he any other family?"

"No, only us."

"How many times as he been Reincarnated?"


"How many times as he been reborn in the Primary Village?"

"I don't know. None I think."

Doctor Leo sighed, "Very well. Thank you for your time."

"Is their anything we can do to help?" Asked Sora.

"No, just sit here and wait." Said Doctor Leo.

When he left Gatomon then said, "Hold on I need to ask him something."

"Need anyone to come with you?" Asked Kari.

"No I'm fine." Said Gatomon as she ran after the Doctor.

When she found him she said, "Doctor I wish to tell you something about me and Veemon."

"Very well what is it?" Asked Doctor Leo.

"Well…..the thing is… and Veemon did…have sex…one time. The others don't know and I was afraid on how-"

"It's o.k. I thank you for your information. Well keep it a secret. I doubt he has any symptoms from it, but were going to check just in case." Said Doctor Leo.

"Please save him." Said Gatomon as she walked back.

(4 hours later)

It was 4:20 and the others were still waiting. Gatomon was nervous. Did the love of her life die from the operation or did he live?

Just then Doctor Leo came with a sigh and looked at them as they looked at him waiting to her the result.

"I'm sorry…..we lost him."

Chapter 4: Love is a Miracle

The entire Digidestined was shocked. The silence was deafening. All was quiet till Davis then said, "Your lying…YOUR LYING HE'S NOT DEAD!"

Doctor Leo sighed, "I'm afraid we lost him only a few minutes ago. We tried everything, but we just couldn't save him."

At once did every cry.

Tai and Agumon couldn't believe it. Veemon was the successor of Agumon as leader of the Digimon. Now he was gone. Matt held on to Sora and Gabumon did the same with Biyomon. They cried into their boyfriend's chest wishing this wasn't happening. Gabumon felt he would never wear his coat ever again.

Izzy and Tentomon cried a few tears and shook their heads. They thought Veemon had a great chance of recovery. Mimi held on to Palmon as they cried for the loss of a friend. Joe and Gomamon felt sad too, they wished they could have done something, but they both felt helpless. T.K. was crying too as Patamon was on his shoulders crying with him. He never would have thought Veemon would just go. He tried to say something to keep them on the bright side, but nothing came to him.

Cody cried as Armadillomon was more shocked then sad. He thought Veemon, the happy go lucky Digimon, was the least out of all them to die first. Yolie cried on Ken's shoulder and Ken cried with her. Wormmon took it hard too; Veemon was like a best friend to him next to Ken. Hawkmon was like Armadillomon, shocked then sad.

Kari cried like the others, but she then looked at Davis who was crying the hardest. She felt so sad for him. He lost not only his partner, but his best friend. He and Veemon were so close she would almost think of them as brothers. Davis….well I guess their's no need to say how he felt.

Gatomon was the only one not crying….on the outside. In the inside she was making tears the size of a soccer ball and they didn't stop. Her heart was just broken into many pieces. She lost another loved one. She lost her Veemon…..her Veemon….her secret mate….her true love…..her Veemon…..

She felt like her world came to an end. She felt that their was nothing in the world that could make her happy again.

"Wait!" Cried Yolie, "He can be reborn! The Primary Village!"

Everyone started to look at her. Gatomon froze. They all forgot the Primary Village! Veemon could come back!

"I'm afraid he will not be reborn in the village." Said Doctor Leo.

"Wh….Why?" Asked Davis and everyone.

"Because Veemon's body is still here. His three chances are already up." Said Doctor Leo.

The others were confused.

Doctor Leo sighed, "I guess I should explain. A Digimon has both a body and a Digital Soul, or main Data part right? When a Digimon dies then both the body and the Digital soul are turned into data particles and go back to the Primary Village to be reborn. Sometimes in the same Digimon he or she was before his or her death, sometimes not. They might remember their life before their death or they might not. But that's what happens when a Digimon dies."

"Fascinating." Said Izzy finding it interesting.

"So what does this have to do with Veemon?" asked Tentomon.

"There is…a limit as to how many times a Digimon can be reborn…." Said Doctor Leo.

Everyone froze.

"How many…." Asked Matt.

"Three times can a Digimon be reborn. In his fourth life after he or she dies the body of the Digimon remains in the Digital World, but the Digital Soul is sent to a spiritual area of the Digital World called Rengoku. There a Digimon's soul is judge and is sent toeither twoplaces in the Digital iscalled Inferno or some people call it Digi Hell. The other place is Paradiso or Digi are wherethe Digital Souls of the deadDigimon stay for eternity. Veemon's body is still here, but his Digital Soul has gone to Rengoku and possibleParadiso or Inferno. Meaning he's gone for good."

The hope was shot down.

This time Gatomon cried both on the outside and inside. Veemon was gone and wasn't coming back

The morning continued, but it was harder this time.

"I DON'T BELIVE YOU!" Cried Davis in tears as he ran away.

"Davis!" Cried Kari as she ran after him.

Their was more silence this time.

