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Type Undead
Next forms NeoMirageLeomon
* (w/ Drimogemon, Mushroomon, Troopmon, Chikurimon, Seahomon, and Mammothmon)
MirageLeomon Virus Mode
* (w/ Tankmon, MetalMamemon, and Parrotmon)
MirageLeomon Final Mode
* (w/ Apemon, Minotarumon, Airdramon, and Kuwagamon)

MirageLeomon is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Mirage" and "Leo" (Lat: lion. It is similar in appearance and ability to MadLeomon, but unlike MadLeomon, it is armed with gigantic battle axe carried on its back.


  • Mirage Fist of the Beast King (Beast-King Mirage Fist): Fires a dark energy in the shape of a lion's head, which bites the flesh off of those standing in its way as it flies through them.
  • Sonic Tomahawk: Easily wields the gigantic battle axe carried on its back, which creates a shockwave to blow the enemy away.
  • Battle Boomerang: Throws the battle axe on back like a sharp boomerang.

Variations / Subspecies


Type Cyborg
Prior forms MirageLeomon + Drimogemon + Mushroomon + Troopmon + Chikurimon + Seahomon + Mammothmon

NeoMirageLeomon is a form of MadLeomon created when it absorbs Drimogemon, Mushroomon, Troopmon, Chikurimon, Seahomon, and Mammothmon, growing in size as well as gaining armor covered with drills, a French-themed bazooka on its right arm, and a trident-like glove on its left arm.


  • Blast Bazooka: Fires a whistling bomb from its bazooka.
  • Dark Mist:

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