Level Mega
Type Angel
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms HolyAngemon

Moronimon is an angel digimon who's name is derived from the Mormon angel Moroni. He acts as a guardian, messenger and seer to the Digital World, holding a benevolent, wise and gratious personality. Although predominantly known in the digital world, he only appears to chosen humans, and those who he appears to are said to feel an eternal warmth on the inside.

Moronimon is an extremely powerful mega digimon equal on terms with Seraphimon and Ophanimon, but bares no unity with them despite him being him baring the same cause for good as they do.

Digimon Anima

Moronimon makes his first appearance in Episode 38 of Digimon Anima, during the battle against Leviamon. He emerges when it looks that all lost in the battle for the children and saves them by destroying him with his Celestial Glory attack. Afterwards he tells them that there are still stronger foes than Leviamon that they must face, and that they must find it inside thereselves on how to overcome the future challenges. He also insists that he has no further ability to aid them, and that they themselves can be become stronger than him.

Moronimon appears again at the end of the series, and rewards the children with a holy digital blessing for fulfilling their destiny by ruining the dark plan of Evertomon and destroying him. He then returns to anonymity from humans.


  • Celestial Glory: Fires a sphere of white light at the foe.
  • Labans Sword: Strikes the foe with a holy blade.
  • Rainbow Beam: Fires a sacred rainbow beam at the foe

Variations / Subspecies