Mizuki Nano

aka. Queen Cat

Mizuki Nano

Queen Cat

Appears in:Digimon Phantom Night
First appearance ""
Last appearance ""
Voice actor(s):(Ja:)Satomi Sato
(En:) Amanda Winn-Lee
Partner(s):Fan:Chillymon (Phantom Nights)
Digivice(s):Fuchsia Phantom Screen
Age 14
Grade 7th
Gender Female
Known relatives Mother
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Member of the Digital Phantom Thieves

Mizuki Nano is another main character of the fan series, Digimon Phantom Night. She is another human member of the Digital Phantom Thieves and goes under the guise of Queen Cat.


She is characterized as shy, polite and ladylike but also strong. She is somewhat of a crybaby when things go wrong but she is strong willed and will do anything for the sake of her loved ones. She can is tech savvy, good at cooking and loves anime, manga and cute things. Her wish is to become a successful manga artist.


As the daughter of a rich family, she always had to live up to certain expectations by her parents. But despite her high status, she was always socially awkward and wanted to change herself for the better. It isn't until she joins the Digital Phantom Thieves that she begins to change for the better and become more outgoing. She also has a sisterly bond with her partner, Chillymon, Sirenmon and other female Digimon.


She is the most intelligent and tech savvy member of the team. Her weapon is a powerful whip.

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