"Can I see him?" Asked Gatomon wanting to see her love's face again.

Doctor Leo nodded and took her to where Veemon was. Davis ran and ran till he finally tripped and fell on the floor. He got up, but then he started to cry again.

Veemon was gone. Dead. As in he's never coming back for good!

He never deserved it! He protected us and saved the world for God's sake! How can he be taken away from me! From us! What did he do wrong!


Davis looked behind him to see Kari right their.

"I'm sorry….I knows how you feel…"

"No you don't….you never lost your best friend and partner. You still have Gatomon….I'm alone." Said Davis.

"No you're not Davis! You still have me and the others! We may not know how you are feeling, but Veemon was part of our family too! He died saving us from that other Veemon!" Said Kari.

"I should have helped him though…..I could have done something…." Said Davis.

"Davis….Veemon wouldn't want you to blame your self. He would want you to move on and remember him and the good times you had together. I know he would." Said Kari.

Davis sighed, "Your right….I guess he is happy in a way….I mean know he's in Digi heaven….no way they wouldn't allow him in…."

"Davis I'm here for you and so is everyone else. Were going to get by this….together." Said Kari.

Davis cried as he hugged her which surprised Kari a little, but she hugged him back.

"Kari…..thank you." Whispered Davis as he held on to her.

They eventually broke apart and went back to the others. Gatomon and Doctor Leo arrived in the operating room. Gatomon saw the three Piximon Nurses inside and then left when Doctor Leo asked them too.

"Take your time." Said Doctor Leo who left the room.

Gatomon was scared. Her love was here, but he wasn't alive.

She went to the operating table and saw a white sheet covering a body. The outline was one that was too similar to her.

She slowly lifted the front of the sheet that was covering the head and moved it so she can see a good look of the one she loved.


He looks so peaceful. Thought Gatomon as she stared at his face. It was motion less. The eyes were closed, never to open again. She started to water in her eyes.

"Veemon….I know you can't here me….but I just want to say….thanks for saving me….I wish you were just her right now….I miss you so much….." Said Gatomon as she got closer to his face and said, "I love you."

She then kissed him on his cold lips and as she did a tear drop fell from her eyes onto the eyes of her lover.



What's that?

Gatomon looked up to see a heart rate monitor beeping…..BEEPING?

She gasped as she went to Veemon's chest and listened with her ears.




Gatomon looked at Veemon's face….

"….ga…to…mon…." Said the now barley alive Veemon.

"Oh… god! HE'S ALIVE! HE'S ALIVE!" Cried Gatomon.

At once did Doctor Leo and the nurses come back and were startled by what they saw.

"Nurse get the tools at once! We haven't lost him!" Cried Doctor Leo, "Gatomon! Get back to the waiting room! We'll save him this time!"

Gatomon nodded and ran back to the others.

Please God in heaven….don't let me lose him again.

Davis and Kari just got back when Gatomon had told them the news. Everyone was now praying for Veemon's recovery.

An hour later Doctor Leo came with a smile on his face.

"The operation was a success. He'll live. This is quite a miracle." Said Doctor Leo.

Everyone breathed.

Davis was so happy he was crying. Gatomon too.

"Can we see him?" Asked Hawkmon.

"Later, let him have some rest first. He'll be here for a while." Said Doctor Leo. Gatomon felt like praying to God every minute of her life. It had been at least 3 hours since Veemon was back from his operation. The others all agreed to stay for the night and be with him till he would fully recover.

When Veemon woke up he was met with an army of tears, hugs, and kisses for waking up. He was shocked to think that he had died for a short while and came back to life. Much to his disappointment he would have to be in the hospital for a week till he could go home. But their was one thing that made him happy, they gave out free Ice cream. And Veemon was a sucker for it.

Davis said he would stay with him till he left the hospital. The others offered too, but Veemon got them to stay for only a few days. Gatomon was really egger to talk to Veemon, but she wanted to do it alone with him only.

Then on the third day in the hospital….. "Gatomon…Veemon would like to see you alone." Said Davis as he came out of the room Veemon was in.

"Why?" Asked Gatomon sitting in a chair nearby.

"I don't know he just said he wanted to talk to you in private." Said Davis shrugging his shoulders.

Gatomon felt a little nervous, but she went in anyway. Their in his bed was Veemon, with a lot of bandage wraps on him as he looked at the love of his life.

"Hey." He said.

"Hi." She replied.


"You…wanted to see me?" Said Gatomon.

"Yeah, I did." Said Veemon.


"Why did you do it?" Asked Gatomon.

"Do what?" Asked Veemon.

"Save me. From being killed, you could have been killed. Well you were, but you came back." Said Gatomon.

Veemon sighed, "Gatomon….remember when I said I didn't remember being dead for a short time?"

She nodded.

"I lied." Said Veemon, "I saw the afterlife….I saw Paradiso."

More Silence…..geez their more of this silence then on All My Children.

"You saw heaven? What was it like?" Asked Gatomon in amazement.

