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Murmuxmon's Promise is the fourteenth episode of Gallantmon Strikes.


Andromon uses "Confine Vent" & invalidates Beelzemon's Advent Digimon. Kurt, Charlie & Morgan find Beelzemon & Andromon. Gallantmon & Depthmon join Beelzemon. Justimon uses "Sword Vent" (with 3,000 Attack Points) & attacks MegaGargomon. Andromon uses "Confine Vent" again to this time invalidate Depthmon's Digimon. Andromon then uses Final Vent & charges toward Beelzemon, but Gallantmon summons his shields & blocks the attack.

Tom calls Morgan to find out where she is. MegaGargomon sees a full house, so he uses Final Vent & attacks all five Holders, then walks off. Justimon used Andromon to take most of the damage, but Andromon survives. So Justimon then uses his "Final Vent" (with 6,000 Attack Points) -- Justimon's Digimon (Cyberdramon) is summoned. Justimon jumps back towards Cyberdramon, Cyberdramon spits it's venomous acid & projects him toward him opponent, then Justimon does a series of kicking. Andromon is Vented. Gallantmon summons his Growlmon. The dragon Digimon fights off the Growlmon, then attacks Gallantmon. But Justimon calls off his dragon Digimon & explains to Gallantmon that he's saving him for later. After Justimon walks off, Beelzemon picks up Andromon's Digi-Deck.

Mako & Kurt explain to Charlie about what happened to Andromon. Morgan returns to the book store & explains to Tom about Kurt meeting Depthmon. Morgan receives an e-mail from her editor at, telling Morgan that she's fired & explains that can not employ her again until she can explain the flagrant fabrication of paranormal evidence detailed on Mira Watson's blog. So Morgan & Tom check out Mira's blog & find a photo taken of them when, "shooting their monster movie", Tom got owned by a Mime.

Justimon uses "Attack Vent" (with 5,000 Attack Points) -- Cyberdramon comes up behind MegaGargomon & spits it's venomous acid, but MegaGargomon gets out of the way. MegaGargomon summons his Digimon & prepares to use Final Vent. Justimon uses another "Final Vent" (with ???-8,000 Attack Points) & does a spiraling Digi-Kick against MegaGargomon's Digimon, but the Digimon knocks Justimon aside & is knocked down. MegaGargomon prepares to use Final Vent again, but Justimon again summons Cyberdramon, & this time the dragon Digimon's venom gets him. Justimon then uses his spiraling Digi-Kick again on MegaGargomon's Digimon & this time is successful, knocking back both the Digimon & MegaGargomon. MegaGargomon is Vented, & Justimon picks up his Digi-Deck.

Kurt calls Morgan & explains that Andromon has been Vented & asks her to come over to help bring Charlie up to speed. So Morgan heads on over to Kurt's place. Mako senses something & explains to Kurt & Charlie that MegaGargomon has just been Vented. Charlie tells them that he wants to know everything, & explains that this time he will listen.

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