Miyu looks at the swirl on his digivice and then a veemon appears and a message asks: Continue Y=<| or N=[]. He hits the square button for no. The swirl disappears. He walks to the register gate.

What its your name and insert your digivice for partner recognition." The clerk says happily.

Miyu puts his digivice in the port and tells the clerk his name.

Oh Hello Miyu. You are first to battle. Hurry in quick!" The clerk gives him a number and a special unwired linker. This year they were going to use holograms to show the digimon.

Miyu. Miyu, are you ready?" An announcer asked over intercom.

I'm Miyu" he yelled as he entered the battle arena.

He plugged in his link to his digivice as a hologram arena arose. Then a Veemon appeared.

What's up." Veemon said as he appeared in the arena.

Miyu looked at the digimon in amazement.

So you gonna stare or are we gonna fight or are you gonna stand there like a dead fish? Let's go!"Veemon said as the opponents renamon appeared.

Let the battle begin!"the dome arose with colors.

Battle Activate

Veemon-V-Headbutt! Card Slash- V-Chip Activate. Veemon power boost gain=Double, Then Gain-20.

Renamon-Dodges attack. Card Slash- Agumons Ice Activate. Renamon gains special attack- Crystal Pepper-Breath. Renamon-Crystal Pepper-Breath!

Veemon-Is hit and frozen solid. Card Slash- Digi-Egg Of Courage Activate.

DIGIVOLUTION- Veemon Armor Digivolve To- Flamedramon

Flamedramon- Attack-50 Defense-40, +20 against another armor digivolved digimon Special Attack-Fire Rocket

Flamedramon-Thaws Out. Card Slash-Gremons Heart Activate. Flamedramon power boost gain=Fire Rocket plus Pepperbreath equals-Pepper Rocket. Flamedramon-Pepper Rocket.

Renamon-Damage-80. Renamon Life Force-70-80 LIfe Force Terminated.


Miyu Gets A Glimpse(Part 2)

The winner is Miyu and VeemonThe announcer said. Bu dont worry because no one is eliminated until everyone gets a chance. But we reveiwed Miyus record and it seems he came close to winning last year. We would like to give him this special card.

Miyu takes the card and looks at it. The card is- Digi-Egg Of MIracles. Only aloud to be used by a Veemon or Terriermon. And it just so happens that the champion has a terriermon and the Digi-Egg Of MIracles card. Miyu better think of a good strtegy with his new card. Find out what hes going to do- Next Time On Digimon Rebel Knights!!!!

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