Veemon smirked, "Sorry, can't tell you, they made me swear not too tell anyone about it except it really is paradise."

"Oh...shucks." Said Gatomon.

"But anyway, I arrived their and what felt like 10 minutes felt like a lifetime almost and I felt like I didn't want to leave….but then I heard something….." Said Veemon.

"What did you hear?" Asked Gatomon.

Veemon looked at her and said, "Your voice."


"I heard what you said….At that moment I felt you were right their, but I couldn't see you… was then that wanted to go back to you….Then he came…." Said Veemon.

"Who's he?" Asked Gatomon.

"I forget his name….but he looked human and was….well divine would be the word for it I guess…..he said it wasn't my time and some one I cared for was waiting for me….I felt like I could trust this guy with my life and I listened to him….and he said that the three greatest gifts were forgiveness, life….and love…." Said Veemon, "Then the next minute I woke up seeing you."

"So what are you saying?" Asked Gatomon blushing.

"The reason I took the hit for you is the same reason I came back….I love you Gatomon…and I always will…in life, death, or another life." Said Veemon.

Gatomon started to water, "And….I love you too."

Veemon held his breath, "You do."

"Yes." Gatomon said as she came closer to him. They got closer and closer till finally they kissed. With passion and love they let their lips touch each other and then allowed each others tongues to explore every part of their mouth as they wanted more and more.

Finally, after 10 minutes of "Tongue Town USA" they separated and smiled at each other.

Veemon never felt happier….he had finally got the love of his life and heart.

Gatomon never felt happier…..she found someone who loved her with heart.

"I guess this would be the perfect time to ask you out on a date the night after I'm out of here?" Asked Veemon.

"I would love too, love." She said as she kissed him again.

"Should we tell the others?" Asked Veemon.

"Let's keep it a secret for a little longer." Said Gatomon.

"What ever you say my angel." Said Veemon kissing her again.

Veemon saw Gatomon exited the room with a smile on her face.

"First I have to figure out what to do on a date." Said Veemon to himself embarrassed.

Chapter 5: Path of Love

I have to calm down. I have to calm down. I have to calm down. Thought Veemon to himself as he was taking a shower.

Tonight was the night of his date with Gatomon. He was as nervous as possum about to play dead.

He had this all planned. They would go to the Digital World, go to a nice restaurant (Not to fancy and not to normal), a walk to a lake to see the stars, and then come back. Simple as that.

I just hope I don't screw it up. Thought Veemon as he got out of the shower.

He dried himself off and opened the door when he jumped back. Davis was waiting for him.

"O.k. Veemon what's up?" Asked Davis smirking.

"What do mean Davis?" Asked Veemon nervously.

"Well, let's see, you've been going to and back from the Digital World for a while now, you've taken at least 5 showers today, and…" Davis then sniffed in the air, "…you put on cologne."

"O.k. O.k.! ….umm…..I kind of have a date with someone…." Said Veemon blushing.

Davis's eyes widen for a bit and then he laughed saying, "Well why didn't you say so? What's her name?"

"Umm….Angel!" Said Veemon quickly.

"Nice… she hot?" Asked Davis trying to embarrass his friend.

"Yeah…she beautiful." Said Veemon.

"Well what I'm I doing talking to you? Go on Lover boy!" Said Davis getting out of the way, "Good Luck!"

"Thanks!" Said Veemon as he went to Davis's computer and went to the Digital World. (In this story the Digimon can go through the computer mentally with out a digivice. I know it's a weird thing, but I had to fix this hole somehow.) Meanwhile, Gatomon was inside the Kamyia bathroom grooming her fur. She was just as nervous as Veemon was. She never went on a date before and had asked Kari about it. Luckily, she didn't ask for the name of her date and told her to let her heart guide her.

Let my heart guide me….right now my heart is beating faster then Lars Ulrich on the drums. Thought Gatomon as she finished grooming her hair and went out the bathroom.

Kari the came from the other hallway and said, "Your nervous aren't you?"

"Why would you say that?" Asked Gatomon?

"Because you've been pacing for the last 4 hours, you've groomed your hair 5 times already and…" Kari sniffed in the air, "…you have perfume on you."

Gatomon blushed, "Alight, but it's my first date."

Kari laughed, "I know….I felt the first time like that when Davis asked me out when I was 8."

"Davis was your first date!" Asked Gatomon totally shocked.

"We were just kids! We just had some ice cream and went to see a movie by ourselves! That's it." Said Kari not wanting to tell she had a crush on the goggle head when they were kids.

"Well, are you and Davis still going out…you know he likes you still." Said Gatomon grinning.

Kari blushed, "No…I think I just see him as a friend."

Gatomon snickered, "Right see you later."

"Good luck." Said Kari as she saw her feline partner go to the Digital World. She then began to wonder… (In the Digital World)

Veemon was waiting patiently for his love as he held in his hand a bunch of roses. A few minutes later he saw Gatomon come over and he looked at her with love in his eyes.

"You look beautiful." Said Veemon.

"Thanks….you look handsome yourself." Said Gatomon.

Veemon then remembered the roses and handed them to Gatomon.

"Oh Veemon….their beautiful." Said Gatomon taking a whiff of them.

"Not as beautiful as you my angel." Said Veemon as he kissed her.

Gatomon blushed as they made their way to the restaurant hand in hand. They finally arrived at the restaurant. They went up to a Psychemon who was dressed as a butler and Veemon said, "Party for two…under the name Veemon."

The Psychemon looked at his list, "Right this way sir." As he took two menus's and showed the couple their seats.

When they arrived they sat down and began to talk.

"This place is nice….how did you find this place?" Asked Gatomon.

"A friend of mine helped me. Flamer, a FlameWizardmon." Said Veemon.

"I didn't know you had other friends." Asked Gatomon surprised.

"Well, maybe I'll introduce you two along with my other fellow band members Cleon, a ClearAgumon and Dan, a Divermon." Said Veemon before he realized what he said.

"You and your friends are a band!" Said Gatomon shocked.

Veemon rubbed his hand behind his head, "Yeah…I'm the lead singer and guitarist inour band "The 4 Winds""

"Wow…I never thought you could sing or play the guitar." Said Gatomon.

"Well singing was something I was good at for a while and as for Guitar I asked Matt to give me lessons." Said Veemon.

"Is your band good?" Asked Gatomon.

"We aren't that bad, but we make a few good gigs every now and then. Would you like to see one of our gigs sometime? I can always get good tickets." Said Veemon.

"Sure, does anyone else know about this?" Asked Gatomon.

"Just Davis, Matt, Gabumon, Ken, and Wormmon." Said Veemon.

"Well I can't wait to hear you sing." Said Gatomon.

Veemon then turned to the left to see a male Gatomon playing the piano with a microphone by his side. Veemon then got an idea.

"Your about to see really." Said Veemon as he got up and went to the Male Gatomon.

Gatomon was curious on what he was going to do. She saw him talk to the Male Gatomon and saw them agree on something.

Veemon then went up to the microphone spoke in it and said, "Um excuse me! Can I have everyone's attention."

Everyone in the restaurant looked at him.

"Um…hello my name is Veemon and I would like to dedicate this song to my love over their Gatomon….um the song is called Have I told you lately by Rod Stewart."

Gatomon blushed madly as the Pianist started playing and Veemon then started to sing in a voice that Gatomon heard was an angel's….

(Insert Have I told you lately by Rod Stewart)

Have I told you lately that I love you Have I told you there's no one else above you Fill my heart with gladness Take away all my sadness Ease my troubles that's what you do

For the morning sun in all its glory Greets the day with hope and comfort too You fill my life with laughter And somehow you make it better Ease my troubles that's what you do There's a love that's divine And its yours and its mine like the sun And at the end of the day We should give thanks and pray To the one, to the one

Have I told you lately that I love you Have I told you there's no one else above you Fill my heart with gladness Take away all my sadness Ease my troubles that's what you do

There's a love that's divine And its yours and its mine like the sun And at the end of the day We should give thanks and pray To the one, to the one

And have I told you lately that I love you Have I told you there's no one else above you You fill my heart with gladness Take away my sadness Ease my troubles that's what you do Take away all my sadness Fill my life with gladness Ease my troubles that's what you do Take away all my sadness Fill my life with gladness Ease my troubles that's what you do

When he was finished the entire restaurant cheered and Gatomon felt her heart leave her. Veemon did a bow and went back to his table with the crowd still cheering. Gatomon got up and kissed her blue lover right on the lips. Shocked at first Veemon then kissed back while the crowd cheered even louder.

After a few minutes everything was back to normal.

Gatomon then said, "Veemon…that was amazing."

"Really, you loved it?" Said Veemon smiling.

Gatomon nodded.

Their waiter, a Candlemon asked what they would be ordering.

"I'll take the Steak and a coke." Said Veemon.

"I'll take the Salmon and milk." Said Gatomon. After they finished their meal and left the restaurant Veemon took Gatomon out for a stroll.

"This is a great first date Veemon." Said Gatomon.

"And it's not over yet." Said Veemon as he guided her to a lake. Gatomon gasped. The lake was shining with the full moon above and the stars that glittered with it made it even more pretty.

"It's so pretty." Said Gatomon.

"Not as pretty as the mon I love." Said Veemon taking her in a hug.

Gatomon then got closer to his face as they then both started to kiss. Mouth and tongue as they explored everywhere wanting more and more. Then suddenly they both felt something rubbing on them.

Veemon looked to see his hands rubbing Gatomon's breast area.

Gatomon looked to see her hands rubbing Veemon's crotch area.

Both Digimon blushed as Gatomon gave a devilish smile and forced Veemon to the ground with her on top.

"Are you sure?" Whispered Veemon.

"We did it before….we love each other….why not?" Asked Gatomon feeling hotter.

Veemon wanted it too he started to kiss her as she then started it off.

From a distance, if anyone was their, a person could hear Cat screeches and Dragon roars as the two lovers made love once more. (Next morning)

Veemon woke up to find himself right next to his lovely Gatomon. He smiled last night was….well enjoyable.

He kissed her cheek and she woke up.

"Morning love." Said Gatomon.

"Morning angel." Said Veemon.

They both decided to wash in the lake (Of course Gatomon was a little nervous at first, being a cat and all) and had a little fun splashing the other with water.

When they got out Veemon then said, "So were mates now right?"

"Weren't we before?" Asked Gatomon.

"Yeah, but this time we did it as a couple who admitted their love." Said Veemon.

"When are we going to tell the others?" Asked Gatomon.

"When the time is right." Said Veemon. Of course both kept on dating. Months went by and they still didn't tell the others. Maybe it was because they forgot…maybe it was because they didn't want them to know they were mates….maybe they were just afraid…

What ever the reason was as the months went by the two lovers became closer. Kari and Davis were both glad they had a person they could love….even though they didn't know who was dating who.

Gatomon also got to go see Veemon's band The 4 Winds.

Flamer was a hot shot and was bass guitarist.

Cleon was shy but played a mean Piano.

And Dan was a tuff guy, but he had a big heart and big drums.

All three liked Gatomon and were glad Veemon had found some one to love.

Then on their 10 month together Veemon invited Gatomon over to Davis's house for a date which neither of them would forget as long as they lived.

Davis and his family had gone to visit relatives in Kyoto while Veemon asked to stay here because he had some plans to do.

Of course on the night they left Veemon invited Gatomon over and they had a romantic dinner, watched a movie and then decided to have some time in a bed.

This is where we focus now…..and NO not while their doing it! We see Veemon and Gatomon under the covers in Jun's bed (Veemon thought it would be funny) breathing and sweating a little.

Veemon and Gatomon had taken a break from the "bed exercises" when Veemon looked at Gatomon and said, "I love you."

Gatomon then said, "I love you too."

Veemon then took a deep breath and was about to say something when he then sighed and said to himself, "Come on Veemon….say it….four simple words…"

Gatomon was curious on what he meant.

Finally Veemon took a deep breath and said, "Will you marry me?"

Gatomon's heart stopped. Veemon had just asked her to marry him.

Gatomon began to cry.

"Gatomon…are you alright?" Asked Veemon worried.

"Yes…I'm fine…yes Veemon I'll marry you." Said Gatomon never felling happier.

"You will!" Said Veemon feeling he could fly to the sky.

Gatomon nodded as she then kissed him.

"Good, but then you need this." Said Veemon pulling a diamond tail ring.

"It wonderful." Said Gatomon looking at it.

"It's for your tail. Mind if I put on?" Asked Veemon.

"Can you also do something else while your down their?" Asked Gatomon grinning devilishly.

Veemon got the hint and went under the covers. (A week later)

Both Gatomon and Veemon agreed they had to tell Davis and Kari about their relationship. After all they were engaged.

They decided to tell them at the anniversary of MaloMyotismon's defeat. It was held at a huge building where every Digidestined around the world gathered in Odaiba to celebrate.

Tai and Agumon were chatting with the other Digimon leaders from across the world. Matt was singing on stage with his band as Gabumon, Biyomon, and Sora cheered him on with hundreds of other girls. Izzy was talking with Genni, who decided to come, while Tentomon went to chat with a female Tentomon. Mimi was talking to her boyfriend Michael while Palmon was with her Lesbian girlfriend a Floramon, both were holding hands. Joe was trying to stop Gomamon from eating all the food.

T.K., Davis, Ken, Kari, and Yolie, were all dancing. Ken and Yolie also started to date a while ago. Wormon and Halkmon were trying to dance, but they weren't good at it so they gave up and went to go get food. Armadillomon however was the better dancer as he began to kick it.

Veemon was waiting for Gatomon to come back from the Ladies room so they could tell their partners about their relationship.

"What's a doing Veemon." Asked Patamon who flew over.

"Nothing much. Just relaxing." Said Veemon who was drinking some punch.

"Well, I'm waiting for my date." Said Patamon calmly.

Veemon spit the punch out of his mouth, "You have a girlfriend!"

"Yeah, didn't I tell you?" Asked Patamon.

Veemon shook his head in shock.

"Well, I saw her when I went to the Digital World a few weeks ago. And their she is." Said Patamon flying over to a Salamon.

"Veemon this is Sally, a Salamon. Sally this is Veemon, one of my friends." Said Patamon.

"Nice to meet you." Said Sally.

"Same here. Patamon I thought you had a thing for Gatomon?" Asked Veemon.

"Naw, as much as anyone says that I only think of her as a friend. Sally here is the one I love. Come on let's dance Sally." Said Patamon.

"O.K. nice meeting you Veemon." Said Sally as both she and her boyfriend went to the dance floor.

"Hey Veemon." Said Gatomon when she noticed him staring at Patamon and Salmon, "I see you noticed Patamon's girlfriend."

"You knew too? Why didn't I know?" Asked Veemon.

"Because you were sleeping on the day he told us." Said Gatomon.

"Oh…well at least he won't be heart broken when we tell Davis and Kari." Said Veemon.

"Are you sure your ready?" Asked Gatomon.

"I am if you are." Said Gatomon.

Veemon took a deep breath, "Alright. Let's do it."

They both walked to their partners, "Um Davis…Kari…can we talk to you two alone?" Asked Veemon.

Kari and Davis nodded as they followed their partners to the middle of the room and asked, "What's going on."

Gatomon and Veemon looked at each other neither didn't know how to say it so Veemon just said it out loud to get it over with, "Me and Gatomon are getting married."


Davis and Kari dropped their mouths and their eyes went as big as dinner place as they both said out loud, "YOU TWO ARE ENGAGED!"

Chapter 6: The Big Day


Everything in the entire room stopped, period.

Everyone heard what both Davis and Kari said and were stupefied.

Tai had his mouth open very wide, wide enough he swallowed a fly and began to choke. Agumon quickly went to get a glass of water for his partner.

Matt and his band stopped playing and had their eyes widened.

Sora, Gabumon, Biyomon, and all the fan girls were silent with their mouths open.

Izzy and Genni were so stunned their minds were absolutely blank. Tentomon's eyes bugged out.

Mimi and Palmon put the hands over their mouths surprised.

Joe fainted, pure and simple. Gomamon was so shocked he let all the food in his hands and mouth drop to the floor.

T.K. mouthed "Holy" and stared into space. Patamon and his girlfriend froze while dancing and looked shocked.

Everyone on the dance floor froze in their dance move and had their mouths open wide.

Ken who held on to Yolie in the air, accidentally dropped her, but neither noticed because they were too shocked.

Wormmon and Hawkmon were trying to figure all this out.

Cody was shocked and was tying to see how this was possible, same with Armadillomon.

Veemon and Gatomon felt so nervous about everyone so shocked that they both wanted to leave.

"Actually….were kind of more then that….were also mates…" Said Veemon saying it out of nervousness.

This time everyone looked at them with wide eyes and open mouths.

Gatomon hit Veemon on the head.

"Did you have to tell them that?" Asked Gatomon.

"Well, since were telling everything I got so nervous that I felt it had to come out." Said Veemon.

Their was stunned silence everywhere till finally one guy asked, "Was she good?"

Immediately after he was slapped by several women.

"Wow…" Said Matt.

"O.K…..hold up….Veemon the one who you were dating was Gatomon?" Asked Davis.

"Yeah, sorry we didn't tell you, we just didn't know how to say it." Said Veemon.

"How long has this been going on?" Asked Kari.

"Ever since I got back from the hospital 10 months ago." Said Veemon.

"When did you…pop the question Veemon?" Asked Davis.

"Just last week." Said Gatomon holding her faïence's hand.

"Prodigious! I didn't know Digimon could get married." Said Izzy surprised.

"Of course. Digimon are living creatures Izzy." Said Gennai, "Digimon can love, marry, and have children even."

"Fascinating." Said Izzy.

"When did you two have sex?" Asked Gomamon.

"GOMAMON!" Cried everyone, but Veemon and Gatomon.

"WHAT!" Cried Gomamon.

"That's not a question you should ask!" Said Joe.


"Excuse me, but what is sex?" Asked Cody being the youngest.

Every looked nervously.

"I'll tell you later Cody." Said Ken.

"So let me get this straight. Veemon you're going to marry Gatomon right?" Asked Davis in a serious tone.

"Yeah…" Said Veemon.

Davis was silent for a while till he started laughing.

Everyone else was a bit confused.

"Finally! I knew you had something for her man! I'm just glad you finally got your love! Congratulations you two!" Said Davis happily.

"You mean you're not mad?" Asked Veemon.

"Mad? Why? Sure I would have liked to know about this sooner, but this is a happy occasion! You two are getting married! I'm with both of you all the way!" Said Davis giving a thumbs up.

Veemon smiled, "Thanks Davis."

"Kari what do you think?" Asked Gatomon.

Kari was deep in thought, "Gatomon do you truly love Veemon?"

"With heart and soul." Said Gatomon seriously.

"And Veemon do you love Gatomon?"

"I'd die protecting her Kari. I did it once and I would do it again." Said Veemon also serious.

Kari smiled, "Then I guess I have to also congratulate you two."

Suddenly everyone in the room was clapping and cheering.

Veemon and Gatomon sighed in relief. They then looked at each other and smiled.

As they were clapping Palmon asked her girlfriend, "Think we'll ever get married?"

"Maybe one day." Said Floramon smiling.

Davis then went and got a drink and said, "A toast to Veemon and Gatomon."

"HERE HERE!" Said everyone.

"Well, then lets get this party started again!" Said Matt as he and his band started to play I'm a Believer by Smash Mouth.

"Want to dance?" Asked Veemon to his future wife.

"I'd love too." Said Gatomon taking her future husband by the hand and going to the dance floor.

Kari and Davis smiled as they saw their partners go on.

"Guess this means were going to beInlaws somewhathuh?" Said Davis.

Kari nodded, "Want to dance?"

"Sure!" Said Davis happily as they joined their partners.

Little did everyone know a cloaked figure heard the entire conversation up on the roof. Veemon and Gatomon both decided to have the Wedding in three months. Already Digidestineds around the world were sending gifts. After all they were the first Chosen Digimon couple getting married.

Gennai said he would pay for all the expenses. Mimi and the other girls all helped Gatomon get ready with the usual stuff like finding a dress, picking a cake, what the decorations would be etc etc. Veemon went with the guys to pick a suit, a place for the honeymoon, and other things.

Gatomon and Veemon both decided to marry in the real world and have their Wedding reception in the real world, but their Honeymoon would be in the Digital World.

They said they would get married in a Catholic Church, for reasons in chapter 4 if you can find the hint, so everyone had to learn what to do in the Catholic tradition (remember their in Japan so it's fair to say their mostly Shinto or Buddhist).

As for where they would live both the Kamiya's and Motomiya's agreed to let the couple switch between houses every month.

Veemon asked Davis to be the Best man and Patamon, Wormmon, Ken, and Flamer (From the band he plays for) to be the groomsmen.

Gatomon asked Kari to be the Maid of Honor while Sora, Biyomon, Sally (Patamon's girlfriend) and Palmon to be the bridesmaids.

After weeks and weeks of planning everything was ready and the big day arrived. Veemon looked in the mirror of the Motomiya household. He had a tux on and was nervous. Today was the day he would get married to Gatomon.

"Nervous?" Asked Davis who came in with his tux.

Veemon nodded.

"You'll be fine. I'm sure Gatomon's feeling nervous about this as well." Said Davis.

"Do you think I'm good enough to be her husband?" Asked Veemon.

Davis smiled at his partner, "I think she made the best choice in the world."

"Thanks. I guess we better get going huh?" Said Veemon.

"Yep, now it's time to tie the knot." Said Davis. (At the Church)

Veemon stood near the alter as did Davis (Best man) and Patamon, Wormmon, Ken, and Flamer (Groomsmen).

The entire church was filled with Digimon and Digidestined. This also got so publicity since it was the first ever Chosen Digimon marriage.

Veemon tapped his foot out of nervousness till finally it was time for the Organ to play "Here comes the bride."

Unfortunately, it started to play "Take me out to the ball game"

Everyone looked at the organ player, who was none other then Cleon. After realizing he was being watched he quickly said, "He'd say he would pay me five bucks if I did this!" Pointing at Flamer who was laughing.

Veemon gave Flamer a look, but laughed with him.

After a few moments of laughter Cleon then played "Here comes the Bride."

Soon Gatomon came in wedding dress, holding the Wedding flowers, while being accompanied by Agumon on his arm (It's really suppose to be the father, but it's really the Bride's choice) while Kari (Maid of Honor) and Sora, Biyomon, Sally and Palmon (Bridesmaids) accompanied her.

Veemon and Gatomon smiled at each other as they were all together on the alter.

The Priest then came in his robe ready to begin Holy Matrimony. Although he felt strange doing this to a non human couple, he felt that God gave him this purpose to do so.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to form the Holy bond of Matrimony between these to lovers, Gatomon and Veemon." Said the Priest.

Let' just skip to the good part, because most weddings are BORING! "My dear friends/Dearly beloved, you have come together in this church so that the Lord may seal and strengthen your love in the presence of the Church's minister and this community. Christ abundantly blesses this love. He has already consecrated you in this baptism and now he enriches and strengthens you by a special sacrament so that you may assume the duties of marriage in mutual and lasting fidelity. And so, in the presence of the Church, I ask you to state your intentions." Said the Priest, "Have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourself to each other in marriage?"

"Yes." They both said.

"Will you love and honor each other as man and wife for the rest of your lives?"


"Will you accept children lovingly from God and bring them up according to the law of Christ and his Church?"

Both of them blushed at this, "Yes."

"Since it is your intention to enter into this marriage, join your right hands, and declare your consent before God and his Church." Said the Priest.

Gatomon and Veemon held hands and faced each other as they declared their vows of love to one another.

"I, Veemon, take you, Gatomon, to be my wife. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life."

"I, Gatomon, take you, Veemon, to be my husband. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life."

The Priest then finally asked the I do's.

"Gatomon, do you take Veemon to be your husband?"

"I do."

"Veemon, do you take Gatomon to be your wife?"

"I do."

Everyone smiled, some even cried of happiness.

After putting on the wedding rings, finger for Veemon and tail for Gatomon, the priest then said, "By the power invested in me through the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, I know pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the Bride."

Veemon lifted the white hair net thing (Don't know what's it called but I think you know what it is) and kissed his wife and she did so by wrapping her arms around his neck.

The entire church was filled with claps and cheers. Davis and Kari smiled at each other feeling happiness for their partners. Veemon's band were happy so they kept screaming "Hell yeah!"

Finally they broke the kiss and went down the aisle hand in hand.

Everyone outside was cheering for them as rice and flowers were falling from being lifted up into the air. Everyone clapped as the new couple went down the stairs and went to the car. Gatomon however then threw the flowers over her head and every women scrambled to get it.

Biyomon managed to get it first by flying into the air and grabbing it. She then flew over to Gabumon who blushed madly.

Veemon and Gatomon went into the car and took of to the reception party.

"Were married." Said Veemon.

"Yep." Said Gatomon.

They both smiled at each other till they grinned and began to kiss.

Chapter 7: The End of Something New

(Inside the Digital World, a day after the wedding)

Veemon and Gatomon opened the door.

"Wow, it's fantastic." Said Gatomon looking at their room.

Their was a king size bed, an indoor Jacuzzi, a bar, couch, T.V., two Bathrooms, a kitchen, and finally a large balcony.

"Remind me to thank Gennai for paying for all this. This hotel rocks." Said Veemon placing the luggage down.

Gatomon jumped onto the bed and lied down on it, "I hope this honeymoon goes great."

"I think it will my loving wife." Said Veemon smiling at her.

Gatomon smiled as she then went to the balcony and saw the moon and stars glow in the nightly sky.

Veemon got two glasses of milk for both him and his wife and then joined her on the balcony.

They said cheers and drank their glasses. They then looked at the moon together in silence till Veemon said, "Some reception party huh?"

"Yeah, I can't believe Tai tried to break dance. He's lucky he didn't break his neck." Said Gatomon.

"True, what about the time when Agumon and Flamer tried to see who could drink the most punch?" Said Veemon.

"How long were they in the bathroom after that?" Asked Gatomon.

"I don't know I lost count on 10 minutes." Said Veemon laughing.

"At least they made it in time for the cake. That was good cake. Remind me to thank Mimi and Palmon for making it." Said Gatomon, "And to make sure they make a second one so you don't eat half of it and barley have any for us."

Veemon blushed and rubbed his head, "Still the dancing was good."

"Yeah both you and your band rocked." Said Gatomon, "I liked the song they played for us when we had to dance to a song."

"You're the Inspiration by Chicago. I love that song I thought it would be a great surprise." Said Veemon.

"What was really a surprise was when Gabumon proposed to Biyomon after the dance." Said Gatomon.

"And she said yes, guess our marriage gave Gabumon the guts to do it." Said Veemon.

"Speaking of guts, when do you think our partners are going to get together?" Asked Gatomon.

"So you noticed how those two were looking at each other all day? I think it will take a while, but let's just worry about our self's for the week shall we?" Said Veemon smiling.

They both looked into each others eyes with love and care till they kissed with love and passion.

"I love you Gatomon." Said Veemon.

"I love you too Veemon." Said Gatomon.

They then kissed again as they explored the depths of their mouths with their tongues.

"Well, I guess we better unpack." Said Veemon breaking the kiss.

"Wait, don't you want to check out the bed first?" Asked Gatomon smiling.

Veemon smiled as well as he nodded. They both went inside hand in hand with also their hearts entwined with each other in love. (Meanwhile in a different part of the digital world)

The Cloaked Veemon with his hood up stood on a hill looking at the stars as he was thinking.

Suddenly a portal of Darkness appears and out comes another figure. He was at least 2 feet high and was covered in a black cloak that looked like the ones from Organization XIII, but instead of a silver dragon on his back in the shape of a V, like the Cloaked Veemon has, he has a red one.

"I knew I find you here." Said the new cloaked figure.

The Cloaked Veemon said nothing.

"So Vee got married huh? Man, wish I was at the reception party. I would have had a blast you know?" Said the new cloaked figure.

"You know you speak of the one who has betrayed our kind!" Said the Cloaked Veemon turning around.

"Come on man. Lighten up, he …"

"He is a traitor and he will die along with his wife." Said The Cloaked Veemon walking away.

"Well, maybe we can get him to join us! I mean if we can find a way to make him join us then we don't have to kill him right?" Said the other cloaked figure.

"You only want to spare him because you two were best friends Xee." Said the Cloaked Figure, "Why should I give him another chance?"

"Because…you know … he's…." Said the cloaked figure now known as Xee.


"One last chance. That's all." Said the Cloaked Veemon walking away. "Oh just so you know. He has no memory of his life before becoming a chosen Digimon. So he won't know your friends."

The Cloaked Veemon then disappeared into a portal of Darkness leaving Xee by himself.

He sighed, "Then I guess I'll have to find a way to remind him. Someday."

And then he disappeared into a portal of Darkness.

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